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Naif Deira, Dubai

About Naif Deira, Dubai

Naif, nestled within the expansive Deira district in Dubai, stands as a testament to the city's rich history and vibrant present. As the second-most densely populated locality, Naif is a blend of tradition and modernity, boasting a diverse array of low to mid-rise buildings that include residential apartments, commercial establishments, and hotels.

The neighbourhood is renowned for its cultural landmarks, notably the iconic Naif Souk and Naif Museum, which offer a glimpse into Dubai's heritage. Naif Deira's strategic location allows residents a convenient 10-minute drive to both the scenic Dubai Creek and the bustling Deira Corniche.

One of the neighbourhood's strengths lies in its accessibility and public transport options, with bus stops, metro stations, and taxi ranks seamlessly integrated within and around the community. This makes Naif an ideal choice for those reliant on public transportation. Additionally, the Al Naif Road Dubai, a thriving hub for shopping and nightlife, contributes to the area's dynamic atmosphere.

Despite its historical significance, Naif Deira faces challenges associated with its high population density. While the community thrives with numerous amenities, there is a need for thoughtful urban planning to address the demands of such a densely populated area. Balancing the preservation of heritage with modern infrastructure development is essential for sustaining Naif's unique character and ensuring a high quality of life for its residents.

Key Highlights of Naif Deira, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • It has a rich cultural heritage with Naif Souk and Museum.
  • There is a diverse mix of residential, commercial, and hotels.
  • There is convenient access to public transport.
  • Dubai Creek and Deira Corniche are in proximity.
  • The shopping and nightlife on Al Naif Road are thriving.
What Needs Attention!
  • There is a lack of urban planning for high-population density.
  • Infrastructure development for modern needs is not prominent.
  • Heritage preservation with growth needs to be balanced.
  • The impact of high population density needs to be managed.

Real Estate Overview in Naif Deira, Dubai

Naif Deira offers a diverse range of properties, including apartments, offices, and retail spaces. Apartments range from cosy studios to spacious 3-bedroom units, with options for hotel apartments. The community is particularly sought after for studio rentals, offering floor areas from 190 sq. ft. to 465 sq. ft. One-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments cater to various preferences, with sizes ranging from 365 sq. ft. to 1,500 sq. ft. 

Additionally, Naif presents studio offices for rent, providing well-equipped spaces in commercial buildings. Retail outlets in the area vary in size, making it an ideal destination for businesses seeking strategic locations.

Public Transportation

Naif stands as a model of excellent connectivity within Dubai's public transport network. Residents enjoy easy access to taxis, buses, and the Dubai Metro, all conveniently within walking distance. Taxis, both on the roads and at stands, are readily available, and booking RTA taxis through the S’hail app or a direct call is a seamless process.

For those opting for Dubai Bus services, numerous stops serve various routes. Notable stops include Maktoum Heritage Souk (Routes F01 and 17), Naif Park (Routes X64, 53, and 64A), and Burj Nahar Intersection and Naif Intersection (Routes C1, CO3, CO4, and X13). This comprehensive bus network ensures efficient connectivity across Naif, facilitating convenient travel to different parts of the city.

Bus Line Number Destination
C18 Naif Intersection-02 to Dubai English Speaking School
C1 Al Nakhal-01 to Al Salam Pharmacy
E306 Gold Souq Bus Station to Ararat Restaurant


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

Known for its strong educational network, Naif Deira stands out as the preferred destination for families in search of high-quality schooling. The area is home to reputable institutions such as:

  • Dubai English Speaking School
  • New Academy School 
  • Sabari Indian School 
  • Al Khaleej National School (AKNS)


Discover a vibrant shopping scene in Naif, where grocery needs are met through a variety of establishments. From smaller baqalas and convenience stores to well-equipped supermarkets, residents enjoy diverse options. Some prominent choices include:

  • Malabar Supermarket 
  • Happy Family Mart 
  • Al Riffa Grocery 
  • Al Telal Al Hamraa Supermarket
  • Faizal Abdul Aziz Grocery
  • Al Madina Market

Healthcare Facilities

In Naif Deira, a variety of hospitals and healthcare facilities contribute significantly to improving the well-being of residents. These accessible medical services enable residents to promptly and efficiently address their healthcare needs, ensuring peace of mind and convenience in their day-to-day lives. The following services are among the notable healthcare options available in the area:

  • Aster Medical Centre 
  • Al Noor Polyclinic 
  • Marhaba Medical Centre 
  • Clinicare 
  • Al Taif Medical Centre
  • Canadian Specialist Hospital
  • Dubai Hospital
  • Belhoul Specialty Hospital 

Places of Worship

While places of worship for other faiths may be limited within Naif Deira itself, the proximity of alternative options ensures an inclusive and welcoming environment. Residents of diverse backgrounds can readily find nearby venues to practice their respective religions, contributing to the area’s ethos of religious harmony and coexistence.

Mosquеs Nеarby:

Naif Deira is home to a diverse array of mosques, providing Muslims in the area with ample spaces for prayer and spiritual reflection. These mosques serve as important community hubs, fostering a sense of unity and connection among residents. Here are some of the mosques in Naif:

  • Ahmed Majid Al Ghurair
  • Al Maktoum Hospital Mosque
  • Al Khulafaa Al Rashideen
  • Muhammad Ibnu Mahiyya Mosque 
  • Bin Oquad 
  • Alhaj Nasser Abdulla Hussain Anohi Mosque 

Churchеs Nеarby:

All within a 15-minute drive from Naif, these churches provide a welcoming environment for Christian residents to practice their faith. These churches offer a place of worship for Christians residing in the area, emphasising inclusivity and religious diversity. Some of the churches are:

  • All Nations Tabernacle 
  • Jesus is Lord Mission International 
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church 
  • Holy Trinity Church 

Gurudwara Nеarby:

Guru Nanak Darbar Gurudwara stands as a significant spiritual landmark located in Jebel Ali Village, just a 34-minute drive from Naif Deira. Spanning an impressive 125,000 sq. ft., it ranks among the world’s largest gurudwaras. This sacred space serves as a centre for Sikh worship, fostering community engagement and cultural activities in a serene and inclusive environment.

Hindu Tеmplеs Nеarby:

Naif Deira, while primarily featuring mosques, ensures accessibility for Hindus to nearby temples in Bur Dubai, just a short 17-minute journey away. These temples provide a spiritual haven for the Hindu community, allowing residents to practice their faith within a reasonable distance. One such prominent temple is:

  • Shiva Temple 

Best Hotels in Naif Deira

Naif, beyond its residential charm, boasts a diverse array of hotels catering to various preferences and budgets. From luxury 4-star establishments to budget-friendly options, the neighbourhood offers a range of accommodation choices.

  • Landmark Plaza Hotel
  • OYO 297 California Hotel
  • Hyatt Place Dubai – Wasl District
  • Dorus Hotel 
  • Naif View Hotel 
  • Phoenix Hotel 

Landmark Plaza Hotel at Al Nasser Square Deira makes for a budget hotel in a central location, ensuring accessibility to Naif's attractions.

A budget hotel providing a comfortable stay experience with cost-effective pricing would be OYO 297 California Hote.

Hyatt Place Dubai – Wasl District is a luxurious 4-star hotel, part of the esteemed Hyatt chain, offering a premium stay experience.

Dorus Hotel in Omar Bin Al Khattab Street is also a 4-star accommodation option providing comfort and convenience in the heart of Naif.

Naif View Hotel on Naif Street is a budget-friendly choice for travellers seeking affordability without compromising on essential amenities.

Phoenix Hotel at Street 28 C, Community 118, is also a good option, offering accommodation with practical amenities in Naif.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Experience a vibrant shopping scene in Naif, where a mix of malls caters to diverse retail needs. From smaller community centres to renowned shopping destinations, residents enjoy a range of options.

  • Al Salam Centre 
  • Al Manal Centre 
  • Abraj Shopping Centre 

There are larger malls nearby like:

  • Al Ghurair Centre
  • Deira City Centre

Restaurants/ Dining

Naif Deira, a culinary haven in Deira, hosts an array of restaurants, offering a global gastronomic experience. From acclaimed Armenian flavours at Ararat Restaurant to authentic Afghan cuisine at Afghan Kabab House, residents enjoy a rich palate. DeliBites and The Best Coffee House cater to cafe enthusiasts, while upscale options like Miyako and Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant elevate the fine dining experience. Some of the most visited places include:

  • Miyako
  • DeliBites 
  • Club Olympus Pool 
  • Afghan Kabab House 
  • Focus Bar 
  • Pak Lyari Restaurant
  • Ararat Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

For those seeking sun-soaked shores, Naif offers convenient access to several stunning beaches just a short drive away.

  • Al Mamzar Beach Park: It has expansive greenery and water activities.
  • Jumeirah Public Beach: A lively strip in Jumeirah, adds to the allure with its jogging track and excellent facilities.

Leisure Activities Nearby

Naif embraces cultural richness with landmarks like the Naif Museum, housed in the historic Naif Fort, offering insights into Dubai’s heritage. The vibrant Naif Souk stands as a bustling marketplace featuring traditional Emirati wear and unique souvenirs. Explore the oldest souks, shop for abayas, and indulge in the best of Deira.

Naif Museum: A historic fort converted into a museum showcasing Dubai’s police history.

Naif Souk: Dubai’s oldest souk, a retail hub for traditional wear, souvenirs, and unique items.

Naif Park: Open daily, offering green spaces, benches, and a walking track.

Baniyas Square Park, Al Muteena Park, Burj Nahar Park: Nearby parks for outdoor recreation.

Distance and commute

Naif Deira offers convenient access to essential physical and social infrastructures, with easy commuting options to major regional areas.

  • Naif Deira to Dubai International Airport is 15 minutes (Approximately 7.5 km)
  • Naif Deira to Sharjah is 15 minutes (Approximately 16.4 km)
  • Naif Deira to Downtown Dubai and Business Bay is 20 minutes (Approximately 14.2 km)
  • Naif Deira to Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina is 25 minutes (Approximately 27.7 km)
  • Naif Deira to IMG Worlds of Adventure is 35 minutes (Approximately 34.6 km)
Naif Deira, Dubai

Rating and Reviews

Ilma Haque

The serene atmosphere and spacious villas perfectly suit my family’s needs. We adore the nearby parks and the laid-back lifestyle. It’s undeniably a wonderful place to call home!

Danial Abdullah

Relocated to Naif Deira for work, and it’s been quite a positive experience. The amenities, schools, and the welcoming community make it an ideal spot for expats. The proximity to beaches and cultural attractions is a definite plus! However, as a young bachelor, it can get a bit quiet, but overall, it’s a cool place!

Uma Singh

Naif Deira offers a distinctive blend of modernity and tranquillity. I appreciate the diverse dining options and cultural experiences it provides. The easy commute to the city centre is incredibly convenient. As a Buddhist, I faced some challenges, having to travel outside the neighbourhood for prayer.

Ahmed Ibrahim

Living in Naif Deira has been a dream come true. The family-friendly environment, top-notch schools, and proximity to mosques make this neighbourhood the ideal living choice for my family. The green spaces and parks are a true blessing for my children.

Sophia Rahman

Naif Deira has exceeded my expectations. The incredible diversity in food options and easy access to nearby malls and entertainment venues keep life exciting. I appreciate the mix of cultures that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Naif Deira freehold?

Dubai’s real estate landscape includes both freehold and leasehold properties. However, the status of specific neighbourhoods, including Naif Deira, can change over time based on government policies and urban development plans.

What are the top attractions in Naif Deira?

While Naif Deira itself doesn’t have major tourist attractions, it is close to several notable spots, including Naif Souk for traditional shopping, Naif Museum showcasing police history, Deira Spice Souk for aromatic spices, Deira Gold Souk for exquisite jewellery, Al Fahidi Historic District with cultural sites, Dubai Creek for waterfront strolls, Baniyas Square for a bustling atmosphere, and Al Mamzar Beach Park for family-friendly recreation.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Naif Deira?

Naif Deira offers a variety of hotels and restaurants. Notable hotels include Hyatt Place Dubai in Wasl District and budget options like Naif View Hotel and Landmark Plaza Hotel. For dining, explore diverse options such as Ararat Restaurant (Armenian cuisine), Awac Home Restaurant (African), Afghan Kabab House (Afghani), Pak Lyari Restaurant (Biryani), and upscale choices like Miyako (sushi) and Al Dawaar Revolving Restaurant with Arabian and European cuisines.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Naif Deira?

Naif Deira features smaller malls like Al Salam Centre and Al Manal Centre. Abraj Shopping Centre is renowned and one of the oldest in eastern Dubai. Larger malls nearby include Al Ghurair Centre and Deira City Centre. For supermarkets, residents often visit Al Telal Al Hamraa Supermarket, Malabar Supermarket, Faizal Abdul Aziz Grocery, Al Riffa Grocery, Happy Family Mart, and Al Madina Market for their daily needs.

What are the pros and cons of living in Naif Deira?

Naif Deira offers a vibrant cultural environment, embracing diversity and historical charm. The neighbourhood’s central location ensures easy access to amenities and efficient transportation connections. However, residents may find limited green spaces and recreational areas, as Naif Deira is known for its density. Additionally, the central location can result in potential traffic congestion, a common aspect of city living.

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