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Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi

About Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi

A residential area outside of Abu Dhabi's city centre is called Al Shamkhah. It borders Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, the main thoroughfare in the UAE, on the northeastern side (E311). Sweihan Road runs the length of the neighbourhood's northern side and leads to Abu Dhabi's outskirts. It is a part of Union Properties development and provides many options for those looking to invest in the real estate sector.

Strategically situated closer to Mussafah's industrial district, the residential neighbourhood of Al Shamkhah is currently being built. When it is finished, 22,000 people will be able to live here.

One of the most well-liked freehold neighbourhoods in Abu Dhabi is Al Shamkhah. The Municipality of Abu Dhabi and the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority has supervised the development of residential plots in the region. Al Shamkhah is a part of Abu Dhabi's strategic 2030 vision. Therefore several projects are still in the planning stages and should be finished soon.

Numerous public facilities, including mosques, shops, medical facilities, parks, and entertainment alternatives, have been added due to the area.

Key Highlights

What’s Great Here!
  • Close proximity to the airport and other major attractions
  • Spacious properties
  • Peaceful neighbourhood with excellent security
  • Pet-friendly with a lot of open spaces
  • New Residential Projects
  • Onsite amenities including a swimming pool, gym, and spa
  • A community for bachelors & families
  • Schools and universities nearby
What Needs Attention!
  • Traffic congestion
  • Limited parking spaces
  • Hot weather conditions
  • The need for private transport

Properties in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi

Many properties are available for rent and sale in Al Shamkhah; you can choose from apartments, standalone villas, or townhouses. Apartments range in size from a studio to four bedrooms. These apartments offer master bedrooms, complete bathrooms, a large living room off the kitchen, and a balcony.

On the other side, one can see sizable solitary villas that are newly built using modern architectural designs. There are 1 to 2-bedrooms available for these villas. Depending on the type, a property has a spacious kitchen, a maid's room, a laundry room, a living room with a bathroom, a large Majlis with a dining room and a bathroom, a large garden, and a covered parking spot. Depending on the property, the size of the master bedroom and bathroom differ.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi

The area has seen an influx of off-plan properties in recent years for a good reason. Prices are reasonable compared to other areas in Abu Dhabi, making it the perfect area for first-time buyers or those looking to invest in the property market. Also, developers have put a lot of effort into creating modern and stylish designs throughout the area. Whether you're looking for a one-bedroom apartment or a multi-story villa, there are plenty of options. 

The increasing demand for quality off-plan properties could be the perfect opportunity for investors looking to capitalise on the area. With relatively low entry prices, it's an excellent option for those purchasing a property and renting it out.

To the north of Al Shamkhah, a brand-new neighbourhood called Al Falah City is now being built. A town centre and five residential villages make up this master-planned development. Each town will have villas and amenities, including mosques, retail shops, schools, and entertainment centres.

Rental Trends in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi

If you're looking for a place to live in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi, you won't be disappointed. This area has seen a booming rental market due to its convenient location and plethora of amenities. You can find anything from luxury villas to cosy apartments, all within minutes of some of the most popular attractions in Dubai. 

The villas for rent in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi range from 2BHK to 11BHK units. The 3 and 4-BHK villas cover a carpet area on an average ranging between 1499 sq. ft. to 1999 sq. ft., while 8 to 11-BHK units cover a space of 8496 sq. ft and more. 

Typically, the sizes for studio apartments to 4BHK units range from 300 sq. ft. to 3400 sq. ft. The rent varies depending on the type of property and the amenities offered.

Sale Trends in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi

Al Shamkhah in Abu Dhabi is a bustling residential area located only a short drive from the city centre. It consists of two neighbourhoods: Al Shamkhah 1 and 2. Each neighbourhood has its unique charm, with a wide range of shops, restaurants, schools, and other amenities to make life comfortable for residents.

The real estate market in both neighbourhoods is constantly changing due to the influx of new people moving into the area each year. Sales trends vary greatly depending on the location, size and type of property bought or sold. Many factors influence sale trends, including economic conditions, housing demand, and available inventory.

One can find villas in multiple configurations covering an area between 1499 sq. ft to  8496 sq. ft and more. 

When it comes to real estate sales in Al Shamkhah 1 & 2, one can observe that villas, townhouses, and apartments are all sold in high numbers. The demand for villas and townhouses is higher than for apartments as they offer more space. In contrast, apartments are usually preferred by singles and couples seeking a more urban yet economical lifestyle.

Studio apartments and 1BHK properties have a high demand in both neighbourhoods. This trend is due to the rising number of families moving into the area, looking for larger homes and better amenities.

Public Transportion

In Al Shamkhah, you can take a cab for transportation. To get to the bus stop at Mussafah Community, you must drive for more than 20 minutes. Mussafah, Al Ain University S&T 1, Mussafah, Al Najah Private School 1, and Al Mussafah Park 1 are important bus stops in the area.

Bus Number Destination
406 Mussafah
Al Ain University S&T 1
Al Najah Private School 1
Al Mussafah Park 1


  • Nurseries / Educational Institutions

  • Supermarkets

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Places of Worship

There are only two nurseries in Al Shamkhah.

  • Barney Home Nursery and 
  • Small Stars Nursery 

You can find the best schools here: 

  • Al Yasat Private School
  • Al Reeyada International School 
  • Wales International School

Al Shamkhah has the best primary schools in the neighbourhood. 

  • Al Asalah Primary School 
  • Al Tafawwoq School 
  • Al Hosn Secondary School
  • Al Taqadum School

You can get quality higher education in universities, like:

  • Abu Dhabi University
  • Zayed University, 
  • Khalifa University

There are numerous supermarkets close to Al Shamkhah for your convenience. Each cluster of apartment buildings has a convenience store that sells items you might need daily. Orders for groceries can be placed over the phone and delivered to your doorstep. Some renowned supermarkets in Al Shamkhah are:

  • Madina Al Shamkhah
  • Noor Al Izdihar Supermarket 
  • Heely City Baaqla 
  • Happy Home Grocery 
  • SPAR Hypermarket  
  • Zenith Supermarket 
  • Lulu Xpress Freshmarket 


  • Lulu Xpress Freshmarket- Lulu Xpress Freshmarket, located in the heart of Dubai, offers all kinds of fresh produce, from fruits and vegetables to dairy products and meats. There is also a wide selection of imported goods from around the world.
  • Heely City Baaqla- Heely City Baaqla is a popular local supermarket that serves traditional Middle Eastern and international products and organic items. The store is known for its friendly staff and competitive prices.
  • Zenith Supermarket- Zenith Supermarket is the go-to place for all traditional spices, from Indian herbs to Greek olives. It also has an extensive selection of ready-to-eat foods, such as samosas, falafel wraps, and roti. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful, making shopping a breeze.

There are numerous hospitals within the residential clusters for emergency medical care. The area provides a wide range of healthcare facilities to meet essential healthcare requirements. Among the well-liked choices are:

  • Burjeel Medical Centre 
  • Sama Al Shamkhah Medical Centre 
  • Shamkha Medical Centre 
  • Mafraq Hospital 
  • Al Salama One Day Surgery Centre in Baniyas

Al Shamkhah comprises a diversified community, so you can find a place for worship for every faith. Some of the well-known places are:

  •  Habeeb Bin Zaid Mosque
  • Abu Sa’eed Mosque
  • SH-16 Central Mosque
  • Sheikh Mansoor Mosque
  • Dhabi Assembly Of God Church
  • The Armenian Church
  • New Gurudwara Abu Dhabi
  • Randdepa AUH Temple

Best Hotels in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi

The international city hosts visitors all year round. As a result, there is a great demand for hotels, and Al Shamkhah is where many of the best ones can be found. Top resorts and hotels include:

  • Al Riyadh Hotel Apartments
  • Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International Airport Hotel
  • Millennium Central Mafraq Hotel
  • Millennium Central Mafraq Hotel


  • Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

  • Restaurants / Dining

  • Beaches Nearby

  • Leisure Activities Nearby

People’s desires to shop and visit entertainment zones are met by the city of Al Shamkhah’s several retail centres. Aside from the excellent dining options, you may also enjoy browsing high-end boutiques for fashionable garments.

  • Makani Al Shamkhah Shopping Centre
  • Al Shamkhah Mall 
  • Bawabat Al Sharq Mall in Baniyas
  • Mazyad Mall in Mohammed Bin Zayed City

Makani Al Shamkhah 

  • Retail space of 6000 sq. m.
  • Top apparel brands, restaurants, and cafes

Al Shamkhah Mall

  • Several fine dining options
  • Convenient location

This location is ideal for those who enjoy trying out new restaurants and fast food joints. From delectable international cuisine to authentic Emirati dishes, Al Shamkhah has everything you need. Some popular places are:

  • Gazebo Restaurant 
  • Maroosh Restaurant
  •  Nabras al Shaebi Restaurant

There are several fast food restaurants, including eateries dispersed around the neighbourhood, such as:

  • Hardee’s
  • Nando’s
  • KFC
  • Wendy’s, 
  • Subway
  • Zaatar w Zeit

There are many coffee shops in the area. Some of the popular cafes are:

  • Caribou Coffee
  • Pretzel World
  • Caffe Nero
  • Starbucks

There are spectacular beaches close to Al Shamkhah that are just a 30-minute drive away.

  • Yas Beach (30 min) 
  • Al Raha Beach (29 min)

Visit the Fit Professional Gym in the Makani Al Shamkhah Shopping centre if you like to stay in shape. Fitness First has a location at the Bawabat Al Sharq Mall. Al Reef is 12 minutes away and home to the swimming pool-equipped Arabian Village Gym.

In Al Shamkhah, women can visit the Rose Gold and Nayomi beauty salons. The Ruby Gents Salon, Golden Star Gents Salon, and Al Kous Gents Salon are all available to men.

  • Sports enthusiasts can attend numerous competitions and sporting events at the Baniyas Sports and Culture Club.
  • Visit His Highness the President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Al Asayl Racing if you’re seeking equestrian-themed activities. Since 1991, it has been a racing and breeding stable.
City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs
Schools Near by Al Shamkhah Abu Dhabi

Distance and Commute Time

Living in Al Shamkhah has a lot of advantages, not least being the easy commute times to other popular places. Here's an overview of what you can expect for your commute time from Al Shamkhah to some other popular places:

  • Yas Waterworld is 25.1 km away, and it takes 25 minutes to reach by car 
  • One can reach Warner Bros World, Abu Dhabi, located 21.5 km away, in 24 minutes by car
  • Al Shamkhah Park No. 5 can be reached in 11 minutes; it is located 5.1 km away
Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi

Ratings and Reviews

Nadeem Ansari
Refreshing Atmosphere

I’ve been in residing in Al Shamkhah for six years, and I adore it. The neighbourhood is tranquil and well-connected to the rest of the city. It is close to many parks, restaurants, a lovely retail complex, and beaches. Various things can help you keep your health, and the greenery has helped me tremendously.

Ayesha Khatoon
Great Amenities

Al Shamkhah’s lovely atmosphere and convenient location have persuaded me to stay. I’ve been working here for four years. The restaurants are cheap, good, and always have something new to offer. There are many neighbouring businesses, parks, and shopping centres. I also like how quick it is to get around using public transit.

Armaan Naseem
Family-friendly Neighbourhood

Al Shamkhah is an excellent family neighbourhood. The neighbourhood has the best connectivity to the rest of Dubai. It offers a variety of family-friendly activities, such as shopping and visiting neighbouring attractions. It is worth considering when looking for a location to stay in Abu Dhabi.

Zayed Saad
Limited Transportation Options

Al Shamkhah is unsuitable for anyone who does not drive or own a car. The neighbourhood is currently not connected to the Metro. Furthermore, the nearest metro stations are distant. I had to buy a car after coming here.

Bilal ibn Abdullah
High Maintenance Fees

Al Shamkhah is an undeniably popular neighbourhood in Abu Dhabi. It is well-equipped and conveniently located near the rest of the city. However, living here can be expensive due to the high-end lifestyle. If you’re on a tight budget, seek less expensive options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is Al Shamkhah Freehold?

Yes, Al Shamkhah is a freehold.

What are the top attractions in Al Shamkhah?

Al Shamkhah is an exciting place to explore. Whether you’re looking for a day trip or a quick getaway, there are plenty of attractions to check out. Yas Waterworld and Warner Bros World are popular attractions that draw thousands of visitors. 

How to get to Al Shamkhah in Abu Dhabi by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

There are no metro stations in the vicinity of Al Shamkhah. However, you can take Bus Number 406 or hire cabs to commute in and around the neighbourhood.

Which are the best communities to live in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi?

Al Shamkhah is being developed as a community that offers all amenities for a luxurious lifestyle. At present, Al Shamkhah 1 and 2 are the only two communities in the area. 

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Shamkhah?

Al Riyadh Hotel apartments and ibis Abu Dhabi Gate are the best hotels in Al Shamkhah.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Shamkhah?

Makani Al Shamkhah Shopping Centre and Madina Al Shamkhah are popular malls in the area.

What are the best schools in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi?

The best schools in the area are Al Tafawwoq School, Al Asalah Primary School, Al Hosn Secondary School and Al Taqadum School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi?

Mafraq Hospital and Al Salama One Day Surgery Centre in Baniyas are the best healthcare centres in Al Shamkhah.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi?

Some famous places of worship here are Sheikh Mansoor Mosque, Abu Dhabi Assembly Of God Church, The Armenian Church, and Randdepa AUH Temple. 

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Shamkhah, Abu Dhabi?

The pros of living in Al Shamkhah include its convenient location, plenty of shopping and dining options, proximity to the airport, and other major attractions such as Yas Waterworld. The cons include costly rental accommodation, traffic congestion at peak times, limited parking spaces, and hot weather conditions most of the year.

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