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About Kizad, Abu Dhabi Overview

If you're considering moving to Abu Dhabi, you'll want to learn about the Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad). This thriving industrial zone is located in one of the fastest-growing regions of the city and has become a hub for innovation and investment. With its world-class infrastructure, strategic location, and business-friendly environment, Kizad offers a unique opportunity for businesses to grow and succeed.

But Kizad isn't just for businesses. As the zone expands, it's also becoming an increasingly attractive location for residents. With various properties available, including apartments, townhouses, and villas, Kizad offers a range of options to suit different lifestyles and budgets.

Regarding properties in Kizad, you'll find a mix of new and established developments. Some of the most popular properties include apartments in the Danet Abu Dhabi and Al Reem Island areas and villas in the Khalifa City area. 

This blog explores the different types of properties available and the amenities, services, and facilities that make Kizad an attractive place to live. From schools and healthcare facilities to shopping centres and restaurants, we'll cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision about moving to this vibrant community. So whether you're a young professional, a growing family, or a retiree looking for a change of pace, read on to discover everything Kizad offers.

Key Highlights of Kizad

What’s Great Here!
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Strategic Location
  • Business-Friendly Environment
  • Abundant Amenities
  • Investment Opportunities
  • High-Quality Living Standards
What Needs Attention!
  • Limited Public Transportation
  • Heavy Traffic
  • Limited Green Spaces
  • Limited Walkability

Real Estate Overview in Kizad, Abu Dhabi

Kizad offers a wide range of properties to suit different lifestyles and budgets. There is something for everyone in this vibrant community, from apartments to villas.

One of the most popular property types in Kizad is apartments, with various options available. These range from cosy studios to spacious four-bedroom apartments, with sizes ranging from 500 to 4,000 square feet. Some famous apartment buildings in Kizad include The Gate Towers, Al Zeina, and Beach Towers.

For those looking for more space and privacy, Kizad also offers a variety of villas. These can range from three-bedroom townhouses to six-bedroom villas, with sizes ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 square feet. Some famous villa communities in Kizad include Al Raha Gardens, Al Reef Villas, and Saadiyat Beach Villas.

In addition to the size and configuration, carpet area is another critical consideration for those looking for properties in Kizad. The carpet area can vary depending on the property type, with apartments ranging from 400 to 3,500 square feet and villas ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 square feet.

Off-Plan Trends in Kizad

Kizad constantly evolves and expands, with several exciting off-plan projects in the pipeline. These projects offer a range of options for those looking to invest in the area, from high-end residential communities to modern commercial spaces.

The development of Area B has already begun. The development of Kizad has been followed, keeping in mind the development of Abu Dhabi as a leading real estate investment destination. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, these off-plan projects are set to transform Kizad into an even more attractive destination for residents and businesses.

Rental Trends in Kizad

Kizad is a popular destination for renters and property investors, with a wide range of options available. From cosy one-bedroom apartments to spacious three-bedroom villas, there is something for everyone in this vibrant community.

For renters, Kizad offers a variety of apartments and villas for rent, with prices ranging from affordable to luxury. Depending on the location and size of the property, the average rental prices for 1-3 bedroom apartments in Kizad can vary. 

From an investor's perspective, Kizad offers attractive opportunities to purchase properties for rental purposes, with the potential for a steady rental income. With a high demand for rental properties in the area, investors can expect to achieve favourable rental yields. Whether you're a renter or an investor, Kizad offers a range of options to suit different budgets and lifestyles.

Sales Trends in Kizad

Kizad offers a range of properties for sale, including apartments and villas. For those looking to purchase a property in the area, the sales trends in Kizad are promising. 

As a growing community with a high demand for properties, Kizad offers attractive opportunities for buyers with the potential for a solid return on investment. Additionally, with new off-plan projects and developments in the pipeline, property values in Kizad are expected to continue to rise in the coming years, making it a promising investment opportunity for those looking to purchase a property in the area.

Public Transportion

Kizad is well-connected to other parts of Abu Dhabi and Dubai through public transport options like buses and taxis. The Abu Dhabi Bus Service operates several bus routes that connect Kizad to other parts of the city, with affordable fares and comfortable air-conditioned buses. 

The nearest bus station, Samha 2 Station, is a 10-minute drive from Kizad. Additionally, taxi services are available throughout the day and night, making it convenient for residents to travel within and outside the community. With easy access to public transport, Kizad is an ideal location for those who prefer a hassle-free commute.

Bus Line Number Destination
402 Al Jazeera Sports Club / Al Shahama Bus Depot
E101 Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Stop / Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station


Nurseries / Educational Institute

Some of the most well-known nurseries and schools in and near Kizad, include:

  • Taweelah School
  • Al Samha School
  • Al Rahba Primary School
  • Al Falahiya School 

With a range of educational options available; Kizad is an ideal location for families with children, ensuring that they have access to high-quality education and a supportive community.


There are several supermarkets available in and near Kizad, catering to the grocery needs of its residents. The supermarkets in Kizad offer a wide range of products, including fresh produce, dairy, meat, and household essentials. These supermarkets also offer online ordering and delivery services for added convenience. Some of the popular supermarkets in and around Kizad include:

  • New Hameem Baqala
  • Huzaifa Supermarket 
  • Brand Hameen Grocery 
  • Baqala Al Wael

Healthcare Facilities

The healthcare facilities in and around Kizad offer a range of services, including general medical consultations, specialist consultations, diagnostic tests, and emergency medical care. Some of the popular healthcare facilities in and around Kizad include:

  • NMC Royal Medical Center 
  • Ambulatory Center 
  • Al Rahba Hospital

Places of Worship

Kizad is a multicultural community home to several places of worship, catering to the spiritual needs of its residents. The places of worship in and around Kizad offer a peaceful and welcoming environment for religious observances and community gatherings. Some of the popular places of worship in and around Kizad include:

  • ADNOC Mosque 
  • New Life Evangelical Church 
  • Al Samha Mosque, 
  • Shaikha Mouza Mosque

Best Hotels in Kizad

The community is home to several high-quality hotels that cater to the needs of travellers offering world-class amenities and services. Some of the best hotels in and near Kizad include:

  • Al Jazira Resort 
  • Premier Inn Abu Dhabi International
  • Emirates Plaza Hotel 
  • Holiday In Abu Dhabi

These hotels offer luxurious accommodations, fine dining options, and recreational facilities such as swimming pools, spas, and fitness centres, making them an ideal choice for travellers visiting Kizad.


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

Kizad is located near several shopping malls, providing residents with various shopping and entertainment options. The shopping malls in and around Kizad offer a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making them popular destinations for residents and visitors. Some of the famous shopping malls in and around Kizad include:

  • My City Center Masdar 
  • Deerfields Mall
  • Yas Mall
  • Forsan Central Mall

Restaurants / Dining

The restaurants and dining venues in and around Kizad offer a variety of options, including casual dining, fine dining, and international cuisine. Some of the popular dining options in and around Kizad include:

  • Green Valley Restaurant
  • Zinger Hut 
  • Khatoon Restaurant 
  • Khoula Restaurant

With a range of options available, residents of Kizad can enjoy a diverse range of dining experiences, catering to different tastes and preferences. The dining venues in and around Kizad are popular destinations for social gatherings and special occasions.

Beaches Nearby

Kizad is located near several famous beaches, providing residents with access to various recreational activities and leisure opportunities. The beaches in and around Kizad offer various options, including water sports, swimming, and sunbathing. Some popular beaches nearby Kizad include:

  • Al Shati Beach 
  • Al Bahia Open Beach
  • Bayha Al Bahar Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

The leisure venues in and around Kizad offer various options, including family-friendly attractions, sports facilities, and cultural landmarks. Some of the popular leisure options in and around Kizad include:

  • Air Maniax Yas Mall 
  • Fun Works
  • Boxed In Think In
  • Abu Dhabi Skydive 
  • Yas Small Park

With a range of options available, residents of Kizad can enjoy a diverse range of leisure experiences, catering to different interests and preferences. These leisure venues in and around Kizad are also popular destinations for tourists and visitors.

Kizad - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time from Kizad to Other Popular Places

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport is 44 km away from Kizad and can be reached in just 35 minutes. 
  • Yas Island, another popular destination, is just 43 km away and a 30-minute drive from Kizad. 
  • Saadiyat Island is 59 km away and can be reached in 45 minutes. 
  • Abu Dhabi Corniche and Abu Dhabi Mall are 73 km away and can be reached in 50 minutes. 
  • Marina Mall is 77 km away and takes 60 minutes to reach.
Kizad, Abu Dhabi

Ratings and Reviews

Ahmed Ali
A perfect place for families

Kizad is perfect for families. The community is well-planned, and the properties are excellent. The amenities are also outstanding, and everything you need is within reach. The public transport system is perfect, making it easy to get around.

Fatima Mohammed
Good location, but noisy

Kizad has everything you need nearby. However, it can be quite noisy, and traffic can be an issue. The properties are well-maintained, but the noise can be a problem.

Mohammed Ahmed
Great community with excellent facilities

Kizad has excellent facilities. The amenities are fantastic, and the properties are well-designed. The community is very safe and a great place to raise a family.

Salma Khalid
Good value for money

Kizad is a great place to live. The properties are well-maintained, and the amenities are great. The community is safe, and the location is convenient. It is also good value for money, compared to other areas in the city.

Omar Hassan
Average community with limited facilities

Kizad is an average community with limited facilities. The properties are okay, but not very impressive. The amenities are limited, and there is not much to do in the area. The location is convenient, but there are better places to live in the city overall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kizad Freehold?

Yes, Kizad is a freehold area in Abu Dhabi, meaning that residents and non-citizens of the UAE have the right to own property in the area.

What are the top attractions in Kizad, Abu Dhabi?

Some of the top attractions in Kizad include the Abu Dhabi Skydive, Yas Island, and Emirates Palace Beach Club, etc.

How to get to Kizad in Abu Dhabi by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

Kizad can be reached by bus via bus numbers E100 and E101 shuttle.

Which are the best communities in Kizad, Abu Dhabi?

The best communities to live in Kizad include Al Samha, Al Rahbah, and Al Sader.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Kizad?

Some of the best hotels in Kizad include Emirates Plaza Hotel, Emirates Park Resort, Al Jazira Resort, etc.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Kizad?

The famous malls and supermarkets in Kizad include Yas Mall, Deerfields Mall, Royal City Market, etc.

What are the best schools in Kizad, Abu Dhabi?

Some of the best schools in Kizad, Abu Dhabi, include Al Saad School, Al Samha School, Al Falahiya School, etc.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Kizad, Abu Dhabi?

Some of the best hospitals and clinics in Kizad, Abu Dhabi, include NMC Royal Medical Centre, Ambulatory Centre, Al Taweelah Medical Centre, etc.

Which are the famous places of worship in Kizad, Abu Dhabi?

Some famous places of worship in Kizad, Abu Dhabi, include New Life Evangelical Church, ADNOC Mosque, etc.

What are the pros and cons of living in Kizad, Abu Dhabi?

The pros of living in Kizad include the availability of modern facilities, good transportation links, and a safe environment. The cons include the high cost of living, the distance from Abu Dhabi city, and limited recreational activities.

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