Woodlem Park School, Ajman

Woodlem Park School, Ajman

About Woodlem Park School, Ajman

Woodlem Park School, which opened its doors in 2017, operates separate sections for boys and girls and adheres to the CBSE curriculum. With a community of 2,000 students and 235 educators, the school offers education up to Grade 10 and intends to expand to Grade 12. Woodlem Park School is committed to providing an environmentally friendly, engaging, creative, meaningful, and inclusive education. Moreover, the school also employs a dedicated team of expert educators to achieve these goals.

Woodlem Park School's curriculum and educational programs are subject to rigorous quality control and are regularly updated to adapt to evolving educational standards and methodologies. Furthermore, the faculty, comprised of well-educated and passionate professionals, fosters students' love for learning and supports their emotional, intellectual, and physical development. Woodlem Park School strives to prepare every student with the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes to contribute to the world positively.

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In Brief

School Details

Grading System at Woodlem Park School

Woodlem aims to expand into a K-12 institution featuring distinct sections for female and male students. In kindergarten, the school caps class sizes at 25 students, which grows to 30 for Class 1 upwards. Currently, Woodlem provides education from kindergarten through to Grade 10.

Woodlem Park School, Syllabus

Woodlem School Ajman adopts the Indian CBSE curriculum, constantly evolving to deliver a tailored educational experience. The curriculum is enhanced by integrating information technology, broadening the scope of learning.

At the heart of Woodlem Kindergarten's curriculum are six fundamental subjects:

Physical Development


Creative Development


Knowledge and World Understanding

Personal, Emotional and Social Development

The school adheres to international educational and infrastructural standards, utilising global best practices to forge a comprehensive educational framework. Collaboration is key at Woodlem Park School, which has partnered with premier language academies and international specialists to bolster students' linguistic and mathematical abilities. It incorporates playful learning methods.

The school is inclusive, catering to students with diverse learning needs. It conducts multiple intelligence assessments for students, parents, and educators to identify individual learning styles and adapt teaching strategies accordingly. Woodlem employs unique pedagogical approaches and contemporary methods to support student's social, emotional, and academic growth, aligning with international benchmarks. Furthermore, Woodlem School Ajman collaborates with Google to foster a safe and technologically advanced learning environment. The school opts for a STEAM approach. Including Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Arts to provide a holistic education.

To gauge academic performance against international metrics, Woodlem uses the International Benchmark Test (IBT) covering English, Arabic, Science, and Mathematics. These assessments assist teachers in tracking students' progress and devising targeted intervention strategies for those who need additional support. English is the primary medium of instruction, with all students learning Arabic from KG through Grade 10. Woodlem also presents options for second and third languages, reflecting its commitment to linguistic diversity and global readiness.















Admission and Fees

How to Apply to Woodlem Park School Ajman?

The admissions procedure at Woodlem Park School begins with the application process for prospective students. Parents are encouraged to contact the admissions office with any questions. The school is accepting new Kindergarten through Grade 8 students, with transfers into Grades 9 and 10 subject to the specific conditions outlined in the admissions guidelines. Parents are advised to contact the school's administrative team for further details.

Below are the age requirements for admission:



KG 1

4 Years Old

KG 2

5 Years Old

Grade 1

6 Years Old

For the admission process to be completed at Woodlem Park School, parents must provide the following essential documents along with the filled application form:

  • A copy of the student’s passport, including the page with the UAE visa stamp.
  • A copy of the student’s Emirates ID.
  • Four recent passport-sized photographs of the student.
  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate.
  • A copy of the immunisation record, fitness certificate, or student health file from the previous school is required (for KG-1, KG-2, and Grade 1 only).
  • A health file from the previous school for children who have previously studied in the UAE (applicable for all grades).
  • A copy of the sponsor's passport with the UAE visa stamp.
  • A copy of the sponsor’s Emirates ID.
  • Students transferring from another school in the UAE need to provide their Original Transfer Certificate (TC), the annual report card, and the Student Information System (SIS) Number from their previous school. The student's original Emirates ID is necessary for SIS registration for students not registered in the SIS from KG-1 to Grade 1.
  • A photocopy of the mark sheet or annual report card from the last examination passed at the previous school (for students in Grade 2 and above).
  • The original transfer or school leaving certificate from the last school attended (for students in Grade 2 and above). Transfer certificates outside the UAE must be attested per the Ministry of Education (MOE) norms.
  • A bonafide certificate from the previous school.

Woodlem Park School, Ajman Fee Structure







KG 1-KG 2

AED 850

AED 500

AED 8,000

AED 5,850

Grade 1-Grade 2

AED 850

AED 500

AED 8,000

AED 5,850

Grade 3-Grade 5

AED 850

AED 550

AED 9,000

AED 6,350

Grade 6-Grade 8

AED 850

AED 650

AED 10,000

AED 7,350

Grade 9-Grade 10

AED 850

AED 750

AED 10,000

AED 8,350

Grade 11

AED 1350

AED 950

AED 12,000

AED 10,850

The admission and registration fee is AED 200, a one-time payment. The fee mentioned above is an annual amount and is payable in instalments. It is important to note that this fee does not cover the costs of:

  • Transportation
  • Uniform
  • Books

Sibling Discount

  • Second child- 10% discount on tuition fee
  • Third child onwards- 30% discount on tuition fee

Should a student enrol in the school during an ongoing term, tuition fees will be charged starting from the month of enrollment, contingent upon submitting the fee payment receipt from the previous school.

School Facilities

Transportation Facilities at Woodlem Park School Ajman

Woodlem Park provides air-conditioned bus services for student transport, covering key areas in Sharjah, Al Dhaid, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and selected regions of Dubai. Parents interested in learning more or obtaining specific route details can consult the school office.

The transportation fees are detailed as follows:





AED 200

AED 2,000


AED 250

AED 2,500

Umm Al Quwain

AED 250

AED 2,500

Al Dhaid

AED 250

AED 2,500


AED 300

AED 3,000

The school issues the contact numbers of both bus monitors and drivers to parents. Parents are advised to initially contact the bus monitor for communication and reserve contact with the bus driver for emergencies only.

Sports Facilities at Woodlem Park School

Woodlem's sports amenities include an expansive football field, a running track, and a swimming pool. The campus also has facilities for badminton, volleyball, and throwball.

Physical Education (PE) is a priority at Woodlem, and teachers devote considerable attention to these classes. Every grade has a minimum of two PE periods in their weekly schedule. Furthermore, kindergarten and primary-level students benefit from two to four PE sessions each week.

Contact Details

Contact Information

  • Telephone: +971-6-74-9444,  +971-55-779-3000,  +971-54-334-1994
  • Email: info@woodlempark.ae 
  • Website Link: https://www.woodlempark.ae/
  • Facebook ID: https://www.facebook.com/woodlemparkschool/

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the specific hours or time slots during which the school operates?

The school operates from 7:45 am to 4:00 pm.

2. Does the school organise activities after regular school hours?

Students at Woodlem Park School can participate in many extracurricular activities after school. Some of the favourite activities among students are Art & Craft, Dance, Music, Games, Reading Club, Fancy Dress, Karate, Yoga, Talent Search, and Drama Club.

3. What is the total number of Standard levels or academic years in the school?

The Woodlem Park School Standard system comprises kindergarten to Grade 10.

4. What is the format of Woodlem Park School's academic calendar?

Woodlem Park School’s academic year begins in April and concludes in March of the following year, spanning two terms. For a detailed look at the calendar, including holiday dates and exam schedules, visit Woodlem’s official website.

5. What is the range of tuition fees Woodlem Park School's school charges?

The nominal fee structure annually ranges from AED 5,850 – AED 10,850.

6. Does the school have a cafeteria or canteen facility available on campus?

Yes, the school features an on-campus canteen where students can purchase food at affordable prices.

7. Does the school host holiday camps during winter, spring, or summer breaks?

Throughout the academic year, Woodlem Park School organises educational trips for students of all grades.

8. Does Woodlem Park School have an e-portal/ mobile app?

Woodlem Park School offers a parent portal accessible through its official website.

9. How does the school communicate with the legal guardians?

Woodlem Park School connects parents and legal guardians via social media platforms and its official website.

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