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Industrial Area 2, Sharjah

About Industrial Area 2, Sharjah Overview

The United Arab Emirates city of Sharjah's Industrial Area 2 is home to a thriving business area. This busy location is well-known for its thriving business community and first-rate amenities, attracting business owners and organisations wishing to establish operations there.

A wide variety of amenities is one of Industrial Area 2's best qualities. Businesses of different sizes and sorts can find suitable locations in the region, ranging from large-scale manufacturing plants to tiny factories and showrooms. These properties are perfect for industrial and commercial activities because they are well-designed and furnished with contemporary amenities.

Another important factor that attracts enterprises to Industrial Area 2 is transportation. Major highways, including Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road, are close by, making it simple to travel to different regions of the United Arab Emirates. It is an excellent site for import and export industries due to its proximity to Port Khalid and the Sharjah International Airport.

Overall, Industrial Area 2 is a dynamic commercial area with top-notch facilities, transit access, and enterprise real estate. This region offers the ideal setting for expanding and thriving in Sharjah's business community, whether you want to set up a manufacturing plant, showroom, or warehouse.

Key Highlights of Industrial Area 2, Sharjah

What’s Great Here!
  • Easily accessible from other parts of the UAE
  • Wide range of properties
  • Sharjah International Airport and Port Khalid are nearby
  • Amenities, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes
  • Networking opportunities and collaboration prospects for business
What Needs Attention!
  • Need to improve infrastructure
  • Focus on adopting sustainable practices
  • Diversify the business community further

Real Estate Overview in Industrial Area 2, Sharjah

The Sharjah Industrial Area 2 neighbourhood consists of homes, shops, warehouses, labour camps, commercial lots, industrial zones, and other commercial buildings. It is well known for being economical. Most residents work for companies with locations in Sharjah’s other sub-communities. You could expect to see commercial properties, including shops, warehouses, and labour camps in Industrial Area 2. If you're looking for a residential property, Industrial Area 2 apartments range from 900 to 1600 square feet.

Off-Plan Trends in Industrial Area 2

Off-plan buildings, primarily commercial and industrial, are highly sought after in Sharjah's Industrial Area 2. Several builders are constructing new off-plan projects in Industrial Area 2 to meet the rising demand for warehouses and factories caused by the UAE's industrial sector expansion.

You can get warehouse and factory space available in sizes ranging from 4,000 to 21,000 square feet in the Industrial Area 2 neighbourhood.

Rental Trends in Industrial Area 2

Warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, and offices can all be found in Sharjah's Industrial Area 2, making it a prime spot for commercial and industrial real estate. Rental stores in Sharjah's Industrial Area 2 range from 270 square feet up to 1,600 square feet. In addition, Sharjah Industrial Area 2 has warehouses available for rent ranging in size from 1,000 to 20,000 square feet. 

You can also get 1 to 3 - bedroom apartments/villas for rent in Industrial Area 2, spanning 800 square feet in size configurations.

Sale Trends in Industrial Area 2

There is an abundance of commercial and industrial real estate alternatives in Industrial Area 2. Sharjah's Industrial Area 2 is a bustling retail and industrial centre with various warehouses, factories, manufacturing facilities, and offices. 

Warehouses ranging from around 7,000 square feet to about 9,800 square feet are available in Industrial Area 2. This area has tremendous electrical power for manufacturing and other industrial activities. You may find 900 to 1400 square foot 1 to 3-bedroom apartments and villas in Industrial Area 2.

Public Transportion

Many bus lines give access to various sections of Sharjah and Dubai from here. Route 14, which connects Sharjah Airport with Rolla, and Route 116, which connects Al Jubail Bus Station with Industrial Area 2, are two bus routes that stop in the neighbourhood.

Bus Number Destination
E311 Rashidiya MS / Maliha Road Industrial Area Intersection
E303 Union Square Bus Station - 01 / Sharjah, Al Jubail Bus Station - 02
E303A Sabkha, Bus Station - 01 / Sharjah, Al Jubail Bus Station - 02
E307 Deira City Center Bus Station - 02 / Sharjah, Al Jubail Bus Station - 02
E307A Abu Hail Metro Bus Stop A - 06 / Sharjah, Al Jubail Bus Station - 02
E400 Union Square Bus Station - 01 / Sharjah, King Faisl Rd, Gold Souq (Old) - 01



You can easily purchase groceries in the several stores located in Sharjah Industrial Area 2. Several different goods and services are available at these supermarkets serving Industrial Area 2. These shops are open round-the-clock, so you may shop whenever convenient.

  • Al Naeem Supermarket
  • July Supermarket
  • Shams Al Madina Supermarket
  • Mudhafat Al Madina Supermarket
  • Sultan & Ahmed Supermarket

Educational Institutes

There aren’t that many Schools and universities compared to other regions of Sharjah. However, there are several preschools, elementary schools, and secondary schools in the area for families searching for a place for their children to learn. A few of the best local preschools are:

  • Baby First Nursery Sharjah 
  • Sahara Nursery
  • Champions Nursery
  • Al Nahda Nursery
  • Al Durrah Nursery

You can also go to Al Nahda 2, which is about 14 minutes away by vehicle and has several educational facilities.

Healthcare Facilities

Industrial Area 2 mostly lacks hospitals because it is located in a business district. Nevertheless, there aren’t a lot of clinics in the vicinity of Sharjah Industrial Area 2 that offers comprehensive medical treatment (i.e., primary care, paediatrics, dentistry, and more). Around Industrial Area 2 are several notable medical centres, including:

  • Dr Salman clinic
  • Al Barakah Clinic
  • ICare Medical Center
  • Indulekha Medical Clinic

Places of Worship

You won’t be able to find that many places for worship in the neighbourhood of Sharjah Industrial Area 2, however, there is a local mosque within walking distance and there are numerous churches in Industrial Area 2 situated in Al Nahda 2, Al Qusais 1, and Al Yarmook.

  • Bilal Masjid 
  • International Baptist Church 
  • OLR church
  • St. Martin’s Anglican Church
  • Grace Evangelical Church
  • Shri Mariyamman Temple in Muhaisnah 2

Best Hotels in Industrial Area 2

Even though Industrial Area 2 doesn’t have any hotel in its surroundings, there are several prominent hotels in the main city Sharjah which are a 20-minute drive by car. Sharjah is home to many hotel options suitable for travellers of all stripes and purse strings. There is a wide range of hotel quality in Sharjah, from five-star establishments with opulent suites and posh services to more modest establishments that cater to those on a tighter budget. Here are some hotels that you can stay during in Sharjah:  

  • Four Points by Sheraton Sharjah
  • Hilton Sharjah
  • Centro Sharjah by Rotana
  • Holiday International Sharjah


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

You can find Several shopping malls in Sharjah close to Industrial Area 2. These modern and well-equipped malls have a variety of brands’ stores, restaurants, and entertainment activities to do at Sharjah’s malls. 

  • City Centre Sharjah
  • Sahara Centre Sharjah
  • Ansar Mall
  • Al Safeer Mall

Restaurants / Dining

Visitors from Industrial Area 2 who are interested in trying a wide variety of cuisines should travel to Sharjah. Several dining options are easily accessible by car for residents of Sharjah Industrial Area 2. The following are a few of the most common choices:

  • Al Jerf Cafeteria
  • Al Karama Restaurant
  • Al Falak Restaurant
  • Shams Pakistan Restaurant
  • Afghan Kabul Restaurant
  • Madinat Al Majaz Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

Various beaches in Sharjah’s surrounding districts are easily accessible by automobile or public transit. These recreational beaches feature water slides as well as paragliding and surfing amenities. Beach volleyball or tennis can also be played with family or friends.

  • Al Mamzar Beach 
  • Al Khan Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Visitors may unwind and appreciate the emirate of Sharjah’s natural and cultural wonders at one of the many local leisure activities.

  • Al Qasba
  • Al Majaz Waterfront Park
  • Sharjah Aquarium
  • Al Noor Island Sharjah
  • Traditional Arabian Dhow Monument
  • Mane’i Burj
  • Al Khan Historical Tower
  • Eye of the Emirates
  • Sharjah Clock Tower

Distance and Commute Time

The approximate driving distance and travel time from Sharjah Industrial Area 2 to other well-known locations in Sharjah and Dubai are as follows:

  • Sharjah International Airport is about 14 kilometres (8.7 miles) from Sharjah Industrial Area 2. 
  • The commute time to Dubai Mall is 25-30 minutes by car/taxi.
  • Al Mamzar Beach Park is about 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) from Sharjah Industrial Area 2, and the average commute time is approximately 20-25 minutes by car.
  • Dubai Marina is about 30 kilometres (18.6 miles) from Sharjah Industrial Area 2. 
  • The commute time to Palm Jumeirah is approximately 30-40 minutes by car.
  • Dubai International Airport is about 290 kilometres (12.4 miles) from Sharjah Industrial Area 2. 
  • The commute time to Dubai Marina is 20-30 minutes by car.
Industrial Area 2, Sharjah

Ratings and Reviews

Tasty Food and Wonderful Venues

Like other major cities in the UAE, I enjoyed the food at Sharjah Industrial Area 2 restaurants. Sharjah also has a booming food scene, with numerous restaurants and cafés serving various cuisines to suit various tastes and budgets.

Close Knit Community

I was only in Sharjah for one day, yet I felt incredibly connected to the community. Sharjah’s community is known for being kind and hospitable, emphasising family and community values.

Affordable and Modern Properties for Staying

I returned to Sharjah after a two-year absence and discovered more affordable properties, including flats, villas, townhouses, and commercial properties, than there was the last time.

A Conservative Society

One thing I would like to tell people considering visiting Sharjah is that Sharjah is a conservative city with strong Islamic values. You must be respectful of local customs and traditions.

High Living Expenses

Although Sharjah is a lovely city, I believe it has high living costs. You get top-quality services, but you pay a significant price for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is the Sharjah Industrial Area 2 Freehold?

Although Sharjah’s laws forbid foreigners from owning freehold property there, you may still find long-term leasehold homes there. The property lease might last up to 100 years for international real estate investment in Sharjah.

What are the top attractions in the Sharjah Industrial Area 2?

You won’t find any tourist attractions in Industrial Area 2. However, you can visit the main Sharjah city and check out the Sharjah Aquarium, Art Museum, Al Noor Island, the Heritage Area and National Park.

How to get to the Sharjah Industrial Area 2 by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

You can only reach Sharjah Industrial Area 2 by bus, as there is no metro station in the immediate vicinity. You can take bus lines for Sharjah Industrial area 2 C19, E303, E303A, E307, E307A and E400.

Which are the best communities to live in in the Sharjah Industrial Area 2?

Industrial Area 2 in Sharjah is a sizable neighbourhood not far from Maliha Road (S112). The neighbourhood is mostly a commercial hub, with convenient access to the rest of Sharjah. The location near Maliha Road provides easy access to the city’s commercial and residential districts.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in the Sharjah Industrial Area 2?

Within a short drive, residents may reach a variety of eateries in Sharjah Industrial Area 2. Al Jerf Cafeteria, Al Karama Restaurant, Al Falak Restaurant, Shams Pakistan Restaurant, and Afghan Kabul Restaurant are among them. All are within a 2- to 7-minute driving distance.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Sharjah Industrial Area 2?

Visitors searching for shopping opportunities can discover malls close to Sharjah Industrial Area 2. City Centre Sharjah, Sahara Centre Sharjah, and Ansar Mall are among them. Sahara Center Sharjah is a premier shopping location with well-known worldwide brands. The mall also has a food court and a kids’ play area with rides and activities.

What are the best schools in Sharjah Industrial Area 2?

People seeking educational institutions will discover nearby nurseries, elementary schools, and high schools. Baby First Nursery Sharjah, Sahara Nursery, Champions Nursery, Al Nahda Nursery, and Al Durrah Nursery are some prominent nursery schools nearby.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Sharjah Industrial Area 2?

A few clinics are located near Sharjah Industrial Area 2. Dr Salman Clinic, Al Barakah Clinic, ICare Medical Center, and Indulekha Medical Clinic are among them. Dr Salman Clinic is a 5-minute drive away in Industrial Area 4. Al Barakah Clinic, located in Industrial Area 5, is a 9-minute drive away.

Which are the famous places of worship in Sharjah Industrial Area 2?

Within walking distance is a small mosque in Sharjah Industrial Area 2. Bilal Mosque is only a 4-minute drive away. Many churches may be seen near Sharjah Industrial Area 2. A 13 to 15-minute drive away are the International Baptist Church in Al Nahda 2 and the OLR Church in Al Qusais 1.

What are the pros and cons of living in Sharjah Industrial Area 2?

One of the most notable advantages of Sharjah Industrial Area 2 is its lower cost of living than other surrounding emirates, such as Dubai, making it an appealing alternative for those trying to save costs. However,  Sharjah Industrial Area 2 may need more residential choices as an industrial location, necessitating a lengthier commute from adjacent neighbourhoods.

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