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Meadows 1, Dubai

About Meadows 1, Dubai

If you search for amazing and beautifully constructed villas near Dubai, you will surely come across Meadows 1. This is a prominent residential area near Dubai. The popularity of this area is rising extensively, especially among the young crowd. Meadows 1 is closely connected with many popular neighbouring cities and areas, making it a hotspot centre. It is thus considered to be one of the prime regions near Dubai. 

As the name of the place suggests, the visitors here can find a lush green landscape with many lawns, meadows and gardens. This offers the residents a peaceful and serene atmosphere to live in. Most elders and children are commonly seen moving around in these gardens during the evening hours and vacations. The people here also talk about lovely waterfalls that are located in the nearby areas. Residents of Meadows 1 often visit these waterfalls situated among the lush green landscape over the weekends and holidays to enjoy the amazing environment. 

Meadows 1 is spread across nine sub-community regions. Each of these sub-community areas has housing properties which offer a lake view. The residents and visitors often talk about the amazing sunrise views over the lake from the house. Villas are the most popular type of housing property available here. From the main community region, Meadows 1 is located in the northwestern region. This region is fairly close to Al Tellal Street, which makes it very easy for people to commute to the nearby areas.

Key Highlights of Meadows 1, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • Residential properties, such as villas, are amazing
  • Lush green landscape with amazing waterfalls
  • Easy accessibility to all the basic amenities
  • Well connected to the nearby areas with a road network
  • Network
What Needs Attention!
  • Lack of places of worship
  • Less number of hotels
  • Beaches are not easily accessible

Real Estate Overview in Meadows 1, Dubai

Meadows 1 is a freehold region where people from all over the world can legally own properties. This has increased the rate of people investing in the properties here. Moreover, since many families are looking for rental villas in Meadows 1, investors are more inclined towards buying villas. Most villas have a first floor. 

People can easily find three, four or five-bedroom villas per their requirements. Along with all the basic amenities such as round-the-clock water supply and electricity, several other factors contribute towards attracting people to invest in the properties in Meadows 1. The three-bedroom apartment starts with an average area of 3089 square feet.

Public Transport

To commute to the nearby areas, walking is the most preferred mode for the people of Meadows 1. One of the main reasons for this is that it helps maintain health. Moreover, it doesn't require any external energy or money. For longer commutes, private transport is the most preferred mode. Thus, visitors often note several parking spaces spanning the main city area. 

For travelling to the nearby areas, most people prefer commuting by public transport because it is cheap and accessible. The only metro route available here is M1. Being close to Sheikh Zayed Road and First Al Khail Road, the people also use the bus routes to commute. Here are some of the famous bus routes -

Bus Line Number Destination
8 Gold Souq Bus Station to Ibn Battuta Metro Bus Stop
83 Ghubaiba Bus station to Nakheel Seaside Metro Bus Stop
93 Ghubaiba Bus Station to The Greens, Terminus


Nurseries/Educational Institutions

Education is the number one priority of the residents of Meadows 1. There are several educational institutions located in this area where people can easily send their kids to receive high-level education. The people here understand the importance of preschools. Skills learnt during preschool help set the foundation for the child’s future years. Here are some of the best nurseries and schools available in Meadows 1 –

  • Emirates International School Meadows
  • Dubai International Academy
  • Raffles Nursery
  • Oakfield Early Learning Center


Local stores and supermarkets in Meadows 1 help provide the people with all their basic requirements. Food items such as fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products are easily available at affordable prices. The quality of food available here is highly valued, making it highly appreciated by the residents.

Several supermarkets are located in residential areas, where the residents can easily walk and reach their requirements. The easy commute is also an added benefit. Some of the most popular supermarkets of Meadows 1 include-

  • Carrefour
  • Blue Planet Green People
  • Zoom
  • Spinneys

Healthcare facilities

The residents of the Meadows 1 are highly involved in their healthcare. Walking and working out in the nearby garden is fairly common, just as visiting the hospitals and medical centres for regular checkups. The hospitals and clinics available here have high-quality equipment that helps diagnose and identify diseases accurately.

Doctors available here are highly trained and educated. Several doctors also have advanced degrees specialising in specific treatment modalities, thus offering the best care. Some of the most famous hospitals and medical centres in Meadows 1 are-

  • Mediclinic Meadows
  • Marina Medical Centre
  • American Hospital Clinic

Places of worship

The places of worship in a locality mainly depend on the residents and their ethnic backgrounds. Since most of the people of Meadows 1 are Muslims, the places of worship available here are mainly mosques. The residents can easily find mosques in the nearby localities within walking distance. This has made it easier for people to visit the mosques for daily prayers.

However, there is a major lack of churches, temples, and gurudwaras in the city. To visit these places of worship, the residents must travel outside the city, which can take about 10-12 minutes by car. The famous places of worship in and near Meadows 1 are-

  • Masjid Bani Hashim and Samad mosque
  • Tiffany mosque
  • Seventh-Day Adventist Church
  • Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurdwara

Best hotels in Meadows 1

Since Meadows 1 is mainly a residential area, the number of hotels available here is sparse. However, the residents can easily visit the hotels located in the nearby areas. Most of the hotels in the vicinity of the Meadows 1 are four to five-star hotels. These hotels offer a lavish lifestyle and living experience to the city's visitors.

They offer the visitors all the basic amenities and luxurious experiences such as gyms, pools, spas, jacuzzi, conference halls, buffet etc. Moreover, commuting to Meadows 1 from here is easy and accessible via private transportation services for visitors. Some of the most famous hotels near Meadows 1 are -

  • Novotel Bur Dubai
  • Dubai Beach host
  • Delta Hotels by Marriott


Shopping centres / Shopping malls

The shopping malls located in Meadows 1 are not only built for a place of shopping but are meant to offer an amazing experience to visitors. Most of the shopping malls here are, in fact, tourist destinations that people must visit while on their trip to Meadows 1. These malls have brands from all over the world, which offer a wide variety of options and choices.

These malls have everything from highly expensive brands to brands that offer budget-friendly options. Along with shopping, the malls have an entertainment centre and a lavish food court. Some of the most famous shopping malls in Meadows 1 are –

  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Nakheel Mall
  • Dubai Marina Mall

Restaurants/ Dining

To fulfil their food requirements, the people of Meadows 1 don’t often visit restaurants. The food court of the shopping malls here is the prime choice. However, several people in Meadows 1 love having fast food, coffee and Chinese. These restaurants and cafes are small-sized units which offer options for fast food.

The cafes serve some of the world’s most amazing coffees, making it a must-have. Apart from these, the residents of Meadows 1 can also enjoy eating at street food joints and local eateries. For fine dining options, the residents can also visit the nearby localities. Some of the most popular restaurants in Meadows 1 are-

  • Pizza Hut
  • The Monks
  • Wendy’s
  • Public Cafe

Beaches nearby

As meadows 1 is located towards the interior side of the mainland, it is not easily accessible to the beach. However, the residents of the Meadows 1 can easily visit the beach in the nearby areas. The nearest beach is a short drive of 12 minutes.

This beach is a white sand beach, which offers a luxurious experience to the people. Changing rooms and washrooms are easily available on the beach. While being here, make sure to enjoy the fantastic street food. Water sports and activities are commonly done by the public visiting the place. Here is the nearest beach to Meadows 1 –


  • JBR Beach

Leisure activities nearby

There is something to do in Meadows 1 for everyone, irrespective of age. From adventure sports to historical visiting leisure walks, you can do it all while being in Meadows 1. There are many places where you can easily spend your weekends and holidays getting an experience you will remember forever. 

Apart from the places of visit, the residents of Meadows 1 often visit several local festivals and events. Here are some of the most commonly visited leisure activity places by the residents of Meadows 1 –

  • Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • Emirates Hills
  • Marina Walk

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance between Meadows 1 to Dubai international airport is 32.7 kilometres and takes 24 minutes by car.
  • The distance between Meadows 1 to Jumeirah Beach Residential Area is 7.7 kilometres and takes about 15 minutes by car.
  • If you plan to go to Emirates Hills Dubai from Meadows 1, the distance is 3.9 kilometres and takes about 7 minutes.
Meadows 1, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Anthony Gnomes
Greenery and culture

Meadows 1 is a hidden paradise surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty. The city has many outdoor activities, such as a picnic or walking in the park. The local cuisine is also a highlight, with fresh ingredients and traditional dishes being the focus. The culture of this city is amazing.

Bindu Kaul
Services of the hospital

I recently visited a hospital in Meadows 1 for my knee replacement surgery. The hospitals here offer high-quality services to the patients, and the staff is highly professional. They use the latest technology and equipment to offer me the best care and conduct proper treatment planning.

Tahir Lukkawala
Amazing villas

My family and I recently decided to shift to Meadows 1 and started looking at the properties here. Since we planned to shift with our entire family, we decided to look for four-bedroom villas. These villas have amazing interiors. Moreover, the views from these villas are very beautiful.

Kartik Pujari
No temples in the vicinity

Being a Brahmin, I have been in the habit of visiting a temple twice daily since childhood. However, no temples are available in Meadows 1, which is a major inconvenience. Visiting the nearby city on an everyday basis is not possible.

Barbara Robert
Proper restaurants not available

Our family has a pact to visit the restaurant every Friday night to develop our bonding. However, since we moved to Meadows 1, this has become difficult as no proper restaurants and fine dining options are available here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Meadows 1, Dubai freehold?

Meadows 1, Dubai, is top listed among other freehold zones of Abu Dhabi and offers villas and apartments for sale.

What are the top attractions in Meadows 1, Dubai?

Some top attractions in Meadows 1, Dubai, are the Jumeirah Lake Towers, Emirates Hills, Marina Walk, mosques and cultural centres.

How to get to Meadows 1, Dubai, by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

To reach Meadows 1 in Abu Dhabi, you can follow bus lines 8, 83 and 94. One can also board the metro M1.

Which are the best communities in Meadows 1, Dubai?

Meadows 1, Dubai, is divided into nine sub-residential areas, each amazing.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Meadows 1?

The best hotels near Meadows 1 are Novotel Bur Dubai, Dubai Beach Host and Delta Hotels by Marriott, and restaurants in Meadows 1 are Pizza Hut, The Monks, Wendy’s and Public Cafe.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Meadows 1?

The malls in Meadows 1 are Ibn Battuta Mall, Nakheel Mall and Dubai Marina Mall. Several supermarkets are here, such as Carrefour, Blue Planet Green People, Zoom, and Spinneys. 

What are the best schools in Meadows 1, Dubai?

Some of the reputed best schools in Meadows 1 are Emirates International School Meadows, Dubai International Academy, Raffles Nursery and Oakfield Early Learning Center.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Meadows 1, Dubai?

The best multi-faceted hospitals and clinics in Meadows 1 are Mediclinic Meadows, Marina Medical Centre and American Hospital Clinic.

Which are the famous places of worship in Meadows 1, Dubai?

The famous places of worship in Meadows 1 are Masjid Bani Hashim and Samad mosque, Tiffany mosque, Seventh Day Adventist Church and Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurdwara.

What are the pros and cons of living in Meadows 1, Dubai?

The major pros of living in Meadows 1, Dubai, are its residential property villas, public transport services and access to all basic amenities. Some major cons for Meadows 1, Dubai, are the lack of places of worship and fine dining options.

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