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Industrial Area 12, Sharjah

About Industrial Area 12, Sharjah

Industrial Area 12 is one of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates' most significant industrial districts. Industrial Area 12 is located in the eastern portion of Sharjah and encompasses an area of roughly 1.6 square kilometres. It is one of the Emirate's most established and well-connected industrial districts. It is ideally positioned near Sharjah International Airport and important roads such as Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, allowing easy access to neighbouring Emirates and the rest of the globe.

Manufacturing, logistics, construction, and commerce are among the sectors in Industrial Area 12. The industrial area is home to nearly 400 businesses of all sizes, including some of the UAE's largest and most well-known corporations. The neighbourhood has outstanding facilities such as warehouses, factories, showrooms, and offices catering to various company demands.

One of Industrial Area 12's distinguishing qualities is that it is a free zone, which implies that enterprises working inside the region benefit from several tax and duty exemptions. This characteristic has made Industrial Area 12 a desirable location for enterprises wishing to establish a presence in the UAE. Also, the neighbourhood offers good infrastructure, such as reliable electricity, water, and waste management services.

The Sharjah Oxygen Company, one of the UAE's leading makers and suppliers of medical and industrial gases, is also in the industrial sector. Healthcare, oil & gas, and manufacturing are among the industries served by the organisation. It is outfitted with cutting-edge technology and offers its clients high-quality products and services.

The building business is also growing in Industrial Area 12. Many enterprises in the region specialise in the manufacturing and supply of building materials such as cement, steel, and glass. These businesses meet the expanding need for building materials in the UAE and the wider GCC area.

Industrial Area 12 is home to various commercial businesses and industrial activity. Various malls, supermarkets, and retail establishments in the region serve the requirements of the residents and employees. Residents and tourists may also enjoy a range of cuisines in the area's restaurants and cafés.

The accessibility of the Sharjah International Airport and important highways make the area desirable to the logistics sector. Several logistics companies have opened offices in Industrial Area 12 to exploit the good connection and infrastructure.. These organisations offer logistics services such as warehousing, shipping, and distribution to meet the UAE's expanding need for logistics.

Industrial Area 12 is a well-established industrial region in Sharjah that serves various businesses.

The location has good amenities, infrastructure, and connections, making it an appealing option for companies wishing to establish themselves in the UAE.

The area's distinctive qualities, such as tax and duty exemptions and free zone status, add to its allure for businesses. Industrial Area 12 contributes significantly to the UAE's economy and the wider GCC area with its vigorous industrial, commercial, and logistical activity.

Key Highlights of Industrial Area 12, Sharjah

What’s Great Here!
  • Excellent Connectivity
  • Thriving Industrial Sector
  • Great Infrastructure
  • Bustling Neighbourhood
What Needs Attention!
  • Pollution and Traffic Congestion
  • High Rent
  • Limited Residential Options

Real Estate Overview in Industrial Area 12, Sharjah

Industrial Area 12 is home to a thriving industrial district called Industrial Area 12. While it is known as a business district, it also offers a variety of residential buildings that provide accessible and reasonable housing for those who work in the area or nearby. This part of town boasts convenient transportation links and easy access to many local conveniences. The apartment buildings have convenient features like swimming pools, fitness centres, and garages for residents, whereas the villas are detached from the main building, providing more room and privacy.

Compared to other parts of Sharjah, rents for residential homes in Industrial Area 12 are comparatively low. So, it is a good choice for people searching for affordable accommodation. Access to surrounding firms and warehouses makes the neighbourhood attractive to individuals working in the industrial sector. Various services, including grocery stores, schools, parks, and even a mosque, are available to the people living in Industrial Area 12.

Apartments in Industrial Area 12 generally have floor plans between 500 and 1,500 square feet. The typical square footage for a studio or one-bedroom apartment is 500–800 square feet, whereas a bigger two–or three–bedroom apartment might be anywhere from 1,000–1,500 square feet. Around 2,000 to 2,500 square feet is standard for a villa with three bedrooms, whereas 3,500 to 4,500 square feet is average for an estate with five bedrooms.

Off-Plan Trends in Industrial Area 12

"Off-plan" describes homes that are either still in the planning stages or have not yet been built. Off-plan houses in Sharjah's Industrial Area 12 have become popular recently as developers responded to the rising demand for low-cost real estate. Some outside-the-box developments in I-12:

The need for pre-construction homes in I-12 has risen dramatically. Investors are drawn to purchasing a home at a lower price than a completed house, with the possibility of a more significant return on investment.

There is a common pricing disparity between off-plan and finished homes in Industrial Area 12. When building off-plan, developers may stretch out their construction expenditures over a longer time, allowing them to provide more competitive prices.

Developers in Industrial Area 12's off-the-plan market frequently include advantageous financing terms in their sales pitches. These programmes include smaller initial instalments, extended payment terms, and possible repayment options.

For this reason, many prospective buyers in Industrial Area 12 are drawn to off-plan properties that provide a variety of convenient and cutting-edge features and facilities. Examples are:

  • High-end fixtures and fittings.
  • Innovative home technologies.
  • Shared recreational amenities like fitness centres and swimming pools.

Rental Trends in Industrial Area 12

There have been some fascinating shifts in the local rental market in the past several years. Overall, rents in Industrial Area 12 are lower than in other parts of Sharjah. The need for rental units in the area has increased dramatically. The expanding local manufacturing sector has brought a slew of new residents searching for low-cost lodgings close to their places of employment.

Apartments and villas of various sizes and prices are available for rent in Industrial Area 12. It's a great option for tenants of all financial means and requirements. Renters who value convenience will appreciate its proximity to shops selling basics like groceries and petrol.

Floor designs for apartments in Industrial Area 12 typically range from 500 square feet to 1500 square feet. A studio or one-bedroom apartment usually ranges from 500 to 800 square feet, whereas a larger two- or three-bedroom apartment might be as large as 1,000 to 1,500 square feet. Villas with three bedrooms often range between 2,000 and 2,500 square feet, whereas estates with five bedrooms typically span between 3,500 and 4,500 square feet.

Sale Trends in Industrial Area 12

Property in Sharjah's Industrial Area 12 tends to be more inexpensive than in the city's other districts. As this is the case, it's an excellent location to start looking if you're on a budget and need a new place to call home.

There has been a significant upsurge in demand for Industrial Area 12 real estate. A large influx of new inhabitants looking for affordable housing near their workplaces can be attributed to the growth of the local industrial industry. Many apartment complexes and villas ranging in size and cost may be found in Industrial Area 12. Buyers with various incomes and needs might find something they like in this location.

Developers in Industrial Area 12 include various cutting-edge features and conveniences in their new constructions, such as high-quality fixtures and fittings, innovative home technologies, and community facilities like gyms and swimming pools. This has boosted the number of potential homebuyers looking in the area.

Developers selling homes in Industrial Area 12 frequently provide convenient financing options. These plans feature reduced initial payments, more extended payback periods, and a variety of repayment strategies.

Public Transport

There are many transportation options for residents and employees in Sharjah's Industrial Area 12. Commuters will like this spot because getting around the rest of Sharjah, and Dubai is easy. Transportation options such as buses, taxis, and ridesharing services are easily accessed from Industrial Area 12. The central bus lines traversing via Industrial Area 12, Sharjah, are as follows:-

Bus Line Number Destination
14 Al Jubail Bus Station to Al Qusais Bus Station
15 Al Jubail Bus Station to Deira City Centre Bus Station
88 Al Taawun Bus Station to Rashidiya Metro Station
99 Al Jubail Bus Station to Abu Hail Metro Station
X13 Al Rolla Terminal to Battuta Metro Station


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

Children and teenagers living in Industrial Area 12 have various educational opportunities to select from, including daycares, preschools, elementary schools, and high schools. Parents might consider their child’s age, developmental stage, and educational aspirations when making this decision. Some schools in Industrial Area 12 are

  • British Rose Nursery
  • Kinder Castle Nursery
  • Al Ittihad Private School
  • Gulf Asian English School
  • Delhi Private School
  • GEMS Our Own English High School


Supermarkets in Industrial Area 12 offer residents a convenient and affordable option to purchase their daily essentials. Some of the supermarkets in Industrial Area 12 are

  • Nesto Hypermarket
  • Carrefour Market
  • Choithrams
  • Lulu Hypermarket
  • Spinneys

Healthcare Facilities

Industrial Area 12 has many healthcare facilities to offer its residents and visitors. They are of international standards, and they offer the best medical services. Some of the Healthcare Facilities in Industrial Area 12 are –

  • Zulekha Hospital
  • Medcare Hospital
  • Right Health Centre
  • Al Afia Medical Centre
  • Dr Ali Al Jarrah Medical Centre
  • New Al Ayesha Medical Centre
  • Sama Al Shamal Medical Centre
  • Al Shamali Medical Centre
  • Al Kamal Clinic
  • NMC Medical Centre

Places of Worship

Industrial Area 12 is a Muslim-dominated area; there are mostly mosques for its residents to offer their prayers. Some of the mosques in the area are

  • Al Sahaaba Mosque
  • Masjid Noor Al Islam
  • Jamiya Al Nusra Mosque
  • New Labour Colony Masjid
  • Masjid Al Razi
  • Al Andalus Mosque
  • Masjid Al-Iman
  • Masjid Al Mumineen

Best Hotels in Industrial Area 12

Due to the high number of tourists yearly, many hotels are in and around Industrial Area 12. Some of the hotels in and around the area are

  • Holiday International Hotel
  • Marbella Resort Sharjah
  • Hilton Sharjah
  • Radisson Blu Resort Sharjah
  • Ramada Hotel & Suites Sharjah
  • Centro Sharjah by Rotana
  • Sharjah Grand Hotel


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Shopping is a therapeutic experience for many people, and it keeps the residents and tourists engaged as a source of relaxation and entertainment. There are a few malls in and around Industrial Area 12, which are

  • Safeer Mall Sharjah
  • Sahara Centre
  • City Centre
  • Mega Mall
  • Ansar Mall
  • Al Qasba

Restaurants/ Dining

Restaurants are an important part of the community as restaurants allow people to showcase their local cuisine through them, and also, people love to try new food and local cuisine when they travel abroad. Some of the restaurants in and around Industrial Area 12 are 

  • Al Ibrahimi Mandi Restaurant
  • Al Mallah Restaurant
  • Bu Qtair Restaurant
  • Zafran Indian Bistro
  • Karam Beirut
  • Oregano Restaurant
  • P.F. Chang’s
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Salt

Beaches Nearby

Beaches are scenic beauty spots where people go to unwind and relax. Some of the beaches nearby Industrial Area 12 are

  • Al Khan Beach
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park
  • Jumeirah Beach Park
  • Ajman Beach
  • Khor Fakkan Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Industrial area 12 has various entertainment venues for visitors and locals, including amusement parks, water parks, outdoor activities, fitness centres, beauty salons, and spas. Some of these activities in and around the area are

  • Sharjah Aquarium
  • Al Majaz Waterfront
  • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization
  • Sharjah Art Foundation
  • Al Noor Island
  • Sharjah Creek
  • Sharjah Classic Car Museum
  • Adventureland Sharjah
  • Sharjah Karting Track

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance between Industrial area 12 and Dubai International Airport is around 18.5 kilometres, and the trip there and back might take between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • The trip from Industrial Area 12 to Dubai Mall is 22 kilometres, and the time it takes depends on traffic.
  • Depending on traffic conditions, driving time from Industrial Area 12 to the Burj Khalifa might range from 20 to 40 minutes.
  • Distance from Industrial area 12 to Sharjah International Airport is 10 km, although journey time may depend on traffic.
  • Depending on traffic, from Industrial Area 12 to Dubai Marina is between a half-hour to an hour-and-a-half drive.
Industrial Area 12, Sharjah

Ratings and Reviews

Sandeep Jain
Excellent Connectivity from major places

Living in Industrial area 12 for quite a time now, I have never faced a problem reaching different places. It has an excellent web of roads and highways, making it convenient for everyone to get to other city sections.

Industrial area 12 is convenient since it is close to the most essential places in the United Arab Emirates: the Emirates Road and the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. These roads go to various parts of the city, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the rest of the Emirates.

James Chey
Has a Great Infrastructure

Sharjah’s Industrial Area 12 features first-rate infrastructure that makes life easier and more enjoyable for local companies and inhabitants. Due to the proximity to several vital thoroughfares, it is simple to go about the city from this location. The region is home to various enterprises, ranging from warehouses and industrial facilities to retail and restaurants, all contributing to the city’s lively and busy ambience.

In addition, the area has first-rate amenities and infrastructure to assist any firm that chooses to establish there. Industrial Area 12 is a terrific area to live and work because of its superb infrastructure.

Yusuf Khan
Great Job Opportunities

Industrial Area 12 is a bustling commercial centre with large openings for expert and unskilled labourers. Many businesses, from manufacturing plants to distribution centres to office buildings to retail shops, may be found in this region, all providing employment possibilities. The area’s advantageous placement and high-quality transportation links offer quick access to other parts of the city and their respective employment markets. Industrial area 12 is a fantastic place to begin or improve a professional career because of its flourishing business climate and wide range of available jobs.

Imran Pathan
High Rent

Rent in Industrial Area 12 might be expensive, which is something to keep in mind if you’re considering moving there permanently. Reasons for this include its convenient location and excellent quality of life for inhabitants and companies. Due to the strong demand for housing in the region, rents may be prohibitive for some. Those who can afford it, however, will find themselves in a neighbourhood that is both commercially and residentially diversified, with easy access to the rest of the city. While the high cost of rent in Industrial Area 12 may be a deterrent for some, the region’s many advantages make it a popular choice for anyone looking to live or work there.

Aqib Khan
Traffic congestion and pollution

Congestion and air pollution are two problems that might affect those who live or work in Sharjah’s Industrial Area 12. The area’s roadways are notoriously congested at rush hour, so expect your journey time to be longer than usual. The local government, however, is working to address the problem by enhancing public transportation, such as by constructing new roads and increasing the availability of public transit. Additionally, the proximity to the city centre and other essential locations makes it handy for those who don’t mind the traffic and pollution. Notwithstanding these difficulties, Industrial Area 12 continues to thrive due to its convenient location, a wide range of enterprises, and welcoming community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Industrial Area 12 Freehold?

No, Industrial Area 12 is not a freehold development.

What are the top attractions in Industrial Area 12, Sharjah?

Some top attractions in and around Industrial Area 12, Sharjah, are Sahara Centre, Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club, National Park, Al Qasba, and Sharjah Aquarium.

How to get to Industrial Area 12 in Sharjah by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

There is no metro station in Mirrbah. The government-owned RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) operates an intercity bus service that connects Dubai with Fujairah, including Mirbah. Depending on traffic, the bus trip takes about two hours.

Which communities are best to live in Industrial Area 12, Sharjah?

Some of the best neighbourhoods in Mirbah are Al Murayr, Al Halah, Al Qariyah Al Gharbiyah, Al Qariyah Al Wusta, and Al Qariyah Al Sharqiyah.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Industrial Area 12?

Mirbah offers a variety of hotels and restaurants for visitors and residents. Some of the best hotels and restaurants in Mirbah are Raynor Hotel & Suites, Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort, Fairmont Fujairah Beach Resort, Hilton Fujairah Resort, The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery, Golden Spoon Restaurant, Al Ain Al Kabab, Al Qattara Restaurant, and Al Mandaloun Café.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Industrial Area 12?

Mirbah in Fujairah offers several options for shopping and grocery needs. Some of the most famous malls and supermarkets in Mirbah are Lulu Express, Zad Supermarket, Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society, Carrefour, Fujairah City Centre, City Centre Ajman, Sahara Centre, and Mall of the Emirates.

What are the best schools in Industrial Area 12, Sharjah?

Some of the best schools in Mirbah are Al Muneera Private School, Al Bateen Scientific Private School, Little Flowers Nursery, and Namaa Al Bustan Nursery.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Industrial Area 12, Sharjah?

Some of the best hospitals in Mirbah are Mirbah Primary Healthcare Center, Madinat Zayed Hospital, NMC Royal Hospital, Burjeel Medical City, Ahalia Hospital, and Mediclinic Al Ain Hospital.

Which are the famous places of worship in Industrial Area 12, Sharjah?

Some famous places of worship in Mirbah are Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Al Raqbani Mosque, Saeed Obaid Al Nuaimi Mosque, Masjed Osama Bin Zaed, and Ansari Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living in Industrial Area 12, Sharjah?

The pros of living in Mirbah, Fujairah, are natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, peaceful and relaxed lifestyle and low cost of living. In contrast, the cons are Limited amenities, job opportunities, social scene, and hot and humid weather.

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