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Abu Samrah, Al Ain

About Abu Samrah, Al Ain

A charming little village in Al Ain, Abu Samrah is the perfect place to reside with your family. Away from the city, Abu Samrah boasts a quiet, peaceful life surrounded by stores selling locally produced groceries and natural products. This rural area is not accessible by public transportation, and people will have to either hire taxis or keep private cars for travelling in the village. 

This residential area offers villas and small houses built by locals, with an average size of 2,025 sq. metres. A major town property, Abu Samrah Residential Complex Al Ain, offers its residents many amenities such as a laundry room, storage space, maid’s room, roof garden and a reserved parking spot. Many shelterbelts and dune conservation areas surround Abu Samrah and provide easy access to major roads like the Al Ain Road (E22). The village is also near many supermarkets, schools, hospitals and malls, making the lives of its residents easier. In addition, citizens can enjoy leisure time on the nearby beaches, historical attractions and zoos.

Key Highlights of Abu Samrah, Al Ain

What’s Great Here!
  • It is surrounded by lush green farms and various types of flora and fauna.
  • Every home has one or two parking spaces.
  • There are ample choices for naturally grown products.
  • There are multiple mosques in the area.
What Needs Attention!
  • There is no bus station or metro stop in the village.
  • The nearest hospital is 40 minutes away.
  • It takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach the town.

Real Estate Overview in Abu Samrah, Al Ain

Abu Samrah is a small village still under development, so there are not many residential options in the area. Most homes are either hand-built or people live in 4 BHKs villas. The village also has a residential complex comprising 61 houses, each with a 2,025 sq. m. area and two floors. The master bedroom of each flat is attached to a wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom. Overall, the complex offers four bedrooms to each family, along with the luxuries of a roof garden, a guest room and a laundry room. 

Public Transportation

The only mode of public transportation in Abu Samrah is online or offline taxis, which connect you to Al Rawdah Road and Sheikh Khalifa Zayed International Road. While there is no metro station near the quaint little village, citizens can access the Al Ain bus stop within 30 minutes of their residences. The bus routes running from the stop include:

Bus Line Number Destination
Route 360 Al Ain Central Bus Station to Sweihan Souq
Route 380 Al Rahman Mosque to Al Hayer Souq
Route 490 Al Ain Central Bus Station to Terminal 2


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

  • Al Taleaa Primary and Secondary School
  • Al Naeem School
  • Ramah Primary and Secondary School 
  • Abu Dhabi University Al Ain
  • United Arab Emirates University


  • Baqala Noor Swihan
  • Futooh Al Khair Supermarket 
  • Muscat Supermarket
  • Baqala Bawabat Al Ain
  • Baqala Zahrat Al Ain

Healthcare Facilities

  • Universal Hospital 
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • Mediclinic Al Yahar
  • Al Khazna Healthcare Centre

Places of Worship

Mosques Nearby:

  • Abu Samrah Masjid
  • Al Rahman Masjid 
  • Rashed Abdullah Belyoha Mosque

Churches Nearby:

Abu Samrah has no churches, but the following are half an hour away:

  • Al Ain Evangelical Church
  • Al Ain Pentecostal Fellowship
  • St Mary’s Catholic Church

Gurudwara Nearby:

Abu Samrah has no gurudwaras, but the following is more than half an hour away:

  • Gurudwara Nanaksar Al Ain 

Buddhist Temple Nearby:

There are no Buddhist temples near or in Abu Samrah.

Hindu Temples Nearby:

There are no Hindu temples near or in Abu Samrah.

Best Hotels in Abu Samrah

Abu Samrah is not a tourist place, so few hotels are built near this small residential area. The following can be easily accessed by any mode of public transportation or by road:

  • Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Al Ain Hotel
  • Danat Al Ain Resort
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Doha


Shopping Centres/ Malls

The Al Ain road near Abu Samrah has many shopping malls and centres, just 20 to 30 minutes from the village. Some of them include:

  • Al Ain Mall
  • Al Jimi Mall
  • Bawadi Mall

Restaurants/ Dining

Many restaurants are located alongside Al Ain Road, providing world cuisine at the most affordable rates. Some of these restaurants also offer entertainment zones and a kid-friendly atmosphere. 

  • Bu Habbash Restaurant
  • Desert Breeze Restaurant
  • Abdul Salam Restaurant
  • Bishara Restaurant
  • Solidaire

Beaches Nearby

Located just an hour from Abu Samrah, the following beaches offer a wide range of water sports and the perfect spot to spend your weekends. 

  • Al Raha Beach 
  • Yas Beach 
  • Hilton Salwa Beach Resort and Villas

Leisure Activities Nearby

Abu Samrah is near many recreational centres for adults and children. These centres offer many leisure activities and playgrounds for families and friends to enjoy their holidays. 

  • Alanka Fort
  • Al Ain Zoo
  • Al Ain Equestrian Shooting & Golf Club

The Alanka Fort is one of the UAE’s most notable landmarks. It was built by Sheikh Saeed bin Tahnoon between 1845 and 1855. The fort’s ceiling is made of palm tree trunks, and its walls are made of mud bricks. The Al Ain Zoo is the perfect spot for a family picnic or a kids’ outing. This 400-hectare park has more than 100 species of flora and fauna and features special facilities such as the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre, Al Ain Safari, and Iftar with animals. 

The Al Ain Equestrian Shooting & Golf Club is known for its massive playgrounds, where anyone can play various sports like cricket and rugby. Many restaurants are near this popular place, so you can feast like a king after playing games all day.

Abu Samrah Al Ain - Location & Nearby Facilities

Schools Near by Abu Samrah Al Ain
City Connections Near by Abu Samrah Al Ain
Hospitals Near by Abu Samrah Al Ain
Hotels Near by Abu Samrah Al Ain
Shopping Centers Near by Abu Samrah Al Ain
Business Hubs Near by Abu Samrah Al Ain

Distance and commute

Abu Samrah is well-connected to multiple roads like Salwa and Saudi Route 6155, making it easier to access landmarks in both Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Some of the famous places in and near Abu Samrah are:

  • The Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium is just a short 30-minute drive away from Abu Samrah. 
  • It also takes half an hour to get to the Asharej community and the Al Mutawaa organisation, just 30 km away. 
  • Residents can access the Al Ain International Airport in, just 25 minutes from Abu Samrah. 
  • The Sealine Beach of Qatar, known for its sand dunes, is just an hour’s drive from Abu Samrah.
Abu Samrah, Al Ain

Rating and Reviews

Mariam Sajwani
Amazing community

Love the vibe of the area! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. The air here is so clean, and I love bicycling on the empty large roads. You can relax and chill anywhere since each home is within walking distance. 

Adnam Khan
Peaceful and safe area

Abu Samrah is a peaceful and safe residential area for families who want to protect their children. The area has hardly any crimes or accidents, and each grocery product is produced locally. 

Mohammed Maktoum
Very far from the highway

I don’t like living here because I have to travel to far-off places for even the basic necessities and there is no nightlife there.

Omar Shah

This is the best place for families with kids and pets as the village has large farms, a safe environment and non-toxic food and playing products. 

Ayesha Siddiqui
No way of getting around the village

There is no mode of transport here other than driving your own private vehicle. So, more than half the time, I am searching for rides to the bus station, which can take up to 40 minutes to reach. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Abu Samrah freehold?

Yes, Abu Samrah village of Al Ain is freehold.

What are the top attractions in Abu Samrah?

Some top attractions near Abu Samrah are the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, Sealine Beach and Al Ain Equestrian Shooting & Golf Club.

How do I get to Abu Samrah by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

While there is no metro station or bus stand in Abu Samrah, residents can reach the village by taking a bus to the Al Ain bus stop and then hiring a private taxi, which takes 30 to 40 minutes.

What are the best communities in Abu Samrah?

Some of the best communities near Abu Samrah are Zakher and Al Jimi, which are known for their peaceful nature.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Abu Samrah?

The best hotels and restaurants in Abu Samrah are Bu Habbash Restaurant, Desert Breeze Restaurant and Abdul Salam Restaurant.

Which are the famous supermarkets in Abu Samrah?

The famous supermarkets near Abu Samrah are Baqala Noor Swihan, Futooh Al Khair Supermarket and the  Muscat Supermarket.

What are the best schools in Abu Samrah?

While Abu Samrah has no educational institutions, the schools near the rural area are Al Taleaa Primary and Secondary School, Al Naeem School and Ramah Primary and Secondary School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Abu Samrah?

The best healthcare facilities near Abu Samrah are Cleveland Clinic, Mediclinic Al Yahar and Al Khazna Healthcare Centre.

Which are the famous places of worship in Abu Samrah?

Abu Samrah has many mosques, including Abu Samrah Masjid, Al Rahman Masjid and Rashed Abdullah Belyoha Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living in Abu Samrah?

Abu Samrah’s homes and villas are very spacious. The residents don’t have to eat processed foods and can easily access healthier organic options. However, the village is located very far from the town and has no public transportation, meaning a private vehicle is necessary.

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