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Al Quoz 3, Dubai

About Al Quoz 3, Dubai

Al Quoz 3 is a booming residential and commercial neighbourhood. On the western edge of the city, near the well-known Al Quoz 1 and Al Quoz 2 neighbourhoods. Al Quoz 3 is distinguished by the diversity of its properties, which range from modern high-rise residential complexes to historic villas and townhouses. This attracts a wide variety of people, including families and young professionals.

The community has easy access to two of Dubai's major arterial routes, Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Khail Road, and is consequently well-connected to other districts of Dubai. This improves access to various city regions, including the city's primary commercial district and popular tourist destinations.

The booming arts and entertainment scene in Al Quoz 3 is one of the neighbourhood's major charms. Many art galleries, performance venues, and studios can be found inside the city, making it an attractive destination for artists and creatives. Alserkal Boulevard is a creative neighbourhood with exhibitions, talks, and workshops. The Dubai International Art Centre, which holds seminars and workshops in various artistic disciplines, are two of Al Quoz 3's most renowned cultural organisations.

In addition to its cultural offerings, Al Quoz 3 provides a variety of dining and leisure options. Some renowned restaurants and cafés in the neighbourhood provide traditional Emirati cuisine and international fare. In addition, the area features several commercial centres and retail enterprises, offering residents various shopping and leisure options.

Many parks and open spaces allow Al Quoz 3 people to embrace the outdoors. The neighbourhood is next to the world-famous Dubai Miracle Garden, which has more than 45 million flowers of all colours and patterns. Also, multiple parks and playgrounds are nearby, making it an ideal location for families with children.

Al Quoz 3 is a thriving city that offers a variety of entertainment, recreational areas, and cultural events to its citizens. It is a desirable place for individuals who wish to live or work in Dubai due to the variety of residences offered and its accessibility.

Key Highlights of Al Quoz 3, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • Convenient Location
  • Diverse Property Options
  • Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene
  • Shopping and Entertainment
  • Ample Outdoor Spaces
What Needs Attention!
  • Noise and Traffic
  • Limited Parking
  • High Cost of Living

Real Estate Overview in Al Quoz 3, Dubai

Al Quoz 3 is a thriving community that offers a variety of housing alternatives to its people. A traditional residence features four bedrooms, a sizable living room, a roomy kitchen, and a separate yard. Villas with around 5,000 square feet of living area suit families seeking a large home.

A contemporary townhouse with three bedrooms, a spacious living area, a contemporary kitchen, and a rooftop terrace. Townhomes with around 2,560 square feet of living space are excellent for young professionals and small families. A modern apartment has one or two bedrooms, a living space, a kitchen, and a balcony. The apartment offers a living space of 700 to 1200 square feet and is appropriate for individuals or couples.

In addition, several warehouses and industrial complexes are excellent for firms that require storage and distribution space. Typically, these estates have a size of several thousand square feet. Al Quoz 3 also offers retail and commercial space for lease or sale, such as stores, offices, and showrooms. These properties, whose constructed square footage ranges from a few hundred to several thousand square feet, are ideal for Dubai-based companies seeking a prominent location.

Public Transportion

The nearest metro station to Al Quoz 3 is the Noor Bank Metro Station, approximately 3.5 kilometres away. From there, commuters can take a bus or taxi to reach their destination in Al Quoz 3.

One of the most common modes of public transportation in Dubai is the bus system operated by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The important bus lines traversing via Al Quoz 3, Dubai, are as follows:-

Bus Line Number Destination
Bus Line F24 Mall of the Emirates Metro Bus Stop / Dubai Industrial City
Bus Line F26 Mall of the Emirates Metro Bus Stop / Dubai Investment Park 2
Bus Line F29 Mall of the Emirates Metro Bus Stop / Dubai World Central
Bus Line 21 Al Ghubaiba Bus Station / Al Quoz Bus Station
Bus Line 91 Gold Souq Bus Station / Al Quoz Bus Station



Al Quoz 3 is a mix of residential and industrial buildings. It has many amenities to offer to its residents and tourists alike; some amenities found in Al Quoz 3 are Warehouses and factories, Automotive repair shops, Restaurants and cafes, Supermarkets and convenience stores, Fitness centres, Medical facilities, and Banks and ATMs.

Nurseries / Educational Institute

Al Quoz has many educational institutes to offer to its residents, of an international standard. Some of them are.

  • The Wonder Years Nursery
  • Emirates British Nursery
  • The Learning Tree Nursery
  • Kids World Nursery
  • British Orchard Nursery
  • Dubai National School
  • Regent International School
  • American School of Dubai
  • Kings’ School Al Barsha
  • GEMS Wellington Academy


There are many supermarkets here which satisfy the needs of general items. Some of the nearby supermarkets include

  • Carrefour Hypermarket
  • Lulu Hypermarket
  • Union Coop Hypermarket
  • West Zone Supermarket
  • Choithrams Supermarket
  • Al Maya Supermarket
  • Spinneys Supermarket
  • Aswaaq Supermarket
  • Zoom Market
  • Day to Day Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Al Quoz 3 has some high-end medical facilities to offer to its residents. Some of them are –

  • Al Quoz Medical Center
  • Mediclinic Parkview Hospital
  • Neuro Spinal Hospital
  • Saudi German Hospital
  • Medcare Hospital Al Quoz

Places of Worship

Al Quoz 3, a Muslim-dominated place, has a few mosques to offer its tourists and residents. Some of them are

  • Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Mosque
  • Al Quoz Mosque
  • Al Noor Mosque
  • Al Shorafa Mosque
  • Al Rahma Mosque
  • Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque
  • Al Majid Mosque
  • Al Ansar Mosque
  • Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque

Best Hotels in Al Quoz 3

Hotels are an essential part of a community as it helps tourists to have a place to stay during their visits. Some of the hotels in and around Al Quoz 3 are

  • Hilton Dubai
  • Novotel
  • Grand Millennium
  • Sheraton
  • Millennium Place
  • The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and  Marina
  • Rixos Premium
  • Media One Hotel


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

Al Quoz 3 has some shopping malls which offer its residents and visitors a therapeutic shopping experience to its visitors and residents alike. Some of the Shopping Centres and Shopping Malls in Al Quoz 3 are.

  • Oasis Centre
  • Time Square Centre
  • Al Quoz Mall
  • Grand City Mall

Restaurants / Dining

Restaurants offer relief to the general public from their hectic daily routine and offer a small escape from the hustle and bustle of their lives. Restaurants are an essential part of a community providing new experiences to its visitors. Some of the famous restaurants in and around Al Quoz 3 are

  • Tom & Serg
  • The Sum of Us
  • Boston Lane
  • Bystro
  • Freedom Pizza
  • Kcal Life
  • Café Isan
  • The Clean Living Company
  • Culinary Boutique
  • Zpizza

Beaches Nearby

Beaches are fun and always a go-to option for tourists and families, as they provide many fun activities, and everyone can spend quality time there with their loved ones. Some of the beaches nearby Al Quoz 3

  • Kite Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Sunset Beach
  • La Mer Beach
  • Black Palace Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Al Quoz 3 provides a range of amusement parks, water parks, outdoor activities, fitness centres, beauty salons, and spas, among other amenities, to tourists and locals.

  • Skateboarding at the Warehouse Gym
  • Bowling at the Dubai Bowling Center
  • Shopping at the Al Quoz Mall
  • Visiting the Dubai Garden Center
  • Watching a movie at the Roxy Cinema
  • Indoor climbing at the Rock Republic
  • Indoor go-karting at the Kartdrome
  • Visiting the Alserkal Avenue
  • Playing paintball at the Al Quoz Paintball

Distance and Commute Time

  • Al Quoz 3 and Jumeirah Beach are around 16 kilometres apart; driving there might take between 20 and 25 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Quoz 3 and the Mall of the Emirates is around 8 kilometres, and it may take between 10 and 15 minutes to get there.
  • The distance between Al Quoz 3 and Dubai Miracle Garden is around 11 kilometres, and driving there may take between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • The distance between Al Quoz 3 and Global Village is around 19 kilometres and will take between 20 and 25 minutes to travel.
  • Al Quoz 3 and Dubai Festival City are 19 kilometres apart; driving there might take between 20 and 25 minutes, depending on traffic.
  • Al Quoz 3 and Dubai Silicon Oasis are 12 kilometres apart; driving there might take between 15 and 20 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.
  • The distance between Al Quoz 3 and DIFC is around 10 kilometres, and depending on the amount of traffic, the journey might take between 15 and 20 minutes.
Al Quoz 3, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Kareem Khan
Good investment opportunities

I often invest in real estate and always look for remarkable properties. One of my friends suggested Al Quoz 3. I got a great deal on a three-BHK apartment here, and the amenities were top-notch. I’m thrilled with my experience, and I can say that anyone who moves here or invests in a property won’t be disappointed.

Faisal Ahmed
Sustainable Properties

If you know what’s happening worldwide, you know that global warming is one of the biggest problems. This is why big companies are trying to become more environmentally friendly. In the same way, builders in Al Quoz 3 have made green real estate projects that harm the environment less than most. So, you can buy a house here if you care about the environment and want to live in one of the best places in the world.

Zunaid Akhtar
Great places to eat here

One of the area’s most beautiful and exciting restaurants is in Al Quoz 3. There are many kinds of food, and they are all tasty. So, I’m a foodie, and I love trying new dishes because it’s always something new for me.

Priyanka Banerjee
High cost of living

Most things’ prices have gone up. So, if you’re a single man living alone, you can make it, but you’ll have to live from paycheck to paycheck. You should have at least two ways to make money if you have a family. If you don’t, it will be hard for you to live here because your money won’t be enough to feed everyone.

Raja Singh
Traffic congestion and noise pollution

I’ve lived here for a while, so I can say with certainty that many people are here. It continues to deteriorate with time. Even though traffic isn’t too bad most of the time, it gets really bad at rush hour and on weekends. Also, this is why cars always honk and the streets are always full.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is Al Quoz 3 Freehold?

Yes, Al Quoz 3 is a freehold development. This means buyers of houses in Al Quoz 3 have full ownership of their properties and are free to sell, lease, or mortgage them.

What are the top attractions in Al Quoz 3, Dubai?

Al Quoz 3 is primarily an industrial and residential district known for its tourist attractions. A few places that visitors may find interesting in Al Quoz 3 are Alserkal Avenue, Green Art Gallery, Tom&Serg Cafe, and The Courtyard Playhouse.

How to get to Al Quoz 3 in Dubai by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

To get to Al Quoz 3 in Dubai by bus and metro, take the metro to the Noor Bank Metro Station on the Red Line. Noor Bank Metro Station is the nearest metro station to Al Quoz 3. Exit the Noor Bank Metro Station and take the F29 bus from the Noor Bank bus stop. The F29 bus will take you directly to Al Quoz 3.

Which are the best communities to live in Al Quoz 3, Dubai?

Al Quoz 3 has many communities to live in, some of which are Al Quoz Pond Park, Al Khail Gate, Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Al Manara, Al Safa, Umm Suqeim, Dubai Hills Estate, Jumeirah Village Circle, Arabian Ranches, The Springs

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Quoz 3?

Al Quoz 3 has many hotels to offer to its visitors, which include Hilton Dubai, Novotel, Grand Millennium, Sheraton, Millennium Place, The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Rixos Premium, Media One Hotel

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Quoz 3?

Some famous malls and supermarkets in Al Quoz 3 are Carrefour Hypermarket, Lulu Hypermarket, Union Coop Hypermarket, West Zone Supermarket, Choithrams Supermarket, Al Maya Supermarket, Spinneys Supermarket, Aswaaq Supermarket, Zoom Market, Day to Day Supermarket, Oasis Centre, Time Square Centre, Al Quoz Mall, and Grand City Mall.

What are the best schools in Al Quoz 3, Dubai?

Some of the best schools in Al Quoz 3 are The Wonder Years Nursery, Emirates British Nursery, The Learning Tree Nursery, Kids World Nursery, British Orchard Nursery, Dubai National School, Regent International School, American School of Dubai, Kings’ School Al Barsha, and GEMS Wellington Academy.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Quoz 3, Dubai?

Some hospitals and clinics in Al Quoz 3 are Al Quoz Medical Center, Mediclinic Parkview Hospital, Neuro Spinal Hospital, Saudi German Hospital, and Medcare Hospital Al Quoz

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Quoz 3, Dubai?

The famous places of worship in AL Quoz 3 are Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Mosque, Al Quoz Mosque, Al Noor Mosque, Al Shorafa Mosque, Al Rahma Mosque, Omar Ibn Al Khattab Mosque, Al Majid Mosque, Al Ansar Mosque, and Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Quoz 3, Dubai?

Some pros of living in AL Quoz 3 are affordable housing, central location, cultural diversity, good transportation, and ample amenities. In contrast, the cons are traffic congestion, noise pollution, limited green spaces, lack of nightlife, and limited school options.

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