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About American School of Dubai, Al Barsha 1

Standing as a beacon of educational excellence, The American School of Dubai (ASD) recently secured the prestigious SchoolsCompared Top Schools Award for Overall Best School in the UAE 2021-22. With a history deeply embedded in the early years of Dubai, ASD traces its roots back to 1966 when it was founded by the Dubai Petroleum Company.

Originally known as Jumeirah American School, the institution has undergone remarkable growth, evolving from a small group of students gathered in an apartment in Deira to a thriving community of about 1,900 learners at the modern Al Barsha campus.

As an accredited institution by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, the American School Of Dubai has a legacy of providing a world-class education. The students are supported by a dedicated team of over 187 full-time teachers, 54 teaching assistants, and 10 guidance counselors.

American School Of Dubai's commitment to its mission and core values—Compassion, Excellence, Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility—serves as the bedrock for a rich educational experience. Aligning with the US curriculum, the school also provides an Advanced Placement program integrated with technology. The school's intentional design extends beyond academics, incorporating a rich tapestry of hundreds of extracurricular activities in Athletics, Arts, and Service Learning.

American School Of Dubai is an independent and not-for-profit institution. It offers a comprehensive PreK-12 international education. The school’s learning community is supported by engaged parents, dedicated faculty, and a network of alumni and friends. The school's education philosophy centers on empowering students to be future-ready, instilling values that extend beyond the classroom.

With over five decades of evolution, the American School Of Dubai has kept pace with the changing landscape of student life and learning. While the institution has undergone considerable growth and transformation, the spirit of community remains a driving force.

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In Brief

School Details

Grading System at American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1

American School Of Dubai in Al Barsha 1 categorizes its grade levels as follows:



Pre-KG and KG

Pre-KG to KG 2

Elementary School

Grade 1 to Grade 5

Middle School

Grade 6 to Grade 8

High School

Grade 9 to Grade 12

American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1 Syllabus

American School Of Dubai in Al Barsha provides an inclusive international education spanning from Pre-K to Grade 12, fostering a dynamic learning community backed by a dedicated faculty.


American School Of Dubai follows the Reggio Emilia-inspired educational approach for pre-primary kids, offering genuine experiences for students to engage in play, learning, collaboration, and socialisation. The curriculum covers subjects like:

  • Arabic
  • Music
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Movement
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Creative Art


The curriculum for Elementary School in the American School Of Dubai is in accordance with the Common Core State Standards and employs a Standards-Based grading system. Subjects are taught within a homeroom class setup. These include:

  • English
  • Social Studies
  • Art
  • Music
  • Physical education
  • Science
  • Arabic
  • Math


In Middle School at the American School Of Dubai, core subjects are Science, Mathematics, English, Social Studies, Arts, and World Languages. Electives in Creative Art and Technology are offered. The Middle school offers two programmes:

  • The Pursuits programme is designed to support student interests and provides an additional 45-minute period for exploration, offering diverse courses like Historical Film and Airplane Design Challenge.
  • The ‘Week Without Walls’ initiative extends academic skills to the real world, fostering cultural diversity appreciation and international awareness among students.


The High School Curriculum at the American School Of Dubai entails the following:

  • Each year, students enrol in at least four core academic courses, including Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, English, and World Language.
  • A variety of electives in creative arts, physical education, and information technology offer flexibility for students to explore co-curricular interests.
  • AP courses are available in Grades 10, 11, and 12.
  • Senior stage programmes include AP and AP Capstone Diploma, INSPIRE Global Experiences, online learning, service learning, advanced elective studies, and counselling.

Admission and Fees

How to Apply for American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1 - Step-by-Step Process

To secure admission to the American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1, follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Online Application 

Visit the official school website to complete the online application form. Applications for the upcoming academic year are accepted from October.

Step 2: Assessment

Depending on the grade level and seat availability, applicants may undergo assessments, including class visits for lower elementary students and standardised test reviews.

Step 3: Admission and Payment

Once admitted, additional documents for enrolment are required, along with a registration fee of AED 1,000.

During the admission process, the submission of necessary documents is required, including:

  • A passport-size photo of parents
  • For Grade 10-12 applicants, an official high school transcript
  • Copy of the student's passport
  • For K1-K2 applicants, include the nursery/school report if available
  • A passport-size photo of the student
  • Current standardized testing scores
  • A character skills snapshot
  • For Grade 5 and above, create an introductory video
  • Teacher recommendations
  • For Grade 1-12 applicants, submit the last two end-of-year report cards and the current school year term report

The following age criterion needs to be adhered to for admission to the school:



Pre KG

3 Years

KG 1

4 Years

KG 2

5 Years

1st Grade

6 Years

2nd Grade 

7 Years

3rd Grade 

8 Years

4th Grade 

9 Years

5th Grade 

10 Years

6th Grade 

11 Years

7th Grade 

12 Years

8th Grade 

13 Years

9th Grade 

14 Years

10th Grade 

15 Years

11th Grade 

16 Years

12th Grade 

17 Years

American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1 School Fees Structure

The fee structure for American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1, is presented in the table below:




AED 57,680

KG 1

AED 61,033

KG 2

AED 66,623

1st Grade 

AED 85,057

2nd Grade 

AED 85,057

3rd Grade 

AED 85,057

4th Grade 

AED 85,057

5th Grade 

AED 85,057

6th Grade 

AED 85,057

7th Grade 

AED 85,057

8th Grade 

AED 85,057

9th Grade 

AED 85,057

10th Grade

AED 85,057

11th Grade

AED 85,057

12th Grade

AED 85,057

These are the modes of payment offered to the parents by the school:

  • ENBD Credit Card 0% Instalment plan
  • Direct Debit (monthly or quarterly) 
  • Post Dated Checks

American School Of Dubai does not disclose information about sibling discounts on its website.

Here are the additional fees parents need to be aware of:



Registration Fee

AED 1,000

Facility Fee (For K-2 to Grade 12)

AED 12,984

For Students of Determination

AED 49,000

For non-corporate seatholders

AED 22,000 

(Paid in three annual installments of AED 7,333 each.)

Seat Reservation Fee (non-refundable, later adjusted in total school fee)

AED 10,000

School Facilities

Transportation Facility at American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1

American School Of Dubai in Al Barsha 1 is dedicated to providing dependable transportation services for the safety and convenience of students. The school is associated with School Transportation Services to provide these services.

Parents are encouraged to take advantage of this service to ensure a hassle-free commute for their children.

Sports Facilities at American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1

From indoor running tracks to outdoor soccer fields, the school's facilities are designed to inspire and support students' multifaceted growth. Here is the list of other facilities the school offers:

  • Climbing wall
  • Two 25-metre swimming pools
  • Outdoor running tracks
  • Fitness centre
  • Indoor running tracks
  • Regulation soccer fields
  • Additional playing fields and play areas
  • Six tennis courts

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: +971 4 395 0005
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Website:
  • Fax No. : NA
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the specific hours or time slots during which the school operates?

American School Of Dubai operates from 7:45 am to 5:00 pm.

2. Does the school organise extracurricular activities after regular school hours?

The school is known to provide a range of extracurricular activities, including sports, swimming, and arts, for students beyond regular school hours.

3. What is the total number of grade levels or academic years in the school?

American School Of Dubai offers grade levels from Pre-KG to Grade 12 within the school.

4. What is the current enrolment count of students in the school? Furthermore, how many different nationalities are currently represented among the student body?

As of now, the American School Of Dubai has a total enrolment of over 2,000 students.

5. What is the format of the academic calendar of the American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1?

The school calendar at the American School Of Dubai typically spans from August to June, featuring a winter break in December and a spring break typically scheduled in March or April.

6. What is the range of tuition fees charged by the American School Of Dubai, Al Barsha 1?

The tuition at the American School of Dubai, Al Barsha 1, varies based on the grade, ranging from AED 56,000 to AED 82,581.

7. Does the school have a cafeteria or canteen facility available within the campus?

The canteen facility is available on the school premises.

8. Does the school host holiday camps during winter, spring, or summer breaks?

At the moment, the school does not have holiday camps available.

9. What is the current number of teachers employed at the school?

The school boasts a faculty comprising 187 teachers and is further supported by 54 teaching assistants. Additionally, the school employs 10 guidance counselors. 

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