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Al Maktoum Road, Dubai

About Al Maktoum Road, Dubai

Al Maktoum Boulevard is located in the heart of the Deira district, the iconic Baniyas Square, and the Deira Clock Tower. The area encompasses two kilometres of high-end hotels and laid-back cafes. Most hotels, shopping malls, and government buildings in Dubai may be found in Deira, the first area to have paved roads.

Al Maktoum Road is your greatest bet if you're looking to relocate to Deira with other people. The area around this location has a wide selection of stores, cafes, and other businesses.

After completing the Al Maktoum Bridge over Dubai Creek in 1963, the road bearing the same name was paved. This road, which only had one direction of traffic, was nonetheless the city's main artery. Together with various government buildings, this street was the site of the earliest locations of the Shell Oil Company and the Pepsi Cola Company. Examples include the Dubai Municipality, the Dubai Land Department, and the Dubai Water and Electricity Company. This is the same route where Dubai Secondary School was the first secondary school in the UAE. On the same road lies the famous Deira Clock Tower.

Places to hang out are close by, and housing is expensive. On Al Maktoum Road, you'll find a lot of spacious residences and mansions. Many of the units include fancy amenities like swimming pools and gyms.

If you're looking for a great place to live or visit, look no further than the neighbourhood around Al Maktoum Road. Villas, single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments are all available and located near one another. Recreational amenities, including parks and playgrounds, are conveniently located near these communities.

There are now hotels with breathtaking views of Dubai Creek and restaurants offering various cuisines along the Boulevard. In Al Maktoum Street, you may find fully furnished apartments for rent.

Deira's bustling commercial district can be found along Al Maktoum Boulevard. You have no idea what sort of neighbourhood, landmarks, or public transportation you'll encounter. If you ever find yourself in Deira, go to Al Maktoum Road.

Key Highlights of Al Maktoum Road, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • One of the major roads in the Deira
  • Direct access to Sheikh Rashid Road (E11)
  • Offers apartments in different layouts
  • Dotted with shopping centres, hotels and restaurants
What Needs Attention!
  • Noisy area
  • Traffic Congestion

Real Estate Overview in Al Maktoum Road, Dubai

Al Maktoum Road in the thriving Deira neighbourhood offers potential for both business and residential real estate. Due to its easy access to parks, cultural hubs, and educational institutions, Al Maktoum Road is well-liked by locals and companies.

Al Maktoum Road has mixed-use developments, including hotels, offices, condos, and villas. The majority of the structures along Al Maktoum Road are apartment buildings. These houses all differ greatly in size from one another.

Building heights in the region range from low to midrise, and studio, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments are available. For the convenience of the tenants, the apartment buildings on Al Maktoum Road in Deira, Dubai, also provide parking, fitness centres, and swimming pools on the ground level.

Regardless of personal preference or financial resources, Al Maktoum Road provides a wide choice of options for anyone desiring to live or work in the central area of Deira.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Maktoum Road

Real estate "off-plan" is built according to the developer's blueprints and sold before the building is complete. As a result of its mutual benefits to buyers and builders, off-plan buildings on Al Maktoum Road are increasing in popularity. Customers can personalise their new residence by selecting various design options, fixtures, and structural layouts.

Investors are competing for off-plan properties in Al Maktoum Road, one of the city's busiest real estate markets. Off-plan homes in Al Maktoum Road provide investors with high returns on their money because of the area's convenient location, solid infrastructure, and high demand for housing.

Advantages for buyers and developers may be found in the current off-plan development on Al Maktoum Road, which includes cheaper rates, more options for personalisation, and high ROI potential. Buyers and investors will likely emphasise purchasing off-plan properties as the city expands and the need for housing in the Deira Persists.

Rental Trends in Al Maktoum Road

Al Maktoum Road in Deira is highly desirable for renters because of its convenience, proximity to amenities, and lively atmosphere. Rents on Al Maktoum Road in Deira have skyrocketed along with those in many other popular areas as the city's housing supply has diminished. Position, ease of access, and favourable surroundings are all factors contributing to this propensity.

Apartments on Al Maktoum Road are suitable for single professionals, couples, and families. If you're living alone, a studio apartment is your best bet. You may get them at Deira for a fair price. Apartments on Al Maktoum Road are ideal for couples or small families because they come with either one, two, or three bedrooms. The size of one-bedroom apartments ranges from 681 to 1295 sq. ft. The size of a two-bedroom apartment can range from 1,511 to 2,045 sq .ft. A three-bedroom apartment with sizes ranging from 1,865 to 2,986 sq. ft.

Deira's Al Maktoum Road apartments are popular with renters thanks to their high-end features like swimming pools, fitness centres, and concierge services. Because of the increased demand, rents for properties with these features tend to be higher.

Luxury rentals, family-friendly houses, and short-term accommodations are in high demand in Deira's primary rental market, driving up rates for all. As the central area evolves, so will the renting patterns of its residents, reflecting the shifting nature of the region's population and its needs and tastes.

Sale Trends in Al Maktoum Road

Property in Deira is in high demand because of the neighbourhood's rising profile as a commercial and residential centre. Customers in the Deira area place a premium on opulent properties that include features such as swimming pools, fitness centres, and well-maintained outside spaces.

The Deira Al Maktoum Road real estate market is characterised by high demand, a preference for luxurious properties, and a growing appreciation for windows and outdoor space. Al Maktoum Road's sales patterns are expected to continue to mirror the evolving tastes and needs of the area's residents as the area develops and evolves.

Located on Al Maktoum Road in Deira, Dubai, is the 19-story residential tower, Al Meraikhi Tower 2, home to various 2-bedroom apartments. There is 24-hour security, a swimming pool, a gym, and every other convenience a modern family might want. You can also find 2- and 3-bedroom flats in the neighbouring Al Meraikhi Tower 3 complex. Other buildings, such as Al Masood Tower and Al Reem Tower. If you're looking to buy a studio or one-bedroom on Al Maktoum Road, any of these buildings would be a good choice.

A wide range of floor plans is available, from 700 square feet for a one-bedroom to over 4600 square feet for a three-bedroom apartment. These properties typically include garages, lawns, and pools. You may find everything from single-room studio apartments to massive industrial parks on Al Maktoum Road.

Public Transport

Those living in Dubai have access to an abundance of public transportation options. Take the RTA bus from one of the several stops along the route. You can reach where you need to go fast thanks to the abundance of buses and taxis. The following are the most useful bus lines for getting around Al Maktoum Road.:

Bus Line Number Destination
11A Awir Stop to Gold Souq Station
53 Internation City Civil Defence to Gold Souq Stop
C9 Satwa stop to Etisalat bus stop


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

Many preschools, academies, and schools are located along Al Maktoum Road, providing local families with high-quality educational opportunities for their young children. The following are a few examples of the many elementary and secondary schools, as well as daycares, that can be found along Al Maktoum Road:

  • Spectrum Nursery 
  • Early Childhood Care
  • Little Diamond Nursery 
  • Little Nest Nursery.
  • Sabari Indian School 
  • The Elite English School 
  • Little Flower English School.


Along Al Maktoum Road in Deira, several supermarkets are easy to access and convenient. In addition, they provide their customers with daily deals and discounts, sure to make them happy. The following is a list of some of the supermarkets that can be found on Al Maktoum Road:

  • Viva Supermarket
  • Families Supermarket 
  • Midtown Supermarket 
  • Choithrams 
  • Baqer Mohebi

Healthcare Facilities

Along Al Maktoum Road in the United Arab Emirates, you’ll find several hospitals serving Deira’s residents. A wide range of medical services and expertise are available at these facilities, making them competitive with the best in the world (general medicine, physiotherapy, plastic surgery, dermatology, paediatrics, etc.). Several hospitals and clinics may be found along Al Maktoum Road.

  • HKT Medical Centre 
  • Salah Medical Clinic 
  • Al Mariya Polyclinic
  • Canadian Specialist Hospital 
  • NMC Healthcare

Places of Worship

Al Muktoum Road and the surrounding areas of Deira are home to the area’s sole mosque and Christian communities. A few examples of worship centres are:

  • Mohammed Bin Madiyyeh Mosque 
  • Riggat Al Buteen Mosque.
  • Winners Chapel International Dubai 
  • St Mary’s Catholic Church.

Best Hotels in Al Maktoum Road

On Al Maktoum Road are some of the top hotels in the city, and they are renowned for their ability to make both locals and guests feel as though they are staying in their own homes. On Al Maktoum Road, the following are some of the finest hotels that can be found:

  • Carlton Palace Hotel
  • Jumeirah Suite 
  • Al Khaleej Palace Deira Hotel 
  • Deira Suites Hotel Apartments 
  • Moscow Hotel Deira.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Along Al Maktoum Road, one can find a wide selection of high-quality shopping malls and shopping complexes, setting the stage for well-deserved retail therapy. These establishments are accessible to both newcomers and long-term residents. The following is a selection of samples of these various choices for your consideration:

  • Al Ghurair Centre 
  • Spinneys, 
  • Gold and spice souk 
  • City Centre Deira
  • Reef Mall.

Restaurants/ Dining

The Al Maktoum Road is home to several eateries serving various cuisines. Some popular options are

  • Rayyan Mandi
  • Al Yarmouk Restaurant
  • Wejdan Café and Restaurant
  • Pindi Boys Restaurant
  • Coochini Restaurant & Bar
  • Magic Savoury Restaurant

Locals also have access to some of Deira’s best restaurants, such as Denny’s, Yakitate, and Aroos Damascus Restaurant. All these restaurants are within a short drive of one other, typically within 10 minutes.

If you’re in the mood for traditional Middle Eastern and Emirati cuisine, you can drive to Aseelah at the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek. The restaurant’s menu features a wide range of options, all seasoned with authentic spices.

Beaches Nearby

Al Maktoum Road is located in the Al Danah area, close to the water and home to several wonderful beaches. One may easily get to several of Dubai’s beaches from Al Maktoum Road in Deira, such as:

  • Al Mamzar Beach 
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • La Mer Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

The Al Maktoum Road has numerous entertainment options for tourists and locals, such as theme parks, water parks, outdoor activities, gyms, spas, and beauty salons. Here are some nearby landmarks:

  • Deira Clock Tower 
  • Waterfront market
  • Union Park
  • Women’s Museum
  • Dubai Creek Golf

The Deira Clock Tower, a historic monument, can be found near the crossroads of Al Maktoum Road and Umm Hurrair Road. It is an 80 metres clock tower with four arches. The four arches that held up this well-known building were a fusion of Islamic and traditional design.

Another popular nearby attraction is Waterfront Market Deira, which can be reached in just 11 minutes by vehicle. Produce, meat, seafood, and spices are a few culinary items at this convenient supermarket. A Lulu Hypermarket is also available for the visitors’ convenience.

Union Park Deira, the nearest park, features paved walkways and large open areas. It’s conveniently located on a main thoroughfare not far from Union Metro Station. The area has several parks, including Al Hamriya Park and Baniyas Public Park. The Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club and the Women’s Museum are also not far away.

Distance and Commute Time

  • Only a 10-minute drive will take you to Dubai International Airport as the distance to go there is just 2.6 kilometres. 
  • The distance to Business Bay and DIFC is 4.1 kilometres and may be reached in under 20 minutes.
  • The Dubai Frame Golf and Yacht Club is within a ten-minute drive which is 2.3 kilometres long.
Al Maktoum Road, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Usha Pandekar
Great location and amenities

The property surrounding Al Maktoum Road is highly desirable because of its proximity to shops, institutions of higher learning, medical care, and public transportation. Those living here can enjoy the benefits of a developed community and a high standard of living.

Lipika Sheikh
Affordable housing options

Compared to other trendy areas of Abu Dhabi, housing prices here are surprisingly low. It’s affordable for those who value living near their work without breaking the bank.

Ruhani Sharma
Lack of green spaces

Inadequate parks and green space in the Al Maktoum Road region might be problematic for families with young children. This restricts people’s access to the outdoors, which can negatively impact their standard of living.

Hiren Movaliya
Heavy traffic congestion:

Because of its high daily traffic volume, peak hours on Al Maktoum Road can be extremely frustrating. Those who live there and have to travel to and from work or school may find this inconvenient.

Raha Irani
Good community vibe:

Newcomers will find integrating into the area’s warm and accepting culture simple. Overall, the friendliness and generosity of the locals are major selling points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Al Maktoum Road Freehold?

Yes, the Al Maktoum Road in Deira is Freehold.

What are the top attractions in Al Maktoum Road, Deira?

Some top attractions in the Al Maktoum Road of Deira, UAE, include Deira Clock Tower, the Waterfront market, and Union Park.

How to get to Al Maktoum Road in Deira by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

There is no metro in Deira. However, visitors can take a bus to Al Maktoum Road from various locations within the city. You can take buses 

Which are the best communities to live in Al Maktoum Road, Deira?

Al Maktoum Road has many residential communities that offer a mix of apartments, villas, and townhouses. Some popular communities include Madinat Zayed, Al Mushrif, and Al Manhal.

What are the best hotels and restaurants on Al Maktoum Road?

Al Maktoum Road has various hotels and restaurants that cater to different tastes and budgets. Some popular options include the Carlton Palace Hotel, Jumeirah Suite, and Al Khaleej Palace Deira Hotel.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Maktoum Road?

Al Maktoum Road has several malls and supermarkets, including Gold and spice souk, City Centre Deira, and viva supermarket.

What are the best schools in Al Maktoum Road, Deira?

Al Maktoum Road has a lot of schools catering to different curriculums and age groups. Some popular options include Little Nest Nursery, Sabari Indian School, and The Elite English School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Maktoum Road, Deira?

Al Maktoum Road has many international standard hospitals and clinics that offer a wide range of medical services. Some popular options include NMC Healthcare and HK Medical Centre. 

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Maktoum Road, Deira?

Al Maktoum Road has a diverse population and places of worship catering to different faiths. Some popular options include Mohammed Bin Madiyyeh Mosque, Riggat Al Buteen Mosque, and Winners Chapel International Dubai.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Maktoum Road, Deira?

You can’t find a better place to live than on Al Maktoum Road if you love the buzz of a big metropolis. Those who are moving, however, may have difficulties due to the scarcity of parking options and heavy traffic.

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