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Al Reef Villas, Abu Dhabi

About Al Reef Villas, Abu Dhabi

Al Reef Villas is a large community of villas and apartments developed by Manazel Real Estate.

Launched in 2008, this project was completed in 2012 and caters to middle-income residents. As a result, this is among the more popular and affordable residential localities. 

The locality offers great proximity to the local pedestrian plaza that has several shops and stores, along with restaurants for people to dine out. 

It consists of 2000 villas, which are available on rent and via freehold. With the increased demand for bigger living spaces, particularly during the pandemic, the locality has witnessed a surge in rental prices.

Key Highlights of Al Reef Villas

What’s Great Here!
  • 2000+ villas in various configurations
  • A well-connected locality located near Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashin Road.
  • Offers affordable housing for most people.
What Needs Attention!
  • Rising rental rates in the locality.

Properties in Al Reef Villas

There are more than 2000+ villas available in Al Reef Villas. Each of these properties comes with an attached swimming pool, a garden/terrace, and a room for the maid.

The villas are also spaciously designed, so residents have ample room regardless of the configuration they choose. 

The villas here have anywhere between two to five bedrooms and cover an area of anywhere between 1,832 sq. ft to 3,750 sq. ft.

This makes them incredibly spacious, while also offering all the lifestyle amenities residents look for when purchasing or renting a modern villa.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Reef Villas

For investors looking for freehold property in Al Reef Villas, the locality offers several options, each of which comes well-equipped with all the necessary amenities, like the ones mentioned previously.

Further, each villa also offers private parking, along with BBQ areas in some villas. 

The economic attractiveness of the city and locality as a whole makes it a huge hotspot for purchasing some property.

Some of the factors that contribute to this are Abu Dhabi's level of development, good weather, good salaries, proximity to the Abu Dhabi International Airport, and much more. 

Explore Off-Plan Projects in Al Reef Villas, Abu Dhabi. 

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Rental Trends in Al Reef Villas

You can villas on rent in most configurations in this locality. One thing to note is that the villas here are designed based on four main themes or styles. These include Arabic, Modern, Desert, or Mediterranean. 

The style of the villas aside, the average size of a 2-bedroom villa in this locality is 1,800 sq. ft. On the other hand, a 3-bedroom villa can range anywhere between 1,800 to 2,400 sq. ft. 

If you're in the market for a 4-bedroom villa, these are available in an average floor area of 2,800 sq. ft.

Lastly, a 5-bedroom villa in this locality will usually be around the 3,700 sq. ft mark in terms of area.

You can also find some 6-bedroom villas in this locality if you look around, which is ideal for those looking to maximise the square footage in their homes while catering to large families.

Sale Trends in Al Reef Villas

Like the villas available for rent here, you can also find several freehold properties to buy. Once again, you can find these across all four styles of villas found in this locality in 2, 3, 4, or 5-bedroom configurations. 

This is a fantastic locality to invest in real estate for various reasons, such as the ones mentioned in the previous sections. Investors here often benefit from a high ROI, which can go up to 6.4% for villas.

Public Transportion

Most residents living in Al Reef Villas usually prefer commuting in and around town in their personal cars. However, the locality is well connected on the bus route, and you can also find taxis here. 

The closest bus terminal to this locality is Shahama Village, which is about 13 minutes away. The popular bus routes connecting Al Reef Villas to the rest of Abu Dhabi are given below - 

Route Number Route
Route 210 Deerfields Mall - Al Adaed Street
Route 420 Al Rahba Hospital - Lifecare Hospital


  • Nurseries / Educational Institutes in Al Reef Villas

  • Supermarkets in Al Reef Villas

  • Healthcare Facilities in Al Reef Villas

  • Places of Worship in Al Reef Villas

Al Reef Villas has several good schools and nurseries in the locality that parents can enrol their kids in.

Some of them include – 

  • Yousef Nursery, which is 4 minutes from this locality 
  • Saad Vin Moaath Primary School, a 13 minute drive away
  • Maple Bear Nursery

Some of the schools in this locality include – 

  • Canadian International School – This is an Alberta-accredited school that offers education for KG-12 students with 150+ staff experienced and skilled staff members
  • Crescent International School – This private school offers admissions for students between KG and Grade 8 and follows the British curriculum

There are several supermarkets in and around the locality that offer its residents all the essentials they need.

These include – 

  • Select Market – the closest supermarket to this locality, offers residents all their essentials. The first branch is a 450-metre walk, while the second brand is a 3-minute drive away
  • Carrefour Supermarket – this is a global chain that provides all groceries, fruits, vegetables, and other household essentials
  • Waitrose – This large supermarket is a 10-minute drive from the locality
  • Choitharam Supermarket – This supermarket is located in al Falah and is about 14 minutes away from Al Reef Villas

There are two good hospitals that are located in close proximity to Al Reef Villas, namely:

  • Canadian Medical and Rehabilitation Center – located 18 minutes away from Al Reef Villas
  • Etihad Airway Medical Centre – This has been recognised as the first aeromedical centre in the region and is about 12 minutes away from Al Reef Villas

There are also several clinics in the area. These include the ones mentioned below: 

  • Ibn Sina Medical Centre, which is 400 metres away from the community
  • New Al Falah City Clinic, which is located 12 minutes away from the locality

There are several places of worship for all religions located in and around the locality. Some of the major mosques in this locality are listed below, and each of these are within 1 kilometre of the locality.

  • Mosque of Aisha Ibrahim Al Saman, which is 500 metres from the locality
  • The Mosque, which is located 600 metres away from the locality
  • The Fatima Ibrahim Al Saman Mosque is located two minutes away from Al Reef Villas

There is one church near this locality, which is: 

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day, which is 19 minutes away from Al Reef Villas

The nearest Hindu temple is the BAPS Hindu Mandir, which is located 21 kilometres or 14 minutes away from Al Reef Villas.

Best Hotels in Al Reef Villas

There are several good hotels in very close proximity to Al Reef Villas which cater to everyone's budget, namely: 

  • Millenium Central Mafraq Hotel - This is a 4-star hotel that has an outdoor pool, 2 bars, 2 gyms, restaurants, and cafes
  • Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport Hotel - This is a laid-back budget, 3-star hotel that offers a rooftop outdoor pool and a gym, apart from dining, a bar, and a cafe
  • Emirates Park Resort - A tastefully designed resort that offers exciting experiences to its guests, such as hippo feeding, a dinner with elephants, and more


  • Shopping Centres / Malls

  • Restaurants and Dining

  • Beaches Nearby

  • Leisure Activities Nearby

Some of the shopping centres and malls close to Al Reef Villas are – 

  • My City Centre in Masdar City 
  • Al Raha Mall 
  • IKEA 

For those looking to dine out and enjoy different cuisines, the locality also offers a bunch of restaurants that one can check out. These include – 

  • Calzone Cucina – A restaurant that offers Italian cuisine in a healthy way for those who want to enjoy good food in a calorie-conscious manner
  • Al Reef Mandi Restaurant – An authentic middle-eastern restaurant that offers both dine-in and takeaway options
  • Smoke and Grill Nook – An authentic barbeque restaurant in Al Reef Villas
  • Il Forno – An Italian restaurant in Al Reef Villas that offers both dine-in and takeaway options

One of the benefits of living in Abu Dhabi is that the city offers some fantastic beaches for those who want to enjoy their time in the sand, surrounded by clear, blue waters.

Some of the beaches located close to Al Reef Villas include – 

  • Yas Beach – This beach is located around 12.5 kilometres or 13 minutes away from Al Reef Villas, making it a stone’s throw away
  • Abu Dhabi Beach – Located at a distance of aboutt 30 minutes away from Al Reef Villas
  • Corniche Beach – Another popular beach located 30 minutes away from Al Reef Villas
  • Al Raha Beach Chalets – This resort offers its own private beach along with three pools

Al Reef Villas offers several exciting leisure activities in and around the locality that its residents and people from all around can enjoy in their free time.

Some of these include – 

  • Ferrari World – A Ferrari-themed amusement park with one of the world’s fastest rollercoasters, linked to a Ferrari showroom itself
  • Al Ghazal Golf Club – A fantastic 18-hole course for those who love spending time on the greens over the weekend

Distance and Commute Time

Al Reef Villas is a well-connected locality and is closely located to the other communities around it. It's also closely located to the key landmarks in Abu Dhabi, that is: 

  • Distance from the airport - Al Reef Villas is located about 15 kilometres away from the hotel, which is about a 15-minute commute on average
  • Distance from metro - 1.852 kilometres or a 24 minute walk
  • Distance from the beach - The nearest beach to Al Reef Villas is Yas Beach which is 12.5 kilometres or 13 minutes away on average 
  • Distance from major connecting roads - Al Reef Villas is located close to Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road or the E11 and is at a distance of about 1 kilometre
Al Reef Villas, Abu Dhabi

Ratings and Reviews

Jacob. K
Fantastic locality!

“I love the villas this locality has on offer, and the fact that they all have a garden or a spacious terrace is a boon with kids. All the necessary amenities are close by too, making it very convenient.”

Masoud Abbas
Well-connected to the rest of Abu Dhabi

“Al Reef Villas is well connected to other localities in Abu Dhabi, which makes it convenient as I travel around the city a lot for work. The roads are good too, and the locality is extremely safe.”

Supriya Sharma.
Very close to Yas Beach

“I spend a lot of my time at the beach, and apart from the good aspects of the locality and its amenities itself, what I love is that it’s no more than 15 minutes away from the closest beach. This makes my weekends extremely blissful and relaxing.”

Rasheed Khan
Affordable housing options for younger professionals

“When I first moved to Abu Dhabi, I was asked to check out Al Reef Villas for their relatively affordable housing options. It was a good decision that I did come here, as the locality offered me several options that were well within my budget.

I love the layout of the villas, and that they provide a space for your help to stay comfortably. All the essential amenities are in close proximity too, which makes my grocery runs quick and convenient.”

Anna. J.
A locality that met all my needs

“Having moved from Sharjah to Abu Dhabi, I rented a 3-bedroom villa in Al Reef Villas, and I have to say that this locality meets all my needs very well. It has good supermarkets, restaurants, and medical facilities a very short drive away. The villas themselves are well-designed and offer a peaceful life. I’d strongly recommend this locality for someone looking for a well-appointed and peaceful locality.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who Was the Developer Of Al Reef Villas?

Al Reef Villas was developed by Manazel Real Estate. The project was begun in 2008 and was completed in 2012.

Is Al Reef Villas A Good Place to Live?

Al Reef Villas is a good place for families and younger professionals to live. This locality is catered to middle-income residents and offers all the amenities one needs to live comfortably.

How Far Is the Airport From Al Reef Villas?

The Abu Dhabi International Airport is located at a distance of about 15 kilometres away from the Al Reef Villas, which translates to a 15-minute drive, putting it a comfortable distance.

Are There Any Good Schools Around Al Reef Villas?

There are several good schools in and around Al Reef Villas, and these include the Canadian International School and the Crescent International School.

How Far Is the Closest Beach From Al Reef Villas?

The closes beach to Al Reef Villas is Yas Beach, which is mere 13 minutes away. Some of the other beaches are the Abu Dhabi Beach and Corniche Beach which are 30 minutes away.

Which are some of the good hotels in and around Al Reef Villas?

Some of the best hotels around Al Reef Villas are the Millenium Central Mafraq Hotel, Emirates Park Resort, and the Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport Hotel.

What Configurations of Villas Can You Find In Al Reef Villas?

Al Reef Villas offer 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-bedroom villas for both sale and rent. Most of these properties offer a garden or a terrace, along with a room for the maid.

Which Bus Routes Connect Al Reef Villas To the Rest Of Abu Dhabi?

There are two major bus routes that ply via Al Reef Villas. These are route numbers 210 and 420.

What Leisure Activities Can Residents In Al Reef Villas Enjoy?

Some of the notable leisure activities in and around Al Reef Villas include the Ferrari World which is a Ferrari-themed amusement park and the 18-hole course at the Al Ghazal Golf Club.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Living In Al Reef Villas?

Some of the benefits of living in Al Reef Villas are the affordable housing options, the amenities on offer, the close proximity to the Abu Dhabi International Airport, and the proximity to the beach.

On the flip side, one aspect that needs some attention is the riding rental rates of the locality, which could make it difficult to afford if the trend continues.

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