Rent A Villa in Al Raha Garden for A Refined Lifestyle


Al Raha Gardens is Abu Dhabi’s first planned residential district that stretches over a rich expanse of 665,000 m2. The Al Raha Gardens, Abu Dhabi, is a picturesque landscape featuring spacious and affluent villas and townhouses. Located opposite Al Raha Beach, the waterfront community of Al Raha Garden provides its residents with a tranquil beach view, plenty of amenities, and a peaceful family lifestyle and community environment. 

Along with easy access to a coveted waterfront residential strip, Al Raha Gardens is also well accessible to several significant areas of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, like Masdar City, Al Forsan Village, Khalifa City A, and Khalifa City B. While the Abu Dhabi International Airport is only 15-20 minutes away, Yas Island, Yas Beach, and Al Raha Beach are also within close access. Dubai is also around 118 kilometres from Al Raha Gardens; it takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach Dubai.

Valuation of Villas in Al Raha Gardens Abu Dhabi

Valuation of Villas in Al Raha Gardens Abu Dhabi
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Townhouses and villas are the hallmarks of Al Raha Gardens. Villas for sale in Al Raha Gardens are commonly available in the following configurations of 3, 4, 5, and 6 bedrooms. While the average cost of a 3-bedroom villa is about AED 2.5 million, the sale price of a 4-bedroom residential unit is up to AED 3.2 million. A 5-bedroom villa in Al Raha Gardens can range from AED 3.5M to AED 5M, and a 6-bedroom villa would cost AED 5M and beyond.

Among other residential units in Al Raha Gardens, villas that cost more also include expansive plot areas. The Sidra sub-community in Al Raha Gardens is one of the best options for property investment. Available in various configurations, the villas in this neighbourhood are equipped with contemporary amenities and specifications. The Al Raha Gardens rent for a 3-bedroom villa in Sidra is around AED 150,000 per year, yielding an ROI of at least 6%, which is one of the highest in the area.

Al Raha Gardens provides lucrative opportunities in real estate properties for both renters and investors.

Abu Dhabi’s Most Popular Communities For Renting Villas

Abu Dhabi's Most Popular Communities for Renting Villas
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Al Raha Gardens Abu Dhabi is the first freehold property development project to provide a community and serene living experience. It offers multiple state-of-the-art villas and townhouses of different configurations and sizes. Characteristic of the particular sub-community, every residential unit is built with traditional and modern Persian architectural designs.

Al Raha Gardens is divided into 11 sub-communities—Al Mariah, Al Ward, Samra, Sidra, Al Tharwaniyah, Hemaim, Lehwieh, Muzera, Kahnnour, Yasmina, and Qattouf.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular sub-communities to rent villa in Al Raha Gardens Abu Dhabi:

  • Al Mariah

This is one of the most popular sub-communities in Al Raha Gardens Abu Dhabi for residential properties. The residential units in Al Mariah are dotted with landscaped gardens, playgrounds, swimming pools, and abundant parking spaces, in addition to round-the-clock security. The high-end villas in Al Mariah also feature expansive rooms and individual rooms for drivers and housemaids.

The Al Mariah neighbourhood majorly features 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom villas. The Al Raha Gardens rent for a 3-bedroom villa in Al Mariah ranges between AED 150k to AED 170k per annum, whereas the rent for a 4-bedroom villa in the neighbourhood costs around AED 190K per year. 

The buying cost of a villa in this sub-community ranges between AED 2.5M to AED 3.3M, yielding a high ROI of 6%.

  • Sidra

Closely followed by Al Mariah on the popularity index is the Sidra sub-community in Al Raha Gardens. The area has convenient access to reputed schools, golf clubs, and health clubs. Encounded in rich greenery, the Sidra sub-community houses are built in accordance with traditional Arabesque architecture and design. Sidra offers plenty of options to rent in Al Raha Gardens Abu Dhabi in various sizes and configurations.

While the Al Raha Gardens rent for villas in Sidra Community starts from AED 140k per annum, the rent for townhouses varies between AED 145k and AED 170k per annum. The buying price for a villa in the Sidra sub-community is around AED 2M to AED 4.5M.

  • Yasmina

The Yasmina sub-community is the third most popular residential community in Al Raha Gardens. The arabesque-style townhouses and villas in Yasmina are furnished with modern specifications and abundant luxurious amenities. This freehold community is located in the centre of Abu Dhabi and has easy access to important places around the Emirate. This is one of the major reasons for the subcommunity’s popularity among investors and tenants.

There are plenty of 2-5 bedroom villas and townhouses to rent in Al Raha Gardens Abu Dhabi. The average Al Raha Gardens rent in Yasmina for a 3-bedroom villa is around AED 140k per annum. In contrast, the rent for a 4-bedroom villa in the Yasmina sub-community is approximately AED 155k for a year.

  • Al Tharwaniyah

The waterfront sub-community of Al Farwaniya offers easy access to Al Raha Beach and the Abu Dhabi International Airport, among other centrally located places in the Emirate.

The sub-community offers multiple options for investors and renters in high-end villas and townhouses. The Al Raha Garden rent in Al Farwaniyah for villas usually ranges from AED 150k to AED 250k per annum, whereas the average sale price for an estate in Al Farwaniyah is up to around AED 3.3M. There are plenty of classic arabesque-styled 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom villas to rent in Al Raha Garden Abu Dhabi. While the rental price for a 4-bed villa is approximately AED 150k to AED 200k per year, one must pay AED 250k per annum for a 5-bedroom villa.

  • Al Ward

This sub-community of the Al Raha Garden is especially popular among families as it is in the vicinity of two prestigious schools of the Emirate. Located towards the East, the Al Ward community features the final release of residences in Al Raha Garden Abu Dhabi. Being a family-friendly neighbourhood, Al Ward offers plenty of convenient amenities for its residents. Spotted with landscaped streets, deluxe homes and villas, the sub-community provides multiple options to rent in Al Raha Garden Abu Dhabi, including choices in sophisticated 5-bedroom villas.

The average Al Raha Garden rent for villas in Al Ward is between AED 185k and AED 250k per annum.

  • Kannur

Kahnnour in Al Raha Gardens offers its residents a modern and luxurious living experience. Fitted to a high standard of amenities, the sub-community provides a good deal of residential options to rent in Al Raha Gardens, Abu Dhabi.

Kahnnour features premium quality 3-5 bedroom villas. The Al Raha Garden rent for a 3-bedroom estate in Khannour will cost approximately AED 150,000 per year, whereas the sale price of a 3-bedroom villa ranges from AED 2.1M to AED 2.3M, and AED 3M for a 4-bedroom villa.

  • Samra

If you are wondering, ‘where to rent villas in Al Raha Garden,’ the Samra sub-community has a large collection of upmarket villas and townhouses. Located only several minutes from the Abu Dhabi Highway, the Samra sub-community offers easy access to the popular Yas Island, among other tourist destinations of the Emirate, and facilities like hospitals and schools.

The sub-community features 3-bedroom and 4-bedroom villas with an average sale price of AED 2.5M for a 3-bed and AED 3M for a 4-bed villa. The rental price for a 3-bedroom estate in Samara is around AED 150,000 per year and AED 170,000 per annum for a 4-bedroom villa.

To Sum Up

It is the vibrant and spacious quarters of the villas in Al Raha Gardens that set them apart. While a regular housing unit will feature a living room, bedrooms, a fully-furnished semi-open kitchen, a dining room, 4 balconies, two large lawns, a timber deck on the ground floor, and bathrooms supplied with contemporary accessories and finishing, high-end villas in Al Raha Gardens also include a built-in study room, utility room, a terrace, along with a storeroom, and a housemaid’s room.

As such, even a 3-bedroom villa in Al Raha Gardens provides a potential ROI of about 6.3% annually, closely followed by an ROI of 5.9% for a 4-bedroom unit.  

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Al Raha Gardens Worth Living in?

Al Raha Gardens is a picturesque waterfront property that offers its residents a safe, family-friendly, and liveable environment. The community provides several conveniences, with supermarkets, schools, and Abu Dhabi International Airport in the vicinity.

When was Al Raha Gardens built?

The residential project for Al Raha Gardens was completed in 2009.

What Is the Average Rent of Houses in Al Raha Gardens?

Depending on the type and size of the villas, the Al Raha Gardens rent for villas is between 142,000 AED to 201,000 AED annually.

What Is the Rent of Townhouses in Al Raha Gardens?

As per the property type and size, the Al Raha Gardens rent for townhouses ranges from AED 95,000 to AED 240,000 per annum.

Can Expats buy in Al Raha Gardens Abu Dhabi?

As defined by the UAE Embassy, expats are entitled to buy real estate properties only in nine designated areas of Abu Dhabi, including Saadiyat, Reem, Yas Island, Al Raha Beach, Mariya, Al Reef, Lulu, Sayh Al Sedairah and Masdar City.

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