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Al Jimi, Al Ain

About Al Jimi, Al Ain

Al Ain has such beautiful green spaces that it has earned the nickname "The Garden City" (or "The City of Garden"). Over the years, it has progressed as a series of initiatives, including Al Jimi, has been established one after the other. Those who live and work near the Civic centre consider it a quiet, safe community away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The village is located in an area famous for its extensive landscape gardening. Al Jimi is a great place to live with kids because of the pleasant weather and proximity to restaurants and shops that attract professionals who work in the surrounding commercial districts. Yet, that doesn't stop them from frequenting the buildings. You may stroll to the nearest shopping centre, hospital, or school with no trouble at all.

Rental apartments in Al Jimi are likely to be found in a mix of new and old buildings. A small number of detached villas can also be found there. Many different types of villas, townhouses, and flats are available in Al Jimi, making it possible to find a home that suits your needs. Luxurious amenities like swimming pools, fitness centres, and well-maintained gardens make the mansions ideal places to relax and unwind.

The Al Jimi commercial buildings are intended to provide a vibrant and busy green environment for local enterprises. Dining establishments, shops, and office spaces are all available in the complex. The village is 5.2 km (3.3 miles) from Abu Dhabi's Al Qattarah neighbourhood. The area's occupants enjoy convenient proximity to various social and commercial establishments.

The perfect place to live, work, and visit, Al Jimi is a stunning community that strikes a fine balance between luxury and practicality without sacrificing either. In addition, it offers several opportunities for real estate investment with the potential for higher returns.

Key Highlights of Al Jimi, Al Ain

What’s Great Here!
  • World-class amenities
  • A great place for professionals to settle down
  • It keeps you close to nature
  • Hiking, jogging, and biking trails are available for adventure enthusiasts
What Needs Attention!
  • A bit noisy area
  • Traffic congestion

Properties in Al Jimi, Al Ain

Apartments and villas can be found among the available rental properties in Al Jimi. Along the road, there is a combination of new and older apartment buildings, as well as some freestanding homes. Individual parking spots, separate storage areas, and outside areas are standard in private residential units. Residents can choose from various establishments, including restaurants, cafes, stores, gyms, parks, and playgrounds. The area is popular for its stunning landscape.

Single-family houses' sizes, styles, and price points are on the market or available for rent or purchase. One-, two-, and three-bedroom flats, townhouses, and villas are also available in the region. The apartments offer a variety of modern conveniences, including proximity to parks, gyms, swimming pools, private gardens, and high-speed internet.

The square footage of homes in Al Jimi, Al Ain, varies from one type to the next. Studio and three-bedroom apartments in Al Jimi typically range from 450 to 1800 square feet. In Al Jimi, townhouses can be as small as 1,200 square feet and 2,500 square feet, while detached villas can be as large as 2,000 square feet.

It is at Al Jimi that you'll find the Civic centre, a major commercial hub. The building is home to numerous Abu Dhabi government departments and municipal and federal institutions. Moreover, Civic centre Al Jimi is home to a small selection of necessary services, including medical centres, banks, shops, and restaurants. This means you can pick a home in the area that best suits your needs and interests. Have faith; the community won't let you down.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Jimi

One of the best ways to diversify your portfolio is to buy one of the off-plan properties springing up in Al Jimi, Al Ain, in recent years.

Investors and buyers are presented with an interesting option in Al Jimi real estate by the availability of off-plan projects, which give a lower entry price point. Second, because the property's value is expected to improve after construction, off-plan constructions typically provide superior returns on investment. Lastly, customers of off-plan developments may have additional leeway in financing alternatives.

Along with these benefits, off-plan apartments in Al Jimi are often located in prime spots, close to public facilities or the beach. Therefore, they are well-liked by the community. Free maintenance and access to neighbourhood amenities are just two of the enticing perks offered by the developers of Al Jimi.

The Al Mraijeb off-plan project is a relatively new addition to the Al Jimi area. Al Jimi is a neighbourhood in Al Ain known as Al Mraijeb. The Al Mraijeb development is now in the "Ready to Move'' stage. One-bedroom flats are available at Al Mraijeb. The project is adjacent to Al Ain University, Al Jimi Mall, Hazza Ibn Sultan Boulevard, and Al Ain International Airport.

Rental Trends in Al Jimi

At Al Jimi, one can choose from several housing options. The rental market in Al Jimi has been very stable over the past few years, with just a few notable up-and-down cycles attributable to shifts in supply and demand. The demand for rental properties in Al Jimi is heavily influenced by their proximity to services, the availability of public transit, and the quality of the properties themselves. Residents around Dubai and beyond continue to be drawn to Al Jimi, a busy community with various amenities.

If you're looking for a place to live in Al Ain, Al Jimi has studio, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments available for rent. Singles, working professionals, and couples on a tight budget can choose from a variety of 500-square-foot to 800-square-foot one-bedroom apartments in the Al Jimi area. An alternative to hotels is the Al Jimi studios available for rent. New commercial districts are being built as the area expands. Al Jimi has a few offices available if you're looking for a decent place to set up shop.

Sale Trends in Al Jimi

Rising demand for high-end housing makes Al Jimi a promising market for property buyers. The availability of luxury real estate, both residential and commercial, has increased significantly in response to the rising demand from investors ready to pay a premium for these assets. Many units feature personal beaches, swimming pools, fitness centres, and gardens. Commercial and recreational establishments like hotels, stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues contribute to Al Jimi's allure.

If you're looking to buy a villa in Al Ain, there are plenty to choose from; however, narrowing your search to properties in the Al Jimi area, which include homes with 3, 4, 5, and 6 bedrooms. A typical Al Jimi home for sale has three or four bedrooms and is between 1,200 and 3,200 square feet in size. Larger accommodations are also available, such as 5,000-square-foot residences with six bedrooms and 3,800-square-foot villas with five bedrooms. Because of the variety of villas available, this area is perfect for individuals, couples, and families of all sizes.

Public Transportion

There is numerous convenient public transportation available in the area. Transportation options include taxis and buses. Hamasa, Al Ain Gift Market, and Al Mutarad all have bus stops close to Al Jimi. Also, there is a dependable bus service from Al Ameriya and Al Jimi to various other bus stops. Here are a few local bus routes:

Bus Route Destination
380 Al Rahman Mosque / Al Ain Central Bus Stop
390 Gold Souq / Al Jimi Stop
491 Al Yahar Stop / Town Square
70 Green Mubazzarah Mosque / Souq Extra Stop


  • Educational Institutions

  • Supermarkets

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Places of Worship

Al Jimi has several excellent elementary and preschool options. Below are some of the best elementary, middle, and high schools in the Al Jimi area.

  • Little Pearls Nursery  
  • Oasis International  
  • Moawiya Bin Abi Sufyan School 
  • Murajib Secondary School for Girls 

If you want to further your education, Al Ain has several prestigious universities. The following institutions are among the top in Al Ain’s Al Jimi district:

  • The Al Ain University
  • Federal University 
  • The United Arab Emirates University,

The best part about the Al Jimi community is that various shops and supermarkets are within walking distance. Moreover, the street stores in the neighbourhood comprise florists and boutiques to cross off the other essential goods from the resident’s shopping lists. Whether you want something for your wardrobe or kitchen, Al Jimi has numerous solutions to meet your demands. For groceries and other everyday requirements, one can visit the following supermarkets in Al Jimi:

  • Al Jimi Supermarket
  • Aqaba Al Khataf and many others, 
  • Hypermarket in Al Jimi Mall.
  • Seven Eleven Supermarket

Due to the proximity to cutting-edge, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, residents of the area rarely have to go elsewhere in the city for either routine or specialised medical care. Because it is convenient to have hospitals and other medical facilities so close by, real estate in the Al Jimi area is in high demand. Within a simple eight-minute drive are several excellent medical institutions, including the ones listed below:

  • Al Ain Khaleej Hospital 
  • Emirates International Hospital in Al Jimi. 
  • Al Ain Hospital

Since Al Ain is home to such a diverse population, people of all faiths will have no trouble locating a place of worship that suits their needs. Many mosques and temples meet the religious needs of the city’s diverse population. Mosques dominate the neighbourhood, but other temples and churches exist, albeit at some distance. Several of the local churches and mosques are listed here.

  • Sheikha Salamah Mosque 
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church 
  • Gurudwara Nanaksar

Best Hotels in Al Jimi

The importance of tourism to Al Ain's economy has grown substantially during the past few years. Because of this, there is a high demand for hotels, and fortunately, Al Jimi is home to some of the most opulent and sumptuous hotels in Dubai. In Al Ain, which has a beach on one side, tourists and visitors from other countries can find some of the best hotels in the world to make their stay more comfortable. The area is home to a number of the most prestigious hotels in the region, including:

  • Ayla Hotel
  • Emirates Star Hotel
  • Aldar Hotel 
  • Hyatt Residency Hotel Dubai
  • Al Massa Hotel Plus


  • Shopping Malls

  • Restaurants / Dining

  • Nearby Beaches

  • Leisure Activities

There are several premium malls in the neighbourhood that you can visit to purchase goods in large quantities or from internationally or regionally known brand stores. The following is a list of malls you could visit for an outing, shopping or some fun in the evenings:

  • Al Jimi Mall 
  • Galleria 
  • Outlet Mall 

Al Jimi Mall is a major destination for anyone visiting the area. It is centrally located in Al Jimi, making it easy to go from anywhere in the area. Aldar’s flagship shopping mall first opened its doors to the public in 2002. After its initial construction in 2007, it underwent extensive remodelling and enlargement between 2007 and 2016. In addition to a wide selection of stores selling the latest fashions, a VOX Cinema, a Carrefour Hypermarket, a Magic Planet, and a host of other attractions, Al Jimi Mall is one of the top malls in Al Ain.

The Al Jimi restaurant is well-known for its innovative takes on international cuisines that pay homage to the dishes’ traditional roots. In addition to housing a diverse selection of shops and services, Al Jimi Mall is also the location of several of Al Ain’s most well-regarded dining establishments. You have your pick of many eateries that are known for their excellent cuisine, including

  • Jehangir’s Restaurant 
  • Triangle Restaurants
  • Shakespeare and Co.
  • Fanar Restaurant and Cafe
  • Al Dar Restaurant 
  • Al Sayyed Restaurant.

Although Al Jimi has no beaches of its own, residents are only a 10-minute drive from the beaches of the nearby neighbourhood. Pathways lined with Palm trees provide welcome shade, and agricultural displays may be found along the coastline. Renting a bike is a great way to get around and experience the area. Close by beaches are: 

  • Al Ain Oasis Beach
  • Public Beach

Because of Al Jimi’s proximity to the mainland, its residents may easily reach all Dubai offers. Zayed Al Awwal Street and Mohammed Bin Khalifa Street form borders only a short distance from Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium.

The following are some of the surrounding recreational opportunities:

  • Hill Fun City 
  • Al Ain Oasis Beach 
  • Civic Centre 
  • Al Ain Museum
  • Archaeological Park

A family-friendly amusement park called Hili Fun City is just 11 minutes away from Al Jimi. In addition to its seemingly unending supply of exciting activities and carnival-like events, it also features a wide selection of delicious foods. Anyone interested in UAE archaeology can reach the Al Ain Museum, also known as the Al Ain National Museum, in around 15 minutes by car.

Landscaping in Al Jimi is a work of art. Pathways and grassy areas surround each house and complex in the area. Nearby hotels also include amenities like fitness centres and swimming pools. Al Jimi, Abu Dhabi residents are also close to exciting outdoor destinations like Hili Archaeological Site and Al Ain Oasis.

Distance and Commute Time

  • Al Ain Museum is 10 minutes away, which is 3.4 kilometres.
  • Al Ain Hospital is 1.2 kilometres away, adjacent to Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium and can reach in 4 minutes. 
  • Al Ain International Airport is approximately 18 minutes away covering a distance of 4.7 kilometres.
Al Jimi, Al Ain

Ratings and Reviews

Imaira Jacob
Educational Institutes are excellent

I am a University of the Emirates student. At first, I was apprehensive about moving here, but now that I’ve settled in, I realise what a great place the University is for learning. Many housing alternatives in the area meant I never had to stress over being too far from campus.

Ishika Seth
Highly Secured Apartments

Recently, I moved into an apartment in the Al Jimi neighbourhood. As soon as I found the perfect spot to stay, I felt a sense of relief and comfort, knowing how safe it was. I appreciated that the building has a modern security system. I wouldn’t mind doing the errands if it weren’t for the traffic.

Pankaj Shekhawat
Noisy neighbourhoods

Due to the area’s high concentration of commercial and residential structures, Al Jimi may suffer from severe noise pollution. Despite the bustle and crowds, I felt safe here thanks to the superior surveillance.

Alfa Sheikh
Greenery is what you can find everywhere.

Landscape design is a major focus of Al Jimi. Grass and sidewalks can be found on every property and residential complex. My friend and I frequently visit the Al Jimj Archaeological Park. By visiting, we can get in touch with nature and experience a welcome relief from our hectic lives.

Centrally located and well-connected

Last year, when I went to Dubai, I stayed at Al Jimi since it was conveniently placed and close to everything I needed. Both the subway and bus terminals are within walking distance, making it simple for me to navigate around the city.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is Al Jimi freehold?

Yes, Al Jimi is the most sought-after freehold area.

What are the top attractions in Al Jimi?

Attractions around Al Jimi include Al Jahili Fort, Al Ain Zoo, and Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum.

How to get to Al Jimi by bus and metro?

There are metro stations nearby the locality; however, several bus stops are there, and all the bus routes go through Al Jimi. One can find bus routes 390, 380, and 491.

Which are the best communities to live in, Al Jimi or Ajman?

Al Jimi is a sub-community of the Al Ain community. The best communities to live in the Al Jimi area are Al Jahili, Al Ghadeer, and Al Bateen.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Jimi?

Aloft Al Ain and Hili Rayhaan by Rotana are some of the best hotels and restaurants in Al Jimi.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Jimi?

Galleria supermarket and Al Jimi Mall are some of the area’s shopping malls and grocery markets.

What are the best schools in Al Jimi, Al Ain?

Some of the most prestigious schools in the world are located in Al Jimi, including Little pearls Nursery, Oasis International, and Emirates University.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Jimi?

The best general hospitals and clinics in the Al Jimi area are Al Ain Khaleej Hospital, Emirates International Hospital in Al Jimi, and Al Ain Hospital.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Jimi?

The most well-known place of worship in Al Jimi is Sheikha Salamah Mosque, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, and Gurudwara Nanaksar.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Jimi?

One of the advantages of living in Al Jimi is the proximity to various services. The area exudes an upbeat atmosphere, with the beach on one side and the local shops on the other. One potential drawback is traffic congestion and noisy neighbourhoods.