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Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai

About Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai

Have you ever stepped into the bustling yet serene world of Al Qusais Industrial 2? This hidden gem, snuggled near the Dubai-Sharjah border, is a mosaic of modern living and commerce. With Beirut Street as its lifeline, this neighborhood seamlessly blends affordable residential charm with the business buzz, all within a stone's throw of the city's heart.

Embark on a journey through Al Qusais Industrial 2, where tranquillity meets connectivity. A mere 15-minute drive from Sharjah, this community is an oasis for those seeking a calm haven amidst urban convenience. It is not just a place to live; it is a lifestyle, complete with supermarkets, hospitals, and an array of dining delights.

Discover why this neighbourhood is more than just a dot on Dubai’s map – it is a vibrant community waiting to be explored!

Key Highlights of Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai

What's Great Here!
  • Al Qusais Industrial 2 offers a unique mix of affordable residential and diverse commercial properties catering to various needs and preferences.
  • The community boasts excellent connectivity, with Beirut Street linking residents directly to Dubai's key areas, including the proximity to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road for swift city-wide access.
  • Amenities are abundant, from supermarkets to hospitals, ensuring residents have everything they need right at their doorstep. This blend of convenience and variety makes it a practical choice for both living and business operations.
  • The area is a melting pot of cultures, providing a vibrant community atmosphere where diverse traditions and languages come together, enriching the living experience.
  • For businesses, Al Qusais Industrial 2 is strategically positioned as an industrial hub, offering a range of facilities like offices, warehouses, and ample parking, making it an attractive spot for various enterprises.
What Needs Attention!
  • As a thriving hub, Al Qusais Industrial 2 faces challenges with peak-hour traffic, a common issue in rapidly developing areas.

  • Public transportation options are somewhat limited, making personal vehicles a more practical choice for residents and workers in the area.

  • The industrial nature of the community might not be ideal for those seeking a quieter residential environment despite its affordable living options.

Real Estate Overview in Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai

Al Qusais Industrial 2, a dynamic neighbourhood near Dubai's border, presents various properties catering to residential and commercial needs. The area boasts a variety of apartments, from snug studios to spacious 3-bedroom units, each equipped with essential amenities like fitted kitchens and built-in wardrobes. The affordability of these apartments makes this locality a popular choice for renters seeking value in Dubai.

In addition to residential spaces, Al Qusais Industrial 2 is a hub for businesses, offering well-equipped warehouses ranging from 2,400 to 12,000 sq. ft., complete with power supply, built-in offices, and ample parking.

The offices in the community, varying between 300 and 1,602 sq. ft., are designed to cater to the needs of modern businesses, featuring round-the-clock security and essential facilities. This blend of residential and commercial offerings positions Al Qusais Industrial 2 as a versatile and sought-after location in Dubai.

Public Transport

Al Qusais Industrial 2, a bustling community in Dubai, offers well-planned transportation options for its residents and visitors. The area is well-served by multiple bus stations, including the Damascus Road and Dubai Abattoir stations, facilitating accessible public transit. For those preferring the metro, key stations like Al Qusais, Etisalat, and Al Nahda are just a short drive away, linking this neighbourhood to the wider city.

For private vehicle owners, Al Qusais Industrial 2 boasts ample parking facilities and excellent road connectivity. Beirut Street provides direct access to major highways like Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, making travel to central Dubai districts like Deira and Bur Dubai efficient and straightforward. This mix of public and private transport options underscores the area's appeal as a convenient and accessible place to live and work.

Bus Line Number Description
13 Gold Souq Bus Station to Qusais Dubai Municipality Staff Housing
64 Gold Souq Bus Station to Ras Al Khor Terminus
C26 Wasl Park Terminus to Qusais Industrial Area Terminus
X28 Lulu Village to Dubai Internet City Seaside Metro Bus Stop


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

Al Qusais Industrial 2, a thriving community in Dubai, is distinguished by its rich educational landscape, offering families an array of esteemed institutions. This area is a hub for nurturing young minds and fostering academic excellence.

Notable Educational Institutes in Al Qusais Industrial 2 include:

  • The Oxford School
  • Russian International School Dubai
  • The Indian Academy Dubai

For higher education, the vicinity is graced with renowned universities such as:

  • Al Dar University College
  • Al Falah University
  • University of Modern Sciences

Close to Al Qusais Industrial 2, the American College of Dubai and Al Wasl University also provide advanced education opportunities, making this community a prime choice for families valuing academic growth and development.


In Al Qusais Industrial 2, residents enjoy the convenience of various supermarkets, making daily shopping a breeze. These stores provide easy access to everyday essentials and contribute to the community’s vibrant atmosphere.

Key Supermarkets in Al Qusais Industrial 2 include:

  • West Zone Fresh Supermarket
  • Sheaar Al Madina Supermarket 
  • Al Adil Supermarket
  • Waheed Grocery
  • Al Manara Supermarket
  • Carrefour Market

Healthcare Facilities

Al Qusais Industrial 2 is distinguished by its excellent healthcare facilities, offering residents a comprehensive range of medical services. This ensures peace of mind for the community, with accessible healthcare options catering to diverse needs.

Prominent Healthcare Facilities in Al Qusais Industrial 2 include:

  • Aster Hospital Al Qusais
  • Mediclinic Al Qusais
  • Yasmin Shifa Dental Clinic
  • Layah Ayurvedic Medical Centre
  • Thumbay Hospital Dubai
  • Zulekha Hospital Dubai

Places of Worship

Al Qusais Industrial 2 is a community that celebrates diverse faiths, offering dedicated places of worship for various religious groups. This inclusivity is a testament to the area’s multicultural ethos.

Mosques Nearby:

Reflecting the strong Islamic heritage of the region, mosques in Al Qusais Industrial 2 serve as spiritual centres for the Muslim community. They provide tranquil spaces for daily prayers, religious teachings, and community gatherings.

  • Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Mosque
  • Masjid Al Rahman
  • Salama Bin Ali Ahli Mosque
  • Al Noor Mosque

Churches Nearby:

Christian residents in and around Al Qusais Industrial 2 have access to several churches that serve as pillars of worship and community engagement.

  • Christian Fellowship Church Dubai
  • Word Revival International Church
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church Dubai

Gurudwara Nearby:

While Al Qusais Industrial 2 does not currently host a Gurudwara within its immediate vicinity, Sikh residents can access Gurudwaras in the broader Dubai area. These Gurudwaras provide a spiritual haven and community space, a short drive away from the community.

Hindu Temples Nearby:

For the Hindu community, temples in the broader Dubai region provide a sacred space for rituals, prayers, and cultural celebrations.

  • Bur Dubai Temples

Best Hotels in Al Qusais Industrial 2

Al Qusais Industrial 2 in Dubai boasts a selection of premium hotels that expertly blend luxury with practicality. These hotels are ideally located for both leisure and business travellers, offering easy access to the city's key attractions, including business hubs and cultural landmarks.

  • Dubai Grand Hotel by Fortune
  • Al Hayat Hotel Suites

Dubai Grand Hotel by Fortune: This hotel stands out for its amenities, including an Indian restaurant, a casual cafe, and a wellness area with a gym, pool, and hot tub.  The hotel's prime location, a mere 15-minute drive from the Gold Souk and Dubai World Trade Centre, adds to its allure for visitors.

Al Hayat Hotel Suites: Another notable establishment in Al Qusais Industrial 2, Al Hayat Hotel Suites offers spacious, well-appointed rooms with contemporary facilities. Guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines at the hotel's restaurant, stay active in the fitness centre, or relax in the rooftop pool. Its proximity to Dubai International Airport and the Dubai World Trade Centre makes it an excellent choice for travellers seeking convenience and luxury.


Shopping Centers/ Shopping Malls

Al Qusais Industrial 2 enriches its community lifestyle with a variety of shopping centres, merging convenience with a delightful shopping experience. These malls are not just shopping destinations but also social hubs, offering diverse retail, dining, and entertainment options.

Shopping Centres in Al Qusais Industrial 2:

  • City Centre Deira
  • Al Mulla Plaza
  • Madina Mall

Restaurants/ Dining

Al Qusais Industrial 2 is a hub of diverse culinary experiences, offering a plethora of dining options that cater to the tastes of its multicultural community. From local eateries to casual dining restaurants, the area is a gastronomic delight, providing a range of cuisines to explore and enjoy.

Restaurants and Dining Facilities in Al Qusais Industrial 2:

  • Ambur Star Biryani
  • Gulabo Restaurant
  • Bait Al Mandi Restaurant
  • Rihan Restaurant
  • Patan Restaurant
  • Al Kandaka Fooul & Falafel

Beaches Nearby

Nestled close to Al Qusais Industrial 2, a selection of serene beaches provides residents with perfect getaways to unwind and enjoy Dubai’s beautiful coastline. These beaches are not just sandy retreats but offer a variety of activities, making them ideal for family outings and leisurely days under the sun.

  • Al Mamzar Beach: Just a 17-minute drive away, this public beach is a hidden gem in Dubai. It features three swimming pools, a kids’ play area, and food kiosks. The beach also offers barbecue facilities and rentable chalets within Al Mamzar Beach Park, making it a favourite for family gatherings.
  • Kite Beach: Known for its vibrant atmosphere and range of water sports, it is easily accessible and perfect for those seeking a more active beach day.
  • La Mer Beach: This beach combines leisure and entertainment with its trendy beachfront, dining options, and boutiques. It is a popular destination for both relaxation and enjoying Dubai’s dynamic beachside culture.

Leisure Activities Nearby

Al Qusais Industrial 2, a vibrant community in Dubai, offers a variety of leisure activities for residents and visitors. This area is a hub for cultural enrichment and athletic endeavours, providing a well-rounded lifestyle experience.

  • Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium: This renowned sports facility, part of Al Shabab Sports Club, is just a 10-minute drive away. It can accommodate 12,000 spectators and features an indoor sports hall, football pitches, and courts for basketball and tennis. It is a popular venue for local and international sports events.
  • Al Ahli Horse Riding Club: Located near Amman Street, this club is a paradise for equestrian enthusiasts. Offering training in various riding disciplines, it is an excellent spot for both beginners and experienced riders.
  • Naif Museum: A cultural landmark showcasing the rich history and heritage of the region. A visit here offers an insightful glimpse into Dubai’s past.
  • Al Qusais Pond Park: A short drive away, this park is an oasis of greenery and tranquillity. With a 2km jogging track, play areas, and gym equipment, it is perfect for family outings and fitness enthusiasts.

Distance and Commute

Al Qusais Industrial 2 offers convenient access to essential physical and social infrastructures, with easy commuting options to major regional areas.

  • Al Qusais Industrial 2 to Dubai International Airport is approximately 9 minutes (7.1 km) 
  • Al Qusais Industrial 2 to Yas Island is approximately 1 hour 19 minutes (133.3 km)
  • Al Qusais Industrial 2 to Abu Dhabi is about 1 hour 42 minutes (159.1 km)
  • Al Qusais Industrial 2 to Dubai Mall is about 19 minutes (19.6 km) 
  • Al Qusais Industrial 2 to Dubai Marina is about 34 minutes (41.4 km) 
  • Al Qusais Industrial 2 to Burj Khalifa is around 24 minutes (23.3 km) 
Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai

Rating and Reviews

Ayesha Khan

Al Qusais Industrial 2 offers a peaceful escape from the busy city life of Dubai. It is a bit secluded, but you’re just a short drive away from everything. I love the variety of dining options on Al Nahda Road. Ideal for those who appreciate tranquillity.

Sean Murphy

Living here for three years, I find it quite budget-friendly. The area is convenient, with easy access to malls, supermarkets, parks, and bus stations. The proximity to Al Qusais Metro Station is a huge plus. It’s a practical choice for easy city access.

Fatima Al Maktoum

Al Qusais Industrial 2 strikes a nice balance between modern living and serene surroundings. The availability of several mosques nearby is very convenient for daily prayers. Its location near major roads makes commuting easy.

Carlos Ruiz

My family and I have had a wonderful experience living in Al Qusais Industrial 2. The neighbourhood is very family-oriented, with excellent schools nearby. The easy access to healthcare facilities and supermarkets makes it an ideal place for family living.

Keiko Tanaka

Residing in Al Qusais Industrial 2 has been pleasant. The proximity to leisure parks and shopping centres like Madina Mall is great. The diverse dining options cater to all tastes. The community’s inclusive and vibrant nature creates a homely atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Qusais Industrial 2 freehold?

Al Qusais Industrial 2 is predominantly a leasehold area, primarily focused on commercial and industrial properties rather than freehold residential units.

What are the top attractions in Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai?

The top attractions in Al Qusais Industrial 2 include the Al Qusais Pond Park, the Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Stadium, and the nearby Madina Mall, offering various leisure and shopping experiences.

How do you get to Al Qusais Industrial 2 in Dubai by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

To get to Al Qusais Industrial 2 by public transport, you can use bus Route F08. The closest metro station to this area is the Al Qusais Metro Station, 32 minutes away. 

Which are the best communities to live in in Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai?

While Al Qusais Industrial 2 is mainly industrial, nearby residential communities such as Al Qusais and Al Nahda offer good living options with various amenities suitable for families and individuals.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Qusais Industrial 2?

 In Al Qusais Industrial 2, notable hotels include the Dubai Grand Hotel by Fortune and Al Hayat Hotel Suites. For dining, restaurants like Patan Restaurant, Rihan Restaurant, and Bait Al Mandi Restaurant are popular choices among locals and visitors.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Qusais Industrial 2?

Shopping destinations like Madina Mall and Al Mulla Plaza serve the area. Residents rely on supermarkets such as West Zone Fresh Supermarket and Carrefour Market for daily groceries and essentials.

What are the best schools in Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai?

For education, families in Al Qusais Industrial 2 have access to reputable schools like The Indian Academy Dubai, Philadelphia Private School, and Russian International School Dubai, all offering quality education.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai?

Healthcare facilities in Al Qusais Industrial 2 include Aster Hospital Al Qusais and Mediclinic Al Qusais and specialised clinics such as Yasmin Shifa Dental Clinic and Layah Ayurvedic Medical Centre.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai?

The area accommodates various places of worship, with mosques like Abu Bakr Al Siddiq Mosque and Masjid Al Rahman for Muslims. Christian residents have access to nearby churches such as Christian Fellowship Church Dubai.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Qusais Industrial 2, Dubai?

 Living in Al Qusais Industrial 2 has its pros, including affordable living options, good public transport connectivity, and proximity to industrial and commercial hubs. However, the cons include a lack of luxurious amenities, a more industrial atmosphere than residential, and potential crowding due to commercial activities. 

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