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Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai

About Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai Overview

Jebel Ali Free Zone is Dubai's central duty-free commercial zone. From a little fishing village, it grew into a hub of international trade and a sophisticated commercial district, earning its place as one of the world's largest and oldest free zones. The Jebel Ali Free Zone generates a quarter of Dubai's GDP, making it the world's largest free economic zone.

Development in the JAFZA area is ongoing. Once the site of a handful of nondescript, typical buildings and warehouses, it is now the headquarters of more than 8,000 international companies, providing jobs for more than 130,000 people worldwide. The location is conducive to manufacturing facilities, retail and online commerce outlets, commercial exchanges, and on-site employee housing.

Key Highlights of Jebel Ali Freezone

What is Great Here!
  • Proximity to the Dubai Metro Red line
  • The housing market provides low-rent options
  • Not a currency-restricted area
  • Enterprising ambience
What Needs Attention!
  • Local Transportation
  • Overcrowded area
  • Mostly Commercial Buildings

Real Estate Overview in Jebel Ali Freezone

There is no better place to be than at Jebel Ali Freezone. The area has become quite popular, drawing people from all over to move there. Jebel Ali Freezone Area is a thriving commercial sector established to meet the needs of manufacturers and trading companies.

Some of the world's most successful businesses call this area home, attracting a diverse workforce of more than 135,000 people. There are a variety of high-quality hotels to choose from, as well as various cafes, restaurants, and other dining options, a grocery store, a money exchange, an insurance office, and many other services.

The best part is that the Jebel Ali Freezone Area is home to over 8,000 businesses. Most of the buildings in this area are workplaces. Manufacturing, commerce, shipping, and many other companies benefit from this. As It is proximate to Jebel Ali port, JAFZA is home to some of the region's largest logistics and transportation industries.

Plenty of commercial buildings are available, with all essential utilities. Offices can be as tiny as 40 square feet or as large as 500 square feet. Currently, there are no available homes on the market.

Public Transportation

Jebel Ali Free Zone's road network is easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road, making it convenient to locate bus stops (E11). Jebel Ali Freezone Roundabout, Gulf Denims Limited, and Jebel Ali Bus Station are all within walking distance. 

Jebel Ali Freezone, conveniently situated near the brand-new Route 2020, is considered one of the region's finest residential areas. The Jebel Ali Metro Station is one of the earliest stops along Route 2020. Its location at the terminus of the red metro line means that residents may easily reach three stations: UAE Exchange Metro Station, Danube Subway Station, and Energy Metro Station. Jebel Ali Free Zone is where you'll find the following buses:

Bus Number Destination
F54 Jebel Ali Training Center - Danube Metro Seaside
F48 Danube Metro Seaside - Madina SuperMarket
99 Marine Control Tower - UAE exchange metro bus stop
F47 Jebel Ali Industrial Area 1 - Jebel Ali Free South Zone
96 Jebel Ali Industrial area 4 - Jebel Ali Transgulf


Educational Institutions

There are a few options for preschools in the area. A few examples of this are: 

  • Chubby cheeks nursery
  • Little Diamond Nursery
  • Blossom Daycare.

High schools in the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area include the following.

  • Nikon University
  • Winchester University
  • The Arbour School


Carrefour is the most convenient store in Jebel Ali Freezone for shopping for huge quantities. The region also has many grocery stores, mini-marts, and duty-free shops for residents and visitors. Some examples are:

  • Market Sultanah
  • Marketplace at Suncity
  • Supermarket in Star City
  • Supermarket Parco

Healthcare Facilities

Jebel Ali Freezone has an acceptable infrastructure in terms of medical facilities. Several medical facilities are conveniently located nearby. Near Jebel Ali Freezone, you’ll find clinics and hospitals like

  • Aster Cedars Hospital
  • Care Blue Clinic
  • NMC Poly Clinic
  • The Noor Al Shefa Clinic

Care Blue Clinic, Noor Al Shefa Clinic, and NMC Poly Clinic are all conveniently located nearby and ready to treat patients in a medical emergency. Aster Cedars Hospital, located 15 minutes away, is the nearest tertiary care facility to the area.

Place of Worship

Numerous mosques may be found in the area, making it easy for locals to worship close to their workplaces. A few mosques in Jebel Ali Free Zone are the following:

  • Ali Mosque
  • The Rahma Mosque
  • Masjid Al Noor
  • JAFZA South

As people from all over the world visit Jebel Ali Free Zone, you may have no trouble locating nearby churches or temples. Among the many places of worship in the area are the: 

  • Sikh temple of Guru Nanak Darbar,
  • The Hindu temple of Khodiyar
  • The Roman Catholic church of St. Francis of Assisi
  • A convent church 
  • The Evangelical Christian

Best Hotels in Jebel Ali Freezone

In Jebel Ali Freezone, you can stay at one of the few 5-star hotels and one of the few 3-star hotels. Here are their names:

  • Dubai's JA Palm Tree Court
  • JA Easy Hotel
  • JA Beach Inn Hotel

It's worth noting that JA is home to not one but two JA Palm Tree Court luxury hotels. At the JA Beach Hotel, guests may use various activities, from golf and archery to water sports and a private beach.


Shopping Malls

The most popular and well-known malls near Jebel Ali Freezone Area are:

  • Mall of Ibn Battuta
  • Jebel Ali Shopping Mall 

The Ibn Battuta Mall and the Jebel Ali Mall are excellent places to go shopping and have a good time with friends. The IMAX theatre and the colourful decor inside Ibn Battuta Mall have made it a local landmark. Several luxury fashion retailers, such as Aldo, Sephora, and Steve Madden, are also located there.

Restaurants / Dining

One can find several eaters in the Jebel Ali Free Zone. Here are a few examples:

  • White Orchid Restaurant and Lounge
  • Eat n’ Stay
  • La Mensa

If you’re in the mood for Italian, head to La Mensa, located in the heart of Jebel Ali’s commercial district. The most incredible restaurant in town, this one has a mesmerising environment with outdoor seating. 

White Orchid, a fine dining restaurant in Jebel Ali Palm, serves various Asian dishes. White Orchid offers fine dining for those who plan and reserve a table. One can find a full-stocked bar inside.

Nearby beaches

Jebel Ali Freezone in Reem is situated near the coast for your convenience. Guests love coming to these beaches because of the mild surf and powdery sand. People who love being near or on the water will have a blast at this amusement park. Jebel Ali is conveniently located near the shore, so the region has plenty of beautiful beaches. The most well-known of Jebel Ali Free Zone’s beaches are:

  • Lama Beach
  • XO Beach
  • Marina Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

The following are examples of nearby tourist spots and major landmarks:

  • Dubai Park: Motiongate-themed Park
  • Dubai Water Park: Legoland Water Park
  • Shooting Club of Jebel Ali 
  • Jebel Ali Recreational Center

The Free Zone’s inhabitants and workers don’t have a lot of local entertainment alternatives to choose from.

Close by is Dubai Parks and Resorts, where guests can enjoy one of three theme parks and a water park. Motiongate Dubai is a Hollywood-themed amusement park, unlike Bollywood Parks, which focuses on popular Bollywood films and characters. It’s no surprise that residents love Legoland, Legoland Water Park, and Legoland Dubai. The Jebel Ali Shooting Club is the place to go if you’re looking for more thrills and excitement.

Distance and Commute Time from Jebel Ali Free Zone to Other Popular Places

  • It takes only 25 minutes to drive to Palm Jumeirah.
  • Sheikh Zayed Road (E11) and the Dubai mainland can be reached in 19 minutes.
  • The Dubai International Airport can be reached in 41 minutes.
Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Imran Shaikh
Several famous parks

I was tired of the fast pace of life in Abu Dhabi, so I relocated to the more tranquil environment, the Jebel Ali Free Zone. My pals and I use the area’s parks to get in our workouts. Moving to the Jebel Ali Free Zone was, without a doubt, the best choice I could have made.

Ahmed Shaikh
The Quiet Way of Life

When I needed to get away from it all, I moved to the tranquillity of Jebel Ali Freezone. One can relax and consider the place for peace.

Rehmat Ali
Commercial Residency Choices

For me, budget mattered the most, although it was a budget-friendly stay. It lacked the amenities. If you want to enjoy the amenities of a luxurious stay and have a full-sized budget, this is the place.

A highly desirable residential area

Because of the lovely scenery and mild temperatures throughout the year, it is an ideal spot to call home. This is the place to go if you’re a city slicker needing some greenery to calm your nerves.

Faarooq Siddiqui
Best for tourist accommodations

I would suggest this location if you want to settle down because it is beautiful and quiet with enough room for business people and labourers who respect tranquilly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jebel Ali Free Zone Freehold?

Among the areas in Jebel Ali Freezone that provide offices and warehouses for sale, Jebel Ali Freezone is the most sought-after freehold area.

What are the top attractions in Jebel Ali Freezone?

Attractions around Jebel Ali Free Zone include the Beaches, mosques, and cultural centres.

How to get to Jebel Ali Freezone in Dubai by bus and metro?

To reach Jebel Ali Freezone, take bus F54.

Which are the best communities to live in the Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai?

Jebel Ali Freezone is a popular residential area populated by natives and immigrants. Depending on their preferences and financial capabilities, people have several different neighbourhoods to pick from.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Jebel Ali Freezone?

Eat N Stay Restaurant, White Orchid Restaurant and Lounge, JA Beach Hotel and JA Palm Court are some of the best hotels and restaurants in Jebel Ali Freezone.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Jebel Ali Freezone?

There are two malls near the area, Ibn Battuta Mall and Jebel Ali Mall. However, several grocery stores are in the neighbourhood, such as Parco Market, Suncity and Starcity market.

What are the best schools in Jebel Ali Freezone, Dubai?

Some of the most prestigious schools in the world are located in Jebel Ali Freezone, including the Arbour School, Blossom Nursery and Winchester School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Jebel Ali Freezone?

The best general hospitals and clinics in Jebel Ali Free Zone are Care Blue Clinic and Noor Al Shefa Clinic.

Which are the famous places of worship in Jebel Ali Freezone?

The three most well-known places of worship in Jebel Ali Freezone are the Ali Mosque, Masjid Al Rahmah, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church and Khodiyar Temple.

What are the pros and cons of living in Jebel Ali Freezone?

Workers chose Jebel Ali Freezone for its commercial properties, ecology, local commerce and culture, and beach-loving spirit. However, the area still lacks ample accommodation, activities, malls, and local transit.

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