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Al Quoz 1, Dubai

About Al Quoz 1, Dubai Overview

Al Quoz 1 is a prominent part of Dubai,  located west of Sheikh Zayed Road, E11, and Business Bay. This vibrant locality offers an array of world-class amenities and is central among the four neighbourhoods of Al Quoz. People are flocking from different parts of Dubai and other regions to this area because of its affordable residential villas and low cost of living compared to the other parts of Dubai.

Sub-communities like Al Quoz 1 are well-equipped with all basic amenities and a rich physical and social infrastructure comprising schools, parks, medical centres, and spiritual and recreation centres. This space is known for its exquisite sharing apartments and massive four to seven-bedroom villas facing the magnificent view of the Al Quoz Lake located between Al Khail and Sheikh Zayed Road.

Key Highlights of Al Quoz 1

What’s Great Here!
  • A great place to live for families or students. It is also a great place to live on a sharing basis.
  • Located in the core of Dubai with road access to major areas
  • Selection of luxurious villas with various sizes, designs, and prices, catering to all types of buyers.
  • All amenities are close to the area.
What Needs Attention!
  • Heavy traffic passes through the community.
  • Quite commercialised

Real Estate Overview in Al Quoz 1, Dubai

Al Quoz 1 offers duplex villas and massive residential spaces ranging between 8,500 to 15,000 square feet, which may comprise six to seven bedrooms that are aesthetically furnished and upscaled with modern amenities and balconies.

The locality is also known for its single-family homes and affordable rental villas featuring authentic Arabic architecture. In recent property trends, smart homes with contemporary designs are in-demand and are much preferred by homebuyers in Al Quoz 1.

Public Transportion

The public transport system is much better than in other localities, and the bus stops are in close vicinity.

You can take Bus 21 from Al Quoz 4th Street Station and Oasis Centre or head towards the closest metro station (red line), Al Safa Metro Station, which is just 7 minutes away via Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11. Another metro station that is quite close by is the Business Bay Metro Station.

Private transport systems like cabs are also easily available through an app-booking system.

Bus / Metro Route
RTA 21 Ghubaiba Bus Station
RTA 7 Al Quoz, J Mart Supermarket
Red Line Business Bay Metro Station – Rashidiyia UAE Exchange
Green Line Al Safa Metro Station
Purple Line Al Quoz 1 to Mall of the Emirates


Nurseries / Educational Institutes

There are quite a few educational institutions near the community. 

Several nurseries for toddlers to embark on an insightful journey of learning are: 

  • Kiddy Planet Nursery
  • Blue Bird Nursery
  • Jumeirah International Nursery 

Other schools and higher education institutions in and around the neighbourhood include: 

  • Dubai International School is a private institution following the American education curriculum catering to students from kindergarten, elementary and intermediate to secondary standards.
  • Lycee Francais Jean Mermoz and Clarion School is another progressive American school famous across the United Arab Emirates.
  • Mena College of Management, Al Ghurair University, and Jumeira University are among the finest higher education institutions near the locality.


For your daily grocery or household-item shopping, when living in Al Quoz 1, you have easy access to several high-end supermarkets like:

  • Heidari Supermarket – This is the nearest one which has all retail, grocery, and bakery shops to cater to your daily needs
  • Village Supermarket – Best known for its lucrative deals and affordable daily goods shopping, the residents love to shop around in this vast supermarket.
  • Al Ghazal Grocery – Again, one of the best in AL Quoz 1, where you get all kinds of essential products.

Healthcare Facilities

For all your medical needs, Al Quoz 1 houses some of the best clinics, emergency medical facilities, and hospitals which include:

  • Burjeel Hospital for Advanced Surgery in Al Safa 
  • Medcare Hospital in Al Safa
  • iCare Clinic
  • Medlife Polyclinic LLC
  • Noor Al Shifa Clinic

Places of Worship

Al Quoz 1 is home to multiple cultures; thus, it comprises famous mosques, Buddhist temples, Churches, and Hindu temples. Let us look at some of the most famous places of worship in its vicinity:

  • AlMuhtadi Masjid 
  • Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammad Mosque 
  • Sharafi Mosque and Masjid Lateefa Al Fhatan.
  • Josefina y Marcelo Friends Church
  • The City of Dreams Church in Millennium Plaza Hotel 
  • Shiva Temple at Al Souq Al Kabeer – 20-minute drive
  • Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple in Jumeirah is 14 minutes away.

Best Hotels in Al Quoz 1

Some of the best hotels in the area are:

  • Urban Al Khoory Hotels
  • Park Regis Business Bay
  • Holiday Inn Express Dubai - Safa Park, an IHG Hotel.


Shopping Centres / Malls

Some of the best malls in and around Al Quoz 1 are:

  • Oasis Mall – This mall is massive, with several supermarkets built within its arena. It has great activity centres for kids, lovely restaurants, and a great hub for clothing and accessory shopping.
  • Al Faris Mall – Hardly 4 minutes away from the area, this mall has several branded retail shops and some of the finest restaurants in its space. A great place to spend a day off with family and friends
  • Saga World – A contemporary mall with vintage Arabian-styled construction housing several authentic artwork stores, boutiques, and household stores. It is just a 14-minute (drive) from Al Quoz 1.

Restaurants / Dining

Looking for the best outlets to satiate your taste buds? Al Quoz 1 has some of the best restaurants offering world-class cuisines. The most prominent ones are:

  • Eat & Drink Restaurant – Serving Asian and Arabic cuisines; it is best known for its good quantity and high food quality.
  • Shahi Mahal Restaurant – This restaurant serves one of the best Pakistani non-veg cuisines.
  • Al Marah Cafeteria is famous among youngsters for its burgers and snackable food.
  • Karak Concept Café is one of the closest hand-out places to Al Quoz 1, offering a huge variety of coffee, tea, and shakes.
  • Hayat Kitchen – Serving exotic Emirati dining and traditional flavours, it is the perfect getaway when you are in the mood for fine dining.
  • Sindhu – Serves the best Indian cuisine in the area.

Beaches Nearby

Popular beaches near Al Quoz 1 are:

  • Open Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Sunset Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Al Quoz 1 is quite close to the residential communities of Al Safa, Al Quoz 2, Al Quoz 3, and Al Quoz 4. Residents and tourists from across the Al Quoz neighbourhood love to visit important landmarks in Al Quoz 1, like the following:

Revisit the History of Al Quoz 1

When in Al Quoz 1, you must visit the Wall of Old Dubai, which was constructed in the 19th century and is of paramount significance to Dubai’s culture. The Zabeel Palace is the home and administrative office of the Royal Family (the ruling one). You must also visit the Burj Nahar, a mud watchtower constructed in 1870, which is surrounded by palm trees.

Recreational Activities

You can take your children to several recreational centres like Dubai Bowling Centre, Splash and Party, and Panda Boo. Enjoy rounds of a bowling session or splash-water parties for the little ones, or spend a whole day at the indoor kid’s amusement park.

Salons and Spas

Pamper yourself at some of the best spas and salons like E-live Beauty Salon, Al Zahra Al Nadiah Beauty Salon, and Al Ibtisama Ladies Salon.

Distance and Commute Time from Al Quoz 1 to Other Popular Places

Let us see how far is Al Quoz 1 from some of the key places.

  • Distance from the Airport: Al Quoz 1 is 20 mins (22.7 km) from the Dubai Airport via E11
  • Distance from Metro: The distance between Al Quoz, Al Khail Gate 1 and Al Safa Metro Station 1 is 3 km.
  • Distance from Beach: Al Quoz 1 is 13 min (11.1 km) via Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 from the Open Beach, 8 min (5.2 km) via Al Athar Street from Jumeirah Beach, and 13 min (11.1 km) via Sheikh Zayed Rd/E11 from Sunset Beach
  • Distance from Popular attractions: Al Quoz 1 is 12 minutes from Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa.
Al Quoz 1, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Steven R
A place for everyone!

“Al Quoz 1 is mainly a place for workers, labourers, small families, and Emiratis. It was one of the best decisions to move base to this neighbourhood because of proximity to commercial spaces, low transportation charges, and an average low cost of living.”

Sastri N
Unbelievably affordable!

“Al Quoz 1 surprisingly has low rents compared to the rest of Dubai, given its vicinity to Sheikh Zayed road and the Al Khail road. I thoroughly enjoy myself venturing out to its malls, restaurants, and small cafeterias.”

Luth S
Accessible transport system

“The villas are amazing here. The best feature is the availability of public transport, and I am glad I don’t have to take out my car and face the tormenting traffic any more. I just wish this place wasn’t that congested with commercial traffic.”

Jonathan Swayne
Great Experience!

“Not a single day do we regret our decision to move to this locality. This is one of the best financial and emotional decisions we made. 1 – the cost of living suits us here, 2 – our kids go to brilliant schools and 3 – the ROI is great here on the property – couldn’t ask for more”

Sabana K
Pretty but commercialised!

“Al Quoz is close to malls and markets, and living here is quite cheap. The only thing that bothers me is the heavy traffic due to commercialisation. I love going to the nearby beach, away from the chaos of the city, and having a relaxing day to myself – living here is nothing short of heaven, though!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Quoz 1 Freehold?

Yes! The townhouses and apartments situated in the Al Quoz 1 area offer freehold ownership. It is one of the key mixed-use districts of Dubai.

What are the top attractions in Al Quoz 1, Dubai?

The top attractions here are OliOli, Al Quoz Park, Create Hub Gallery, waterpark, and Dubai Bowling Centre.

How to get to Al Quoz 1 in Dubai by bus and metro? Which is the nearest metro station?

You can take bus lines 84, F25, and F26, which terminate near Al Quoz Mall. The Business Bay Metro Station station is the nearest one to Al Quoz in Dubai.

Which are the best communities in Al Quoz 1, Dubai?

Some of the most popular communities in the Al Quoz 1 area are Al Quoz 4, Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Al Quoz 2, and Al Quoz 3.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Quoz 1?

Some of the best hotels and restaurants in the area are Urban Al Khoory Hotels, Park Regis Business Bay, and Holiday Inn Express Dubai – Safa Park, an IHG Hotel.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Quoz 1?

Some of the best malls and supermarkets in Al Quoz 1 are Grand Shopping Mall, Grand Hyper Al Khail Mall, and Carrefour Market Oasis Center

What are the best schools in Al Quoz 1, Dubai?

The best schools are Global Indian International School (GIIS) Dubai Campus – Best Indian International CBSE School in Dubai, Dubai International School, Lycée français Jean Mermoz, and Towheed Iranian International Ohio School

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Quoz 1, Dubai?

The best medical centres in the area are Iranian Hospital Safa Polyclinic Dubai Al Quoz 1, Aster Clinic, Al Khail Mall – General Medicine, Al Quoz City Star Polyclinic, NMC Amala Medical Centre, Al Qouz Branch, and iCARE Clinic – Oasis Cent.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Quoz 1, Dubai?

Some of the famous places of worship are Sheikh Rashid Bin Mohammad Mosque, Sharafi Mosque, and Masjid Lateefa Al Fhatan. The Josefina y Marcelo Friends Church, Shiva Temple, and Mahamevnawa Buddhist Temple are also quite popular.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Quoz 1, Dubai?

Al Quoz 1 has an affordable cost of living and offers rich real estate investment options to people who plan to work and live in the vicinity. It has all the amazing beaches, great malls, lovely infrastructure, and recreational centres in its proximity. However, because of industrialisation, the place is a little too commercialised, which could bother the peace and serenity-loving people.

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