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Repton School, Dubai

About Repton School, Dubai

In the centre of Dubai, there is a renowned international school called Repton. Repton blends the renowned academic rigour of the UK curriculum and is one of the few truly international schools in the Gulf region. One of the most well-liked British schools in Dubai, Repton School, was founded in 2007. It is part of Repton International Schools, which has offered top-notch instruction for over 400 years.

With more than 1,750 pupils, this private school is one of the few residential schools in Dubai. Day scholars attend this top-notch school in Dubai in addition to pupils who stay at the Repton dormitory. It immediately became well-liked by parents in Dubai thanks to its stellar academic record and dedication to fostering kids' academic and extracurricular skills.

The beautiful site in Nad Al Sheba adds to Repton's commitment to developing the child in the academic, artistic, and athletic spheres. From ages 3 to 18, Repton students take advantage of the facilities, learning materials, and sporting opportunities that set them apart.

With the help of a Repton education, our students graduate from high school with a set of fundamental traditional British values and character qualities that will help them succeed as adults. These include being brave and inquisitive, polite and responsible, and determined to improve the lives of people around them.

Students aged 3 to 18 get admission at Repton School in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai. With 165 teachers and 50 teaching assistants, a 1:10 teacher-to-student ratio ensures that each student receives enough care. The English National Curriculum is used at Repton Dubai. It will begin offering A-levels in Years 12 and 13 in addition to the current International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) in September 2021.

Read a full guide to learn more about this reputed school in Dubai!

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In Brief

School Details

Grading System at Repton School, Dubai

Repton School is a full-service educational establishment that accepts students ages 3 to 18. The grading phases of education include:



Reception and Nursery

Foundation Year 1 and Foundation Year 2

Lower School

Grade 1st to 4th

Middle School

Grade 5th to 8th

Secondary School

Grade 9th to 13th

Repton School Dubai Syllabus

  • The English National Curriculum is taught at Repton School. The school provides A-Level education and International Baccalaureate (IB) for pupils in higher secondary grades.
  • It adheres to the EYFS programme for kids in the (FS1 and FS2).
  • The primary school in Repton Dubai emphasises fostering students' social and emotional growth and fine motor skills. The EYFS curriculum's elements, such as math, reading, and communication, are created to lay a solid foundation for core subjects.
  • The primary objectives of the KS1 (Year 1) and KS2 (Years 2 to 3) curricula are the development of self-assurance, creativity, and curiosity. It teaches subjects like -






In addition to focusing on educational competencies, the curriculum exposes students to competitive sports to enhance their fundamental sporting abilities.

The middle school curriculum in Repton (Years 4 to 7) offers a more challenging version of the fundamental subjects: 






Design Technology



Languages ( French, German, Spanish, and Arabic)

For native speakers, accelerated lessons are taught by specialised instructors. Moral education, social studies, and field trips are other curricular components.

From Year 8 through Year 11, students follow the IGCSE programme, which offers required and elective subjects. The following are subjects that are required:

Language: English



Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics)

World Languages

Physical Education

  • Optional subjects include:





Business Studies






The Repton School's International Baccalaureate programme aids pupils in developing specific knowledge. Mathematics and English are required disciplines. They can choose at least one subject each from the humanities, sciences, and foreign languages. Students must also enrol in two IBDP subjects and one BTEC course (sport or business). A-Level subjects will be assured after receiving the necessary approvals.

KHDA Rating

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) oversees the development and standards of educational institutions in the Northern Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. The most recent inspection report for Repton School Dubai confirms their dedication to providing top-notch instruction in Nad Al Sheba, Dubai. It strengthens its status as a prestigious and committed educational organisation.

Students can thrive in Math, English, and Science thanks to the outstanding learning environment at the school. It fosters in its students a strong feeling of accountability and personal development. The emphasis on physical activity encourages a healthy lifestyle, and the noteworthy safety precautions guarantee a safe environment. The school improves the educational process by efficiently utilising its resources and facilities. Additionally, the institution fosters solid parent-school interactions that help the students receive a well-rounded and enriching education.

Repton School received the KHDA's Outstanding rating from 2014–15 to the current one in 2018–19. A remarkable accomplishment only a few schools have pulled off in recent years. 

Following is a timeline of KHDA ratings during the previous ten years:


KHDA Rating


Very Good



Repton School's leadership and management have made significant efforts to ensure that their children receive a high-quality education, according to KHDA's overall analysis of the school. Furthermore, students in foundational years to upper secondary school have made outstanding improvements in fundamental courses. Additionally, it has excelled in terms of safety and health. 

According to KHDA, the school has the following strengths:

  • Students in the Foundation Stage have made significant gains in their language and scientific knowledge.
  • Students at all levels— secondary, primary, and post-secondary—are improving in math, science, and English.
  • A peaceful and supportive learning environment made possible by students' excellent character, understanding of Islamic culture, and sense of responsibility.
  • Parents value high-quality safety measures and health care resources.
  • The school's administrators have done a fantastic job advertising the institution as a premier educational facility. To enhance the general educational experience, they have developed productive partnerships with parents.

Academic Calendar for Repton School

  • At Repton School in Dubai, the academic year approved by the KHDA begins in the final week of August and concludes in July.
  • The second week of December marks the end of the fall semester, which begins the last week of August. A three-week break of winter till the end of December.
  • The first week of January marks the start of the winter term, which lasts through the fourth week of March. The first week of April marks the end of spring break.
  • In the 2nd week of April, the summer term begins, and classes are resumed. In the first week of July, the third term concludes.
  • In addition to the aforementioned, the school is closed during various local, national, and international occasions. Some of these are dependent on moon sightings and official releases. 

Keep an eye on the Repton School Dubai schedule for further details.

Admission and Fees

How to Apply for Repton School, Dubai? A Step-by-Step Process

Like many other Dubai institutions, Repton School enrollment is simple. Typically, the school encourages parents to take a tour of the facility. Before applying, you can schedule a tour on the official website. An admissions staff member provides a tour of the space and answers queries. This allows parents to see the school and get a feel for its amenities before deciding whether to enrol their child at Repton Dubai.

Parents can take a virtual tour of Repton School Dubai on its official website. This stage is optional, and parents can speak directly with the school to obtain an online admission form that must be completed and sent along with the required paperwork:

  • Child’s passport copy
  • Report card (if applicable)

The recommended age range is as follows:


Min. Age Requirement for Entry

Max. Age Requirement for Entry

Min. Age for Overseas Transfers

Nursery/Foundation Stage S1




Foundation Stage 2




1st Grade




2nd Grade




3rd Grade

7 years

7 years and 11 months


4th Grade

8 years

8 years and 11 months


5th Grade

9 years

9 years and 11 months


6th Grade

10 years

10 years and 11 months


7th Grade

11 years

11 years and 11 months


8th Grade

12 years

12 years and 11 months


9th Grade

13 years

13 years and 11 months


10th Grade

14 years

14 years and 11 months


11th Grade

15 years

15 years and 11 months


12th Grade

16 years

16 years and 11 months


13th Grade

17 years

17 years and 11 months


For schools starting in September, this is dependent on the age of the students as of August 31. 

Note: This is applicable to accommodate students transferring from institutions that only accept younger students.

Parents will get an invitation to call their kids in for an evaluation after submitting the admission form, the necessary paperwork, and the registration cost. The assessment stage involves evaluating a child's social, cognitive, mature, and other pertinent skills. The child's math, reading, and English language skills are evaluated for admittance into primary school and above.

Repton School Dubai School Fees Structure

Students must give a non-refundable fee of registration AED 500 to register. The cost breakdown for Repton School Dubai is as follows:


Annual Training Fee


AED 52,863


AED 58,270

1st and 2nd Grade

AED 59,754

3rd Grade

AED 61,697

4th Grade

AED 62,191

5th and 6th Grade

AED 70,221

7th Grade

AED 75,000

8th Grade

AED 78,000

9th Grade

AED 80,000

10th and 11th Grade

AED 88,000

12th and 13th Grade

AED 95,000

Breakdown of Additional Fees

This section mentions any fees for extra services.

Optional Facilities

Fee in AED


5800– 10000



Extracurricular Activities 


School residential Trips




School Id Card


School Trips


It's crucial to remember that all of these costs are yearly. Parents will get a 5% discount if they fully pay for an academic year. Visit the Repton School's official website for more details to understand the tuition costs better.

Scholarship Opportunities Offered at Repton School, Dubai

Scholarships are given to external and internal students in Years 5 through 8 and IB students in Years 12 at Repton School. Those who have excelled in music, sports, and academics are eligible to apply for scholarships. The headmaster may grant a scholarship to pay 10% of the tuition, which pupils can count on.

Remember that after receiving a music scholarship, students should continue to be accessible to the Repton School's musical performance groups.

Note- Similar to this, sports scholars must compete on the school's teams.

School Facilities

Lunch Facility at Repton School Dubai

Students at Repton School are provided lunch. There is an online request form for school lunches. One must complete a form and pay the academic year charge to receive school lunches. Parents must wait at least 24 hours after submitting the form and paying the money before their child's name is added to the list.

It provides two formal dining spaces for the needs of younger and older students. Students can access various nutritious food options, most produced on the school grounds.

Muslim families with children should not be worried because the school provides Halal meals without nuts and shells.

They offer lunch boxes to their children through a collaboration with Food Nation LLC. Each dish is made from scratch to provide a nutritious and healthful meal. The school's "Eat Bright" programme also ensures that goods with specialised nutrition are used for children's growth and sustenance. They think that a significant factor in a child's academic success is the diet they consume.

Transportation Facility at Repton School Dubai

Repton School offers its pupils travel services. School Transport Services (STS) provides their school bus service with a solid reputation in the UAE. They are renowned for providing automobiles that are in outstanding condition and equipped with the best technology to ensure that kids can travel from home to school and back without any problems. Additionally, they cover practically all routes to guarantee that students travelling from different parts of Dubai may be at school on time.

Note - Contact Repton School Dubai's STS agent or the institution for additional details.

Boarding Facility at Repton School Dubai

Repton School is one of the few institutions in the UAE that provides boarding for pupils.

For students in Year 7 through Year 13, full-time weekly and flexible boarding (3-day and 4-day) services are offered. High-end amenities such as high-speed internet in the study bedrooms, adjacent bathrooms, and study areas make Repton School's residential boarding experience exceptional for students. The school's policy also permits parents to spend evenings in their kids' rooms.

Hygienic and nutritious foods are prepared on-site and provided to the residents. Repton School has a highly skilled housemistress, housemaster, residential house tutor, house matron, support staff to guarantee a great living environment, and gap year boarding assistant. The support crew comprises highly skilled nurses, on-site doctors, and housekeepers. The boarding facility has the following pricing:

  • Sunday through Saturday, full boarding costs AED 66,000 annually.
  • Sunday through Thursday boarding costs AED 60,500 per year.
  • Four-day boarding costs AED 51,500 annually.
  • 3 days of boarding costs 42,500 AED annually.

Summer Holiday Camps at Repton School Dubai

Repton School Dubai provides its pupils with summer camps to keep them active and creatively engaged. Gulf Star Sports is in charge of the majority of the summer camps. The school's most well-known summer programmes include sports and featured games. All of this promotes the growth of social and athletic abilities.

Sports Facilities at Repton School Dubai

Students at Repton School have access to outstanding sports facilities. There are several opportunities for kids to play competitive sports in the Repton Dubai sports area, located behind the dining area.

There are two sizable indoor swimming pools, a cutting-edge gym, and a sizable outdoor play area. A full-sized rugby pitch, tennis courts and facilities for other well-liked sports are also present in the outdoor playing area. Sports experts and those who have competed internationally and nationally are also available to students.

Football, cricket, netball, and other well-known sports have seen Repton School students compete at the international and national levels. Additionally, students living in the boarding facility have access to Dubai's sporting amenities, which include a golf course and equestrian racing.

Extra Curricular Activities at Repton School Dubai

Students at Repton School have access to various extracurricular activities. The school encourages pupils to participate in various extracurricular activities that help them develop their abilities to compete outside the world. Most of these extracurricular pursuits fall under the categories of adventure, sports, and music. Debating, programming, and acting are just a few of the numerous events during the academic year.

Over 150 extracurricular activities are available at Repton School for students with various interests. Model United Nations (MUN), UK Mathematics Challenges, F1 events in schools, and 44 Challenges are a few notable extracurricular activities at the school.

Field tours 

Students at Repton School have access to field trips. Most of these field visits complement the student's academic curricula by giving them useful knowledge. Different excursions are taken by elementary and secondary pupils in Dubai.

IB programme participants take various local, regional, and worldwide field trips. Prior to now, IB first-year students travelled to Thailand to finish their fieldwork for specific courses like geography and biology. Students from the IB programme in senior high school took part in an adventure to climb the Gran Paradiso in Italy last year.

Students had to learn how to use equipment and climb up to 3000 meters during this 5-day excursion, which the school organised. Younger kids can participate in Escape Hunt field trips, which test pupils' emotional, cognitive, and physical abilities. Additionally, senior school students' summer vacations can include overseas travel.

After-School Facilities

Kids can enjoy after-school programmes at Repton. These are a part of the after-school care programme and are called "extracurricular activities". As a result, after classes are over, you can participate in fun activities like games, crafts, sports, and much more. It's a fantastic way to socialise and meet new friends.

Medical Care at Repton School Dubai

Everyone's health is taken very seriously at Repton. Right here on the campus, the school has two fantastic medical facilities. They are well prepared to help if any student or staff member needs medical attention in an emergency.

Their clinics are managed by skilled medical professionals who are duty full-time. Additionally, they maintain track of pupils' routine check-ups and medical histories.

Contact Details

  • Address : Near Municipality Ajman, Nad Al Sheba1, Ajman, UAE
  • Telephone : +971 6749 4449
  • Official Website : 
  • Facebook : 
  • Twitter : 
  • Instagram :
  • YouTube :

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the specific hours or time slots during which the school operates?

Repton School Dubai has a variety of operation hours or time periods depending on the grade level, but the school is open from 7 am to 2 pm.

2. Does the school organise extracurricular activities after regular school hours?

Yes, Repton School Dubai hosts extracurricular activities that allow students to participate in various clubs, sports, and other activities after regular school hours.

3. What is the total number of grade levels or academic years in the school?

The Repton School Dubai offers Early Years KG1 (Kindergarten) education through Grade 12.

4. Is there a coeducational educational model used at Repton School Dubai? Also, could you describe the different grade or year levels for each educational stage at Repton School Dubai?

Yes, the Repton in Dubai has a co-educational approach to education, ensuring that both male and female students enjoy an equal education. The various educational levels provided by Repton School Dubai are Early Years (pre-primary), Primary Years (grades 1-5), Middle Years (grades 6–10), and Diploma Programme (grades 11–12).

5. What is the current enrollment count of students in the school? Furthermore, how many different nationalities are currently represented among the student body?

The number of students registered at Repton School Dubai may change. Thus, checking the legal website or contacting the school for the most recent information is advisable. Repton School Dubai is known for having a sizable international student body, but the proportion of various nations represented in the student body might vary.

6. Does Repton School Dubai offer specialised education programs or tailored learning plans for students with diverse learning needs or abilities?

Repton School Dubai provides customised education programmes and personalised learning plans for students with a range of learning needs or abilities to guarantee inclusive education and support for all students.

7. What is the format of the academic calendar of Repton School Dubai School?

The Repton’s academic year starts in April and concludes in March.

8. What is the range of tuition fees charged by Repton School Dubai School?

The tuition range charged by Repton School Dubai School may vary depending on several factors, including grade level and programme of study. For up-to-date information on tuition prices, it is advisable to visit the school’s official website or to contact them directly.

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