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Properties for Sale in Abu Dhabi Under AED 20 Million

73 Listings Found
Last Updated: June 2, 2023
With the help of Square Yards UAE, you can find 73 and more properties for Sale under AED 20 Million in Abu Dhabi. As per the Abu Dhabi property prices, there is an extensive list of 6 Apartment properties for Sale under AED 20 Million in Abu Dhabi along with 48 Villas, 1 Office Spaces, and 2 Plots / Lands. The latest property prices include properties listed by owners and agents that offer furnished, semi-furnished and unfurnished housing options. You can also find upscale and luxury villas and properties for Sale under AED 20 Million in Abu Dhabi.
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tamouh-0 tamouh-1 tamouh-2 tamouh-3 tamouh-4 tamouh-5 tamouh-6 tamouh-7 tamouh-8 tamouh-9 tamouh-10 tamouh-11 tamouh-12 tamouh-13 tamouh-14 tamouh-15 tamouh-16 tamouh-17 tamouh-18 tamouh-19 tamouh-20 tamouh-21 tamouh-22 tamouh-23 tamouh-24 tamouh-25
AED 20,000,000
6+ Bedrooms
17426 Sq.Ft.

Reem Hills The Reem Hills project is located on Reem Island, where it enjoys stunning views of the seafront. This project offers apartments, townhous

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Residential Plot
AED 20,000,000
63001 Sq.Ft.

Residential Land Has An Area:- Plot Area: 20,502 sq. ft Built-up Area: 63,001 - This Land Have Permission to Build A Tower Consisting of : -10 Fl

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Top Localities in Abu Dhabi
Are you looking for the best localities in Abu Dhabi to call home? You can trust Square Yards UAE with your real estate needs. Explore property types that best suit your preferences and budget among the many residential and commercial properties for sale in Abu Dhabi most desirable neighbourhoods.
hidd al saadiyat-0 hidd al saadiyat-1 hidd al saadiyat-2 hidd al saadiyat-3 hidd al saadiyat-4 hidd al saadiyat-5 hidd al saadiyat-6 hidd al saadiyat-7 hidd al saadiyat-8 hidd al saadiyat-9 hidd al saadiyat-10 hidd al saadiyat-11 hidd al saadiyat-12
AED 20,000,000
6 Bedrooms
6 Bathrooms
10903 Sq.Ft.

Invest now and own this modernly designed villa in a prime location. It features exceptional fittings and fixtures, a large and bright living and dini

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AED 18,000,000
5 Bedrooms
6 Bathrooms
9149 Sq.Ft.

Gate Towers, Abu Dhabi consist of 64-story skyscrapers: Gate Tower 1, Gate Tower 2, and Gate Tower 3 and an arc-like structure ed the Arc. These 3 to

Property Type Available in Abu Dhabi

Are you considering relocating to Abu Dhabi? Browse the Abu Dhabi real estate market for various property types. You can find a wide range of real estate, including studio apartments, luxury apartments, villas, furnished properties, hotel apartments, townhouses, office spaces, warehouses, and residential and commercial properties for sale in Abu Dhabi.
west yas-0 west yas-1 west yas-2 west yas-3 west yas-4 west yas-5 west yas-6 west yas-7 west yas-8 west yas-9 west yas-10 west yas-11 west yas-12 west yas-13
Residential Plot
AED 16,000,000
32500 Sq.Ft.

* Single Row 2 plot With amazing Sea View * Free Service charge * Land area:- 32,000 Sq. Ft For more information Mr. Samir: 042 BRN: 54404

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al maryah vista-0 al maryah vista-1 al maryah vista-2 al maryah vista-3 al maryah vista-4 al maryah vista-5 al maryah vista-6 al maryah vista-7 al maryah vista-8 al maryah vista-9 al maryah vista-10 al maryah vista-11 al maryah vista-12 al maryah vista-13 al maryah vista-14 al maryah vista-15 al maryah vista-16 al maryah vista-17
Retail Shop
AED 15,326,989
3800 Sq.Ft.

Retail Shop For Sale in Al Maryah Vista.Listed Price : 15,527,414 AEDPer Parking Cost : 40,000 AEDIf a customer pays 50% Down Payment and 50% on hando

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Unit Type Available in Abu Dhabi

Find 1, 2, 3 BR luxury apartments or 4+ BR penthouses and villas in Abu Dhabi. The UAE offers a plethora of housing options with a variety of unit sizes. Not to forget, you can select from a range of commercial properties for sale in Abu Dhabi in various localities. Examine the different unit types in Abu Dhabi and pick the one that meets your requirements and budget.
saadiyat beach-0 saadiyat beach-1 saadiyat beach-2 saadiyat beach-3 saadiyat beach-4 saadiyat beach-5 saadiyat beach-6 saadiyat beach-7 saadiyat beach-8 saadiyat beach-9 saadiyat beach-10 saadiyat beach-11 saadiyat beach-12 saadiyat beach-13 saadiyat beach-14 saadiyat beach-15 saadiyat beach-16 saadiyat beach-17 saadiyat beach-18 saadiyat beach-19 saadiyat beach-20
AED 13,000,000
5 Bedrooms
6117 Sq.Ft.

*** Get Comfortable with Fine home Company . -** This Villa Consist of : ** Ground floor :- - Family room - Dining room - Living room - Kitchen -

1 other listing by Fine Home Real Estatecn in this area
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AED 12,400,000
5 Bedrooms
5 Bathrooms
6996 Sq.Ft.

Mirage Capital Properties welcomes you to this fascinating -Bedroom Villa in a place the surrounded by sparkling water of the Gulf Sea and mangroves t

addax port-0 addax port-1 addax port-2 addax port-3 addax port-4 addax port-5 addax port-6 addax port-7 addax port-8 addax port-9 addax port-10 addax port-11
Office Space
AED 10,112,050
8606 Sq.Ft.

Property DescriptionThe Addax Office Tower`s intelligent design is to fulfill every potial commercial need. In addition to the car parking bay design

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AED 10,000,000
6+ Bedrooms
23100 Sq.Ft.

* This Villa consists of: 11 Bedrooms Living Area Dining Area Majles Pantry Maids Room Laundry Room Patio Storage Elevator 13 Bathrooms * External Ex

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Top Real Estate Companies in Abu Dhabi

Seeking assistance from property developers in Abu Dhabi is essential if you're interested in investing in or purchasing a new property in Abu Dhabi. Here is a list of the best real estate companies in Abu Dhabi to consult with for all your requirements, from budget and property variations to the top neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi.
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