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Ajman Industrial 1, Ajman

About Ajman Industrial 1, Ajman

Ajman Industrial 1 is nestled in the tranquil area of Ajman Industrial Area, Ajman, UAE. This attractive neighbourhood comprises modest residential and commercial zones. The residential section consists primarily of studio, one, and two-bedroom units, whilst the business district includes numerous shops, labour camps, and industries.

Ajman Industrial 1 is more than a residential and commercial area; it's a small universe with amenities designed to provide a fulfilled lifestyle. A community aquatic facility sits at the heart of this cluster, providing a haven for relaxation and recreation under the brilliant UAE sun; a children's play area awaits. These amenities are just a short walk from everyone's door in Ajman Industrial 1, making community life a pleasurable experience.

The appeal of living in Ajman Industrial 1 stretches beyond its boundaries. It is tucked alongside Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street and Sheikh Zayed Street, demonstrating the surrounding area's visual and recreational attractiveness. The carefully designed landscapes, tranquil atmosphere, and lush green golf courses are a visual delight for the residents and provide an idyllic setting for their daily lives. Ajman Industrial 1 is a chapter full of familial warmth, relaxation, and a seamless blend of urban and natural allure in a city where every corner tells a narrative.

Key Highlights of Ajman Industrial 1, Ajman

What's Great Here!
  • The numerous architectural designs and designs in Ajman Industrial 1's residential properties have a distinct aesthetic appeal, offering a variety of interests and choices.
  • Residents are close to recreational facilities, encouraging a balanced and active lifestyle.
  • This neighbourhood is well-linked to the rest of the city. Public transport is readily available.
  • The region is surrounded by UAE's notable golf courses, including the Emirates Golf Course and Montgomerie Golf Club.
What Needs Attention!
  • During peak hours, the main routes that connect to Ajman Industrial 1 may have traffic congestion.
  • This location is fairly busy and noisy.
  • The properties in Ajman Industrial 1 are expensive.

Real Estate Overview in Ajman Industrial 1

Ajman Industrial 1 has residences diversified into thematic areas like Al Rawda, Al Muwaihat, Al Jurf, and Al Rashidya. The community offers studios and 1- and 2-bedroom apartments in residential areas. Moreover, it provides plots, buildings, industrial lands, warehouses, labour camps, factories, offices, and retail shops in commercial areas. Each layout in Ajman Industrial 1 serves different lifestyle requirements, making it an appealing residential option.

Rental Trends in Ajman Industrial 1

Ajman, UAE, with its lush natural environment and modern amenities, offers a secluded residential and commercial haven for those seeking studios, bedroom apartments,  warehouses, retail shops and labour camps. In the Ajman Industrial 1 cluster, residents can discover affordable apartments that combine nature and modern life.

Renting studios and apartments in Ajman Industrial 1 entails selecting different bedrooms to accommodate varying family sizes. The most popular property sizes for rent in Ajman Industrial are one and two-bedroom apartments. In addition, Ajman Industrial 1 and the nearby clusters of Al Rawda, Al Muwaihat, Al Jurf, and Al Rashidya offer a broader choice of renting opportunities.  Further, Ajman Industrial 1 also has a commercial area for rent, enabling options for people who desire a pleasant, community-oriented living environment.

Sale Trends in Ajman Industrial 1

Investors looking for residential and commercial properties in Ajman Industrial 1 can find a variety of options at varied costs depending on the property's size and characteristics. Studio and 1 and 2-bedroom apartments become more expensive as the number of bedrooms and facilities increases. To better understand price dynamics, discover units for sale in Ajman Industrial 1 and other clusters in the surrounding areas of Al Rawda, Al Muwaihat, Al Jurf, and Al Rashidya. Additionally, the commercial zones in Ajman Industrial 1 are available with retail shops, warehouses, and labour camps, presenting alternative investment opportunities.

The solid standing of Ajman Industrial Area assets in the property sector, strengthened by notable developments in the Al Talla and Ajman FreeZone regions, provides the draw of investing in Ajman Industrial 1 within the offering expanse of Ittihad Street (E11) Highway, with impressive returns on investment expected.

Public Transportation

Parking spots at Ajman Industrial Area 1 are conveniently accessible for commercial buildings, while manufacturing and storage facilities have an extensive parking bay nearby. Streets are jam-packed with parked vehicles outside of dwellings. Ajman Industrial Area 1 is bounded by Sheikh Zayed Street and Al Ittihad Street (E11), and it stretches along the neighbourhood's boundaries; one can simply find a route out of the region.

Bus Line Number Destination
E400 Ajman - 01 to Union Square Bus Station - 01


Nurseries/ Educational Institute

Parents with young children will discover a couple of nearby nurseries and schools on the grounds of Ajman, close to Ajman Industrial 1. These include –

  • Elina Garden Nursery
  • Green Apple Nursery
  • Rainbow Nursery
  • Ajman Modern School
  • Al Ameer English School
  • International Indian School
  • Umm Ammar Preparatory School 
  • Frontline International Private School


For grocery shopping, residents of Ajman Industrial 1 have a couple of nearby supermarkets. These include –

  • Al Saqa Supermarket
  • Zamzam Supermarket
  • Jubily Supermarket
  • New Suncity Supermarket
  • Hashim Hypermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Ajman Industrial 1 inhabitants have easy accessibility to healthcare services due to the presence of several medical facilities nearby. Nearby clinics include:

  • Al Zahra Medical Centre
  • Ajman Medical Center
  • Maple Medical Centre
  • Ajman Specialty General Hospital

Places of Worship

Ajman Industrial 1 inhabitants have a variety of worship options nearby. Muslim residents can visit the Ajman Mosque and Churches in the neighbourhood, while other religious groups can find options nearby.

Mosque Nearby


  • Collector Municipal Complex Mosque
  • Khalifa Salem Al Kaabi Mosque
  • Al Maghfirah Mosque
  • Darwesh Mosque
  • Khalfan Majid

Churches Nearby 

Christian residents may have to travel far to find churches that meet their religious preferences.

  • Gods Pavilion Champions Chapel
  • CCC Light International Church

Best Hotels in Ajman Industrial 1

Great hotels featuring luxurious accommodations can be found in the calm Ajman Industrial 1 neighbourhood of Ajman, UAE. Living true to the city's legendary hospitality, they provide many amenities to meet the diverse demands of the tourists who arrive. Whether you're in UAE for business, leisure, or a combination, the hotels around Ajman Industrial 1  will make your stay both relaxing and unforgettable.

  • Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche
  • Lotus Furnished Hotel Apartments LLC
  • Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel
  • Ewan Ajman Suites Hotel
  • Mermaid Beach Hotel LLC
  • Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotels
  • Ewan Tower Hotel Apartments

These hotels provide a comfortable stay with convenient access to numerous UAE sights and business districts. From luxurious rooms and suites to cutting-edge amenities, these hotels have been constructed to make every visitor's stay as memorable as possible.


Shopping Centers/ Shopping Malls

Retail facilities at Ajman are still being developed, but Ajman Industrial 1 inhabitants have access to various local malls for an enjoyable shopping trip. Notable them are:

  • China Mall
  • Galleria Mall

Restaurants/ Dining

As part of its development plan, Ajman will have a variety of food options. Currently, people can enjoy several eateries at Ajman Industrial 1, including:

  • Orchid Restaurant
  • Al Zaitoon Kitchen
  • India House Restaurant
  • Coffee Cup Cafeteria & Restaurant

These dining establishments near Ajman Industrial 1 offer a taste of both international and local cuisine, reflecting the diverse culinary landscape that will be further enhanced by the planned dining venues in Ajman.

Beaches Nearby

Ajman Industrial 1 is located far from the sea, so there is no quick access to the shore. However, a 14-minute trip allows you to experience some of UAE’s most popular beaches. Among them are:

  • Ajman Beach
  • Zorah Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Ajman Industrial 1 has an incredible position, just a 20-25 minute drive from some of UAE’s most important business, institutional, and leisure attractions. This includes:

  • Ajman Museum
  • Al Talla Camel Racecourse
  • Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club
  • Al Safia Park
  • Al Ramtha Park
  • Muzeera Ladies Park

Ajman Industrial 1 Ajman - Location & Nearby Facilities

  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs

Distance and Commute

Ajman Industrial 1 provides quick access to critical physical and social infrastructure and easy transportation to important regional areas.

  • Ajman Free Zone is 16  minutes drive away.
  • Sharjah International Airport is 18 minutes drive away.
  • Al Jurf 2 is just 11 minutes away, and Al Mowaihat 3 is an 8-minute drive away.
Ajman Industrial 1, Ajman

Rating and Reviews

Ali Skekh

Staying in Ajman Industrial 1 has been the epitome of relaxation. The well-kept neighbourhood pool and recreational space are ideal for families, and the architectural themes used throughout the dwellings provide an air of luxury to the whole setting.

Mehan Khan

While the apartments are delightful, they are quite far from my downtown Dubai office. The everyday commute might be taxing, but thanks to the direct public transport alternatives available in the area, it’s not.


Being adjacent to the Ajman Industrial Area has been an imagined reality true for me as a golf aficionado. My travelling distance has reduced, and rich greenery and peaceful surroundings are a gift.

Mohamad Khan

The neighbourhood is calm, although few dining alternatives are within strolling distance. I hope the construction proposal for new eateries in Ajman comes to fruition soon.

Atif Khan

The sense of connection in Ajman is remarkable. Neighbours are nice, and the atmosphere is safe and welcoming. The diverse architectural concepts make every walk around Ajman a pleasant experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ajman Industrial 1 freehold?

Ajman Industrial 1 is a freehold community. Hence, ex-pats are allowed to purchase property in the area.

What are the top attractions in Ajman Industrial 1?

Ajman Beach, Ajman Museum, Red Fort, and Dubai Safari Park are some of the area’s top attractions.

How do I get to Ajman Industrial 1 by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

The nearest bus stations to Ajman Industrial 1 are the New Industrial Bus Stop, Ajman – 01, and Tasheel Bus Stop. These bus stops allow you to commute from Ajman Industrial 1 to the rest of the city.

Which are the best communities in Ajman Industrial 1, Ajman?

Al Rawda, Al Muwaihat, Al Jurf and Al Rashidya are great places to live near Ajman Industrial 1.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Ajman Industrial 1?

Wyndham Garden Ajman Corniche, Lotus Furnished Hotel Apartments LLC, Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel, and Ewan Ajman Suites Hotel are the top hotels in Ajman Industrial 1. Orchid Restaurant, Al Zaitoon Kitchen, India House Restaurant, and Coffee Cup Cafeteria & Restaurant are some of the dining options in the neighbourhood.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Ajman Industrial 1?

Some famous malls and supermarkets in Ajman Industrial 1 are China Mall and Galleria Mall.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Ajman Industrial 1?

Some of the best hospitals and clinics in Ajman Industrial 1 are Al Zahra Medical Centre, Ajman Medical Center, Maple Medical Centre, and Ajman Specialty General Hospital.

Which are the famous places of worship in Ajman Industrial 1?

Ajman Industrial 1 has numerous religious institutions in its area. Khalifa Salem Al Kaabi Mosque, Al Maghfirah Mosque, Darwesh Mosque, Gods Pavilion Champions Chapel, and CCC Light International Church are famous places to worship.

Name some great schools in the area.

Ajman Modern School, Al Ameer English School, International Indian School, Umm Ammar Preparatory School, Elina Garden Nursery, and Green Apple Nursery are some of the great schools around the area.

What are the pros and cons of living in Ajman Industrial 1?

One of the pros of living in Ajman Industrial 1 is its magnificent views. It also offers several luxurious residential and commercial options. One disadvantage of residing in Ajman Industrial 1 is traffic congestion and pollution due to commercial areas nearby.

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