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Al Yasmeen, Ajman

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About Al Yasmeen, Ajman

The beaches, forts, and natural features of Al Yasmeen, Ajman, have earned international acclaim. Ajman's intriguing new housing projects attract investors from neighbouring emirates like Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The Al Yasmeen villa community in Ajman is near the Sharjah-Ajman border.

Getting around the emirate from Al Yasmeen, Ajman, is convenient because the area is proximate to both the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Street. The area is close to two excellent schools, i.e. the Emirates National School and the Secondary Technical School. Al Watan University is right beside Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Street. Al Hamidiya Park and Al Helio Park make Al Yasmeen beautiful and a perfect living place. It's also not far from Ajman Uptown and other local communities. 

The area's environment and close relationship to nature quickly gained a reputation as the greenest in the world. Most long-term migrants will have to make do with villas owned by investors, which they will either rent or buy. Even though construction is ongoing, many homes have already been constructed in this area. The Al Yasmeen villa community in Ajman is great for raising a family. It is easy to reach the city's many shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and parks from this peaceful area.

Key Highlights of Al Yasmeen, Ajman

What’s Great Here!
  • Luxury and spacious villas
  • The home to the nine-hole golf course.
  • Supermarkets in the neighbourhood.
  • Private parking area
  • Safe and green surroundings
What Needs Attention!
  • Sanitization issues in the area.
  • Maintenance issues.
  • Public transportation.
  • Only villas, no apartments for rent or sale.

Real Estate Overview in Al Yasmeen, Ajman

Al Yasmeen, Ajman real estate includes residential plots and detached villas. All Al Yasmeen residential properties have a coverage area that ranges from 1300 to 6400 square feet, accommodating three to five bedrooms. These villas have large windows with artistic wall decor. 

Each villa features a spacious foyer, bedrooms with suite bathrooms, a highly finished and high-tech kitchen, a living room, a dining area, a room for the maid and her bathroom, a courtyard, and plenty of parking space.

There are plenty of places to eat, shops to shop, a place to convert currency, an insurance agency, and a place to find a new place to live. As a result of its convenient location near a variety of parks, schools, and entertainment options, the neighbourhood is quite popular among families. There is a playground and open space for kids to run around and play in the neighbourhood.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Yasmeen

The local real estate market is highly competitive in Al Yasmeen, Ajman, despite the completion of several brand-new residential villas and complexes.

New residential construction is in development in the Al Yasmeen villa community. There are two- and three-bedroom Stacked Houses, three-bedroom townhouses, three-bedroom courtyard villas, four-, five-, and six-bedroom villas, and all the landscaping, leisure, and infrastructure in the Al Yasmeen new development project. The new development will require around 516,106 square feet area in Al Yasmeen to make its real estate market lucrative and demanding.

GJ Al Ameera Village in Al Yasmeen

GJ Al Ameera Village

Price on Request
Studio,1 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Highfield Towers in Al Yasmeen

Highfield Towers

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Yasmeen in Al Yasmeen

Al Yasmeen

Price on Request
5 BR Villa

Ready to Move

Rental Trends in Al Yasmeen

There is an increase in rental trends as Al Yasmeen has fascinating residential properties in the location that caught everyone's eye. Moreover, it is close to the Ajman-Sharjah Border, so it is worth having a property here. 

For rent in Al Yasmeen, Ajman, villas typically have two, three, four, or even five bedrooms, making them ideal for large to small families. The residential community of Al Yasmeen features four distinct villa styles, all of which complement the area's picturesque lakes and natural scenery. In addition to a living room, dining room, kitchen, and butler's pantry, they include a separate family room and a maid's quarters. 

The villas of three and four bedrooms are available for rent. The largest three-bedroom apartment available for rent in Al Yasmeen, Ajman, is roughly 2500 square feet. Six bedrooms are standard in the largest house, which has about 5600 square feet of living space.

Property Types Available in Al Yasmeen, Ajman for Rent

Embark on a journey through the diverse property types available in Ajman for Rent. Whether you seek Apartment, Ajman has it all. With prices ranging from AED 22 Thousand to 22 Thousand, explore the options that align with your preferences.

Property Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Rent Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
Apartment22 Thousand22 Thousand331

BHK Types Available in Al Yasmeen, Ajman for Rent

Uncover the bespoke BHK options in Ajman for Rent, where each residence is tailored to perfection. From intimate 1 BHK sanctuaries to palatial 6+ BHK domains, Ajman real estate tapestry showcases distinct options like Studio. Prices meander from AED 22 Thousand to 22 Thousand for Studio and beyond, ensuring a spectrum of luxurious choices.

Unit Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Rent Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
Studio22 Thousand22 Thousand331

Budget-Wise Properties Available in Al Yasmeen, Ajman for Rent

Unlock the possibilities of homeownership in Ajman with budget-wise listings catering to different financial plans. From the affordable AED Under 30 Thousand segment to the exclusive options AED Under 30 Thousand the city's real estate market offers diverse choices. With 1 properties available, explore the options that align with your budget.

Budget (AED) From (AED) To (AED) Property Count
Under 30 Thousand20 Thousand30 Thousand1

Sales Trends in Al Yasmeen

Al Yasmeen, Ajman, is a freehold community, and clients from anywhere in the globe can invest. Villas with three, four, five, six, seven, and eight bedrooms have reasonable rates in the market.

Villas and apartments of comparable size and design in other cities may cost up to twice as much. Residential land in Al Yasmeen is available in sizes ranging from 3,000 to 6,200 square feet. Stunning mansions with three to five bedrooms are on the market in Al Yasmeen.

If you want to buy property in Ajman, Al Yasmeen is a great area. The best annual return on a three-bedroom property here is 3.6%. Investors considering buying villas should know that apartments with five bedrooms typically generate profits of 5.2%.

Property Types Available in Al Yasmeen, Ajman for Sale

Ajman offers a rich variety of property types for Sale, catering to different preferences and needs. Choose from Villa and more. Each property type provides a unique living or investment experience. With options ranging from AED 1.19 Million to 1.58 Million, Ajman real estate market ensures there's a perfect match for every buyer.

Property Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Price Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
Villa1.19 Million1.58 Million3848

BHK Types Available in Al Yasmeen, Ajman for Sale

Uncover the bespoke BHK options in Ajman for Sale, where each residence is tailored to perfection. From intimate 1 BHK sanctuaries to palatial 6+ BHK domains, Ajman real estate tapestry showcases distinct options like 5 BR, 6 BR. Prices meander from AED 1.19 Million to 1.55 Million for 5 BR ,AED 1.58 Million to 1.58 Million for 6 BR and beyond, ensuring a spectrum of luxurious choices.

Unit Type Min Price (AED) Max Price (AED) Avg Price Per Sq.Ft. Property Count
5 BR1.19 Million1.55 Million3847
6 BR1.58 Million1.58 Million1

Public Transportion

Buses and taxis are the main modes of public transit for those living in Al Yasmeen. Humaidiya Park Bus Stop 1 and Hamidiya Park Bus Stop 2 are the closest bus stations. Abu Hail Metro Station is the nearest metro station in Al Yasmeen, Ajman.

The following bus routes are available in Al Yasmeen -

Bus Number Destination
64 Al Nahda Metro station / Islamic Institute
C10 Al street Centre / Hamidiya Park Bus stop 2
E307A Al Jubail Stn. / Sharjah, Al Wahda Road.
X28 Al Barsha Stn. / Al Yasmeen Entrance gate


Nurseries / Educational Institutions

Multiple academic institutions exist, including nurseries and schools in the Al Yasmeen cluster. A few of the best nurseries in Al Yasmeen for the little ones in the district are –

  • Al Rehmaniya 1 Childcare 
  • Children’s Town Nursery
  • Happy time Nursery

Some of the best schools for secondary education in Al Yasmeen, Ajman are –

  • Pamir Private School
  • Secondary Technical School
  • Scientific Innovation School
  • UAE National School

Al Yasmeen is adjacent to Shahraj, Dubai, home to multiple esteemed local and international colleges. Residents of the area have access to several of the Al Yasmeen major universities, including –

  • University of Biological Science
  • CUCA City University College


There are convenience businesses in the neighbourhood that aim to meet residents’ daily needs. Some supermarkets offer home delivery service. It takes residents of Al Yasmeen no more than five or six minutes to reach any one of the city’s several supermarkets. The most populous supermarkets in the area are:

  • Al Marabie Al Khadhra Grocery
  • Al Ruman Supermarket
  • Al Khair Grocery
  • Al Yasmeen Supermarket.

Healthcare Facilities

There are many medical facilities in the area, meaning they can meet a diverse range of general and specialised requirements for medical care. This type of care encompasses various medical specialities, including allopathic medicine, physiotherapy, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, paediatrics, etc. When travelling by automobile, you can reach any of the following medical facilities and hospitals within ten minutes: –

  • Clinica Germana Saudica 
  • Thumbay Hospital Ajman
  • Ajman Specialized General Hospital

Place of Worship

As Ajman has such a high population density and diverse population, it is possible for residents of every religion to locate an appropriate place of worship there. There are many houses of worship, including mosques, temples, and churches, to serve the needs of a diversified population. The following is a list of some of the religious places located in the vicinity of Al Yasmeen: 

  • Saada Al Khattab Mosque
  • Winners Chapel Ajman
  • Sangatadham Gigaso

Best Hotels in Al Yasmeen

The fact that Ajman has such a diverse range of events throughout the year explains why the city is becoming more popular. Consequently, Ajman's economy and tourism sector have significant positive effects. Due to this, there is a great demand for hotels, and fortunately, Al Yasmeen is home to some of the most luxurious accommodations that can be found anywhere in the country. These are some of the finest hotels that may be found nearby the area include: 

  • Ramada Hotel
  • Pearl Hotel 
  • Marbella Hotel 
  • Fairmont Hotel Ajman


Shopping Malls

Anybody who enjoys indulging in a little retail therapy will find that Al Yasmeen is a great location because there are many possibilities to shop in and around the area. Following is the list of shopping options for your convenience and they are as follows: 

  • Ajman’s Al Hosani Mall
  • Jasmine Shopping Mall 
  • Al Yasmeen Shopping Mall
  • PACE Ajman

Restaurants / Dining

It is very well known that the eateries in Al Yasmeen, Ajman are famous for producing adaptations of cuisines from around the world that are true to their original cultural and geographical contexts. Visitors looking to satisfy their appetites will find plenty of options in Al Yasmeen which include: 

  • The Al Madani Restaurant & Kitchen
  • Al Tamer Restaurant
  • The Mohala Al Dar Al Yasmeen Branch 
  • The Mohala Al Dar

Nearby Beaches

Due to its location near the Sharjah-Ajman border, Al Yasmeen has no beaches. You may find only one beach nearby the Al Yasmeen Area, which is: 

  • Zohra Public Beach

Leisure Activities

Al Yasmeen is near the border between Ajman and Sharjah; residents have easy access to various recreational areas and famous landmarks. Attractions including:

  • Sharjah National Park
  • The Sharjah Historic Vehicles Museum
  • The Al Tallah Camel Racing Circuit 
  • Camel Race Track in Al Tallah 

Car enthusiasts from all over the world can visit the Sharjah Historic Vehicle Museum. After extensive renovations in 2013, the museum has seen a dramatic increase in visitor numbers. Over a hundred vintage automobiles are exhibited there, spanning the 20th century. 

Sharjah National Park is one of Sharjah’s most beautiful parks. With over 630 km, Sharjah National Park is one of the city’s largest parks. Guests can enjoy the duck pond, playground, and designated BBQ area.

Al Yasmeen - Location Map and Landmarks

Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance to Al Amerah is 4 kilometres, and it is a 9 minutes drive away. 
  • The distance to Al Helio 2 is 10 kilometres, and it takes 19 minutes to reach there.
  • The distance to Al Rahmaniya is 4.8 kilometres, and it takes around  ten minutes to reach by car.
  • The distance to Ajman Downtown is 11 kilometres, and it takes 20 minutes to reach there by car.
  • The distance to Sharjah International Airport is 8.5 kilometres and takes around 16 minutes. 
  • The distance to Zohra Public Beach is 18 kilometres, and it takes around 1 hour to reach by bus. 
  • The distance to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Rd is 16.5 km, and it takes around 15 minutes to reach there.
Al Yasmeen, Ajman

Ratings and Reviews

Kabir Ahmed
A great location to live

Anyone looking for a new place to call home can find several options among the many houses on the market Al Yasmeen. One can take advantage of several different modes of public transportation within the area, including metro stations. This city offers one of the top residential areas in Ajman.

Gyan Shankar
Most Desirable Residential District

Various restaurants and hotels surround the main street of Al Yasmeen. The main city of Al Yasmeen is linked to various landmarks and is near various medical facilities. The neighbourhood is perfect for people who have day jobs.

Aryan Mehta
Top hotels in the vicinity

As the hub of Ajman’s most vital metropolis, many people dream of relocating here to take in its splendour. A multitude of water parks and an amusement park may be found in the vicinity of Al Yasmeen. Travellers like this city because of the abundance of top-notch attractions within easy reach.

Chinmayi Raddi
Ideal for families

The location of Al Yasmeen in Ajman is ideal for my family and me because it is close to my workplace and has several excellent options for the kindergarten my children can attend. Everything about this place is perfect for me, from the parking to the entertainment to the cleanliness.

Ali Moosvi
Peaceful and beautiful neighbourhood

I travelled here to visit my sister, and the neighbourhood is quiet and peaceful. Never before had I felt so tranquil as I did in Al Yasmeen. The area is easily accessible by road and subway and has several cafes. There is nothing wrong with it besides some traffic, which is easily overlooked because of how lovely it is.

Al Ameera Village
Al Bahia
Ajman Uptown
Al Zahya
Garden City
Al Jurf
Ajman Downtown
Liwara 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is Al Yasmeen freehold?

Yes, Al Yasmeen is the most sought-after freehold area.

What are the top attractions in Al Yasmeen?

Attractions around Al Yasmeen include Sharjah National Park, The Sharjah Historic Vehicles Museum, The Al Tallah Camel Racing Circuit and Camel Race Track in Al Tallah.

How to get to Al Yasmeen in Ajman by bus and metro?

To reach Al Yasmeen, Ajman, you can take the bus routes to Humaidiya Park Bus Stop 1 and Humaidiya Bus Stop 2. The nearest metro station in Al Yasmeen, Ajman, is Abu Hail Metro Station.

Which are the best communities to live in, Al Yasmeen, Ajman?

Some of Al Yasmeen’s most prestigious neighbourhoods are Al Amerah, Al Helio 2, Al Alia, Al Muntazi 2, and Al Zubair Orchards.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Yasmeen?

Mohala Al Dar Al Yasmeen Branch, Al Kabab Al Sakhin, and Al Madani Restaurant & Kitchen are some of the best hotels and restaurants in Al Yasmeen.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Yasmeen?

Alhosini market and Jasmine stores are some of the area’s shopping malls and grocery markets.

What are the best schools in Al Yasmeen, Ajman?

Some of the most prestigious schools in the world are located in Al Yasmeen, including Al Rahmaniya 1 Nursery, Kids Town Nursery and Pamir High School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Yasmeen?

The best general hospitals and clinics in Al Yasmeen are Thumbay Hospital Ajman and Saudi German Hospital.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Yasmeen?

The most well-known place of worship in Al Yasmeen is Saada Al Khattab Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Yasmeen?

One of the most tranquil neighbourhoods in Ajman, Al Yasmeen also has quick access to the city’s most basic conveniences. On the other hand, those looking for apartments might not like the villa-only community as much.

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