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Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

About Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

Baniyas East is a middle-income sub-community located in Baniyas, Abu Dhabi. It is an ideal and quiet neighbourhood developed by the Baniyas Investment and Development Company (BIDC) for middle-income families with good facilities and affordable pricing.

It's located south of Abu Dhabi and is around 42 km from the city. The locality is dominated by the ex-pat community and Emiratis and offers affordable villas and apartments, from small studios to three-bedroom spaces. 

It is a rapidly developing neighbourhood offering all the amenities that help a family lead a comfortable life, such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, gyms, a free parking facility outside the resident's villa or apartment, and more.

Easily accessible public transport, such as buses and cabs, makes commuting to nearby localities a breeze.

Key Highlights of Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

What is Great Here!
  • Offers Affordable Housing Options
  • Amenities are within Reach and Easily Available
  • A well-built Public Transport Network
  • Suitable for Professionals, Couples, and Families
What Needs Attention!
  • Traffic Congestion when Travelling to and from the City

Real Estate Overview in Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

Baniyas Easy offers various property options, from studios and three-bedroom apartments to three to five-bedroom villas. Each apartment consists of a living and dining area, a bedroom, and a bathroom, at the very least. All complexes have certain common facilities, such as 24-hour security, an underground parking space, and central air conditioning. 

The villas range between 2,500 sq. ft to about 11,000 sq. ft in area, offering residents great flexibility based on their budgets. Most villas have built-in wardrobes in all bedrooms, along with attached bathrooms. The bedrooms also offer access to a balcony, along with a servant quarter, a study, and a laundry room. The kitchens come with built-in cabinets, and the villas offer spacious living and dining areas across the board.

Off-Plan Trends in Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

Baniyas East is part of a rapidly growing region with several upcoming residential properties, offering its residents a wide variety of housing options to purchase or rent.

Rental Trends in Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

As mentioned, Baniyas East is among the more affordable localities in Abu Dhabi, catering majorly to middle-income families and professionals. As such, the rental value for apartments and villas here is more affordable than in the localities closer to the city. 

Apartments can range from approximately 350 sq. ft for a studio to around 5000 sq. ft for a large three-bedroom apartment. On the other hand, a villa of three to five bedrooms can range from 2,500 sq. ft to 11,200 sq. ft.

Sale Trends in Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the most lucrative areas in terms of real estate investments. Most people here tend to benefit from profitable investment returns, and Baniyas East offers a great locality to purchase a property. 

Presently, the affordable pricing of apartments and villas in this locality makes for a great investment, especially as prices go up as the city expands and the area develops further. On the whole, Baniyas East makes for a lucrative locality to invest in real estate, as others closer to the main city are far more expensive. 

Public Transportation

Public transportation is easily available in Baniyas East, with buses and taxis being the primary modes of transport. The locality has several bus stations within walking distance. The bus network connects various localities of Abu Dhabi, and the one linking Baniyas East is listed below - 

Bus Line Number Destination
Midi Bus B43 Bawabat Al Sharq Mall North


Nurseries / Educational Institutions

Baniyas East has several schools, especially given that it is a family-friendly locality. Some of the best schools in the locality include – 

  • IQ Kids Nursery, Baniyas East 
  • Barney Home Nursery 
  • Global Indian International School 
  • GEMS Cambridge International School 
  • Baniyas International Private School 
  • Future Leaders International Private


Baniyas East has several supermarkets making it extremely convenient for its residents to get all their necessities stocked up whenever needed.

The local grocery stores are also known as ‘baqalas’, which can also be found in the area. Some of the notable supermarkets in this locality include – 

  • Carrefour Hypermart – This one-stop shop is among the biggest retailers which offer groceries, electronics, appliances, beverages, fruits and vegetables, and more.
  • Fathima Supermarket 
  • Shaheen Supermarket
  • Wallmart Hypermarket 
  • Golden Sun Baqal
  • Zenith Supermarket

A few supermarkets in this locality offer home delivery service by placing the order on call. Some, such as Carrefour, allow you to shop online.

Healthcare Facilities

Like any other family-oriented locality, good healthcare facilities are a major draw for residents in Baniyas East. Some of the key hospitals and specialised facilities in this locality include – 

  • Healthline One Day Surgery Center 
  • Noor Ahalaia Medical Center Baniays 
  • Mafraq Hospital 
  • German Advance Medical Center LLC
  • Al Tamyaz Medical Center

Places of Worship

While the official religion of Abu Dhabi is Islam, the city offers its residents the freedom to practice their faith, which is evident from the various places of worship catering to Christians, Hindus, and more. 

Some of the most notable mosques in Baniyas East include – 

  • Abdulla bin Rabee Mosque
  • Al Obaidli Mosque 
  • Mall Mosque
  • Bakitha Ketbi Mosque 

While there are no churches in Baniyas East, the most notable ones fall closer to the main city. These include – 

  • The Armenian Church of Abu Dhabi 
  • Christ Church of Prayer Ministries 
  • St. Paul’s Church, Musaffah 
  • All Saints Anglican Church 

The closest temple to Baniyas East is around a half an hour’s drive away, and which is –

  • Omar – Hindu Temple

The only Gurudwara in Abu Dhabi is just a 35-minute drive away from Baniyas East which is –

  • Gurudwara Mata Sahib Kaur Ji – Abu Dhabi.

Best Hotels in Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

There are several fine hotels in Baniyas East, all of which fall under various classes, given their rating. Some of the notable hotels in this locality include - 

  • Millennium Central Mafraq Hotel 
  • Dr. Smith 
  • Bawabat Al Sharq Residential Building 2 
  • Raihan


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

Abu Dhabi is a major commercial hub, and malls and shopping centres are commonplace in most localities. Some of the most notable ones in Baniyas East include – 

  • Mafraq Mall 
  • Mecca Mall 
  • MUMUSO – Bawabat Al Sharq Mall 
  • Baniyas Center


Baniyas East also houses several restaurants that offer various cuisines for its residents to choose from. Some of the most notable and well-rated restaurants in the locality are – 

  • Biryani Pot 
  • Mandi Palace Restaurant, which is a Yemenite restaurant. 
  • Ghabat Tea and Coffee is a great place to grab some fast food. 
  • Zayzafoon 
  • Saudi Cuisine, a Middle Eastern restaurant. 
  • KFC, for some world-famous fried chicken 
  • Hunters B&R, a licensed bar located in the Millenium Central Mafraq Hotel 
  • Pizza Hit 
  • Emirates Flower Cafeteria

Beaches Nearby

Baniyas East is a land-locked locality, thus, has no adjoining beaches. However, some of the beaches located in the largest Abu Dhabi area are – 

  • Abu Dhabi Beach 
  • Marsana Beach 
  • Al Qurm Beach 
  • Breakwater Beach 
  • The Ritz-Carlton Beach is a private beach belonging to the famous Ritz-Carlton hotel.

Leisure Activities Nearby

Abu Dhabi has a lot of leisure activities to offer, and with several beaches in a 30-minute radius of the locality, one may choose from various water sports options. Abu Dhabi Beach, for instance, offers several water sports.

Besides that, there’s a theatre in the locality called Novo Cinemas. 

If you’re looking for an amusement park, Wanasa Land is a great option for people of all ages. It offers several leisurely activities, such as indoor rock climbing, paintballing, arcade gaming, billiards, and bowling.

For the automobile enthusiasts among you, the Ferrari World is a world-famous Ferrari-themed amusement park attached to a showroom that offers various world-class rides and simulation activities that one can indulge in. It is a mere 20-minute drive from Baniyas East.

Distance and Commute Time

Locality Distance From Baniyas East  Commute Time 
Baniyas West  11.8 km 17 minutes 
Mafraq Industrial Area  12.7 km 15 minutes 
Shakbout City  8.4 km 11 minutes 
Mohamed Bin Sayed City 12.8 km 16 minutes 
  • The Abu Dhabi International Airport is located at a distance of 19.8 km from Baniyas East and can be accessed via the Shk. Maktoum Bin Rashid Road. This roughly translates to a 20-minute drive. 
  • Distance from metro - NA 
  • The Abu Dhabi Beach is at a distance of about 42 km from Baniyas East, which is approximately a 30-40-minute drive away,
Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi

Ratings and Reviews

Aayan Khan
A Locality with All the Necessities

Baniyas East is a well-connected locality that offers affordable housing and all the necessary amenities. Finding the right apartment here was relatively easy, and I had a wide range of property options to choose from. There are a bunch of good schools nearby, along with good supermarkets that help us take care of all our basic needs. 

Pradeep Menon
Safe Neighbourhood to Rent a House

Baniyas East is among the safer neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi. From what I’ve observed and heard, all apartment complexes have great security measures in place. There are also lots of good hospitals in the neighbourhood. The locality is also well connected to major roads, making it easier to access neighbouring localities. 

Sarah D'Souza
Well Appointed with Good Schools

I’ve lived in Baniyas East for almost 3 years and have witnessed the tremendous growth that’s taken place. Several new supermarkets and other facilities have come up, making this a well-equipped locality to live in. There are many good schools, hospitals, and restaurants. Overall, this is a safe and comfortable place to rent a property.

Aaftab Ahmed
An Affordable Locality

I moved to Abu Dhabi, and my primary objective was to find an affordable house to rent. Baniyas East is a good locality, and I had several good and affordable options to choose from. I chose to rent a 2BHK apartment among the better housing societies, and I’m mostly happy with the offered facilities. Security is good too. 

Gurbani Kaur
Good Locality for Young Couples

My husband and I moved here a year ago, and we’ve been largely happy with the locality and its amenities. There are adequate recreational activities around, and if one wants more, those in nearby neighbourhoods are not more than a 20-minute drive away. A bunch of good restaurants and supermarkets provide most of the essentials one may need.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the most notable attractions in Baniyas East?

Some of the most notable attractions in Baniyas East, Abu Dhabi, are the Millennium Central Mafraq Hotel, Novo Cinemas, and Wasana Land, an amusement park for people of all ages.

Which bus route goes through Baniyas East?

The Midi Bus B43 goes through Baniyas East and connects it to Bawabat Al Sharq Mall North.

Are there any good schools in Baniyas East?

There are several good schools in Baniyas East, including Global Indian International School, GEMS Cambridge International School, and Future Leaders International Private.

Are there any beaches near Baniyas East?

While Baniyas East is a landlocked locality, there are a few good beaches not more than a 30-minute drive away. The most notable one is Abu Dhabi Beach, apart from Marsana Beach and Breakwater Beach.

What are the rental trends for apartments in Baniyas East?

The rents for apartments in Baniyas East can range from 25,000 AED for a studio to 60,000 AED for a large 2,500 sq. ft 3-bedroom space.

Which are the best healthcare facilities in Baniyas East?

Some of the best healthcare facilities and hospitals in Baniyas East are the Healthline One Day Surgery Center, Mafraq Hospital, German Advance Medical Center LLC, and the Al Tamyaz Medical Center, among others.

Are there any malls in the Baniyas East locality?

Baniyas East has three major malls, namely the Mafraq Mall, Mecca Mall, and the MUMUSO – Bawabat Al Sharq Mall. These offer most of the major retail outfits residents would ideally look for, along with several international and local restaurants and eateries.

What are the most notable places of worship in Baniyas East?

Baniyas East has several mosques, some of which include the Abdulla Bin Rabee Mosque and the Al Obdaidli Mosque. However, the locality has no churches or temples within its limits, so residents will have to commute 20-30 minutes to get closer to the main city. Two major churches, for instance, are the Christ Church of Prayer Ministries and the All Saints Anglican Church. The major temple is the Omar – Hindu Temple.

Does this locality offer any good supermarkets?

Yes, Baniyas East has several good supermarkets, and some of the major ones include Carrefour Hypermart, Wallmart Hypermarket, Zenith Supermarket, and Fathima Supermarket.

What are the pros and cons of living in Baniyas East?

Some of the benefits of living in Baniyas East is that it is a very affordable locality to rent or invest in. Further, it offers good healthcare facilities, schools, supermarkets, and recreational activities. It’s also very safe. The only downside to this locality is that the traffic congestion can be high during peak hours.

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