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Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman

About Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman

Al Rashidiya 1 is a part of the Al Rashidiya community in AJman, offering luxurious flats for sale or rent in mid-rise buildings. It is one of the oldest communities in Ajman, offering a unique creek-front way of life. Apart from being closer to the beach, it is also near Ajman Free Zone, where many residents work. 

Al Rashidiya 1 in Ajman is popular among investors and residents. It has several tourist destinations, administrative offices, shopping malls, and entertainment districts within walking distance. 

With a metropolitan hustling and bustling atmosphere, Al Rashidiya is in a busy and prominent part of the city. The main highway, Al Ittihad Street, passes nearby the neighbourhood, which connects Ajman to Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. 

Various water seafood restaurants surround the neighbourhood, such as Shawarma cafes, curry houses, and coffee shops, to make weekends and evenings fun with friends and family. The shopping streets in the locality have a lively and happy environment with many florists and boutiques on the street.  

So, whether you are a beach lover or a shopping spree fan, Al Rashidiya 1 has several nearby amenities with affordable residential units. It is a perfect neighbourhood for investment and living purposes.

Key Highlights of Al Rashidiya 1

What is Great Here!
  • Close to Ajman Free Zone
  • Close to Ajman Beach
  • Well-connected public transportation system
  • Nearby main highway, Al Ittihad Street
  • Abundance of dining and shopping options
  • Happy and lively environment
What Needs Attention!
  • No metro station
  • No villas, only apartments

Real Estate Overview in Al Rashidiya 1

Al Rashidiya 1 flaunts lavish apartments with beautiful views and stunning interior design, which makes it perfect for living. One can find studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments in the locality with nominal rents. The carpet area of the apartments and the studios varies from 592 to 1,700 square feet. 

Each apartment building in Al Rashidiya 1 has its own covered parking spot and offers several high-class features, making it a highly desirable community in Ajman.  A wide variety of shops can be found nearby. Several buildings contain stores on the ground floor, making it easier for residents to meet their daily requirements without leaving the complex. 

The neighbourhood is particularly well-liked by families due to its attractive amenities, which include its proximity to a selection of parks, schools, and entertainment opportunities. In this neighbourhood, there is a play area for children and an open space where they may run around and play.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Rashidiya 1

With so many benefits and amenities nearby, Al Rashidiya 1 is among the top-ranked communities to move in in Ajman. The rents are affordable, and apartments are available for sale at the nominal price range. Many residential units are available for rent and sale. However, there is no off-plan trend in the Al Rashidiya 1 community. 

There can be a few off-plan projects around the locality which can be perfect for investment as Al Rashidiya 1 is a rising community offering higher returns. If you invest in the off-plan projects in neighbouring localities of Al Rashidiya 1, you can rest assured that your investment will result in double returns.

Rental trends in Al Rashidiya 1

Al Rashidiya 1, in Ajman, offer studio one-and three-bedroom townhouses ideal for singles, couples, and small families. The lovely ocean and surroundings of the Al Rashidiya 1 neighbourhood go perfectly with the architectural styles of the homes. 

There is an increase in the rental trends in Al Rashidiya 1 real estate, as many employees working in Ajman Freezone look for an apartment nearby the workplace. It makes travelling from home to work and back again easier and quicker. 

Apart from being close to Ajman Free Zone, there is well-connected public transport, making it perfect for families without private vehicles. All the amenities are nearby, so everything is available within walking distance. 

From tiny studio apartments to even four-bedroom apartments, various housing alternatives are available in Al Rashidiya 1. One and two-bedroom apartments are in high demand among renters, and one-bedroom apartments can generate a 4.7% rental yield.

Sales Trends in Al Rashidiya 1

Like the rental trends, the sales trends for Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman, are soaring in the skies. There is a high demand from investors and property buyers to purchase apartments at lucrative rates. 

Given the situation, many investors and buyers dream of owning a property in any of the Emirates, and Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman is the key to unlocking the dream. The two-bedroom apartments are expected to give a higher ROI of 5.8% than other properties in the locality. So, if you are considering investing in real estate and adding Ajman property to your portfolio, now is the right to invest in Al Rashidiya 1.

Public Transportation

Around 5-6 bus stops are available in the neighbourhood, and taking the bus to a different destination in Ajman is the best way to travel here. Several bus stops are at these bus stops, so you do not have to wait long to catch a bus. Here are some popular bus routes that go through Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman:

Bus Line Number Destination
AJ1 Al Jurf Terminal - Ajman Al Musalla Bus Station 2
AJ2 Ajman Al Musalla Bus Station 3 - Main Industrial Area Bus Stop
DXB1 Ajman Al Musalla Bus Station 1 - Centrepoint Metro Station Gate 8, Dubai
AJ3 Ajman Al Musalla Bus Station 4 - Hamidiya Park Bus Stop 1


Educational Institutions

Several preschools and elementary schools may be found in the various areas of Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman. Here are a few top-rated daycares and preschools in the Al Rashidiya 1 area.

  • Al Dana Nursery Ajman Br.
  • Rainbow Nursery
  • Just Like a Home Nursery

Nearby Al Rashidiya 1 lies the well-liked neighbourhood of Shahraj, home to several prestigious domestic and international educational institutions. The following secondary schools in the Al Rashidiya 1 area of Ajman as some of the best:

  • Al-Hikmah Private School
  • Al Nuaimia Private School
  • Victoria English School


The best thing about Al Rashidiya 1 neighbourhood is that several shops and supermarkets are within walking distance. Moreover, the street shops in the neighbourhood consist of florists and boutiques to tick off the other essential items from the resident’s shopping lists. Whether you want something for your wardrobe or kitchen, Al Rashidiya has several options to satisfy your needs. 

For groceries and other daily necessities, here are the following supermarkets one can visit in Al Rashidiya 1: 

  • Hiba Supermarket
  • Sahar Al Madina Supermarket
  • Ajman Fish Market 
  • Seven Eleven Supermarket
  • Al Raihan Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Residents rarely need to travel outside the city for general or specialised treatments because of the presence of advanced and high-tech medical and healthcare facilities in the neighbourhood. That’s why there is a high demand for real estate in Al Rashidiya 1 neighbourhood, as its medical facilities are nearby, which is essential during an emergency. The following medical facilities, among others, are within a quick eight-minute drive:

  • Golden Star Children’s Clinic
  • Thumbay Clinic Elite
  • Thumbay Hospital
  • Amina Hospital

Places of Worship

Ajman is home to a wide and varied population, making choosing a suitable religious facility for individuals of various religions easy. Many mosques and temples serve the city’s diverse population’s religious demands. Most mosques are present in the neighbourhood; however, there are temples and churches, but they are a little far from the locality. Here are some mosques in the locality:

  • Ali Mohamed Yosuf Mosque
  • Ahmed Mohamed Obaid Al Shamsi Mosque
  • Al-Imam Abu Hanifa Mosque

The city also has a few churches and temples and is close to Al Rashidiya 1. The churches and temples are –

  • Winners Chapel International Ajman
  • Church of the living god 
  • Grace Evangelical Church
  • Shiva Temple
  • Krishna Haveli

Best Hotels in Al Rashidiya 1

Ajman's tourism industry and economy has risen immensely within the years. As a result, A. As a result, hotels are in high demand, and fortunately, Al Rashidiya 1 is home to some of the country's most lavish and luxurious hotels. With a beach on one side, travellers and foreigners can find some best hotels to make their stay comfortable in Ajman. Some of the greatest hotels in the area are nearby, including -

  • Crown Palace Hotel and Suites
  • Ramada Hotel 
  • Onyx Hotel Ajman 
  • Marhaba Hotel
  • Fairmont Ajman 
  • Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort and Spa


Shopping Malls

Al Rashidiya 1 includes a wide variety of shops, restaurants, and other retail alternatives to meet every shopper’s demands, be they a foreigner, a tourist, or a local. There are several famous and high-class malls around the locality if you want to shop in bulk or from famous international and local brand outlets. Here are some malls that you can visit for fun in the evenings or for your shopping spree:

  • Dana Mall
  • Galleria Mall
  • Grand Mall
  • Ajman City Centre
  • Salem Shopping Centre

Restaurants / Dining

Al Rashidiya, 1 restaurant in Ajman, is known for its innovative takes on international cuisine that stay true to the dishes’ roots in their respective cultures and regions. Among the many popular dining options in Al Rashidiya 1, you’ll find –

  • The Firin
  • Panda Chinese
  • Qasr Al Baron – Restaurant and Cafe
  • Danial Restaurant
  • Orchid Restaurant
  • Kabul Darbar

You can find Real Turkish food at the Firin. Lahmacun, Kashar cheese pita, minced lamb meat pita, Adana wrap, lamb shish, and other Turkish street delicacies are also available. Panda Chinese in Los Angeles serves crispy duck, golden prawns, and a variety of Chinese soups. Qasr Al Baron Restaurant & Café serves Indian, Arabic, and seafood.

Nearby Beaches

The beachfront location of Al Rashidiya 1 in Ajman makes visiting any of the city’s several sandy shores convenient. Recreational opportunities for beachgoers include swimming, volleyball, and simply strolling along the sand. There are many places for visitors to eat a healthy lunch near the beaches, and many offer a beautiful view of the water. Nearby Al Rashidiya Beaches:

  • Zorah Camping Beach
  • Al Zorah Beach 
  • Sharjah Beach
  • Ajman Beach

Leisure Activities

Residents of Al Rashidiya 1 have convenient access to the numerous attractions and activities available in both Sharjah and Ajman due to the neighbourhood’s proximity to the border between the two emirates. The following are some of the surrounding recreational opportunities:

  • Al Zorah Golf Club
  • Dino Live Family Theme Park
  • Aqua Bounce
  • Rashidiya Park
  • Al Zorah Natural Reserve 
  • UAE Pygmy Zoo
  • Ajman Museum

Magic Planet is an amusement park that caters to children and adults with a wide range of attractions. The Dino Life Family Theme Park is an exciting place for children to learn about many kinds of dinosaurs and the surroundings in which they live. Aqua Bounce is an inflatable obstacle course with slides modelled on the ocean.

Among the parks in the area, Rashidiya Park is a great option for families staying in Al Rashidiya 1. Here, on the park’s vast grassy field, you may easily play a game of football or cricket with friends. This picnic area is naturally shaded by several palm palms, making it ideal for warm-weather activities like eating outdoors. Visitors can relax in the shade of the surrounding vegetation while enjoying a meal at one of the pavilions. Al Nakhilat Park and Al Safia Park are both within a 12-minute drive.

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance between Al Rashidiya 1 and Ajman International Airport is 19.2 km, and it takes 19 minutes to reach there. 
  • Al Rashidiya 1 to Ajman Beach is 5.6 km and takes 14 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Rashidiya 1 and Ajman Freezone is 7.0 km, and it takes 11 minutes to reach there. 
  • The distance between Al Rashidiya 1 to Fairmont Ajman is 6.7 km, and it takes 12 minutes to reach there.
  • The distance between Al Rashidiya 1 and Al Ittihad Street is 4.5 km, and it takes 8 minutes to reach there. 
  • The distance between Al Rashidiya 1 and Horizon Tower Bus Stop is 2.2 km, and it takes 5 minutes to reach there.
Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman

Ratings and Reviews

Pooja Goyal
Friendly community and neighbourhood

Multiple communities exist in Al Rashidiya 1. Even if a few Muslims are in the area, I’m happy to see the Shiva Temple and Krishna Haweli flourishing. They may find common ground with them because both groups are open-minded and free of prejudice.

Michelle Allford
Crowded and noisy

I needed an apartment in a locality where all the amenities are close, so I do not have to travel much with children. Luckily, I found one in Al Rashidiya 1 neighbourhood. Al Rashidiya 1 has every amenity and fun leisure activity nearby, but it is extremely crowded, especially on weekends.

Al Bakhtar Ahmed
Small apartments 

Al Rashidiya 1 is in high demand among families, especially with young children. So, finding two- and three-bedroom apartments at nominal rents is extremely tough. I got one one-bedroom apartment, but it is small to fit my family. There is less space, and sometimes, the apartment feels congested when everybody is at home.

Javed Ali Khan
Best seafood restaurants in the locality

I am a big fan of seafood, and it was interesting to find a locality with the best restaurants in the city. Al Rashidiya 1 has the best options for restaurants and supermarkets if one likes to eat homemade food. I am an individual, so I escape to the streets to eat dinner, and none of the restaurants have disappointed me so far. So, I love it here!

Mary Perola
Smelly surroundings

One of the worst things about Al Rashidiya 1 is the fish market in the locality. The smell from the fish market and the crowd is irritating. So, if you are relocating to Al Rashidiya 1, please find an apartment far from the fish market. Otherwise, it is great here!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is Al Rashidiya 1 freehold?

Yes, Al Rashidiya 1 is the most sought-after freehold area.

What are the top attractions in Al Rashidiya 1?

Attractions around Al Rashidiya 1 include Magic Planet, Dino Live Family Theme Park, and Aqua Bounce.

How to get to Al Rashidiya 1 in Ajman by bus and metro?

There are metro stations nearby the locality; however, several bus stops are there, and all the bus routes go through Al Rashidiya 1. One can find bus routes AJ1, AJ2, AJ3, and AJ6.

Which are the best communities to live in, Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman?

Al Rashidiya 1 is a sub-community of the Al Rashidia community. It is one of the best places to find affordable apartments. Horizon Towers is one of the best places to offer comfy, affordable apartments.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Rashidiya 1?

Danial Restaurant, Orchid Restaurant, Crown Palace, and Ramada Hotel are some of the best hotels and restaurants in Al Rashidiya 1.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Rashidiya 1?

Hiba Supermarket, Al Raihan Supermarket, Dana Mall, and Galleria Mall are some of the area’s shopping malls and grocery markets.

What are the best schools in Al Rashidiya 1, Ajman?

Some of the most prestigious schools in the world are located in Al Rashidiya 1, including Al-Hikmah Private School, Al Nuaimia Private School, and Victoria English School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Rashidiya 1?

The best general hospitals and clinics in Al Rashidiya 1 are Thumbay Hospital Ajman and Golden Star Children’s clinic.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Rashidiya 1?

The most well-known place of worship in Al Rashidiya 1 is Ali Mohamed Yosuf Mosque and Ahmed Mohamed Obaid Al Shamsi Mosque. Shree Krishna Haveli, Shri Sridi Sai Baba Mandir, Church of the living god, and Grace Evangelical Church are also around the locality.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Rashidiya 1?

The pros of living at Al Rashidiya 1 are all the amenities are nearby. The surroundings have a lively and happy vibe, with the beach on one side and street stores in the locality. However, there is a fish market which can be counted as a con. Moreover, weekends can be crowded, and there are no villas in the community.

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