Indian High School Ihs Oud Metha, Dubai

Indian High School Ihs Oud Metha, Dubai

About Indian High School Ihs Oud Metha, Dubai

The Indian High School (IHS), Oud Metha, is the oldest Indian school in Dubai. It is well-regarded for providing quality education and enhancing the overall development of its students. With a KHDA rating of ‘Outstanding’ in the Distance Learning Assessment, the school is counted among the best schools in Dubai. 

IHS is aligned with the Indian CBSE Board, offering education that prepares children to flourish in the outside world and bring out the best in them. As an inclusive school, it offers a special education program for children with special needs or disabilities. The specialised staff caters to the individual needs of all learners. They also conduct screening using screening tools for accurate identification. 

The school promotes holistic development with its 10 extracurricular facilities, 15 sports facilities (indoor and outdoor facilities), and a special lab that focuses solely on developing emerging tech skills among students. Students also learn physical computing, coding, rapid prototyping, and computational thinking in different grades. 

It also organises many activities like Model United Nations (MUN), community outreach programs, art exhibitions, drama, and music. Students go on various field trips, picnics, and trips around the world for recreation and experiential learning. 

What makes IHS a top school is its dedication to maintaining the well-being of students, along with their academics. Through its partnership with the ‘Heartfulness Foundation’, all students are encouraged to practise heartfulness. The school also conducts other special programs, such as Project Evexia, Project One, Project One Root, yoga and meditation, and zentangle and pet therapy, to alleviate stress and support students’ emotional and mental well-being.

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In Brief

School Details

Grading System at The Indian High School, Oud Metha

The Indian High School, Oud Metha, follows the CBSE curriculum at the secondary and senior secondary levels (Grades 9 to 12). In middle school (for Grades 1 to 8), the school has designed a unique curriculum that prepares students for studying the CBSE syllabus.  




Pre-KG - KG 2

Middle School

Grade 1 - Grade 8

Secondary School

Grade 9 - Grade 10

Higher Secondary School

Grade 11 - Grade 12

The Indian High School, Oud Metha, Syllabus

The Indian High School, Oud Metha, has the following syllabus:


At IHS, the middle school curriculum is customised. It puts special emphasis on developing a child’s academic and life skills. Teachers pay great attention to enhancing students’ strengths and improving weak areas. 


At the secondary school level, students follow the CBSE curriculum, which puts special emphasis on Grade 10. Along with these subjects, they study ministry subjects like Arabic, social studies, etc. Students also get access to optional electives like French, computer applications, and artificial technology. 


At the senior secondary level, students get the opportunity to make unique subject combinations by choosing from 21 progressive subjects.

Academic Calendar for Indian High School Ihs Oud Metha

The academic year at IHS is divided into three terms:

  • First Term: April to June 
  • Second Term: September to November
  • Third Term: December to March

Students receive a summer break from July 3rd to August 27th and a winter break from December 11th to January 1st. 

Admission and Fees

How to Apply for The Indian High School, Oud Metha - Step-by-Step Process

To gain admission to The Indian High School, Oud Metha, follow these steps:

Step 1: Online Application 

To begin the admissions process at The Indian High School, parents must complete the application form available on the official website. To fill out the form, you have to create a new user account, fill in the required details, and tick the declaration before submission.

Step 2: Submit Documents 

The next step is to submit the following documents:

  • Passport copy of the father
  • Passport copy of the child
  • Emirates ID of the father
  • Emirates ID of the child
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport-size photograph of the child

Step 3: Assessment

After document submission, students have to take an assessment. Assessment methods differ for different classes.

  • Pre-KG: Assessment session to gauge the child’s independent speech and physical development
  • KG 1: Selection is based on the drawing of lots. The assessment session is similar to the pre-KG level.
  • KG 2 to Grade 9: Eligibility test and panel interview 
  • Grade 10: Eligibility test and panel interview 
  • Grade 11: Performance in Grades 9 and 10, eligibility test, and interview 
  • Grade 12: Eligibility test and interview 

Step 4: Offer Letter and Document Submission

Students who’ve cleared the assessment will receive an offer letter from the school. Parents have to submit extra documents for admission, including:

  • A copy of the child’s passport, visa, and Emirates ID
  • A copy of both parent’s passports, visas, and Emirates ID
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate (attestation required if the birth certificate is issued outside the UAE)
  • 2 recent passport-size photos of the child
  • Vaccination records
  • Copy of school progress reports for the last 2 years
  • Transfer certificate or school leaving certificate with proper attestations

Further, they must pay the required fees.

The school follows the following age criteria for admission:



Pre KG

3 Years

KG 1

4 Years

KG 2

5 Years

1st Grade

6 Years

2nd - 12th Grade 

Based on Transfer Certificate from Previous School

Step 5: Provisional Admission

Upon document verification and KHDA registration, the school will grant provisional admission to the child.

The Indian High School, Oud Metha, School Fees Structure

The fee structure of IHS is as follows:



Grade 5 

AED 5,525

Grade 6

AED 6,696

Grade 7

AED 6,696

Grade 8

AED 6,696

Grades 9 & 10

AED 8,373

Grades 11 & 12

AED 10,465

Parents can use the following modes of payment:

  • Online fee payment
  • Bank transfer 

The school also charges some additional fees:



Facility Fee

AED 2,100


AED 300 - AED 1,000


AED 400 - AED 1,000

Extracurricular Activities 

AED 1,000 - AED 5,000

Annual Day

AED 200 - AED 400

Educational Excursions (International Trips)

AED 5,000 - AED 20,000

Educational Trips (Local)

AED 30 - 100

School Facilities

Transportation Facility at The Indian High School, Oud Metha

The school provides a reliable transportation facility across several parts of Dubai. Parents can fill out the transport form at least a month before the requested date of school bus use. The transportation charges vary from AED 4,300 to AED 8,500 annually. 

Sports Facilities at The Indian High School, Oud Metha

IHS hosts a spacious outdoor sports complex to nurture every student’s physical development. A football field, a cricket pitch, a basketball court, and open spaces are available for students to play outdoor sports. 

Further, a two-storey, air-conditioned indoor sports complex, which includes space for table tennis, badminton, and volleyball, is also available.

Other Facilities at The Indian High School, Oud Metha

The school also offers the following facilities:

  • Science labs
  • Future Forward Leeway Lab: For emerging tech skills like computational thinking and rapid prototyping. It includes facilities like 3D printers for CAM, a dedicated F1 facility with a CNC router, an F1 racetrack, a wind tunnel, Microcontroller Boards Raspberry Pi 3, and much more. 
  • Library
  • Auditorium
  • Recess Radio
  • Music Room
  • Medical/Wellness Centre

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: +971 4 3377475
  • E-mail ID:
  • Website: 
  • Instagram: 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Does the school organise extracurricular activities after regular school hours?

Yes, the school offers extracurricular activities and weekend clubs to encourage students to participate in activities outside of their classrooms.

2. What is the total number of grade levels or academic years in the school?

IHS offers grade levels from Pre-KG to Grade 12 within the school.

3. What is the current enrollment count of students in the school? Furthermore, how many different nationalities are currently represented among the student body?

IHS currently has over 5,000 students enrolled in the school. The student body is a mix of Indian students and other nationalities.

4. What is the format of the academic calendar of The Indian High School, Oud Metha?

An academic year in The Indian High School, Oud Metha commences in April and ends in March of the following year.

5. What is the range of tuition fees charged by The Indian High School, Oud Metha?

The tuition fee charged by The Indian High School, Oud Metha, ranges from AED 5,525 to AED 10,465, depending on your grade.

6. Does the school have a cafeteria or canteen facility available within the campus?

Yes, a canteen is available within the school campus.

7. Does the school host holiday camps during winter, spring, or summer breaks?

The school takes its students on frequent field trips to countries across the globe throughout the year. It has organised trips to countries like India, the USA, Italy, Singapore, New Zealand, and more.

8. What is the current number of teachers employed at the school?

The school has a faculty of 319 teachers, with 50 teachers having more than 10 years of experience, 5 teaching assistants, and 7 sports coaches.

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