Everything You Need to Know About Dubai Luxury Real Estate Market


Dubai offers a luxe and superlative lifestyle, with the most exclusive neighbourhoods. The city is full of plush townhouses, villas, and apartments with exceptional views of the magnificent skyline and the soothing sea. With a population of 3.5 million people, it is no surprise that foreign investors are flocking to the majestic city to invest in its opulent real estate. The demand for Dubai luxury properties is continuously increasing. As a consequence, the prices too, have significantly increased in 2023. This also means a high ROI for investors.

Besides high ROI, some other reasons for the increase in demand for high-end properties or luxury properties in Dubai are competitive prices, growth of affluent investors and professionals, pro-business policies, strong tax incentives, and world-class infrastructure.

luxury property in dubai

Significant Details About the High-End Properties Market of Dubai

Dubai’s high-end Real Estate market is a high-demand-low-supply sector because of convenient time zones, global connectivity, availability of long-term real estate visas, and the provision of the best of both worlds, the East and the West.

You will find common configurations in Dubai luxury properties: well-furnished apartments, luxury villas, and royal penthouses. According to the Dubai Property Market Report, the three most upscale localities that have attracted investors’ attention are Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, and the Arabian Ranches. 

Downtown Dubai assures an ROI of 5.2%, and properties are available for USD 596 (AED 2,189) per sq. ft. Palm Jumeirah offers properties for approximately USD 1189 (AED 4,367) per sq. ft. Jumeirah Bay Island assures an ROI of 6.5%, and properties are available for USD 918 (AED 3,372) per sq. ft.

Other markets are Bluewaters Island and Dubai Marina. In various areas, Dubai luxury penthouses vary between USD 272K and USD 25M. The price of luxury villas for sale in Dubai can be estimated at USD 41M (AED 150M) based on neighbourhood, amenities, and size.

luxury villas for sale in Dubai

Luxurious Properties of Dubai and Their Current Trends 

In 2023, an increase of 46% in the real estate market of Dubai has been forecasted. For example, A fully furnished 3-bedroom, 3-bath apartment of 3,541 square feet at Palm Jumeirah can cost you $4.189 million.

Another report by Knight Frank suggests a growth of 13.5% in the luxury property market in 2023. Dubai’s luxury real estate sector is predicted as bullish, with HNWIs (high net-worth individuals) and foreign investors showing keen interest in it.  

Current Trends of Dubai Luxury Properties

Factors That Make Dubai Properties So Luxurious

Some of the most prominent features of Dubai Luxury Properties that make them chic and aesthetic are:

  • Exquisite Location

Only a few areas in UAE are available for foreign investors to invest in freehold properties. Palm Jumeirah is well-known for housing luxury properties in Dubai and is one of the most attractive destinations in UAE. Other popular choices of prime locations for international investors include Jumeirah Lakes Towers, the Dubai Marina area, and Jumeirah Village.

  • High-End Architecture and Finishes

Luxurious residential areas in Dubai provide a degree of Dubai real estate luxury. The finishes and architecture are unmatched and come with beautiful, sleek, and chic finishes. Such modern homes are in constant demand.

  • Sprawling Layouts

The scale of Dubai’s penthouses is one of their most striking features. The majority of them are far larger than the normal apartment, and some even cover numerous levels. Large living and dining areas and many bedrooms and bathrooms are standard features of Dubai penthouses, making them perfect for holding parties or entertaining visitors.

  • Luxe Amenities

Dubai luxury properties, including penthouses, townhouses, villas, and apartments, come with modern interior design, parking space, convenient layout, and sufficient free space. The amenities include exotic interior finishes, beautifully designed kitchens, walk-in closets, concierge services, spa and sauna services, valet parking, and lavish baths, which contribute to an opulent environment.

  • Smart Features

Besides rich amenities and infrastructure, the deluxe properties of Dubai come with smart, technologically-advanced, and top-notch features. Almost everything can be operated with a click of a button. Artificial Intelligence is instilled in modern homes to encourage a modern, tech-savvy, and convenient lifestyle.

  • Safety and Security 

Besides providing grandeur and unmatched luxury, Dubai homes are 100% safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about locking your place or home, as there is strict vigilance of spaces, guarded communities, and accessibility of CCTV cameras everywhere.

Why Should You Invest in the High-End Real Estate Market of Dubai?

Invest in the High-End Real Estate Market of Dubai

Given below are the major reasons you need to consider investing in luxury properties in Dubai.

  • Solid Investment

Expatriates and professionals from across the world prefer investing in luxe properties in Dubai because of the high rentals and rewarding return on investment.

  • Royal Lifestyle

You can enjoy Dubai’s dynamic real estate environment, rich neighbourhood, cosmopolitan lifestyle, high returns on investments, and a steady income stream.

  • Tax Advantages

Dubai offers exclusive tax incentives for property investors, with no income tax, capital gains tax, or wealth tax.

  • Investing in a Second Home

Exclusive properties in Dubai come in various sizes, types, and prices, making for affordable second homes for foreign investors. Dubai’s business-friendly environment and robust economy lure real estate investors from every part of the world. Its rich amenities, market conditions, and employment opportunities welcome investors to invest in their second home here.

  • Status Symbol

Owning a luxury property in Dubai is a feather in your status symbol cap, flaunting your feasibility to invest in one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive residential spaces. It showcases your credibility and highlights your capacity to own a place where you have access to everything you need.

Top 5 Areas in Dubai for Luxury Properties

Let us look at the top 5 destinations where you can purchase luxury properties in Dubai:

  • Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Luxury Properties in Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah is one of the most elaborate, expensive, and luxurious neighbourhoods in the Persian Gulf that connects islands to the mainland. Its spectacular view is made of a trunk, a spine, fronds, and a crescent. It’s a contemporary marvel which has some of the most plus residential spaces and high-end resorts within the development. Palm Jumeirah Monorail, the first monorail of UAE, is situated here.

  • Downtown Dubai

Luxury Properties in Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai offers some of the most prominent tourist attractions and the best social and physical infrastructure. It is one of the most expensive areas with lavish villas, penthouses, and luxury apartments in Dubai are the talk of the town among investors. With a multitude of rich amenities, it is one of the most attractive locations for residents, with Dubai Fountain, Burj Park, Dubai Mall, Underwater Zoo, and the Burj Vista in its vicinity.

  • Dubai Marina

Luxury Properties in Dubai Marina

The 7 km stretch of Dubai Marina is another priority of foreign investors, who get the advantage of investing in freehold properties here. It is the world’s largest man-made marina and has exclusive residential spaces facing the waterfront. You will find some of the best restaurants, retail centers, schools, hospitals, health clubs, gardens, and cafes in the neighbourhood. Some of the nearby towns are Dubai Internet City, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Al Barsha, and you can easily connect with other important areas through Sheikh Zayed Road.

  • Emirates Hills

Emirates Hills
credits : axcapital

It offers some of the most magnificent views of Dubai’s skyline. Popularly known as the Beverly Hills of Dubai, this area is the hub of freehold properties with massive landscaped residential spaces and golf courses. Its strong connectivity, metro stations, parks, employment avenues, and pet-friendly community are some of its USPs.

  • Jumeirah Golf Estates

Jumeirah Golf Estates

Jumeirah Golf Estates flaunts its magnificent JGE clubhouse, which was expanded in 2016, covering roughly 130,782 sq. ft. Jumeirah Golf Estate features the most luxurious homes and is one of the most in-demand areas of Dubai. The residential spaces face the area’s glorious golf courses, and the prices of these residential sites have been forecasted to rise continuously.


As compared to other thriving real estate markets in Singapore, London, New York, and China – Dubai is a highly competitive option. It offers world-class infrastructure and amenities, promises high rentals and ROI, and is a lucrative investment option.

Make sure you explore investment options in the high-end real estate of Dubai and experience the appeal of investing in one of the most glamorous and rich cities in the world.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What is considered a luxury property in Dubai?

A luxury property in Dubai refers to an understated and experiential property, which is a sheer display of wealth, opulence, and elegance. It is a property that is well located, exclusive, luxurious, unobtainable, a property with rich amenities and a thriving neighbourhood. A luxury property in Dubai is also one that ensures high rentals and ROI.

What are some popular luxury property areas in Dubai?

Some of Dubai's most luxurious property areas are Downtown Dubai, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Golf Estates, Dubai Silicon Oasis, etc.

What are some common features of Dubai luxury properties?

Some common features of Dubai luxury properties are prime location, high-end finishes, spacious layouts, resort-style amenities, high-tech features, and security and privacy.

How much does it cost to buy a luxury property in Dubai?

Dubai luxury penthouses vary between USD 272K (AED 1M) and USD 25M (AED 93M). The price of luxury villas for sale in Dubai can be estimated at USD 41M (AED 150M) based on neighbourhood, amenities, and size.

Can foreigners buy luxury properties in Dubai?

Yes, expatriates, non-resident investors, and foreign nationals can purchase property in Dubai on a freehold basis which means they can buy, sell or lease their property.

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