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Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi

About Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi

Al Reef Downtown is a part of the Al Reef community in Abu Dhabi. Al Reef is a master development plan comprising two sub-communities - villas and apartments. Al Reef Downtown sub-community features mid-rise apartment buildings. Al Reef Downtown community features 46 apartment buildings with 1,818 apartments.

Al Reef Downtown is one of the highly preferable and popular residential communities in Abu Dhabi for people to rent or buy an apartment. The community features studios and one, two, and three-bedroom apartments offering spacious apartments. Apartments are available in various designs and layouts, giving the buyers and tenants a choice as per their needs, requirements, and desires.

The apartments have a modern and contemporary design, and the buildings have a modern look with an aesthetic colour palette.

Al Reef is a mixed residential community, so the neighbourhood also offers commercial spaces and retail shops. It spans over 1,37,130 square feet of land and has ample amenities for residents. The community has a swimming pool, kid's play area, community gym and beautifully manicured garden to relax and spend quality time with family.

Moreover, the Al Reef community is nearby Abu Dhabi International Airport, so the residents might have to hear aeroplane landing and taking-off noises.

Al Reef Downtown has a variety of residential development such that it has something for everyone, from spacious villas to affordable apartments. It is one of the neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi offering a high return on investments.

Key Highlights of Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi

What’s Great Here!
  • Mid-rise apartment buildings
  • One of the popular communities among buyers
  • Features top-class amenities and facilities
  • Secure and safe neighbourhood
  • Commercial, retail, and social services available
  • Easy access to Khalifa City and Yas Island
What Needs Attention!
  • Only apartment community
  • Far away from leisure activities and tourist destinations.

Real Estate Overview in Al Reef Downtown

Al Reef Downtown offers apartments with different layouts, designs, and room configurations to satisfy every tenant and investor's needs. The apartments differ from studios to one, two, and three bedrooms with spacious living rooms and bedrooms. The best part of Al Reef Downtown is that the apartments are available at affordable and reasonable rents, which is perfect for families, couples, and individuals. 

The living space for studios and one-bedroom apartments varies from 450 to 850 square feet. The average coverage area for a two-bedroom apartment is 1,230 square feet. The coverage area for a three-bedroom apartment varies from 1,400 to 2,100 square feet.

The Al Reef Downtown community features a variety of high-class amenities like spacious balconies, a private courtyard, and dedicated parking spots. Moreover, there are gyms, kids' play areas, and a resort-style swimming pool to relax on summer weekends.

Apart from these facilities, the neighbourhood is close to Abu Dhabi International Airport, fire station, hospital, pharmacies, supermarkets and restaurants. The famous malls and popular tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi are far from Al Reef Downtown.

Rental trends in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi

There are many apartments and studios available for rent in Al Reef Downtown. People can easily find one to three-bedroom apartments for rent in Al Reef Downtown at highly affordable rates. The commercial and residential properties here are available at unbelievable prices and with all the latest amenities and services.

The rental trends in Abu Dhabi are becoming affordable. In all the popular neighbourhoods, the rental trends are decreasing, or there is no change in the rental trend. The three-bedroom apartment for rent in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi, has the highest rent compared to studios and one-bedroom apartments. The rental trends show that apartments fall into affordable categories.

Sales Trends in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi

As per reports, Al Reef Downtown is one of the best areas to buy affordable apartments. The average price per square foot of the apartments in Al Reef has decreased by 1.75%.

The sale trends show the apartments are affordable. It is one of the best places to invest, as real estate properties offer higher returns than other neighbourhoods. Studios have a higher return on investment than two- and three-bedroom apartments. The studios offer 8.6% ROI, one-bedroom apartments offer 8.4%, and two and three-bedroom apartments offer 8.3% ROI.

Al Reef Downtown offers one of the best and most secure residential neighbourhoods and high-class amenities. The apartment for sale in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi, is a good purchase for buying and investing purposes.

Public Transport

Al Reef Downtown has a safe and secure environment. It is one of the many reasons why people prefer walking around the city area. Even at night, moving around in the community on foot is safe. The second most preferred commuting mode is private transport services such as taxis and cabs. Regarding public transport, people consider moving by bus, mainly to the nearby cities. Here are some of the common bus routes in Al Reef Downtown:

Bus Line Number Destination
101 Capital Park, Al Danah to Dalma Mall, Abu Dhabi Industrial City
A40 Al Shahama Bus Station, Al Bahyah to Baniyas West Bus Station, Baniyas West
F1 Al Shamkha Mall, Al Shamkha to Downtown, Al Reef


Nurseries/Educational Institutions

Schools in Al Reef Downtown offer the best education and focus on the holistic development of the children. Some of the best schools in and around the area are:

  • Yellow Submarine Nursery
  • Maple Bear Nursery 
  • Al Yasat Private School
  • Yousef Nursery
  • Canadian International School
  • Virginia International Private School

Al Yasat Private School is one of the best schools in the locality and aims at the overall development of the students by following the US Common Core Standards in every grade. Virginia International Private School follows the American curriculum.

There are also universities in the nearby localities, like Khalifa Univerisity, Zayed University, and Al Khawarizmi International College, which are just 12-20 minutes away from Al Reef Downtown.


Many local stores and supermarkets can easily cater to all the needs and demands of the people staying in Al Reef Downtown. Fresh fruits, vegetables, milk and meat are always available. Most items available here are affordable. One can also expect many sales and ongoing discounts. People can also visit the supermarkets in the nearby areas, which are about 13-14 minutes away. Here are some supermarkets in and around Al Reef Downtown:

  • Carrefour
  • Waitrose market
  • Select Market

Healthcare Facilities

There are many healthcare facilities around Al Reef Downtown. People can visit the nearest emergency clinics and hospitals and get accurate consultancy. The doctors available here are highly educated and have great knowledge. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Healthplus Family Clinic
  • Sno Dental Clinic
  • Ibn Sina Medical Centre 
  • Mediclinic Khalifa City
  • Burjeel Medical Centre

Ibn Sina Medical Center is the closed medical centre to the Al Reef Downtown community and provides quality healthcare and the utmost priority to emergency cases. Burjeel Medical Centre and Mediclicnic Khalifa City have a variety of healthcare departments with high-tech medical equipment and highly-trained medical staff.

Places of Worship

Al Reem Downtown is mainly a residential area, and many places of worship exist in and around the area. However, while moving within the city’s premises, one can only find mosques of different sizes. The mosques here are easily accessible, making it easy for the devotees to visit and pray daily. The residents must travel to the nearest cities to the churches and temples. The places of worship in and around Al Reem Downtown are:

  • Mosque of Fatima Ibrahim El Saman
  • Mosque of Aisha Ibrahim Al Saman
  • Mar Thoma Church
  • Abu Dhabi Apostolic Tamil Church
  • All Saints Anglican Church
  • BAPS Hindu Mandir

All the churches are 20 minutes from the Al Reef Downtown community in the Mussafah neighbourhood. BAPS Hindu Mandir is 16 minutes from the locality.

Best Hotels In Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi

Al Reef Downtown is primarily a residential area where one can mainly find apartments. However, few hotels around the community offer affordable accommodations with high-class amenities and facilities. Mainly tourists who stay longer opt to rent a studio apartment here. Most five-star and lavish hotels are in Yas Island and the Al Raha neighbourhood. Here are some lavish hotels in and around the Al Reef Downtown area:

  • Aerotel Abu Dhabi
  • Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Al Raha Beach Hotel
  • Yas Island Rotana
  • Hilton Abu Dhabi


Shopping Malls

The shopping culture among the people of Al Reef Downtown is fairly low. It is a residential area near Abu Dhabi International Airport; no famous malls are around Al Reef Downtown. Most famous Abu Dhabi malls are far from the Al Reef Downtown locality. Here are some closest shopping malls and centres to the locality:

  • Yas Mall
  • My city centre Masdar
  • Central Mall
  • Al Raha Mall


Food is the main activity and outing in the community of Al Reef Downtown. The people here love the local Arabic food at small joints and eateries. There are many popular restaurants where people can find different cuisines. One can also find cafes easily. Some of the famous restaurants and cafes of Al Reef Downtown are-

  • Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe
  • Chilis
  • Dish Dash
  • Royal Orchid Restaurant
  • Wok to Walk

Beaches Nearby

The Al Reef Downtown locality is far from the beaches. It is on the mainland, and it might take around half an hour to reach the coastline. Some popular beaches near Al Reef Downtown have the most beautiful and clean waters. Visitors can also enjoy great seafood and chill at the beaches. These beaches are also famous for water sports and activities. Some beaches nearby are-

  • Yas Beach
  • Lou-Lou Beach
  • Al Bateen Beach
  • Al Bahia Open Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

The Al Reef Downtown is far from the leisure activities and popular tourist places in Abu Dhabi, mainly due to its strategic location nearby Abu Dhabi International Airport. It might take around 20-30 minutes to reach some of the tourist places in Abu Dhabi. However, to spend some quality time with family and relax, the locality has ample parks and recreational activities in the neighbourhood. Here are some leisure activities around Al Reef Downtown:

  • Yas Marina 
  • Masdar Park
  • Yas Bay Waterfront 
  • Warner Bros World 
  • Yas Water World 
  • Ferrari World
  • Jubail Mangrove Park

Distance and Commute Time

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport is 11.3 km away and takes 11 minutes to reach there. 
  • NMC Royal Hospital is 18.3 km away and takes 18 minutes to reach. 
  • Zayed University is 21.4 km away and takes 20 minutes. 
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport is 11.3 km away and takes 11 minutes to reach there. 
  • Al Ghazal Golf Club is 9.9 km away and takes 11 minutes to reach. 
  • Yas Marina is 20.3 km away and takes 23 minutes to reach. 
  • IKEA Abu Dhabi is 26.5 km away and takes 25 minutes to reach. 
  • Ferrari World is 22.8 km away and takes 24 minutes to reach.
Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi

Ratings and Reviews

Mihran Khan
Great apartments

There are many amazing apartments in Al Reef Downtown, ranging in different configurations. I work at the airport, so my work schedule is hectic. So, I could not afford a residence in far locations because I have also spent time travelling. Luckily, I got a small, cosy studio in Al Reef Downtown at affordable rates.

Amayra Al Ahmed
Affordable rental rates

The rental rates in Al Reef Downtown are highly affordable. Being a bachelor, I recently rented a studio apartment here and am greatly satisfied with the amenities offered at this rate. All the facilities are easily available, and it is a secure neighbourhood.

Shamita Patel
Noisy neighbourhood

The area is the nearby airport, so there is the constant noise of aeroplane landing and taking off. There is no day I can sleep peacefully at night because the airport works 24×7. However, apart from that, there are not many issues in the neighbourhood.

Kabir Abdalla
Investment opportunities

The growth opportunities at Al Reef Downtown are immense. It is one of the reasons people are actively considering moving into the city. The rates of properties are expected to surge in the coming years.

Benjamin Arthur
Lack of things to do within the neighbourhood

The city of Al Reef Downtown offers many amenities and luxuries here. However, there is a major lack of things to do within the city. In a way, I can say that the city offers a monotonous lifestyle. For recreational and fun activities, I have to travel for 25-30 minutes which is exhausting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi Freehold?

Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi, is top listed among other freehold zones of Abu Dhabi and offers villas and apartments for sale.

What are the top attractions in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi?

Some top attractions in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi, are Al Raha Creek, Yas Island, Ferrari World, Central Mall, and much more

How to get to Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi, by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

Bus routes 101, A40, and J1 pass through the Al Reef Downtown. There is no metro station in Abu Dhabi.

Which are the best communities in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi?

 Al Reef Downtown is a part of two sub-communities in the Al Reef development area in Abu Dhabi. It offers studios and one, two, and three-bedroom apartments at affordable rates. It is one of the best neighbourhoods to buy an apartment.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Reef Downtown?

The best hotels are Yas Island Rotana, Radisson Blu Hotel, and Al Raha Beach Hotel, and restaurants in Al Reef Downtown are Al Fanar Restaurant and Cafe, Chilis, Dish Dash, Royal Orchid Restaurant, and Wok to Walk.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Reef Downtown?

The malls in Al Reef Downtown are Yas Mall and My city centre Masdar. There are several supermarkets here, such as Carrefour, Waitrose market, and Select Market.

What are the best schools in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi?

Some of the reputed best schools in Al Reef Downtown are Yellow Submarine Nursery, Al Yasat Private School, Yousef Nursery, Canadian International School and Virginia International Private School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Reef, Downtown, Abu Dhabi?

The best multi-faceted hospitals and clinics in Al Reef Downtown are Healthplus Family Clinic, Sno Dental Clinic, Ibn Sina Medical Centre, Mediclinic Khalifa City, and Burjeel Medical Centre.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi?

The famous places of worship in Al Reef Downtown are the Mosque of Fatima Ibrahim El Saman, the Mosque of Aisha Ibrahim Al Saman, Mar Thoma Church, and BAPS Hindu Mandir.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Reef Downtown, Abu Dhabi?

Al Reef Downtown is one of the best neighbourhoods to buy an apartment. It offers affordable residential units with all the amenities nearby. The community has parks, a swimming pool, gyms, and a fire station. However, it is nearby Abu Dhabi International Airport. The residents might have to face lots of noise and air pollution. Also, all the tourist places are far from the locality.

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