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Zakher, Al Ain

About Zakher, Al Ain

Abu Dhabi is home to one of the richest people in the world and offers luxury at par with Dubai standards. Zakher, Al Ain stands along with the faces of what can be called the face of luxury in Abu Dhabi. It is a properly managed villa community that offers all kinds of amenities and high living standards that people with exclusive tastes and lifestyles want.

The neighbourhood of this community provides access to all kinds of essential amenities like schools, mosques, supermarkets, malls, etc. Also, if you wish to spend some quality time and watch the sunrise or sunset, there is the Zakher lake in close proximity.

Let’s get to know about the glamorous and luxury-filled life within the gates of the Zakher Al Ain villa community.

Key Highlights of Zakher, Al Ain

What’s Great Here!
  • Located in a prime location surrounded by the Industrial City, Al Rawdah Al Sharqiyah, Al Qisees, and the Abu Dhabi – Al Ain road.
  • Luxurious and well-accessible villa-only community.
  • Gives access to a complete community of residential communities and social lifestyle within the proximity.
  • Spacious 3 to 9 bedded villas with large carpet area between 1000 to 21,500 square feet.
  • Surrounded by the Zakher Lake.
  • Low crime rates and peaceful community in and around the villa community.
What Needs Attention!
  • Close proximity to an Industrial city may sometimes cause a disturbance.
  • It is not exactly in the mainland area of Abu Dhabi.
  • The scorching heat and extreme weather of the Gulf region can be very tough for some people.
  • The cost of living makes Zakher, Al Ain, accessible only to the top earners from around the world.

Real Estate Overview in Zakher, Al Ain

Zakher, Al Ain provides a wide range of villas suited for all types of families, from micro to large joint families. The properties are filled with all the modern and luxury requirements.

The community offers a range of 3 to 8-bed villas with enough space to play gully cricket even in a bedroom. The carpet area of these villas lies between 1000 to 21,500 sq. ft. and has all the safety requirements. 

Each villa has basic amenities like master bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, large halls, a majlis, modern facilities equipped kitchens, and spacious wardrobes in all the rooms.

The villas have separate rooms to accommodate a living room, dining room, helper’s room with bathroom, laundry area, and other needs. You also get shaded parking for all your vehicles, along with a driver’s room as well.

Public Transportation

The public commute around Zakher, Al Ain, is great for people who wish to travel inter-city, as Dubai is just 100 km away. People can drive to the bus station in the closest proximity to take a bus service from Zakher, Al Ain, to all other places.

Commuting from Zakher, Al Ain, to anywhere in Abu Dhabi or even Dubai is not a problem at all. The place is facilitated with amazing roads and highways for bus and private car commuting.

The Al Ghubaiba Bus Station offers daily commutes to Dubai for travellers who do not wish to drive their own car for 200 km up and down.

Bus Line Number Destination
990 Ain Al Faydah to Zakher, Al Ain
940 Al Mottaqein Mosque to Zakher, Al Ain


Nurseries/Educational Institutes

The locality is filled with nurseries and other educational institutes for the complete educational and holistic growth of your children. The popular nurseries include the following: 

  • Edu Fun Nursery- Zakher Branch
  • Headstart Nursery Zakher Branch
  • Al Dana Nursery Al Ain
  • Funzone Nursery

Then there are multiple schools as well which provide quality education to your children and take care of their complete growth.

  • Ahmad Bin Zayed School
  • Zakher Private School
  • Tahnoon Bin Mohammed School
  • Zayedia Secondary School for Girls
  • Brighton College Al Ain
  • Neima School

The children can pursue quality higher education at such universities.

  • The UAE University Campus
  • Abu Dhabi University


You can find everything you require at these supermarkets. For all kinds of last-minute to planned grocery shopping, there are big supermarkets available. 

  • White Sail Grocery
  • Umm Kulthoom Grocery

Healthcare Facilities

Another important factor that comes into consideration while choosing a place to live is the healthcare facilities. Zakher, Al Ain has top-class hospitals and medical clinics within the area. Some of the clinics that you can find close to the villa community are:

  • Zakher Healthcare Centre
  • Al Sultan Advanced Poly Clinic
  • Lumiere Skin Clinic LLC
  • French Dental and Aesthetic Centre
  • Mediclinic Zakher
  • Amana Healthcare
  • Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital – Al Ain

Places of Worship

Living in Abu Dhabi means you will have plenty of places of worship, like the Mosques available nearby. Residents can fulfil their diverse spiritual needs by visiting various places of worship. 

Mosques Nearby:

There are many mosques that people can visit for their regular prayers in the area. They include:

  • Masjid Muthaqeen
  • Al Kaili Mosque
  • Mohammed Saeed Salem Darbash Al Ameri Masjid

Churches Nearby:

People with Christian faith can find their peace in St. Mary’s Catholic Church – Al Ain. This church is just an eleven-minute drive from the main villa community of Zakher, Al Ain. When you take a further drive, you can find even more churches for yourself in this locality.

  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church – Al Ain
  • Nepali Church
  • CSI Tamil Parish – Al Ain
  • Al Ain Evangelical Church

Gurudwara Nearby:

The Gurudwara Nanaksar Al Ain is a 23-minute drive away from Zakher, Al Ain, and serves the needs of Sikh residents of the community.

  • Gurudwara Nanaksar Al Ain

Hindu Temples Nearby: 

There aren’t any Hindu temples in the Zakher region, but one can find many temples across Dubai.

Best Hotels in Zakher, Al Ain

There is a range of options available for accommodation, including notable names like: 

  • Ayla Grand Hotel - AI Ain
  • Ayla Hotel AI Ain
  • Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet AI Ain Hotel 

Ayla Grand Hotel - AI Ain is strategically located in the heart of AI Ain. It is also the highest hotel and is within walking distance from major attractions, shopping complexes, and business centres. 

Ayla Hotel is centrally located in the city within a community mall. It has guest rooms, a ballroom, and spacious suites for guests. 

Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet AI Ain Hotel is a mountain oasis resort located at the top of Jebel Hafeet at 3,000 ft.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Mostly the shopping centres and malls are located in the Ni’mah community. These centres have many options for local and international items, eateries, and other retail options for a wholesome experience. 

  • Neima Mall 
  • Makani Zakher Shopping Centre
  • Makani Mall

Restaurants and Hotels

There are multiple restaurants and food trucks that serve multiple cuisines for the residents. If you wish to take a day off from eating at home, there are several options that you can take a look at. A few good ones include:

  • First Clique
  • Golden Chicken
  • Hot N Cool Cafeteria Al Qaraiyya Zakhir
  • Shabab Qareyya Restaurant
  • Al Bhustan Cafeteria


There’s no beach in Zakher, Al Ain. You can visit Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, which is just 100 km away, to experience the beach and many more things that the place has to offer. 

Leisure Activities

The place has a few options to offer in terms of landmarks and tourist spots for recreational purposes. The place has many leisure activities to offer. These experiences are well-rounded and thoroughly enjoyable and are within easy reach. 

Al Ain Classic Car Museum: The museum is an 11-minute drive away. It was established in 2009 and showcases vintage cars and offers services, including vintage vehicle restoration, private VIP maintenance, and pre-purchase evaluation. 

AI Ain Zoo: It is spread over 400 hectares and is home to more than 200 wild species, including birds, animals, and reptiles. There’s also the Children’s Zoo and Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre for family outings. 

Other attractions, such as the Al Ain National MuseumAl Ain OasisAl Jahili Fort, and Qasr Al Muwaiji, are an 18-26-minute drive away.

Zakher - Location Map and Landmarks

Shopping Centers

Distance and commute

  • Al Ain Mall to 137th Street/Zayed Bin Sultan Street is approximately 16 minutes (6.9 km)
  • Al Ain International Airport to  Khalid Bin Sultan Street is 32 minutes (16.2 km)
  • Al Ain Zoo to Khalid Bin Sultan Street is 21 minutes (8.8 km)
  • Al Ain National Museum to 153rd Street/Nahyan The First Street is 23 minutes (14.1 km)
Zakher, Al Ain

Rating and Reviews

Maria Sani

Al Ain is a hidden gem in Abu Dhabi! The peaceful neighbourhood and spacious villas are a perfect fit for my family. We love the nearby parks and the relaxed lifestyle. It’s a great place for you to call home! 

Hleiman Santiago

I relocated to Al Ain for work, and it’s been a good experience. The amenities, food joints, and warm community make it a great place for expats. It gets slightly boring as a young guy and a bachelor; there are no beaches nearby, but other than that, it is all cool! 

Li Wang

Al Ain is a blend of modernity and tradition. I enjoy the variety of dining options and the cultural experiences it provides. The easy commute to the shopping centre makes it convenient. As a Christian, I travel to the church whenever I wish to pray.

Faiza Ahmad

Living in Zaher, Al Ain, has been a dream. The environment is family-friendly, they have some of the best schools, and proximity to mosques has made this neighbourhood the best living choice for my family and me. 

Alessia Roderigo

 The accessibility to nearby malls, entertainment venues, and other leisure activities in Zaher, Al Ain, is helpful. I appreciate the mix of cultures that create a welcoming atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Zakher, Al Ain freehold?

Zakher, Al Ain offers purchase options and rental options as well. The people can have their purchased villas put up for leases as well. So, there are multiple investment and settlement options available for people looking at Zakher Al Ain.

What are the top attractions in Zakher, Al Ain?

The top attraction for Zakher, Al Ain, is the lavish and premium lifestyle offered in the villa community. Dubai, being just 100 km away, is another plus point for the place. Multiple malls, restaurants and every other lifestyle option being just a few minutes away is great for the residents.

How do you get to Zakher, Al Ain, by bus or metro?

The Al Ain Bus station in the central district is just 21 21-minute drive away from Zakher, Al Ain. Then there is Al Ghubaiba bus station as well which has regular bus service to and from Dubai.

What are the best hotels and restaurants near Zakher, Al Ain?

First Clique is an Italian food truck that people living in Zakher, Al Ain, would love to visit. Golden Chicken, Hot N Cool Cafeteria Al Qaraiyya Zakhir, and Shabab Qareyya Restaurant are also some of the best options when it comes to going out for a meal. There are luxurious hotels as well in the locality for people to hold parties in and have a feast.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets near Zakher, Al Ain?

Neima Mall, Makani Zakher Shopping Centre, Makani Mall, etc., are some of the best malls that are just ten minutes away from the place. White Sail Grocery and Umm Kulthoom Grocery are the supermarkets that are the nearest to Zakher, Al Ain.

Which arе thе bеst communitiеs to live in Zakher, Al Ain?

The best communities to live in Zakher, Al Ain, include Al Rawdah Al Sharqiyah, Al Qisees, Industrial City, Shiab Al Ashkhar, and Ain Al Faydah, offering a villa-only community with various amenities.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Zakher, Al Ain?

The best hospitals and clinics in Zakher, Al Ain, include Mediclinic Zakher and Amana Healthcare Medical and Rehabilitation Hospital, providing premium medical services and state-of-the-art treatments.

What are the best schools in Zakher, Al Ain?

The best schools in Zakher, Al Ain, comprise Ahmad Bin Zayed School, Zakher Private School, Tahnoon Bin Mohammed School, Zayedia Secondary School for Girls, Brighton College Al Ain, Neima School, Al Jana-en Public School, Alokabeya School, and Al Ghadeer KG.

Which are the famous places of worship in Zakher, Al Ain?

The famous places of worship in Zakher, Al Ain, include St. Mary’s Catholic Church for Christians, Gurudwara Nanaksar Al Ain for Sikhs, and mosques such as Masjid Muthaqeen, Al Kaili Mosque, and Mohammed Saeed Salem Darbash Al Ameri Masjid for Muslims.

What are the pros and cons of living in Zakher, Al Ain?

Zakher, Al Ain offers one of the most luxurious and spellbound living experiences to the people. It has all the modern amenities and fulfils every requirement that a person may have. The only problem with the area is the extreme weather conditions. If you can settle for the weather, then Zakher Al Ain is the best villa community you can be in.

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