Rosary Private School, Sharjah

Rosary Private School, Sharjah

About Rosary Private School, Sharjah

Rosary Private School is among the oldest schools in Sharjah. It is a private, co-educational, and inclusive school providing education from FS 1 to Year 7. It is well-known for offering high-quality education at affordable prices to ensure all children receive world-class education and facilities.

It follows the British National Curriculum, an internationally recognised curriculum that provides an ideal mix of academic and extracurricular activities. The curriculum is enhanced with subjects like Islamic studies, Arabic, and social studies. As an inclusive school, the school has a comprehensive and well-planned inclusion policy to identify, assess, and educate children with special needs.

Rosary Private School has several facilities and a spacious campus that nurtures the interests of the students and enriches their learning process. All classrooms are equipped with touch-boards and interactive white screens. The FS building has a playground, play area, and playing gym for the physical and social development of students. Apart from these, the school also features two libraries, a multipurpose auditorium, an ICT lab, a primary skills centre, a mosque, science laboratories, and art rooms.

The school also celebrates several events and competitions to instil a healthy sense of competition and community. This includes celebrating festivals, Labour Day, Mother’s Day, International Mother Language Day, Children’s Day, and more.

Rosary Private School has three schools across the UAE with more than 1,00,000 students. The schools aim to provide comprehensive education and prepare global citizens who can thrive in an ever-changing and dynamic world.

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In Brief

School Details

Grading System at Rosary Private School, Sharjah

Rosary Private School, Sharjah, adheres to the British National System. It offers education from FS 1 to Year 7. 



Foundation Stage

FS 1 and FS 2

Primary Stage

Year 1 to Year 7

Rosary Private School, Sharjah, Syllabus

At Rosary Private School, Sharjah, the syllabus is designed in line with the British National Curriculum. In the foundation stage, the curriculum includes the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework. In the primary stage, it follows the Cambridge Primary Curriculum. 

The school has carefully designed the curriculum to include Islamic values and traditions while ensuring holistic development. 


The foundation stage includes three school years: FS 1, FS 2, and Year 1. The curriculum in all three grades is based on the EYFS framework. Teachers use play as the medium of learning and development. Students participate in games, physical education, and activity rooms for all-round development. 

In FS 1, the school focuses on developing children for future learning. The four prime areas are:

  • Literacy
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design
  • Mathematics 

In FS 2, the primary focus is on using relevant and engaging projects to enhance children’s learning in the above-mentioned subjects. Each topic lasts up to six weeks, depending on its relevance and children’s interest. 

In Year 1, teachers work on children’s social and personal development. Students learn to develop the necessary communicative and expressive skills. They also prepare to study the Cambridge Primary Curriculum. 

Other skills developed during the foundational stage include language and communication, mathematics, and social and personal development. Students also learn Arabic and Islamic studies. 


Based on the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, the school develops skills, knowledge, and creativity in young learners. Students learn to be responsible, innovative, reflective, and confident. 

The primary stage is divided into Key Stage 1 (Years 2 and 3) and Key Stage 2 (Years 4–7). The main subjects taught include (each subject has several subtopics):

  • Mathematics: The five subtopics covered are geometry, number, measure, problem-solving, and data handling.
  • English: This includes reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar (vocabulary, phonics, spelling, and punctuation).
  • Science: Science includes biology, chemistry, and physics.
  • Arabic, Social Science, and Islamic Studies

The course of these subjects differs as per the grade. For example, topics like electricity and magnetism are taught in Year 4, while topics like material changes are taught in Year 2. 

Academic Year

The academic calendar of Rosary Private School, Sharjah, is divided into three terms: 

  • Term 1: August to December 
  • Term 2: January to March
  • Term 3: April to June

Admission and Fees

How to Apply for Rosary Private School, Sharjah Step-by-Step Process

Rosary Private School, Sharjah, is a non-selective and inclusive school. Therefore, anyone can apply for admission. However, the school gives priority to present students, their siblings, and teachers’ children. Here’s the admissions process followed by the school: 

Step 1: Registration Form

The first step is to fill out the registration form and submit it to the school’s admission office. You can find the form on the school’s official website or at the admission office. You’ll also have to pay a small registration fee.  

Step 2: Assessment

After application submission, you have to contact the school’s registration department to set up an assessment. The assessment may vary as per the grade you’re applying to. So, your child may have to give an interview or a written exam. 

Step 3: Admission Confirmation and Document Submission

If your child clears the assessment, you’ll have to submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the birth certificate of the child
  • A copy of both parents’ Emirates ID
  • Original and a copy of the child’s Emirates ID
  • 3 students' passport-sized photographs
  • A copy of the child’s vaccination card
  • A copy of the child’s passport with a valid UAE resident visa
  • A copy of both parent's passports with a valid UAE residence visa
  • The UAE family book for UAE nationals
  • Academic reports for previous years
  • Transfer certificate 
  • Completed registration form
  • Documents related to the IEP and assessments, if applicable

Upon successful verification of these documents, your admission will be confirmed. 

The school also follows age criteria for admission. Here are the minimum and maximum age criteria followed by the school:





Foundational Stage 1 

3 Years

4 Years


Foundational Stage 2

4 Years

5 Years


Year 1

5 Years

6 Years


Year 2

6 Years

8 Years


Year 3

7 Years

9 Years

6 Years

Rosary Private School, Sharjah, School Fee Structure

The fee structure of Rosary Private School, Sharjah, is given below for your reference:






FS2-Year 1

AED 11,016

AED 4,936

AED 3,040

AED 3,040

Year 2

AED 12,733

AED 5,755

AED 3,489

AED 3,489

Year 3-4

AED 12,707

AED 5,745

AED 3,481

AED 3,481

Year 5

AED 13,133

AED 5,975

AED 3,579

AED 3,579

Year 6

AED 12,991

AED 5,921

AED 3,535

AED 3,535

Year 7

AED 13,067

AED 6,021

AED 3,523

AED 3,523

School Facilities

Transportation Facility at Rosary Private School, Sharjah

The school has a reliable and secure fleet of buses to provide convenient and accessible transportation services to students. If you want to register for the services, you have to fill out the subscription form with the transportation service requirements. The form is available at the school’s transportation department.

Sports Facilities at Rosary Private School, Sharjah

Rosary Private School offers a few sports facilities to ensure students participate in physical activities and sports. These include an indoor sports hall and a gym. The hall is used for training and various sports competitions. The gym is located in the FS area for young students to play, swing, climb, and have fun. 

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: +971 6 566 4345
  • E-mail ID:
  • Website: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the school organise extracurricular activities after regular school hours?

Yes, the school offers extracurricular activities, including visual arts, science fairs, cultural events, etc.

2. What is the total number of grade levels or academic years in the school?

Rosary Private School Sharjah offers grade levels from FS1 to Year 7 within the school.

3. What is the current enrollment count of students in the school? Furthermore, how many different nationalities are currently represented among the student body?

Currently, there are more than 2,000 students in the Rosary Private School, Sharjah.

4. What is the format of the academic calendar of Rosary Private School, Sharjah?

The academic year at Rosary Private School, Sharjah, begins in August and ends in June of the following year.

5. What is the range of tuition fees charged by Rosary Private School, Sharjah?

The tuition fee charged by Rosary Private School, Sharjah, ranges from AED 11,016 to AED 13,067, depending on your grade.

6. Does the school have a cafeteria or canteen facility available on campus?

Yes, the school has a canteen where students can get healthy meals and snacks.

7. Does the school host holiday camps during winter, spring, or summer breaks?

The school takes its students on frequent field trips to malls, historical sites, parks, and recreational places.

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