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Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi

About Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi

Al Aamerah in Abu Dhabi is a lively and expanding community that skillfully integrates modernism with history. Al Aamerah has swiftly become a popular destination to live and visit due to its gorgeous structures, high-quality services, and vast cultural past. Al Aamerah is most renowned for its stunning skyline, lined with towering structures visually expressing the city's ambition and achievement. These spectacular structures prove Abu Dhabi's status as a significant worldwide financial centre. The Etihad Towers and the Burj Mohammed Bin Rashid are two of the city's most identifiable structures, with excellent views of the city and the Arabian Gulf from both.

Al Amerah is home to various fascinating entertainment venues and gorgeous architecture. Locals and visitors alike may enjoy a wide range of high-end shopping and dining options at the area's five-star hotels, spas, and malls. Luxury shoppers go to The Avenue at Etihad Towers and The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, while visitors enjoy the area's hotels' world-class spas and recreational services.

In addition to commemorating its past, Al Aamerah provides residents and visitors with a taste of true Emirati culture. The neighbourhood is brimming with cultural institutions, such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, which house world-class collections of artwork and antiques. These public gathering spots encourage artistic expression as well as intercultural understanding.

Because of its secure streets and well-designed communities with various housing options (including flats, townhouses, and villas), Al Aamerah is an excellent spot to raise a family. The residential portions of Al Aamerah are meticulously planned to promote the residents' quality of life by adding parks, playgrounds, and other recreational amenities. Local schools and hospitals meet worldwide standards, providing local families easy access to the finest education and healthcare.

Furthermore, Al Aamerah's favourable location makes it an excellent location for living and working. The neighbourhood is easily accessible from everywhere in the city because of Abu Dhabi's and the rest of the Emirates' extensive road and public transport networks. Because of its proximity to major commercial areas such as Al Maryah Island and the Central Company District, it has attracted many professionals and business owners.

Finally, the enticing combination of modernism and heritage that is Al Aamerah in Abu Dhabi is difficult to resist. The suburb has thrived due to its appealing blend of historical value, modern amenities, cultural relevance, and a family-friendly ambience. Al Aamerah is the essence of Abu Dhabi's municipal plan, preserving its cultural heritage while developing into the future.

Key Highlights of Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi

What’s Great Here!
  • Luxurious Lifestyle
  • Prime Location
  • High-Quality Residences
  • World-Class Facilities
  • High Security and Privacy
What Needs Attention!
  • High-Cost
  • Limited Availability of Residences
  • Traffic Congestion

Properties in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi

The available properties in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi, largely comprises studios, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom flats. These flats are housed in a variety of structures across the neighbourhood. These apartments' covered surfaces generally vary from 550 square feet to 1,220 square feet, providing inhabitants with a suitable living space.

Prospective tenants can choose from studios that are excellent for singles or couples looking for a small but useful living area. Furthermore, 1-bedroom apartments have a bit more space, making them ideal for small families or people who desire more space. 2-bedroom apartments are available for people needing extra bedrooms or more spacious accommodations, giving adequate living space for families or individuals who want more room to stretch out.

However, it is crucial to note that no villas exist in the Al Aamerah neighbourhood. Al Aamerah's primary focus is on providing excellent apartment living alternatives. Prospective buyers and renters can look through the various buildings in Al Aamerah, such as Lilies Tower, Paradise Lakes Towers, Lavender Tower, Goldcrest Dream Towers and M.R. Tower, to find the perfect studio, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartment with the exact square footage they require. Visiting real estate brokers or official sources associated with Al Aamerah in Abu Dhabi is advisable for the most up-to-date and exact information regarding available homes.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Aamerah

Off-plan properties in Al Aamerah likely have experienced several trends. Firstly, high demand for off-plan properties is common in prestigious developments like Al Aamerah. The exclusivity and potential for future value appreciation make these properties attractive to buyers and investors.

The off-plan market in Al Aamerah may have offered a diverse range of property options. Buyers could choose from various property types, such as apartments with different layouts, sizes, and views. This flexibility allows buyers to select a property that aligns with their preferences and requirements.

Attractive payment plans are often a prominent feature of off-plan projects in Al Aamerah. Developers may have offered flexible payment schedules, allowing buyers to make staggered payments during construction. These payment plans can make investing in off-plan properties more accessible and manageable for buyers.

Exclusive amenities and facilities are likely a focal point of off-plan developments in Al Aamerah. Developers may have highlighted state-of-the-art fitness centres, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and other recreational areas as part of their offerings. The promise of luxurious amenities enhances off-plan properties' desirability and value proposition.

Rental Trends in Al Aamerah

The rising demand for larger rental units is a prominent trend in Al Aamerah. Families, in particular, are looking for more spacious rooms to meet their expanding demands. As a result, larger-square-footage flats and homes have gained favour. These homes frequently include many bedrooms, large living areas, and storage space. The need for more significant living areas reflects an increasing emphasis on comfort and the requirement for space to support a variety of lifestyles.

Another noteworthy trend in Al Aamerah is the increased demand for studio flats and smaller units. As urbanisation and demographic change, more young professionals and individuals are coming to the region. Studio flats, distinguished by their small size, have grown in popularity among individuals seeking economical and convenient housing alternatives. Al Aamerah residents increasingly seek rental choices, including access to fitness centres, swimming pools, social areas, and other recreational amenities.

Sale Trends in Al Aamerah

The demand for bigger houses is a prominent trend in Al Aamerah's sales market. Property with large square footage has attracted families and people looking for large living areas. These bigger residences frequently include many bedrooms, huge living areas, and extras like gardens or balconies.

Another notable trend is the growing popularity of smaller homes, particularly among young professionals and first-time purchasers. Compact flats and townhouses are gaining popularity in Al Aamerah's real estate sector. These smaller flats allow a lower-cost entry into the real estate market and a low-maintenance lifestyle for individuals with hectic schedules. Furthermore, the location of houses considerably influences Al Aamerah's sales patterns. Many purchasers prioritise proximity to vital facilities such as schools, retail centres, and transit linkages.

Public Transport

Al Aamerah's public transport system provides residents and visitors easy and efficient choices. The neighbourhood and adjacent regions are easily accessible because of a well-connected network of buses, trains, and taxis. This dependable transit infrastructure helps Al Aamerah's accessibility and livability.

The major bus lines traversing via Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi, are as follows:-

Bus Line Number Destination
X1 Al Aamerah Bus Terminal To Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station
102 Al Aamerah Bus Terminal To Al Wadha Mall
120 Al Aamerah Bus Terminal To Marina Mall
130 Al Aamerah Bus Terminal To Corniche Beach
218 Al Aamerah Bus Terminal To Khalifa City A


  • Nurseries/ Educational Institute

  • Supermarkets

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Places of Worship

Al Aamerah in Abu Dhabi is home to several outstanding nurseries and educational organisations. From famous preschools to respectable institutions, parents in this booming neighbourhood may discover exceptional education alternatives for their children, offering a loving and fulfilling learning experience. Some of the Educational Institute in and nearby Al Aamerah are

  • Woodlem Park School
  • Avalon Heights World Private School
  • Secondary Technical School, National School
  • Pamir Private School
  • Green Apple Nursery
  • Kids Town Nursery
  • Mom & Dad English Nursery

Al Aamerah in Abu Dhabi has a diverse range of stores catering to the inhabitants’ requirements. These supermarkets, which range from large chains to local shops, offer a comfortable and varied shopping experience by carrying a wide choice of items and making them easily accessible. Some of the supermarkets in and nearby Al Aamerah are

  • Bravo Supermarket
  • Al Ruman Supermarket
  • Al Yasmeen Supermarket
  • Telal Al Rahmaniyya Supermarket

Al Aamerah in Abu Dhabi has a varied range of healthcare facilities. Residents have access to high-quality medical services, which range from contemporary hospitals to specialised clinics. The neighbourhood prioritises the health of its residents by offering convenient and dependable healthcare alternatives. Some of the healthcare facilities in and nearby Al Aamerah are

  • Khalid Lala Medical Clinic LLC
  • Al Bustan Medical Center
  • Al Sanaiya Clinic
  • Dar Al Reem Medical Center
  • Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Ajman
  • Thumbay University Hospital

A broad assortment of houses of worship caters to the spiritual requirements of its citizens in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi. From mosques to churches and temples, the neighbourhood promotes religious unity by providing tranquil locations for people to practise their faith and find consolation. Some of the places of worship in and nearby Al Aamerah are

  • Fatima Al Zehra Mosque
  • Saif Saeed Al Shamsi Mosque
  • Saada Alhattab Mosque
  • Sheikh Rashid Almualla Mosque
  • Winners Chapel International Ajman
  • Greater Light of God Church
  • Go Church

Best Hotels in Al Aamerah

You won't find better hospitality elsewhere than at Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi. Several five-star hotels offering sumptuous accommodations and impeccable service can be found in the neighbourhood. Hotels in Al Aamerah are excellent options for visitors to the city, whether they are in town for business or leisure. Some of the hotels in and nearby Al Aamerah are

  • Courtyard by Marriott World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi
  • Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan
  • Premier Inn Abu Dhabi Capital Centre
  • Centro Capital Centre by Rotana
  • Park Rotana Abu Dhabi
  • Aloft Abu Dhabi
  • Marriott Hotel Downtown, Abu Dhabi
  • Traders Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi
  • Shangri-La Hotel, Qaryat Al Beri, Abu Dhabi


  • Shopping Centres/ Malls

  • Restaurants/ Dining

  • Beaches Nearby

  • Leisure Activities Nearby

Shopping and leisure venues of various kinds can be found in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi. These shopping centres have a wide array of stores, from exclusive boutiques to discount stores for well-known brands, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Some of the malls in and nearby Al Aamerah are

  • My Mall Ajman
  • Ajman China Mall 
  • Outlet Mall
  • CeeTee Mall
  • Redha Mall

Restaurants providing cuisines worldwide may be found in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi. This vibrant neighbourhood is home to a diverse range of restaurants, from premium establishments serving gourmet meals to casual eateries serving a taste of the globe. Some of the restaurants in and nearby Al Aamerah are

  • Al Madinah Restaurant & Café
  • Al Tamer Restaurant
  • Cube Café
  • Mughlai Junction Restaurant
  • Eat On Restaurant

Beautiful Abu Dhabi beaches like those at Al Aamerah are nearby. Beautiful shorelines, calm waves, and a peaceful ambience make the beaches in the area a great place to unwind and have fun. Some beaches nearby Al Aamerah are

  • Al Zohra Public Beach
  • Ajman Corniche

Numerous recreational opportunities are available to locals of Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi. There is something for everyone to relax and have a good time in Abu Dhabi Corniche, from exploring the beautiful beaches to seeing famous sites to shopping at high-end stores to trying out exciting water sports. Some of the Leisure Activities nearby Al Aamerah are

  • Ajman Oval
  • Eden Gardens Ajman
  • Ajman Cricket Club
  • Sharjah National Park
  • Wasit Nature Reverse

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance between Al Aamerah and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is roughly 16 kilometres (10 miles), with a car commuting time of around 15-20 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Aamerah and Abu Dhabi Mall is roughly 10 kilometres (6 miles), with a car commuting time of approximately 10-15 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Aamerah and Emirates Palace is roughly 15 kilometres (9 miles), with a car commuting time of around 15-20 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Aamerah and the Louvre Abu Dhabi is roughly 12 kilometres (7 miles), with a journey time of around 10-15 minutes by automobile.
  • The distance between Al Aamerah and Marina Mall is roughly 14 kilometres (9 miles), with a car commuting time of around 15-20 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Aamerah and Yas Waterworld is roughly 30 kilometres (19 miles), with a journey time of around 25-30 minutes by automobile, depending on traffic conditions.
Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi

Ratings and Reviews

Asad Khan
Luxurious Lifestyle

Living a lavish lifestyle in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi, is an unforgettable experience. Every aspect screams richness, from magnificent residential estates to expensive facilities and services. The neighbourhood is an excellent retreat for individuals seeking the pinnacle of luxury living, with a seamless combination of comfort, ease, and refinement.

Natasha Mendosa
Prime Location

As a resident of Al Aamerah in Abu Dhabi, I appreciate its convenient location. Its central location provides unequalled access to key attractions, commercial centres, and necessary facilities. With everything within walking distance, this neighbourhood embodies the ease and benefits of a superb location.

Kabir Dasani
High-Quality Residences

The quality of houses in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi, is superb. The architectural design, attention to detail, and exquisite finishes create a genuinely engaging living space. Al Aamerah’s high-quality apartments provide unparalleled luxury and refinement, from wide layouts to modern facilities.

Iqbal Rahim
Traffic Congestion

Congestion in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi, can sometimes be problematic. The area’s expanding popularity has increased traffic volumes during peak hours, causing occasional delays. However, it is feasible with appropriate planning and other routes, and the neighbourhood’s ease and facilities make it worthwhile.

Shaheen Roy
High Maintenance Fees

As an Al Aamerah resident; the expensive maintenance expenses are a detriment. While the neighbourhood provides excellent amenities and services, the related fees might be substantial. These fees should be factored into your budget because they may mount up and affect the overall affordability of living in Al Aamerah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Aamerah Freehold?

No, Al Aamerah is not a freehold but a leasehold property.

What are the top attractions in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi?

The top attractions in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi, are Ajman Oval, Eden Gardens Ajman, Ajman Cricket Club, Sharjah National Park, and Wasit Nature Reverse.

How to get to Al Aamerah in Abu Dhabi by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

There is no metro station in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi. However, you can reach Al Aamerah by taking a bus. The nearest bus stops or terminals provide the most convenient access to the neighbourhood.

What are the best communities in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi?

The best communities in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi, are Al Mazraa Tower and Smart Tower 1.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Aamerah?

The best hotels and restaurants in Al Aamerah are Courtyard by Marriott World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi, Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan, Premier Inn Abu Dhabi Capital Centre, Centro Capital Centre by Rotana, Al Madinah Restaurant & Café, Al Tamer Restaurant, Cube Café, Mughlai Junction Restaurant, and Eat On Restaurant.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Aamerah?

The famous malls and supermarkets in Al Aamerah are My Mall Ajman, Ajman China Mall, Outlet Mall, CeeTee Mall, Redha Mall, Bravo Supermarket, Al Ruman Supermarket, Al Yasmeen Supermarket, and Telal Al Rahmaniyya Supermarket.

What are the best schools in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi?

The best schools in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi, are Woodlem Park School, Avalon Heights World Private School, Secondary Technical School, National School, Pamir Private School, Green Apple Nursery, Kids Town Nursery, and Mom & Dad English Nursery. 

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi?

The best hospitals and clinics in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi are Khalid Lala Medical Clinic LLC, Al Bustan Medical Center, Al Sanaiya Clinic, Dar Al Reem Medical Center, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City Ajman, and Thumbay University Hospital.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi?

The famous places of worship in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi are Fatima Al Zehra Mosque, Saif Saeed Al Shamsi Mosque, Saada Alhattab Mosque, Sheikh Rashid Almualla Mosque, Winners Chapel International Ajman, Greater Light of God Church, and Go Church.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi?

Pros of living in Al Aamerah, Abu Dhabi, include convenient location, access to amenities, and a luxurious lifestyle. Cons may include traffic congestion, high maintenance fees, and potential fluctuations in real estate prices.

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