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Al Rashidiya 3, Ajman

About Al Rashidiya 3, Ajman Overview

Al Rashidiya 3 is a densely inhabited neighbourhood in Ajman. Part of Al Rashidiya alongside parts 1 and 2. Its location near Ajman's Free Zone and the coast makes it an attractive option for those who prefer either of those two places to live. Health care, dining, shopping, education, recreation, and physical fitness facilities are all easily accessible to residents.

Nearby Al Rashidiya 3, you'll find some of Ajman's most famous attractions, administrative offices, shopping malls, and nightlife hotspots. Al Rashidiya, its parent community, is a popular area in Ajman. 

Located in one of the city's most important and densely populated regions lends an urban vibe to Al Rashidiya 3. Residents of Al Rashidiya 3 have easy access to all of Dubai, as the city's commercial hubs, government buildings, and other key destinations are all within a short drive.

Because of its convenient location near several major thoroughfares, Al Rashidiya 3 is recognised as a noteworthy Emirate of Ajman residential neighbourhood. It's one of a kind because it's conveniently located near both Sharjah and Dubai.

Key Highlights of Al Rashidiya 3

What is Great Here!
  • In proximate to the business hub of the city
  • Variety of residential and commercial real estate for sale and rent
  • Private parking area
  • Safe and green surroundings
What Needs Attention!
  • Traffic congestion
  • Maintenance issues

Real Estate Overview in Al Rashidiya 3, Ajman

Ajman's Al Rashidiya 3 real estate features detached villas and residential plots. Condos and mansions can be found at Al Rashidiya 3. About all of the land in the region is taken up by apartment buildings, which provide its residents with a full range of services. There are several luxurious villas in Al Rashidiya 3 and apartments. The spacious villas come with 11 bedrooms. Each villa features a spacious foyer, bedrooms with private bathrooms, a majlis with a separate bathroom, a kitchen with all the bells and whistles, a living room, a dining area, a room for the maid and her bathroom, a courtyard, and ample parking.

The flats and villas in Al Rashidiya 3 all have covered parking spots. When it comes to parking, apartment complexes have varying policies. The area is densely populated with stores. On the ground floor of some buildings are shops where residents may get the necessities of life without going far. Families prefer the area because reaching multiple parks, schools, and entertainment options are convenient. There is a playground and open space for kids to run around and play.

Public Transportation

The Al Rashidiya 3 building has a beautiful spot across from Ajman. Ajman is a little city by U.S. standards, and Al Rashidiya 3 is located in the heart of the city's busiest, most important, and most populous areas. The area is practically on the Ajman–Sharjah border.

Al Rashidiya 3 lies in the city's heart and is home to many bus stations and other transportation hubs. Taxis are available as a supplementary public transit option in Al Rashidiya 3. Online taxi services are currently available and can be used for your convenience. Some of the closest bus stops are as follows:

Bus Number Destination
367 Etisalat Metro Bus stop - Al Rashidiya 3 Entrance gate
4 Rashidiya Metro Bus parking - Rashidiya Shopping Center
F05 Rashidiya Metro Bus parking 2 - Mizhar 1 Masjid Terminus
44 Ghubaiba Bus station - Rashidiya Metro bus parking



Each cluster district’s housing complexes provide on-site convenience stores stocked to satisfy various needs. If a customer orders via the telephone, they can deliver it directly to their home. The clusters are home to enclaves of ethnic speciality stores known for importing and selling genuine products from the nations they serve. Anyone living in Al Rashidiya 3 must not travel more than 6 minutes to reach any of the city’s many supermarkets. Several grocery stores can be found in Al Rashidiya 3 are: 

  • Maya Supermarket
  • Seven Eleven Supermarket
  • Istanbul Supermarket
  • Pakistan Supermarket
  • Al Nakheel Supermarket Ajman 

These are just some well-known supermarkets that can be reached within 6 minutes. There are many convenience stores and supermarkets in the vicinity. Residents of Al Rashidiya 3 can quickly and easily find a supermarket.

Healthcare Facilities

Residents of Al Rashidiya 3 do not need to leave the region to use the extensive range of general and specialised medical treatments available to them, thanks to the city’s well-equipped medical facilities. This type of care encompasses many medical subspecialties, including allopathic medicine, physiotherapy, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, paediatrics, and other fields. You can reach any of the following clinics and hospitals within a ten-minute drive, including –

  • Amina Hospital
  • Masfoot Medical Centre LLC
  • Thumbay Clinic Elite, Ajman

Place of Worship

As Ajman has a large and diversified population, people of all faiths can easily find a suitable place of worship there. The city is home to many mosques and temples, catering to the religious needs of the city’s varied population. A large number of mosques can be found all around the emirate of Ajman, as its population is predominantly Muslim. Nearby mosques are:

  • The Al Hassawi Mosque
  • Masjid Fatima Binte Muhammad
  • Sheikh Hamid Bin Rashid Al Nuaimi Mosque
  • Masjid English Ajman

The city has two churches; both are close to Al Rashidiya 3. The churches are:

  • GO Church 
  • Winners Chapel International


Best Hotels in Al Rashidiya 3

The fact that there are so many different events in Ajman throughout the entire year explains why the city is currently gaining in popularity. The tourism industry and Ajman's economy benefit greatly as a direct result. As a result, there is a high demand for hotels, and fortunately, Al Rashidiya 3 is home to some of the most opulent lodgings available nationwide. Some of the best hotels in the region can be located nearby, including -

  • Lotus Hotel
  • Dream Palace Hotel 
  • Onyx Hotel Apartment Ajman 
  • Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel


Shopping Malls

Whether you’re an ex-pat, a tourist, or a native, Al Rashidiya 3 has many stores, restaurants, and other retail options to satisfy your shopping needs. For your convenience, please find a list of shopping choices below: Several shopping centres are located near Al Rashidiya 3. There are several malls, souks, and shopping centres in the immediate vicinity. Popular ones include:

  • Safeer Mall Ajman
  • Dana Mall
  • Grand Mall

Restaurants / Dining

The restaurants in Al Rashidiya 3, Ajman, are renowned for creating global culinary adaptations authentic to their original cultural and geographical surroundings. Given that these dining venues house the majority of the region’s retail enterprises, it is not unexpected that the majority of restaurants belonging to well-known restaurant brands may be found in the area’s numerous shopping malls. In Al Rashidiya 3, visitors seeking to sate their cravings can find various options. Al Rashidiya 3 offers a wide selection of dining options that appeal to foodies. At Al Rashidiya 3, some well-liked restaurants and eateries are:

  • Panoor Restaurant 
  • Hot & Spicy Restaurant
  • Bait Panaderia Restaurant
  • Mister Idli

Nearby Beaches

Located on the shore of Ajman, Al Rashidiya 3 provides easy access to the area’s several beaches. Activities like swimming, volleyball, and strolling on the sand are available to beach visitors. Tourists can enjoy a hearty lunch in a tranquil setting by the water at one of the many restaurants near the beaches. Beaches nearby Al Rashidiya are: 

  • Zora Camping Beach
  • Beach Zora
  • Ajman Beach
  • Ajman Beach Club
  • Public Beach

Leisure Activities

The location of Al Rashidiya, 3 near the border between Ajman and Sharjah, makes it convenient for its residents to see a wide range of attractions in both emirates. amenities including

  • City of Ajman Stadium 
  • Ajman Museum 
  • Business Districts
  • Parque Nacional 
  • The Sharjah Al Rashidiya Park

The distance between Al Rashidiya 3 and Ajman Stadium is only about 10 minutes by car. Its football club is known as the Ajman Club Football Team. The stadium regularly plays host to more than 5,000 football fans.

The Ajman Museum is housed in an 18th-century fort and features artefacts that shed light on the city’s history. The locals and tourists alike all flock to this ancient landmark.

Those living in Al Rashidiya 3 will enjoy Al Rashidiya Park for Families and Children the most out of all the recreational areas in Al Rashidiya 2. There are a lot of gyms and fitness centres in the Al Rashidiya 3 area. Kul Al Nejoom Fitness Center and Body Fitness Gym are two examples.

Al Rashidiya 3 - Location Map and Landmarks

Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time from Al Rashidiya 3 to Other Popular Places

  • It is about 4 kilometres away and takes 11 minutes from Ajman Free Zone.
  • It is close to the Sharjah border, just a 5-6 minute drive away. 
  • It is located between Al Nuaimiya 3 and Al Nuamailah 4 and is bounded by Al Rumailah, Al Nakhil, Al Bustan, Al Rashidiya 2, and Al Nuaimiya 1.
Al Rashidiya 3, Ajman

Ratings and Reviews

Khushi Sinha
Close-knit communities in suburban areas

Multiple communities exist in Al Rashidiya 3. Even if a few Muslims are in the area, I’m happy to see the Shiva Temple flourishing. They may find common ground with them because both groups are open-minded and free of prejudice.

Ahmed Shaikh
The Quiet Way of Life

I recently relocated to Al Rashidiya 3 to escape the hustle and bustle. Here, one can find peace and reflect on life’s deeper meaning. The area provides numerous amenities and facilities nearby.

Jannat Kaur
Family Residency Choices

The 2D and 3D floors and the property make Al Rashidiya 3 stand out. It’s easy to find a home that meets your needs, regardless of your family size or budget, and Al Rashidiya 3 ticked off all the boxes for me.

Javed Akhtar
An extremely desirable residential area

It’s a great place to reside because of the beautiful surroundings and pleasant year-round climate. Any city-dweller needing a respite should make their way to this spot, as the lush vegetation provides a change of pace from the concrete jungle.

Best for tourist accommodations

It’s a nice, quiet area with lots of space for families, couples, and singles who value tranquillity, so I recommend it if you want to settle down.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Rashidiya 3 freehold?

Yes, Al Rashidiya 3 is the most sought-after freehold area.

What are the top attractions in Al Rashidiya 3?

Attractions around Al Rashidiya 3 include the Global Village, Academic City and IMG world.

How to get to Al Rashidiya 3 in Ajman by bus and metro?

To reach Al Rashidiya 3, take buses 110 and 64 by metro M2.

Which are the best communities to live in, Al Rashidiya 3, Ajman?

Al Rashidiya 3 is home to both locals and internationals. Al Rashidiya 3 is located near several affluent areas in Ajman. The closest neighbourhoods are Al Amerah, Al Helio 2, Al Alia, Al Muntazi 2, and Al Zubair Orchards.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Rashidiya 3?

Mohala Al Dar Al Rashidiya 3 Branch, Al Kabab Al Sakhin, and Al Madani Restaurant & Kitchen are some of the best hotels and restaurants in Al Rashidiya 3.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Rashidiya 3?

Alhosini market and Jasmine stores are some of the area’s shopping malls and grocery markets.

What are the best schools in Al Rashidiya 3, Ajman?

Some of the most prestigious schools in the world are located in Al Rashidiya 3, including Al Rahmaniya 1 Nursery, Kids Town Nursery and Pamir High School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Rashidiya 3?

The best general hospitals and clinics in Al Rashidiya 3 are Thumbay Hospital Ajman and Saudi German Hospital.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Rashidiya 3?

The most well-known place of worship in Al Rashidiya 3 is Saada Alhattab Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Rashidiya 3?

Residential Al Rashidiya 3 is perfect. Its location in the city’s commercial district makes it convenient for many workers. It’s also suitable for Sharjah commuters. Every convenience is convenient. Yet, traffic is heavy since people are going to the city’s business centres. Residential streets are calmer.

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