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Al Mafraq Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi

About Al Mafraq Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi

Have you ever wondered where commerce and industry collide in a captivating dance of productivity and purpose? Look no further than the Al Mafraq Industrial Area! If you're searching for a district that's not just a destination but a hub of economic activity, you've stumbled upon the hotspot for manufacturing, logistics, and more in Dubai. 

Nestled in the eastern region of the Emirates, the Al Mafraq Industrial Area isn't just a pin on the map. It's a vibrant, thriving centre boasting warehouses, factories, commercial enterprises, and more! Whether your interests lie in warehousing, manufacturing, fabrication, or wholesale trade, this place has got you covered. Al Mafraq Industrial Area is also one of the most popular and affordable areas for industrial and logistics companies looking to set up operations in Dubai.  

This guide will take you on an insightful tour of this eclectic empire. So, let's explore the ins and outs of this industrial gem like never before! From strategic location to cost-effective real estate, Al Mafraq has a lot working in its favour.

Key Highlights of Al Mafraq Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi

What’s Great Here!
  • Al Mafraq Industrial Area has a strategic location with good connectivity to major highways like Emirates Road and Al Awir Road, providing convenient access.
  • Numerous warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities cater to various companies and sectors.
  • It offers a cost-effective real estate option for industrial and logistics companies as compared to other developed areas of Dubai.
  • The area features basic amenities like mosques, inexpensive restaurants, and convenience stores to meet daily needs.
  • There are open spaces and low-rise buildings as opposed to crowded skyscrapers.
What Needs Attention!
  • Al Mafraq Industrial Area lacks leisure destinations like malls, entertainment venues, hotels, and other tourism infrastructure.
  • There is limited availability of schools, hospitals, and other key civic amenities required for community living.
  • The area witnesses heavy truck traffic, causing noise and air pollution.
  • There are very few green spaces or sufficient landscaping elements.

Real Estate Overview in Al Mafraq Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi

Al Mafraq Industrial Area presents a range of industrial and logistics facilities catering to various company requirements. Prospective tenants can choose from a variety of warehouses, workshops, labourers' accommodations, and open yards. Sizes range from small single-story structures to large multi-level warehouses spanning thousands of square feet.

The area has captured the interest of smart investors, especially for warehouse purchases, given affordable price points. The industrial market provides options across budgets, making it an attractive proposition for investment-grade real estate. As an established industrial zone focused solely on commerce and manufacturing, Al Mafraq offers no residential or retail properties.

Public Transportation

Al Mafraq Industrial Area's public transport system is primarily comprised of RTA bus routes offering connectivity to key locations. While the area is well-connected via highways, private vehicles remain essential for commuting within the industrial zone.

Taxi services provide a reliable alternative for visiting employees and personnel. As an industrial area witnessing significant cargo movement, Al Mafraq is reliant on robust road infrastructure rather than rail.

Bus Line Number Destination
443 Shakbout City Al Mufraq Dialysis Center to Al Mafraq Industrial Area
992 Al Quoz Industrial Area to Al Mafraq Industrial Area
X23 Jebel Ali Industrial Area to Al Mafraq Industrial Area


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

As an industrial area, Al Mafraq has no major schools or universities. The nearest educational options are in surrounding neighbourhoods like Mirdif and Dubai Academic City. Here are some of them:

  • Al Wathba Private School
  • Hamdan Bin Mohammed High School
  • United School of Baniyas
  • GEMS United Indian School
  • International Indian School Abu Dhabi 
  • Philippine Emirates Private School


Small supermarkets and grocery shops are available for convenient access to daily essentials. These include:

  •  New Golden City Supermarket
  • Bab Al Mafraq Supermarket 
  • Shabab Al Fareej Grocery Store

Healthcare Facilities

Basic medical clinics provide outpatient services. However, there are no major hospitals within the vicinity. Some of the options available are:

  • Al Salama Hospital
  • Mediclinic Baniyas
  • Smart Health Pharmacy
  • Medicare Pharmacy

Places of Worship

As an industrial area housing a transient workforce, Al Mafraq Industrial Area provides a few modest mosques catering to the local Muslim labour population. Other faiths typically do not have designated places of worship, given the area’s nature.

Mosques Nearby:

Small community mosques offer convenient prayer spaces:

  • Al Jaber Camp Mosque
  • Labour Camp Mosque
  • Saeed Bin Jubair Mosque

Churches Nearby:

There are no churches located within or near the Al Mafraq Industrial Area. You can go to Mussafah if you want to visit a church. The ride to Mussafah can take somewhere around 15 minutes if there is moderate traffic.

Gurudwara Nearby

There are no gurudwaras in the vicinity of the Al Mafraq Industrial Area, but they can be found at different locations in Abu Dhabi.

Hindu Temples Nearby

No Hindu temples are located nearby; however, there are temples in and around various locations in Abu Dhabi.

Best Hotels in the Al Mafraq Industrial Area

As an industrial zone, there are limited hotel options, mainly budget hotels and workers' accommodations:

  • Metropolitan Al Mafraq Hotel
  • Saray Deluxe Hotel Apartments
  • L'Arabia Hotel Apartments

Metropolitan Al Mafraq Hotel is a 3-star hotel with a gym, outdoor pool, and 4 dining outlets.

Saray Deluxe Hotel Apartments have modern apartments featuring an outdoor pool, fitness centre, and dining options.

L'Arabia Hotel Apartments are homely apartments offering self-catering facilities and parking spaces.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

As a singularly zoned industrial district, Al Mafraq Industrial Area does not encompass any retail shopping centres, malls or commercial markets within its boundaries. It caters to warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics facilities operating without integration of shopfronts or consumer outlets. Workers largely rely on neighbourhood shops outside the area. No major shopping malls are located in the area. The nearest options are:

  • Baniyas Mall
  • Mafraq Mall 
  • Bawabet Al Sharq Mall

Restaurants/ Dining

Dining options are sparse, dominated by low-cost self-service cafeterias serving predominantly a labour population working in factories and warehouses. Fine dining restaurants are notably absent owing to nearly non-existent affluent residential catchments and a purely industrial ambience. Basic inexpensive dining options available such as:

  • Nawala Restaurant
  • Chattpata Cafeteria
  • Royal Lahori Tikka Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

Al Mafraq lies inland without proximity to coastal beaches, a shortcoming stemming from the limited integration of community structures. Public beaches on Dubai’s shoreline remain at a distance, leaving little options for temporary blue-collar residents to access waterfront leisure on days off from industrial jobs. The nearest beach options are:

  • Hameem Beach: This beach presents a stretch of shoreline for residents across Dubai, including those from Al Mafraq seeking weekend waterfront access.
  • Kite Beach: It offers another destination along Dubai’s coast for inland districts like Al Mafraq to enjoy oceanfront recreation on days off.

Leisure Activities Nearby

Beyond work and rest, few recreational avenues characterise a transitional neighbourhood of temporary industrial employees. Structural barriers to wholesome leisure stem from planned zoning constraints disregarding long-term inhabitant wellbeing. The nearest public parks are:

Wathba Wetland Reserve: A scenic landscape home to vibrant flamingo flocks and the historic Wathba Palace. It allows visitors to soak in beautiful vistas and rich biodiversity.

Baniyas Public Park: A community park featuring children’s play areas and landscaped jogging tracks – ideal for family time and fitness.

Ladies Garden: An exclusive, safe garden space for women providing avenues for open-air recreation.

Spartans Body Building Club: A neighbourhood gym offering weight training and strength-building equipment for fitness enthusiasts.

Al Eshush Fitness Centre: A budget-friendly exercise centre providing basic gym equipment and training for local workers.

Al Mafraq Industrial Area - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and commute

  • Al Mafraq Industrial Area to Abu Dhabi International Airport is approximately 1 hour 22 minutes (148.9 km) 
  • Al Mafraq Industrial Area to Yas Island is approximately 21 minutes (19.1 km)
  • Al Mafraq Industrial Area to Abu Dhabi is about 21 minutes (37.8 km)
  • Al Mafraq Industrial Area to Abu Dhabi Mall is about 31 minutes (40.6 km) 
  • Al Mafraq Industrial Area to Burj Khalifa is around 1 hour 15 minutes (133.5 km)
Al Mafraq Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi

Rating and Reviews

John Deen

Al Mafraq Industrial Area offers cost-effective warehouses and storage options that are crucial for my logistics company. Strategic location and affordable leases make operations smooth. Proximity to airports, ports, and highways maximises efficiency.

Sarah Bush

I shifted my garment factory here due to budget constraints. While equipment installation and warehouse leases are fairly priced, worker amenities need improvement. Dormitories require upgrading, and transportation links for staff can be strengthened.

Kunal Singh

Our metal fabrication moved base to Al Mafraq last year. Land prices made expansion plans feasible. Developed infrastructure aids heavy machinery movement. Support amenities remain basic, but location advantage offsets limitations for industrial players like us.

Amelia Rozario

My husband works in the Al Mafraq logistics hub. Affordable rentals permit decent savings. However, distance from downtown areas and power fluctuations are troublesome. Leisure offerings remain dismal, but early shift ends provide family time on weekends.

Mark Graham

Al Mafraq suits our budget automotive spare parts trading company. Well-connected for exports and solid local buyer access being near industrial areas. Worker dorm rentals may improve, but overall, it is an efficient, no-frills manufacturing base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of companies operate in the Al Mafraq Industrial Area?

Key companies in Al Mafraq span logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, fabrication units, wholesale trade, oil recycling centres, scrapyards, workers’ accommodations, etc.

What are some popular industrial activities found in Al Mafraq?

Popular industrial operations include manufacturing plants, commercial workshops, cargo handling, oil refinement, vehicle repair centres, construction operations, etc.

How can I travel to the Al Mafraq Industrial Area?

Al Mafraq has bus connectivity and is accessible via major highways and interchanges such as Emirates Road, Al Awir Road and Route E611. Al Mafraq Metro station is 2 km away.

What amenities are available in the Al Mafraq Industrial Area?

It offers basic amenities like staff accommodations, cheap cafeterias, convenience shops, clinics, and small community mosques. Malls, leisure spaces, hospitals, etc., are not found.

What sectors dominate real estate in the Al Mafraq Industrial Area?

Warehouses, godowns, fabrication units, workers’ dormitories, and land plots for industrial facilities constitute a majority of real estate. No residential or retail properties are available.

How affordable is the Al Mafraq Industrial Area?

Al Mafraq industrial real estate costs approximately 25-40% less than equivalent options in other Dubai locations, enabling budget operations.

What was the previous name of the Al Mafraq area?

Initial records show the area being referenced as Al Maliki. The area has now fully transitioned to designated identity as the Al Mafraq Industrial Zone over the past two decades.

Are noise levels an issue in the industrial area?

Yes, significant noise pollution owing to round-the-clock heavy vehicle movement and machinery operations is an issue affecting inhabitants’ well-being.

Are further expansion plans approved in Al Mafraq?

As a mature industrial area, major land use changes or additions are not currently planned. Existing infrastructure may be updated by occupant firms as needed.

What locational advantage does Al Mafraq offer companies?

Strategic access to airports, seaports, inter-emirate highways, and the availability of cost-effective industrial space aid businesses operating in Al Mafraq.

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