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Al Barsha 3, Dubai

About Al Barsha 3, Dubai

Al Barsha is close to Dubai Internet City, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina. Al Barsha is connected to Emirates Road and Sheikh Zayed Road. The location consists of 5 sub-communities: Al Barsha 1-3, Barsha Heights, and Barsha South. Al Barsha 3 is located between Al Barsha 1 and 2. The locality has several villas, residential plots, and commercial establishments. Interested renters and buyers have options ranging from 3BHK to 6BHK villas. The properties in this area are famous among the locals and the expatriates. Due to its efficient road connectivity, Al Barsha 3 provides an easy commute for the residents.

Al Barsha 3 has become a major residential and commercial area boasting affordable houses near Dubai. The community consists of several restaurants, educational institutions, hotels, and shopping malls. Moreover, residents can easily access metro stations, supermarkets, hospitals, and business centres.

Al Barsha 3 offers a sophisticated metropolitan feel, which is a lot like the lifestyle of Dubai. The community is famous for being home to countless expats from different parts of the world and cultures. If you are looking for a place with a serene and quiet atmosphere, Al Barsha 3 offers a more suburban vibe, which makes it the top choice for families.

Another reason the community is well-known among expats is the low cost of the properties. The community consists of about 3-6 bedroom units of villas with en-suite bedrooms, parking spots, and many other great features, which we will describe in this area guide.

Key Highlights of Al Barsha 3, Dubai

What is Great Here!
  • Major Highways Connectivity
  • Perfect Place for Families
  • Centrally Located Area
  • Easy Access to Public Transport
What Needs Attention!
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Non-freehold Areas
  • Higher Traffic During Peak Hours
  • Public Transport Needs Improvement

Real Estate Overview in Al Barsha 3, Dubai

Properties in Al Barsha 3 primarily consist of spacious villas containing three to six bedrooms. There are en-suite bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, spacious modern kitchens, full bathrooms, a dining room, and big living rooms. 

The properties in these areas have guest rooms with a built-in bathroom, a separate maid's room, a storage room, and laundry rooms. The houses have large balconies, terraces, and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. Some properties also have dedicated swimming pools in larger parts of the community.

The best thing about Al Barsha is that it is closer to malls, schools, supermarkets, and other facilities. The community has attractive villas, making it the best choice for families. This place is ideal for those who want to live in a city-centric community. The residents of Al Barsha 3 enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle with abundant open spaces, greenery, a peaceful atmosphere, and easy access to all means of modern-day convenience.

Off-Plan Trends In Al Barsha 3, Dubai

Al Barsha 3 has a wide range of properties, houses, and villas available at affordable rates. Other development plans are in the works as this location grows in popularity. Al Barsha 3 mostly contains completed properties available for rent or sale.

If you are interested in off-plan properties, you can opt for the Tiger Blue Waves Tower, the Diamond Green Diamond One, the Samana Developers Hills, and many others. Al Barsha has ready-to-move, newly launched off-plan, and under-construction properties that you can choose from as per your desires.

However, since Al Barsha 3 is a relatively developed community near Dubai, the property search may take longer than expected.

Rental Trends In Al Barsha 3, Dubai

The rental trends in Al Barsha are different based on different configurations, amenities offered, and built-up areas. You may rent between 3BHK and 6BHK villas with varying rental prices. Those who want smaller property types can also rent studio apartments in plazas and gated housing communities.

There is a wide range of options for renting a property in Barsha 3, ranging from compact studio apartments to 6BHK unit villas. Moreover, multiple new buildings are coming up in Al Barsha 3 that will make more space for new tenants in the coming days.

Sales Trend in Al Barsha 3, Dubai

Investors can easily purchase properties in Al Barsha 3. However, it is necessary to remember that this community is not a freehold. Only citizens of the UAE can purchase properties in Al Barsha 3. In Al Barsha 1, Murad Tower is the only freehold location. The sales trend for average apartments and villas in the community depends on your chosen area and the number of bedrooms and other amenities.

The sales trend in Al Barsha 3 has always been higher due to the wide range of available facilities, which ensure an easy and comfortable life for both residents and expats. Compared to other localities, the properties in Al Barsha 3 seem like a lucrative choice for investors. 

Public Transportation

There are two bus stops in the area, allowing residents to travel around the city on RTA buses. At a distance of five minutes, there is the Al Barsha E 1 bus stop, from where buses 84 and F35 are available. Bus numbers F31 and 84 serve Al Barsha Heights, Al Barsha Heights Minc Apartments, and the Ramee Guestline Hotel Bus Stop.

The transportation in Al Barsha 3 is seamless since there are metro stations located within 10 minutes' distance, like the First Abu Dhabi Bank, Mall of Emirates, Dubai Internet City Metro Station 2, and Sharaf DG. You can also find the closest bus stops in Al Sufouh 2, Dubai Marina, and Dubai International City.

Bus Number Destination
F31, 84 Al Barsha Heights
F33 Emirates ID centre 2 bus stop


School / Educational Institutions

Al Barsha boasts many reputed nurseries and schools for children and young adults. Some of the notable nurseries in Al Barsha 3 are:

  • The Children’s Garden
  • Happy Learning Nursery
  • The British Orchard Nursery

Some of the best schools in Al Barsha 3 are:

  • Little GEMS International
  • Next Generation School
  • GEMS Academy
  • American School of Dubai
  • Dubai American Academy
  • Al Barsha Quran School
  • SAIC.
  • Islamic Centre Al Barsha


People living in Al Barsha 3 can access several small markets and supermarkets. Some of the most popular markets in the locality are:

  • Al Maya Supermarket 
  • Al Wasl Grocery in the community centre 
  • SPAR supermarket
  • Union Co-Op Union. Carrefour
  • Al Barsha Market
  • West Zone Supermarket
  • Blue Mart, Zoom
  • Pak N Shop

These supermarkets are close to Al Barsha 3 and can be reached in a few minutes by car. All these malls consist of stores ranging from fashion to appliance stores. In these supermarkets, you can also find pharmacies, coffee shops, eateries, and other great amenities.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are a priority in every part of Dubai, and the local government works towards offering the best medical support to its citizens. Al Barsha 3 has several hospitals, clinics, and speciality medical centres around each cluster. They include –

  • Mediclinic Meadows
  • Al Zahra Hospital
  • Burjeel Hospital for advanced surgery
  • American Hospital

Places Of Worship

Since Islam is Dubai’s official religion, there are several mosques in Al Barsha 3, including:

  • Ibaadu Al Rahmaan Mosque
  • Al Jami Mosque
  • Ben Masehar Mosque 
  • Khamis Al Maheer 
  • Salaf Sani Bin Ateeq Mosque 
  • Osama Bin Zaid Mosque 

All of these mosques are within walking distance of the residences in Al Barsha 3.

Since Al Barsha has people of all religions, several other places of worship are also available in Al Barsha 3. Christians can find several churches in Al Barsha 3, such as: 

  • Mido and Emirates Baptist Church 
  • The Gatekeepers Weekday Warehouse
  • Haley’s Church 

To visit Baba Temple, Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple, and Shiridi Sai Baba Mandir, you will have to travel for about 30 minutes from Al Barsha 3.

Best Hotels In Al Barsha 3, Dubai

Another reason for the popularity of Al Barsha 3 is that it consists of several hotel apartments for rent, usually rented by business travellers, thanks to the area's proximity to commercial hubs like Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City.

There are many great hotels located nearby Al Barsha 3, such as:

  • Grand Excelsior Hotel Al Barsha
  • Carlton Al Barsha
  • Grandeur Hotel
  • Signature Hotel Al Barsha
  • TIME Asma Hotel
  • Grand Cosmopolitan Hotel
  • Rose Park Hotel Barsha


Shopping Centres / Malls

Due to Al Barsha 3’s prime location, people have several options regarding malls near the community. Some of the most popular malls near the locality are:

  • Al Barsha Mall 
  • The Mall of the Emirates


Al Barsha 3 offers multiple restaurant types where visitors can experience local and international cuisines. Popular restaurant franchises are mostly found in supermarkets and retail malls. Some of the popular restaurants in Al Barsha 3 are: 

  • Din Tai Fung
  • Shakeism Milkshakes
  • Wakha 
  • Samarkand
  • Subway Souq Extra
  • Burger Fuel
  • Rivas Restaurant
  • Papa John’s Pizza
  • Sushi Day
  • Barbeque Nation

Beaches Nearby

Although Al Barsha 3 is not surrounded by beaches, a few famous Dubai beaches are within a short drive of the locality. Residents of Al Barsha often visit these beaches to enjoy a barbecue cookout or picnic or swim and stroll. The most popular beaches near the locality are:

  • JBR beach 
  • Salt Kite Beach
  • La Mer Beach

Leisure Activities

Want to sit back and relax? Al Barsha consists of countless activities to enjoy and experience. You can race at the Dubai Autodrome or try go-karting. Moreover, you can also enjoy other things at the Mall of the Emirates. You can find many leisure options in the area, such as:

  • You can visit Dubai Miracle Garden, which is an eye-candy location. Here, you can experience real imagery from more than 50 million flowers, which also happens to be a record. 
  • Another place to visit is the Butterfly Sanctuary, where you can see more than 35,000 species across the domes.
  • The Jabel Ali Racecourse, located adjacent to the community, is the primary landmark of Al Barsha 3. 

Distance And Commute Time

  • Dubai International Airport is 23 minutes away with a distance of 29.8 kilometres.
  • Dubai Internet City Metro Station 2 is located 4.1 kilometres from Al Barsha 3.
  • JBR Beach is 10.3 kilometres from Al Barsha 3.
  • Sheikh Zayed Road, E11, is a 7-minute drive away and about 13.7 km away.
Al Barsha 3, Dubai

Ratings And Reviews

Abdul Kaleem
A Peaceful Community in Dubai

Al Barsha 3 is a peaceful community with a serene and quiet atmosphere, making it the best place for families with young adults and children. The locals are friendly and are always ready to help one another in case of any issues. 

Kabir Ansari
Traffic Congestion

Al Barsha 3 is the best community to live in, but the only drawback is the traffic congestion during rush hour. Since almost everyone has cars, the rush hour is usually most filled. And the increasing popularity and single professionals makes a busy community.

Yousef Nabeel
Great Location for Working

This location is a welcoming community for families and single, working professionals. Even though I do not have a car, getting around the city has never been difficult. The connection to the metro stations and bus stations makes living in Al Barsha 3 very easy.

Aqeel Shareef
Big Houses and Properties

Al Barsha 3 has been a fantastic community for me, and finding a villa for my family was a breeze. Al Barsha 3 boasts many villas for sale and rent in the community. Since it is a vast area, many amenities exist, such as markets, schools, and hospitals. 

Ram Sharma
All Amenities are Nearby

We have been living in Al Barsha 3 for over 4 years, and we can safely say it has been quite a wonderful experience thanks to the available amenities. Several facilities allow us to live a comfortable life with my family. Supermarkets are widely available.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Barsha 3 freehold?

Only people who are nationals of the UAE can purchase properties in Al Barsha 1–3, with Al Murad Tower being the only exception, as it is the only freehold building located in Al Barsha 1

What are the top attractions in Al Barsha 3, Dubai?

There are many attractions in Al Barsha 3, such as Dubai Miracle Garden, Al Barsha Pond Park, Mall of the Emirates, and Dubai Butterfly Garden.

How to get to Al Barsha 3 in Dubai by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

You can easily get into Al Barsha 3 through public transportation or a vehicle. The most common method is through the Dubai Metro, which is the most sought-after method. Dubai Internet City Metro Station 2 is the closest station, which is only about 4 km away. 

Which are the best communities to live in Al Barsha 3, Dubai?

Al Barsha 3 is famous for having pocket-friendly apartments, luxurious villas, beautiful parks, leisure attractions, and countless amenities. Al Barsha is tranquil and safe, consisting of several sub-communities.

The properties in this area consist of standalone villas and apartments, which are famous among the working professionals who have jobs in the internet and media industries.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Barsha 3?

Many great hotels are located near Al Barsha 3, such as Grand Excelsior Hotel Al Barsha, Carlton Al Barsha, Grandeur Hotel, and Signature Hotel Al Barsha. Some famous restaurants in Al Barsha 3 are Subway Souq Extra, Burger Fuel, and Rivas Restaurant.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Barsha 3?

Some famous malls and supermarkets in Al Barsha 3 are Al Maya Supermarket, Al Wasl Grocery in the community centre, and SPAR supermarket. 

What are the best schools in Al Barsha 3?

Little GEMS International and Next Generation School are some of the best schools in Al Barsha 3.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Barsha 3, Dubai?

Some famous hospitals near Al Barsha 3 are Burjeel Hospital, Al Zahra Hospital, and Al Zahra Hospital.

What are the famous places of worship in Al Barsha 3, Dubai?

Since Islam is Dubai’s official religion, there are several mosques in Al Barsha 3, like Ibaadu Al Rahmaan Mosque and Al Jami Mosque. 

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Barsha 3, Dubai?

The pros of living in Al Barsha are the large area with different properties, nearby amenities, and easy access to public transport. The cons are that Al Barsha 3 is a non-freehold area and experiences significant traffic congestion. 

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