Best Areas To Rent Offices in Abu Dhabi


Being the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has a convenient and strategic location dotted with picturesque desert landscapes and lush oases. Along with extensive touristic opportunities, the city also offers its residents multiple business and employment possibilities. As such, the capital enjoys substantial popularity among real estate clientele. Besides, with several international companies establishing their base in Abu Dhabi, the opportunities for business development and the trend to rent offices in Abu Dhabi have escalated. Over the past decade, one can find several options of office for rent among commercial real estate of any class and value.

Popular Areas To Rent Offices in Abu Dhabi

Plenty of areas in Abu Dhabi are on the burgeoning real estate demand for office space for rent. The popularity of these areas usually depends on strategic locations, availability of amenities, affordability, and convenient connectivity. Ideally, one can comfortably rent an office space in Abu Dhabi with a monthly income of at least AED 5K (USD 1.5K).

Below we will take a look at the options for the best areas in Abu Dhabi to consider renting an office at—

  • Mussafah—A Significant Economic Nerve Centre

Located to the Southwest of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, Mussafah is a popular industrial district to rent offices in Abu Dhabi. The area is flanked by workshops, offices, and industrial buildings, among other maintenance facilities.

Developed in the 1970s as a small industrial area, today Mussafah has emerged as the economic nerve centre of Abu Dhabi Industrial City. In addition to being a significant financial hub, Mussafah is also home to multiple automotive and industrial companies. If you are looking for an office space for rent for your business with the services available at the Mussafah port, this area could be a lucrative investment opportunity. Since the 2000s, Mussafah has become an established economic zone providing plenty of office space for lease with an average annual rent of AED 17,000. The average price per square foot for office space in Mussafah is approximately AED 53.09.

The Mussafah district consists of Industrial City Abu Dhabi (ICAD), Mussafah Industrial Area, and Shabiya. The Industrial City Abu Dhabi (ICAD) is south of Mussafah Industrial Area and consists of several business clusters offering tenants rental plots in various sizes and configurations. The ICAD has five industry zones divided per the type of industries:

    • ICAD I – includes heavy to medium engineering and manufacturing industries.
    • ICAD II – is made up of light to medium business complexes with several options for office space for rent.
    • ICAD III – consists of light to medium business complexes with a mix of international establishments.
    • ICAD IV – includes high-tech industrial units.
    • ICAD V – consists of automotive industrial units with multiple possibilities for office for rent.
  • Al Reem Island—An Enviable Commercial Nook with Scintillating Views

Al Reem Island—An Enviable Commercial Nook with Scintillating Views

Al Reem Island is a luxurious waterfront community located off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Situated 600 meters off the northeastern coast of Abu Dhabi, the natural island of Al Reem boasts good opportunities for real estate in residential, retail, and commercial office space for rent. The bustling community of Al Reem Island is a much sought-after location for business owners. Besides, with splendid waterfront properties offering sophisticated modern interiors and state-of-the-art amenities, the island is also popular among residential investors.

Additionally, with good connectivity to the highway and the centre of Abu Dhabi city, it has become a strategic location to rent offices in Abu Dhabi. The island also enjoys easy access to downtown Abu Dhabi along with significant areas of the Emirate, like Al Maryah Island and Saadiyat Island, within convenient reach. The average rental cost of offices in Abu Dhabi is AED 152k per annum, with the average per square foot price of an office for rent in Al Reem Island at AED 81.33.

  • Al Khalidiyah—A Hidden Gem For Commercial Real Estate

Al Khalidiyah—A Hidden Gem for Commercial Real Estate

Located at the heart of the Abu Dhabi Emirate, Al Khalidiyah is a popular cultural hub—a mix of modern architecture with remnants of old arabesque styles. One of the major attractions in this community is the abundant choice of residential and commercial office space for rent. Various upcoming and established commercial towers in Al Khalidiyah offer lucrative opportunities to rent offices in Abu Dhabi.

Dotted with mid- to high-rise buildings, business owners can find office spaces with luxurious waterfront views of Corniche Beach. Besides, the community is well-connected to significant Emirate locations, including Al Reem Island, Zayed Sports City, Mussafah and Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Corniche Beach, etc. The area is further surrounded by landscaped places like Urban Park, Al Khubeirah Garden, Lake Park and Recreation Park, making it a popular choice among entrepreneurs looking for furnished office spaces for rent. The average price of renting an office space in Al Khalidiyah is approximately AED 58k per annum, with an average per square foot cost of around AED 83.55.

  • Hamdan Street—A Lively Street with Thriving Business Prospects

Hamdan Street

Sprawling at a four-kilometre stretch from Al Hosn to Al Zahiyah, the bustling Hamdan Street is located at the heart of Abu Dhabi Emirate. Hamdan Bin Mohammed Street, also known as Hamdan Street, is one of the oldest and busiest areas in the city and is known for its eclectic mix of commercial buildings, retail hubs, and scintillating apartment complexes.

The area is also home to vibrant places like the World Trade Centre Mall, Hamdan Centre, Marina Mall, and Qasr Al Hosn, giving Hamdan Street the reputation of a popular commercial hub. Its character as a lively commercial trade centre further opens up lucrative business opportunities for office space in Abu Dhabi. Besides, Hamdan Street is one of the best places to rent offices in Abu Dhabi at affordable prices, with an annual rental cost of around AED 12K, at AED 74.52 PSF.

The street runs parallel to Corniche road and accommodates high-rise and old commercial buildings. Hamdan Street has been a long-time favourite among the city’s renters, with a diverse selection of eateries, leisure activities, and hotels that are also easy on the pocket.

  • Mohammed Bin Zayed City— A Quiet Suburb with Promising Business Opportunities

Mohammed Bin Zayed City, popularly known as MBZ City, has an extensive choice of residential and commercial properties to rent offices in Abu Dhabi. Located on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi, the community enjoys easy connectivity to Dubai and Al Ain. Affordability and connectivity are major reasons to consider an office for rent in MBZ City. It is an ideal suburb between Mussafah and Khalifa City B, with Al Ain Road (E22) and Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed International Road (E11) in the vicinity.

MBZ City is named after the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. As such, the community enjoys a certain reputation for being peaceful and safe. Additionally, the affordability and good connectivity to significant areas in Abu Dhabi make it popular among renters looking for office space in Abu Dhabi. The annual average rent in MBZ City for office spaces is AED 21K, with AED 105.59 PSF.

To Sum Up

It is important to consider the procedure for using rented office spaces in the Emirates as several features need to be considered. One needs to not only make the monthly rental payments but also make a deposit. In most real estate scenarios in the Emirates, the deposit is 5% of the total annual rental cost. Commonly, the amount of the deposit is refunded after the expiration of the rental contract.

Furthermore, the tenant must connect all the utilities and create a personal account. After that, the tenant must pay all the applicable costs and expenses to the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company (ADDC). In the Emirate, a long-term rental agreement is usually for one year or more. In the case of a long-term rental contract for an office space in Abu Dhabi, the tenant needs to make the advance payments by one cheque or make quarterly payments as stated in the agreement.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Are There Free Zones in Abu Dhabi?

For those looking for office spaces for rent in Abu Dhabi, five free zone options cover several industries and sectors. These include Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone ('ADAFZ'); Abu Dhabi Global Market ('ADGM'); Masdar City Free Zone ('Masdar City'); Khalifa Industrial Zone – Abu Dhabi ('KIZAD'); and Twofour54 Media & Entertainment Hub ('twofour54').

Which Are the Top Areas to Rent a Property in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi offers several opportunities in real estate for investors and buyers. Depending on the level of the buyer's income, some of the best areas for residential as well as commercial purposes in the Abu Dhabi Emirate include Al Mushrif, Al Reef, Al Reem Island, Al Mohamed Bin Zayed City, Samha, Al Khalidiya, Yas Island, Al Raha Beach Corniche, among others.

Where Are Most Offices in Abu Dhabi?

The centrally located Al Khalidiyah is one of the most popular areas to rent offices in Abu Dhabi. Its proximity to the city's significant commercial hubs is one of the major reasons for its popularity. Besides, office spaces are easily available in mid to high-rise buildings that are furnished with excellent facilities at affordable rates.

What Is the Average Rent of Office Space in Abu Dhabi?

Depending on the area, the average annual rent for office space in Abu Dhabi can vary from AED 12,000 to AED 152,000 at a per square feet price between AED 53.09 to AED 105.59.

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