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Deira Islands, Dubai

About Deira Islands, Dubai

One of Dubai's most eagerly awaited developments, Deira Islands, comprises five artificial islands constructed off the Dubai coastline. The Deira Islands are a group of four islands built near the historic commercial centre of Dubai, known as Deira. The area was previously undeveloped, but a plan has been created to make it a top destination. 

It was previously referred to as Palm Deira and was part of the Palm Islands project. This Island was first introduced as Palm Deira in 2004. The project was later renamed Deira Islands in October 2013, and its master plan featured the establishment of an array of exceptional leisure amenities and resorts. The Island is currently called the Dubai Islands.

The plan includes sixteen square kilometres of space with accommodations, entertainment, and attractions. The design aims to make it exciting and luxurious, peaceful like home. The Deira Central neighbourhood is at the centre of the islands and will have fancy housing for thousands of people. The plan also includes parks, playgrounds, fitness facilities, and mosques for residents and tourists. 

The Deira Mall is a huge ten million-square-foot building with a roof that can open to let in the breeze. The Deira Night Market is an open-air market with thousands of shops, and it is modelled on the historic Arabian souk. This plan effectively doubles the coastline of Dubai, adding twenty-one kilometres of luxurious beachfront. There will also be international resorts and marinas to make it even better.

Deira Night Souk, Deira Island Towers, Deira Mall, and The Central Boulevard were some of the significant attractions. A bridge that connects the islands to the mainland became operational in December 2016. Therefore, Deira Islands present distinctive investment prospects in freehold residential and hotel plots.

Deira Island has the finest waterfront residential and vacation destinations. It has an extensive retail strip, numerous hotels and resorts, and many residential units. The upcoming shopping mall will rank among the largest in the area regarding shopping space. In addition, several beachfront resorts operated by international hospitality brands are set to be constructed. Moreover, six sprawling marinas will provide docking for boats and yachts.

Key Highlights of Deira Islands, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • Luxurious holiday destination
  • Best night market
  • Numerous exciting souks
  • Active nightlife
  • Great for families
What Needs Attention!
  • No schools in the area
  • Too much traffic
  • Old buildings

Real Estate Overview in Deira Island, Dubai

Deira Islands is a mixed-use neighbourhood, a residential project and a holiday destination. Individuals interested in residential complexes can select from apartments in 16 beachfront buildings in this region. The 9 million sq. ft. Deira Central will form the nucleus of the Island, featuring a range of residential and hospitality developments, along with state-of-the-art entertainment and lifestyle amenities. This Island is expected to create 80,000 jobs. Approximately 50 residential towers will offer an extensive built-up area of 29 million sq. ft., accommodating 22,000 apartments and 260 townhouses. Furthermore, mixed-use plots are available to develop hotels and serviced apartment complexes in this community. Additionally, several commercial properties are up for rent on Deira Island.

Public Transportion

The developer of Deira Islands has meticulously designed and developed the road infrastructure, walkways, parking, and entertainment venues, similar to its other megaprojects. The area benefits from an extensive system of connected pathways, marinas, and walkways that facilitate marine and land transit, as well as walking and cycling. The development is easily accessible by road and waterways, with three road bridges over the Water Canal.

Bus Line Number Destination
SM1 Gold Souq bus station / Souk Al Marfa
14 Oud Metha Bus Station 7 / Business Bay Seaside Metro Bus Stop
F51 DIP Metro Bus Stop 1 / Dubai Investment Park 1


Nurseries / Educational Institutes

Deira Island is under construction, and the master plan for Deira Island does not include the construction of schools, nurseries, or educational institutes. However, many schools in and around the neighbourhood of the Deira district can be easily accessed.


  • Deira Montessori
  • Tiny Tots
  • Happy Kids Nursery


  • The Elite English School
  • Little Flower English School
  • Sabari Indian School
  • Deira International School
  • The Westminster School
  • The Millennium School


Deira Central Boulevard will feature a retail centre with various shops and convenience stores. The retail centre will provide residents of Boulevard Towers with easy access to groceries and other daily necessities. Souk Al Marfa has several supermarkets in it. Some of them are:

  • Mohideen supermarket
  • Thai Market

Healthcare Facilities

There are no hospitals or clinics on the Island, but it is well-connected to the mainland, where several options are available. Deira district, accessible via the bridge, has several hospitals, including 

  • Dubai Hospital 
  • Kuwait Hospital
  • Canadian Specialist Hospital
  • NMC Healthcare
  • Belhoul Specialty Hospital

Places of Worship

Two mosques are being built on the Island, with a total area of 26,000 square feet. These mosques will have a capacity of accommodating 1,000 worshippers at once.

There are no churches or temples currently. However, the places of worship in the Deira district can be easily accessed.

In Deira Dubai, several spiritual centres cater to different religions. There are mosques such as,

  • The Omar Ali Bin Haider mosque
  • Al Rigga Mosque
  • Nasser Abdulla Hussain Mosque
  • Saifee Masjid

The Omar Ali Bin Haider mosque near Al Ghurair Centre is one of the oldest mosques in the city, accommodating up to 1000 visitors. 

For churchgoers, 

  • JA1 Church
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church

JA1 Church is the nearest option, while the country’s oldest Christian institution, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, is in Oud Metha. 

Additionally, those looking for temples can visit Shiva and Krishna temples in Bur Dubai, just a 15-minute drive away.

Best Hotels in Deira Island, Dubai

Once operational, Deira Islands is expected to become one of the top tourist destinations in Dubai, thanks to the collaboration between Nakheel and renowned international hospitality brands. 

Nakheel has announced three major projects in this regard, including 

  • Vienna House Deira Beach
  • Spain's RIU Dubai
  • Thailand's Centara Deira Islands

The multimillion Vienna House Deira Beach, developed in partnership with Austria's biggest independent hotel chain, will offer a beachfront hotel with 600 rooms and breathtaking views. 

The Riu Dubai Hotel stands out as one of the most remarkable hotels on the Deira Islands. Its visitors have a luxurious beachfront experience with top-notch amenities and services. This hotel features hundreds of beachfront resort rooms with family accommodations, seven dining options, three pools, a kids' playground, a fitness centre, and a waterpark. 

Centara Hotel and Resorts, a leading leisure company in Thailand, has also opened in Deira Island. Centara Deira Islands Beach Resort Dubai, located at a prime beachfront location, will offer plenty of rooms, an array of restaurants, a kids' club, a spa and fitness club, and a waterpark.


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

With an impressive 4.5 million square feet of space, Deira Mall claims the title of the largest mall in the region with retractable roofs. Boasting three floors and whopping thousands of marketplaces, shops, restaurants, and entertainment options, there’s no shortage of things to do and see here. With construction currently underway, Deira Mall will also feature a multi-level car park that can accommodate up to 8,400 vehicles. 

One of the unique features of the mall is its retractable roof, providing visitors with an open-air shopping experience. Additionally, the Deira district is home to several other top malls that visitors can explore, like,

  • City Centre Deira
  • Al Ghurair Centre
  • Reef Mall
  • Abraj Shopping Centre
  • Twin Towers Shopping Centre
  • Century Mall

Restaurants / Dining

Deira Night Market is set to become the biggest attraction in the archipelago, offering a modern take on the traditional Arabian Souk. The market will feature over 5,000 retail stores, more than 100 quayside cafes, and various restaurants.

Deira Dubai offers various dining options catering to different tastes and budgets. 

  • Aseelah
  • Gordon Ramsay’s Table 9
  • Max’s Restaurant
  • Denny’s
  • Miyako
  • Yakitate
  • QD’s creekside lounge
  • Century Village

Aseelah, a traditional Emirati restaurant, is a must-visit spot to sample the country’s iconic dishes. For a scenic and relaxed atmosphere, QD’s creekside lounge is a popular destination, while Century Village in Garhoud offers a diverse range of pub options for weekend outings.

Beaches Nearby

The Island offers an escape from the fast-paced city life of Dubai and is devoted to a beach-centric lifestyle. Inland canals are accessible to residents and visitors through a 47,000 sq. ft. marina at the Deira Night Market entrance.

Al Mamzar Beach park has many exciting amenities, including sunbeds, umbrellas, barbecues, athletic training areas, sledges, roller skating rinks, jet skiing and much more.

Leisure Activities Nearby

The Island’s Night Market stands out as a prominent attraction and landmark, offering a variety of shops, branded outlets, and beachside cafes and restaurants. 

The traditional Arabian souks with a modern twist are brought to the Night Market, which happens to be the largest night market in the world. Beyond its impressive size, the Night Souk at Deira Islands also boasts a stunning outdoor area with various dining options that overlook the beautiful waterfront.

It also has numerous entertainment facilities, boasting over 12 leisure attractions and activities. There are also amenities on the long boulevard that connects the residential area to the mall, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and ample parking spaces.

Deira Island  is one of the top-rated areas in Dubai, where you can discover various sights and try out a variety of enjoyable activities. Deira’s primary attractions are 

  • The Clock Tower,
  • Food Market
  • Dolphinarium.

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance to Deira is 9.6 km, and it takes 20 mins to reach there
  • The distance to Deira Corniche Area is 9.6 km, and it takes 20 mins to reach there 
  • The distance to Al Mamzar Beach Park is 12 km, and it takes 21 mins to reach there
  • Dubai International Airport is 16.7 km, and it takes 30 mins to reach there
  • Dubai Gold Souq is 10.1 km, and it takes 24 mins to reach there 
  • Heritage Village is 13.7 km, and it takes 24 mins to reach there
Deira Islands, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Khalid Al-Abbas
Best for buying a vacation home!

The amenities on Deira Island surpassed our expectations and are outstanding. This location is among the top choices for purchasing a vacation home, providing a peaceful retreat away from the bustling city and crowds.

Mariam Falasi

Deira Island’s beauty is breathtaking. Every corner of the Island is picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy. And let’s talk about the food! The Island is home to some of the best restaurants and cafes in the region, offering a wide variety of cuisines to satisfy every taste bud.

Noura Shah
No schools in the area

There is an issue with finding the right school here. Schools are not constructed yet, which is a big problem for my family.

Yousuf Dhaheri
Not suitable for residence yet

The best thing about the Deira Islands is the beaches, nightlife and recreational activities. Other than that, it is tough to live here as all the amenities are in the neighbouring localities. Several construction projects are underway.

Hessa Jassmi
A great investment opportunity for me

I invested in one of the off-plan projects in the Deira Islands. This is a great opportunity as the property was available at a much lower rate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is Deira Island Freehold?

Yes, Deira Island is a freehold property in Dubai.

What are the top attractions on Deira Island?

Deira Island has an active nightlife, water sports, and luxury resorts. Some of the top attractions on the Island include the world-famous Deira Night Market, Deira Mall, Al Mamzar Beach, Riu Dubai Hotel, and Centara Hotel and Resorts.

How to get to Deira Island in Dubai by Bus and metro? Which is the nearest metro station?

SM1, F51 and 14 can help you reach the nearest bus stop to Deira Island. From the bus stop, a taxi or cab is the best way to reach the destination on Deira Island. Al Ras Metro Station is the nearest metro station to Deira Island.

Which are the best communities to live in on Deira Island?

Deira Island has several residential communities that offer modern and luxurious living. Some of the best communities include Deira central and Deira Boulevard.

What are the best hotels and restaurants on Deira Island?

Deira Island has a wide range of hotels and restaurants that cater to different tastes and budgets. Some of the best hotels on the Island include Vienna House Deira Beach, Spain’s RIU Dubai and Thailand’s Centara Deira Islands. Some of the top restaurants on the Island include Aseelah, Gordon Ramsay’s Table 9, Max’s Restaurant, Denny’s, Miyako, Yakitate, QD’s creekside lounge and Century Village.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Deira Island?

The malls and supermarkets in Deira Island include City Centre Deira, Al Ghurair Centre, Reef Mall, Abraj Shopping Centre, Twin Towers Shopping Centre, Century Mall, Mohideen supermarket and Thai Market.

Which are the best schools on Deira Island?

Several good schools are located in the nearby areas of Deira Island, such as The Elite English School, Little Flower English School, Sabari Indian School, Deira International School, The Westminster school and The Millennium School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics on Deira Island?

Some high-tech good healthcare facilities nearby Deira Island are the Dubai Hospital, Kuwait Hospital, Canadian Specialist Hospital, NMC Healthcare and Belhoul Specialty Hospital.

Which are the famous places of worship on Deira Island?

Several mosques and churches are located nearby, including The Omar Ali Bin Haider mosque, Al Rigga Mosque, Nasser Abdulla Hussain Mosque, Saifee Masjid, JA1 Church and St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

What are the pros and cons of living on Deira Island?

The advantages of living on Deira Island include access to beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts, modern residential communities, quiet and peaceful atmosphere, and affordable living costs. However, the downside is that there are no schools on the Island, limited public transportation options, and much traffic.

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