Radiant School, Sharjah

Radiant School, Sharjah

About Radiant School, Sharjah

Established in 1986 by the Sharjah Indian Ladies Association, Radiant School stands as a testament to the enduring commitment to education within the Asian expatriate community in Sharjah. Nestled in the heart of Al Yarmook, the school has grown from humble beginnings, starting with just nine students, to become a thriving educational institution with nearly 1,000 students and a dedicated staff of 70 members.

Radiant School's inception was driven by the vision of the Sharjah Indian Ladies Association, reflecting the collective desire to provide quality education to the expatriate community. Over the years, the school has not only met but exceeded these expectations, emerging as one of the best Indian schools in Sharjah.

Owned and operated by the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services (SCHS), Radiant School has been a pillar of educational excellence, following the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

The school has fostered an environment where students can flourish academically, socially, and personally. The commitment to providing a well-rounded education is reflected not only in the academic curriculum but also in the emphasis placed on extracurricular activities, character development, and community engagement.

In recent times, Radiant School underwent a significant transformation with a comprehensive renovation of its facilities. The new building now boasts modern amenities and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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In Brief

School Details

Grading System at Radiant School, Sharjah

Aligning with the CBSE curriculum, Radiant School in Sharjah has organised the school into four distinct sections. Each section undergoes a curriculum modification tailored to address the unique learning needs of the children within that particular group.




KG1 - KG2

Primary School

Grade 1 - Grade 2

Middle School

Grade 3 - Grade 5

High School

Grade 6 - Grade 12

Radiant School, Sharjah Syllabus

At Radiant School, the curriculum is based on the CBSE framework. In the primary section, teachers focus on developing foundational skills such as reading, writing, and numerical proficiency. Young learners are encouraged to engage in hands-on activities under the careful supervision of teachers.

As students progress into middle and secondary school, the curriculum at Radiant School becomes more challenging, emphasising not only academic rigour but also a holistic educational experience. Beyond the classroom, children actively participate in extracurricular activities, embark on enriching field trips and undertake assignments that foster a well-rounded skill set.


Through carefully crafted activities, the school lays the foundation for a love of learning, fostering curiosity, creativity, and the joy of exploration in the little learners.


Within age groups, the Radiant School's primary curriculum fosters natural curiosity:

  • Arabic curriculum emphasises reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension.
  • Hindi and Urdu programs focus on language mastery and effective communication.
  • Malayalam curriculum fosters language skills, literature appreciation, and cultural understanding.
  • Art and Computer teachers nurture creative expression and technological literacy.
  • English, Science, Social Studies, and Math departments follow dynamic curricula.
  • Islamic Studies are integrated to promote values, ethics, and cultural awareness.


The Middle School curriculum at Radiant School encompasses the following: 

  • Main subjects include English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arabic, and Islamic Studies.
  • Language options offered: Hindi, Urdu, and Malayalam.
  • Weekly periods for Library, G.K. (General Knowledge), Art, and Computer.
  • Class-Activities (CA) period led by the class teacher focuses on confidence, creativity, and commitment.
  • Physical fitness is emphasised through Indoor and Outdoor Games, along with Physical Training.
  • Occasional picnics and educational tours for students.


The Secondary School Curriculum at the Radiant School offers:

  • Arabic curriculum: Arabic Week with recitation, reading, and writing competitions, Quran Recitation competition, and Arabic Club activity.
  • Languages offered: Hindi, Urdu, and Malayalam language options are offered.
  • Main subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arabic, and Islamic Studies.
  • Extracurricular activities: Art exhibition, ICT Week with digital technology-based activities, field trips (two planned during the academic year). Physical fitness through indoor and outdoor games
  • Awareness programs: World Heart Day, International Day of Non-Violence, World Cancer Day, and more of these occasions are celebrated.

Admission and Fees

How to Apply for Radiant School, Sharjah - Step-by-Step Process

To gain admission to Radiant School, Sharjah, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Collect Application Form 

You first need to obtain the application form from the school office and fill the form thoroughly. 

Step 2: Application Submission

Submit the completed application form along with the required documents back to the school office.

Step 3: Entrance Exam and Review

After receiving the application and documents, the child will be called for an age-appropriate entrance exam. The examination team will conduct a thorough review of the assessment and the provided documentation.

The school will confirm whether a seat can be offered based on the assessment and documentation.

Upon admission, the provision of necessary documentation is required, including:

  • A copy of your child’s birth certificate and Vaccination card copy
  • A copy of your child’s passport, visa, and Emirates ID
  • A copy of both parent's passports, visa, and Emirates ID
  • A Passport photo of your child
  • Previous years’ (school mark sheet & TC attested) or nursery school reports
  • Transfer or school leaving certificates

To ensure smooth and timely completion of the admission process, parents are required to bring both the original and copy of the child's Emirates ID when submitting the prospectus, along with all the necessary documents, to the school office.

The age requirement for admission to the school is as follows:



KG 1

4 Years

KG 2

5 Years

1st Grade

6 Years

2nd Grade 

7 Years

3rd Grade 

8 Years

4th Grade 

9 Years

5th Grade 

10 Years

6th Grade 

11 Years

7th Grade 

12 Years

8th Grade 

13 Years

9th Grade 

14 Years

10th Grade 

15 Years

11th Grade 

16 Years

12th Grade 

17 Years

Radiant School, Sharjah School Fees Structure

For your information, the Radiant School in Sharjah's fee schedule is listed below:



KG 1

AED 3549.25

KG 2

AED 3549.25 

1st Grade 

AED 4060

2nd Grade 

AED 4060.50

3rd Grade 

AED 4062

4th Grade 

AED 4062.25

5th Grade 

AED 4062.75

6th Grade 

AED 4367.25

7th Grade 

AED 4367.75

8th Grade 

AED 4367.75

9th Grade 

AED 4363.25 

10th Grade

AED 4768.25 

11th Grade

AED 7610.50

12th Grade

AED 7610.50

Parents must make their payments using one of the two methods listed below:

  • Bank transfer payment
  • Online fee payment
  • Cash or Cheque payment

Radiant School does not offer sibling discounts.

There are some additional fees as well:



Admission Fee

AED 350

CLP/Annum Fee

AED 100 - AED 190

Bus Fee

AED 3200

School Facilities

Transportation Facility at Radiant School, Sharjah

The school provides students with excellent transit services, which guarantee a safe and dependable means of transportation. The cost of two-way bus transportation is a set annual fee. AED 3200 is the bus fee for transportation services.

Sports Facilities at Radiant School, Sharjah

Sharjah’s Radiant School places significant emphasis on physical education as an essential component of its curriculum. The campus is equipped with sports facilities, including an indoor play area and an outdoor shaded space, providing students with opportunities to participate in various sporting activities such as football, cricket, basketball, and more.

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: +971 6 566 31 28
  • E-mail ID: principal@radiantschoolsharjah.com
  • Website: https://radiantschoolsharjah.com/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=61553554480973
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/radian862023

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the specific hours or time slots during which the school operates?

The working hours at Radiant School from Monday to Thursday are from 7:00 am to 2:45 pm.

2. Does the school organise extracurricular activities after regular school hours?

Yes, the school provides students with extracurricular activities after school, such as art exhibitions.

3. What is the total number of grade levels or academic years in the school?

The Radiant School offers grade levels from KG-1 to Grade 12 within the school.

4. What is the current enrollment count of students in the school? Furthermore, how many different nationalities are currently represented among the student body?

With a student body exceeding 1,000, Radiant School has established itself as a thriving educational institution.

5. What is the format of the academic calendar of Radiant School, Sharjah?

An academic year in Radiant School, Sharjah, begins in April and concludes in February of the subsequent year.

6. What is the range of tuition fees charged by Radiant School, Sharjah?

The tuition fee charged by Radiant School, Sharjah, ranges from AED 3,500 to AED 7,600, depending on your grade.

7. Does the school have a cafeteria or canteen facility available within the campus?

The school does have a canteen on campus.

8. Does the school host holiday camps during winter, spring, or summer breaks?

Throughout the year, the school organises several field trips for its students, including visits to beaches, parks and museums.

9. What is the current number of teachers employed at the school?

The school has a faculty of a total of 70 teachers and teaching assistants.

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