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Muhaisnah 4, Dubai

About Muhaisnah 4, Dubai

Muhaisnah 4 is a residential area with all the amenities for locals in the northwest of Muhaisnah. This city is close to the Sharjah Industrial Area and the Dubai-Sharjah border. Al Qusais Industrial Place is situated next to Muhaisnah 4, and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road runs straight through it. Dubai's main thoroughfare is a gateway to the country's other major cities. Muhaisnah 4 has a range of properties, most of which are apartments. This city has all the necessities, such as grocery stores, medical offices, schools, and more.

Key Highlights of Muhaisnah 4, Dubai

What is Great Here!
  • Numerous Neighbourhood Parks
  • Several Recreational Activities
  • Proximity to Several Gyms, Fitness Centres, and Amusement Park
  • Best Academic Institutions
  • Affordable Housing Options
What Needs Attention!
  • Crowded Streets
  • Few Villa Options Available for Sale and Rent
  • Noise Pollution

Real Estate Overview in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai

Diverse properties such as studios, apartments, and villas in varying configurations are available for residents to buy or rent in Mushaisnah 4. In Muhaisnah 4, one can find low-rise apartment complexes with a gated suburban community offering studios to 3-bedroom apartments. These complexes have every amenity, including neighbourhood shops, places of worship, private parking, and community parks.

Public Transportation

Apartment and villa owners have access to underground parking facilities. They can rely on numerous modes of transportation to reach from one location to another within the United Arab Emirates. Locals can easily access different modes of transportation to reach their destination from Muhaisnah 4. These are easily accessible from Muhaisnah 4 and are close to several metro stations, such as M2 and MGrn. Bus numbers 13, 33 and X13 are easily available to commute to and from the area. The bus route X13 in Dubai includes a stop at Al Qusais Eppco Vehicle Inspection Station close to Muhaisnah 4.

Bus Route Destination
13, 33, X13 Muhaisnah 4
X13 Al Qusais Eppco Vehicle Inspection Station


Nurseries / Educational Institutes

Some of the academic institutions in Muhaisnah 4 include-

  • Pristine Rainbow Nursery
  • British Orchard Nursery
  • The Emirates Tender Nursery
  • Indian Academy of Dubai
  • Lycee Libanais Francophone Prive
  • Oxford School Dubai
  • Gulf Model School 
  • St Mary’s Catholic High School

Healthcare Facilities

Every community places high importance on its healthcare facilities, and its administration endeavours to provide its residents with unparalleled medical treatment. There are numerous hospitals, clinics, and speciality medical facilities in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai. These include-

  • Mediclinic Al Qusais
  • DOCIB Clinic
  • UniCare Medical Centre
  • Kuwait Hospital
  • Thumbay Hospital 

The distance from Muhaisnah 4 to these popular hospitals is approximately 20 minutes by car.

Places of Worship

The recognised religion of Dubai is Islam. The freedom to practise one’s religion, however, is protected by the city against moral or governmental restraint. It says everyone is given the same legal protection and prevents discrimination based on religious beliefs. As a result, Muhaisnah 4, Dubai, and its surroundings are home to several places of worshipincluding mosques, churches, and temples.

The most prominent mosques in Muhaisnah 4 are – 

  • Majid Tamim Al Dari mosque
  • Rahman mosque
  • Fatima Al Zahra mosque
  • Saif Ahamed Lootah mosque 

Several churches are located in Muhaisnah 4 and are within 20 minutes of driving distance. The primary churches within Muhaisnah 4 are –

  • St Michael’s Roman Catholic Church
  • International Baptist Church

The major temples for the Hindu community in Muhaisnah 4 are – 

  • Shree Krishna Haveli
  • Shiva Temple


Several supermarkets line the city of Muhaisnah 4 and Carrefour Hypermarket is a popular supermarket in this area. West Zone Fresh Supermarket and Lulu Centre are close to Muhaisnah 4 and take nearly 5 minutes to reach.

Best Hotels in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai

Several hotels near Muhaisnah 4 offer several facilities at different price ranges. The hotels in this city are -

  • City Avenue Hotel
  • Time Grand Plaza Hotel
  • Time Onyx Hotel Apartments


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

The most prominent malls in the city includeMadina Mall and Lulu Village, among several retail centres. Lulu Village is 6 minutes away from the neighbourhood. It offers a one-stop shop for all your shopping requirements but is not a multi-level shopping centre. It comprises several shops, jewellery stores, restaurants, and pharmacies. 

Rythmflowers Tradings is another option for affordable shopping. In addition to a sizable children’s play area, it features approximately 150 apparel and lifestyle retailers. Additionally, there are other malls in the area, including Century Mall and Giant Kids Corner.

Restaurants / Dining

Within this neighbourhood, there are several eateries. The best ones are listed below –

  • Broccoli Pizza and Pasta 
  • Shater Grill House Restaurant 
  • PAAVO’s Pizza
  • ARI O’Rotti Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

The city of Muhaisnah 4 has a limited number of beaches, and it takes 20 minutes to reach the main beach. Al Mamzar Beach is the primary beach of this city that offers various recreational opportunities close by.

Leisure Activities Nearby

The area provides a variety of recreational opportunities. The list of leisure pursuits is as follows:

  • In proximity to the city lies an amusement park. The majority of people enjoy exploring this side of the neighbourhood to see the various amenities that this park has to offer.
  • The festival city is the main draw for tourists, who come to experience several events in this city.

Distance and Commute Time

  • Adventureland Amusement Park is 22 minutes away from the neighbourhood.
  • Al Mamzar Beach is 20 minutes away from Muhaisnah 4.
  • Al Majaz Waterfront is 27 minutes away, which is 8.7 km.
  • The distance from Muhaisnah 4 to Dubai International Airport is 14 minutes away by car.
Muhaisnah 4, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Aamir Sayed
Great Location to Stay

Local People can access several facilities due to the residential area. Supermarkets, healthcare clinics, and restaurants are close to the main street of Muhaisnah 4.

Wahid Salman
Best City and Several Facilities

This city offers several facilities along with leisure activities that people can visit during weekends to unwind from boring life. Several parks, beaches and educational institutions are close to this city.

John Mendosa
City for Tourist to Explore

Tourists find this city quite interesting as it has several spots such as an amusement park, a beach and a festival city. This place offers a lot of variety among visitors to get a memorable experience.

Vikram Jha
Busy Throughout the Day

Living in this area may not be peaceful with the Industrial area close by. The streets are constantly packed and noisy. However, the apartments here are good, and all the necessary amenities are available.

Zaid Khan
Limited Options for Villas

I scavenged the area for villa options to move with my family of 6; however, there were limited options to choose from. The area comprises apartments mostly, but that does not suffice my requirements. The area offers numerous amenities, services, and recreational activities for kids and adults. Due to its location on the Dubai-Shajah border, the property prices are slightly higher if you want something affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Muhaisnah 4 Freehold?

Muhaisnah 4 does not come under the area in Dubai that offers freehold properties. However, apartments and villas for rent and sale are available in the area.

What are the top attractions in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai?

The top attractions in Muhaisnah 4 are Lulu Village, Dubai Desert Safari, Muhaisnah 3 park, Al Nahda Pond Park, and many more.

How to get to Muhaisnah 4 in Dubai by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

To reach Muhaisnah 4, bus lines 13, 33, and X13 will take you there. The closest metro stations are M2 and MGrn.

Which are the best communities to live in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai?

Muhaisnah 4 is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an economical and comfortable lifestyle. Some of the closest neighbourhoods to Muhaisnah 4 are Al Qusais Industrial Area and the Industrial Area in Sharjah.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Muhaisnah 4?

The best hotels in Muhaisnah 4 are City Avenue Hotel, Time Grand Plaza Hotel, and Time Onyx Hotel Apartments. The top restaurants in Muhaisnah 4 are Broccoli Pizza and Pasta, Shater Grill House Restaurant, PAAVO’s Pizza, and ARI O’Rotti Restaurant.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in the Muhaisnah 4?

The most prominent malls in Muhaisnah 4 include Madina Mall, Lulu Village Century mall, and Rhythmflowers Tradings.

Which are the best schools in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai?

Some of the best schools in Muhaisnah 4 include Pristine Rainbow Nursery, British Orchard Nursery, The Emirates Tender Nursery, Indian Academy of Dubai, Oxford School Dubai, Gulf Model School, and  St Mary’s Catholic High School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai?

Numerous hospitals, clinics, and speciality medical facilities are available in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai. Mediclinic Al Qusais, DOCIB Clinic, UniCare Medical Centre, Kuwait Hospital, and Thumbay Hospital are some of the best.

Which are the famous places of worship in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai?

Muhaisnah 4, Dubai, and its surroundings are home to several places of worship, including mosques, churches, and temples. Some of them are Majid Tamim Al Dari Mosque, Rahman Mosque, St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church, International Baptist Church, Shree Krishna Haveli, and Shiva Temple.

What are the pros and cons of living in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai?

The advantages of living in Muhaisnah 4, Dubai, are that it provides its residents with a range of recreational activities with sufficient transportation options. It offers affordable housing options with a wide range of amenities and facilities and consists of the best academic institutions in Dubai. However, the downside of living in Muhaisnah 4 is that the area is situated close to the Industrial areas, which leads to traffic congestion, limited parking spaces, and noise pollution.

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