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Industrial Area 10, Sharjah

About Industrial Area 10, Sharjah overview

The United Arab Emirates is highly popular for industrialisation. There are several designated areas where several industries are set up. Some of the popular industrial regions of the United Arab Emirates are Maliha Road, Fourth Industrial Street, Third Industrial Street, Industrial Area 10, etc. Industrial Area 10 is between Industrial Area 11 and Industrial Area 3. 

This town is highly popular among industrialists, immigrants and job seekers. Several industries, warehouses, packaging centres, factories, labour camps, etc., are set up in the industrial area 10. The Industrial Area 10 is a popular commercial unit of the United Arab Emirates. It also contributes significantly to the country's economy, as monetisation is at its peak here. Visitors here mostly visit this place on business tours and commercial needs. Industrial Area 10 is very close to Dubai and well-connected with a good road network. This makes commuting in and out of the city easy.

Key Highlights of Industrial Area 10

What is Great Here!
  • Commercial properties
  • Close to popular destinations
  • Local transport, such as buses and trains
What Needs Attention!
  • Lack of amenities
  • Lack of places of worship

Real Estate Overview in Industrial Area 10

On the Mahila road towards Dubai, lies the famous commercial area, the Industrial Area 10. This is a larger sub-community region part of Sharjah. This region is renowned for its commercial aspects and labour camps. Most of the properties available here are commercial lands. There are several warehouses, shops, labour camps and industrial land. 

Since this area is closely connected with Dubai and has an established road network, most people working here often travel from Dubai. For the locals staying here, there are only labour camps set up.  The warehouses range from 1300 to 10000 square feet in area.

Rental trends in Industrial Area 10

Industrial Area 10 has been set up for a long time during the early commercial phases of the United Arab Emirates. Thus, most of the available land has already been occupied by investors or industrialists.

Since most of these properties are commercial, the rental trends here are similar. Depending on the area of the warehouses, the rental rates vary significantly. They range from 1,300 to ten thousand square feet in area. One can also find one-bedroom apartments for rent in Industrial Area 1, Sharjah.

Sales Trends in Industrial Area 10

The sales trends in Industrial Area 10 are relatively low as most commercial properties have already been occupied in the past years. However, there are a few industrial lands that are available for sale. Most of the available industrial land spans an area of twenty thousand square feet area. These lands have two offices, five labour rooms, toilets and sheds. When it comes to labour camps, the range varies from 2,800 to five thousand square feet area. In the new buildings being constructed, one can easily look for one to three-bedroom apartments for sale in Industrial Area 1, Sharjah.

Public Transportation

Industrial Area 10 is well connected with Dubai and Sharjah through a well-established road system. There are several public transportation services, such as buses and taxis. Several commercial vehicles, such as trucks, also travel on these routes daily. While moving within the city, most people travel by foot or taxi. Taxis are readily available within the city. One can also book taxis online for easy accessibility. If you are planning to catch a bus, here are some popular bus stations in Industrial Area 10 -

Bus Number Destination
3 Rolla Square Bus Stop - Sharjah, Al Muwailah Bus Terminal


Educational institutions

The population residing with families, especially children in the Industrial area 10, is low. This is because of the work environment and culture at a commercial centre such as this. With factories in the vicinity, the population levels are reasonably high. Thus, there are no major educational institutions here. The nearest schooling options available are in Shahraj city. Some of the famous educational institutes in the nearby area of Industrial area 10 are-

  • Russian International School
  • Indian Academy Dubai
  • Oxford School Dubai
  • St. Mary’s Catholic High School and Muhaisnah


When it comes to supermarkets in Industrial area 10, there are a few options available for the people staying in and near Industrial area 10. These supermarkets are spread across the entire area, giving people various options. Here are some of the supermarkets available in the industrial area 10-

  • Nujoom Al Gharb Supermarket
  • Al Sahul Supermarket
  • Najmat Al Falaq Super Market
  • Al Najim Al Aali Super Market
  • Masat Al Madina Super Market

Healthcare facilities

The industrial area 10 is a wholly commercialised centre, which calls upon the possibility of work hazards. Most industries or labour camps have their clinics set up within camps to keep the health of the workers in check. Apart from this, a few other general clinics are set up across town. However, when it comes to specialised procedures, one must visit a multi-speciality hospital nearby. Some popular clinics set up in the Industrial area 10 are-

  • Medical Examination Center for Residency – Al Khibra PMD – MOHAP
  • Nasmat Al Shifa Medical Center
  • Al Yamamah Medical Clinic

Places of worship

Industrial Area 10 lacks places of worship. There are no mosques, temples or churches available in the locality. Residents often travel to the nearest city to visit their place of worship. Here are some places of worship near the industrial area 10 –

  • Fatima Mosque
  • International Baptist Church

Best hotels in the Industrial Area 10

There are no hotels available in Industrial Area 10, as tourists seldom visit this area. Regarding accommodation in hotels, people prefer staying in Shahraj, the nearest city, ten minutes away from this area. Here are some of the closest hotels -

  • Fortune plaza hotel

Enjoy a lavish stay at the Fortune Plaza Hotel

  • Al Hayat hotel suits



Shopping malls

For all the shopping requirements of the locals of the industrial area 10, there are several malls available in the proximity of the area. However, there are no malls in the town. Here are some of the famous malls near the industrial area 10 –

  • City Plaza Sharjah
  • Safari Mall Sharjah
  • Madina Mall


When it comes to restaurants in industrial area 10, there are only local food joints and eateries available. There are no choices for fine dining and multi-cuisine restaurants in this area. People often move from industrial 10 to the nearby cities for better options –

  • Afghan Paktia Restaurant
  • Al Rukn Al Baghdadi Restaurant
  • Al Hafeed Restaurant
  • Gulf Light Cafeteria
  • Qasr Al Lulu Restaurant
  • Al Sadaf Al Thahabi Restaurant

Beaches nearby

There are no beaches nearby to the industrial area 10. People must travel for at least 20 minutes to visit a beach. Here are some of the famous beaches near the industrial area 10 –

  • Al Mamza beach
  • Al Khan beach

Leisure activities nearby

Most of the leisure activities in the industrial area 10 are in the nearby cities. Some of the famous places are –

  • Sharjah cricket stadium
  • Al Ramla Roundabout
  • Cultural Square

Industrial Area 10 Sharjah - Location & Nearby Facilities

  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time from Industrial Area 10, Sharjah to Other Popular Places

  • The distance from the Industrial area 10 to the Sharjah Airport is 15.5 km and takes 17 minutes by car. 
  • The distance from Industrial area 10 to Al Mamzar beach is 15.1 km and 22 minutes by car.
  • Dubai is 29 km away from Industrial Area 10 and takes 31 minutes by car. 
  • Sharjah is 8.9 km away from Industrial area 10 and takes 16 minutes by car. 
  • The Ajman city centre is 21.1 km away from Industrial Area 10 and takes 30 minutes by car.
Industrial Area 10, Sharjah

Ratings and Reviews

Harpal Singh
Lack of residential areas

There are no central residential units set up in the industrial area 10. In terms of rates and variety, the options are minimal. This has created considerable trouble for me. An alternative is to stay in the nearby city.

Imran Shaikh
Commercial units

I have been in the industrial segment for the past 12 years. But when I heard about the setup in industrial area 10, I was amazed. Here there are several commercial options available. I have recently purchased 3 warehouses to store my goods at reasonable prices.

Ruhin Talat
Lack of amenities

I recently shifted with my husband here. However, there is a significant lack of resources available here. For even the basic requirements, we have to travel to and forth to the malls in the nearby city. There are hardly any local stores and supermarkets in the vicinity.

Shashank Pandey
Growth Opportunities

On a personal note, I loved this place for its growth opportunities. Several areas offer different types of work on a monthly and contractual basis. I am a worker here and work for inventory management in the nearby warehouses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Industrial Area 10, Sharjah Freehold?

Industrial Area 10, Sharjah, is top listed among other freehold zones of Abu Dhabi and offers villas and apartments for sale.

What are the top attractions in Industrial Area 10, Sharjah?

Some top attractions in Industrial Area 10, Sharjah, are the nearby cities, which offer several attractions and tourist spots.

How to get to Industrial Area 10, Sharjah, by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

To reach  Industrial Area 10 in Sharjah, you can follow several bus lines from Tasjeel, Al Qusais Industrial Area 5 Terminus and Emirates Group Logistics Center 1.

Which are the best communities in Industrial Area 10, Sharjah?

 Industrial Area 10, Sharjah, is a residential locality accommodating many residents and ex-pats. The residents can select based on their budget preferences.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Industrial Area 10?

The best hotels and restaurants in Industrial Area 10 are Afghan Paktia Restaurant, Al Rukn Al Baghdadi Restaurant, Al Hafeed Restaurant, Gulf Light Cafeteria, Qasr Al Lulu Restaurant and Al Sadaf Al Thahabi Restaurant.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Industrial Area 10?

There are no malls in Industrial Area 10. There are several supermarkets here, such as Nujoom Al Gharb Supermarket, Al Sahul Supermarket, Najmat Al Falaq Super Market, Al Najim Al Aali Super Market and Masat Al Madina Super Market.

What are the best schools in Industrial Area 10, Sharjah?

Some of the reputed best schools in Industrial Area 10 are Russian International School, Indian Academy Dubai, Oxford School Dubai, St. Mary’s Catholic High School, and Muhaisnah.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Industrial Area 10, Sharjah?

The best multi-faceted hospitals and clinics in Industrial Area 10 are Medical Examination Center for Residency – Al Khibra PMD – MOHAP, Nasmat Al Shifa Medical Center and Al Yamamah Medical Clinic.

Which are the famous places of worship in Industrial Area 10, Sharjah?

The famous places of worship near Industrial Area 10 are Al Mamza beach and Al Khan beach.

What are the pros and cons of living in Industrial Area 10, Sharjah?

The major pros of living in Industrial Area 10, Sharjah, are its commercial properties, distance to nearby popular destinations and culture. However, some of the major cons for Industrial Area 10, Sharjah, include lesser apartments and a lack of basic amenities and luxuries.

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