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Ajman Marina, Ajman

About Ajman Marina, Ajman

Ajman Marina is an up-and-coming development in Ajman created by Tanmiyat Investment Group. This popular development is close to Ajman Corniche and numerous 5-star hotels facing the crystal clear serene beaches. This area also has a 1.5 km long boulevard that many families and individuals use for jogging and cycling.  It also has many commercial units like offices, businesses and retail units. Ajman Corniche features 30 residential buildings, leisure facilities, upscale hotels, a big shopping mall and a yacht club. With 300 berths, Ajman Marina has many sporting events organised in this area. This area is a popular destination for participating in sports and other recreational activities. 

Ajman Marina, situated on the coast side, offers mostly vacation properties, such as hotels and apartments for rent. It is not easy to find properties for sale in the area. However, neighbouring areas offer residential and commercial properties for sale.

Key Highlights of Ajman Marina, Ajman

What’s Great Here!
  • Easy access to recreational facilities like beaches, restaurants, and shopping malls.
  • Many affordable rental apartments are available in the area.
  • Ajman Marina provides easy access to good educational institutions.
  • Popular medical institutions can be found in the area.
What Needs Attention!
  • The area suffers from traffic congestion.
  • There is no metro connectivity in this area.

Real Estate Overview in Ajman Marina, Ajman

There are many flats available for rent in Ajman Marina. These flats feature master bedrooms, modular kitchen, living area, luxury bathrooms, dining rooms, guest rooms and balconies. The properties are well-equipped with amenities like an intercom, spacious lobby, waste disposal system, cafe, cable/satellite TV,  24-hour concierge, and broadband internet. Anyone interested in investing can look for flats near the area. 

Public Transportation

Residents and tourists travel to and fro from Ajman Marina either by public transportation and private cans like Uber and Careem. The area does not have access to metro yet. 

Bus Line Number Destination
E400 Union Square Bus Station to Ajman Marina


Nurseries/Educational Institute

Educational institutes like schools and nurseries make the locality more attractive to families. Despite being a busy commercial area, this locality has plenty of schools for the children. Some of the educational institutions are mentioned below:

  • Bluebells Nursery and Wonder Kids Nursery
  • The Bloomington Academy 
  • British International School
  • Omar Bin Al Khattab Pakistan Islamia School 
  • British International School

Super Markets

Ajman Marina provides shopping opportunities to the residents of this locality. A few shopping complexes or supermarkets are: 

  • Dar Al Hana Grocery 
  • Behzad Supermarket 
  • Galaxy Supermarket LLC 
  • Choithrams Ajman 
  • Alam Supermarket 
  • Royal Mart Supermarket 
  • Al Maya Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Several healthcare facilities are available in the locality for those seeking medical assistance. Some of these hospitals match the international standards of healthcare essentials. Below are some of the hospitals available for residents of Ajman Marina:

  • Rashid Medical Centre
  • Al Shrooq Polyclinic 
  • Al-Amal Clinic 
  • Ibn Sina Medical Centre
  • Thumbay Clinic Elite 
  • Ajman and Advanced Medical Centre Ajman

Many advanced medical institutions are also available in Ajman Marina. Some of them are:

  • Advanced Medical Centre Ajman in Al Rashidiya 3, 
  • NMC Medical Centre Ajman in Al Rashidiya 1 
  • Thumbay Hospital in Al Nuaimiyah 1

Places of Worship

jman Marina has different places to worship in the area, which include mosques and churches.


Ajman Marina is decently filled with mosques, providing convenience to Muslim residents. Some of these mosques are –

  • Badu Masjid
  • Bin Lootah Mosque 
  • Amr Ibn Al Jamooh Mosque 
  • Musalla Al Eid Masjid 
  • Al Remeila Mosque 
  • Al Hassawi Mosque


Christian residents have the ease of visiting the church for worship purposes. These churches are –

  • Greater Light of God Church 
  • CCC Light International

All these churches need roughly 10 minutes of driving to reach.

Best Hotels in Ajman Marina

Ajman Marina has many 5-star hotels with luxurious accommodation options. Some of the best hotels in Ajman Marina include:

  • Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotels
  • Ajman Saray
  • Ajman Beach Hotel


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Ajman Marina has many popular shopping centres. From having stores exclusive for gown shopping to many international brands, these malls are within a 10-15 minute drive away from the area. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Bin Kamel Gowns Centre
  • Masaya Mall 
  • Safeer Mall Ajman 
  • The Mall
  • City Centre Ajman

Restaurants and Dining

Ajman Marina has many fine-dining restaurants. Visitors can easily find casual eateries, cafes and restaurants in the area. Some of them are listed below:

  • Marsa Ajman Cruise Floating Restaurant
  • Sabella’s – Ajman Hotel
  • Zanzibar – Beach Bar – Ajman Hotel 
  • Cafe Naseem
  • Mejhana Restaurant 
  • Bab Al Bahr
  • Safi Restaurant 
  • Curry Waves 
  • Dragon’s Place
  • Keventers Marsa Ajman 
  • Depresso Café 
  • Kava Café

Beaches Nearby

Ajman Marina has many tourist attractions like beaches. Visitors come here to spend some quality time with their families. These are around 6-7 minutes away from the area. Some of them are listed below:

  • Ajman Corniche
  • Ajman Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Ajman Marina offers various entertainment options nearby. Some of the notable landmarks are: 

  • Marsa Ajman 
  • Ajman Museum
  • Rashidiya Park 
  • Al Nekhalat Park
  • Al Ghafia Park
  • Jazzat Park
  • Ajman Sports Club
  • Ajman Cultural Sports Club

Ajman Marina - Location Map and Landmarks

Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and commute

Ajman Marina is connected with major landmarks of the city and state. It will be easy to commute to these areas: 

  • Ajman Stadium is 11 minutes away via Sheikh Rashid Bin Humeed Street
  • Ajman China Mall is 19 minutes away via Al Ittihad Street
  • Ajman University is 17 minutes away via Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street
  • Sheikh Zayed Mosque is 17 minutes away via Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum Street.
Ajman Marina, Ajman

Rating and Reviews

Momina Qureshi
Friendly Environment

I loved the environment of Ajman Marina. The community is really peaceful and friendly. It is an absolutely amazing place to stay. 

Aadil Durrani
Presence of big malls

The malls in Ajman Marina are spectacular. I liked the ambience of the tourist destinations. 

Dawood Sheikh
Many Amenities

Ajman Marina is a place with many amenities that made my stay comfortable. I enjoyed my time here.

Brittany Scott
Well-equipped fitness facilities

Ajman Marina has various recreational centres and fitness facilities. I was able to maintain my daily workouts because of these facilities. 

Mohammad Ali
Presence of tourist destinations

Ajman Marina is a delightful place for tourists. I visited this area and absolutely loved it. I would definitely recommend this place to others. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Ajman Marina freehold?

Yes, Ajman Marina offers many freehold residential units.

What are the top attractions in Ajman Marina, Ajman?

Some popular top attractions in Ajman Marina are Ajman Corniche, Ajman Beach, Coral Beach Resort Sharjah, Ajman Museum, and Marsa Ajman.

How do you get to Ajman Marina in Ajman by bus and mеtro? And which is thе nеarеst mеtro station?

You can take transit lines like E400 and Ajman – 01 to avail of bus services in Ajman. Ajman Marina doesn’t have a metro station.

Which arе thе bеst communitiеs to live in thе Ajman Marina, Ajman?

The best communities to live in Ajman Marina are Al Nuaimiya, Ajman Downtown, and Emirates City.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Ajman Marina?

Some of the best hotels in Ajman Marina are Ajman Hotel by Blazon Hotels, Ajman Saray, Ajman Beach Hotel, Marsa Ajman Cruise Floating Restaurant, Sabella’s and Zanzibar – Beach Bar in Ajman Hotel.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Ajman Marina?

Some famous malls and supermarkets in Ajman Marina are Bin Kamel Gowns Centre, Masaya Mall, Safeer Mall Ajman, The Mall, and City Centre Ajman.

What are the best schools in Ajman Marina, Ajman?

Some of the best schools in  Ajman Marina are The Bloomington Academy, British International School, and Omar Bin Al Khattab Pakistan Islamia School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Ajman Marina, Ajman?

Some of the best hospitals in Ajman Marina are Rashid Medical Centre, Al Shrooq Polyclinic, Al-Amal Clinic, and Ibn Sina Medical Centre.

Which are the famous places of worship in Ajman Marina, Ajman?

Some of the popular worship places in Ajman Marina are Ajman Badu Masjid, Bin Lootah Mosque, Amr Ibn Al Jamooh Mosque, Musalla Al Eid Masjid, Greater Light of God Church, and CCC Light International.

What are the pros and cons of living in Ajman Marina, Ajman?

The pros of living in Ajman Marina are that it offers many advantages like affordable cost of living, easy access to amenities, availability of recreational facilities, peaceful environment, easy access to the beach, and good universities and schools. However, there are certain disadvantages as well like dry climate, no metro connectivity, traffic jams, and high temperatures in summer.

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