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Oud Al Muteena 1, Dubai

About Oud Al Muteena 1, Dubai

In the eastern region of Dubai, Oud Al Muteena 1 is a quiet residential neighbourhood that provides its people with a convenient and comfortable living environment. This neighbourhood is well-known for its roomy villas and welcoming atmosphere, which makes it the perfect option for anyone looking for a quiet suburban lifestyle close to the city's conveniences.

The neighbourhood is known for its beautiful greenery, well-kept streets, and various residential homes, such as opulent villas and townhouses. With a range of lifestyle amenities, including parks, schools, mosques, and shopping malls, Oud Al Muteena 1 guarantees that residents have all they need nearby.

Due to its advantageous position, inhabitants may easily travel to different areas of Dubai, as major highways are easily accessible. The numerous commercial centres, shopping centres, medical facilities, and entertainment venues nearby add to the convenience of living in this neighbourhood.

Families and individuals seeking a superior living experience in Dubai are drawn to Oud Al Muteena 1, as it offers the ideal combination of peace and convenience with metropolitan accessibility.

Key Highlights of Oud Al Muteena 1, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • Oud Al Muteena 1 is renowned for having a strong sense of community, giving its citizens a feeling of security and belonging. The community is well-planned and provides a calm, welcoming atmosphere for families.
  • Located in the eastern section of Dubai, the neighbourhood's proximity to main highways facilitates inhabitants' movement throughout the city. Its proximity to Dubai International Airport is an advantage for frequent travellers.
  • The region has all the necessities, including parks, shopping malls, schools, and medical facilities. These comforts improve the standard of living for the inhabitants and facilitate daily life.
What Needs Attention!
  • Like many other areas of Dubai, Oud Al Muteena 1 is prone to traffic congestion, especially during rush hour. This could be an issue for those who commute daily.
  • It's critical to balance modernity and keep the neighbourhood's unique charm and character as it develops.
  • Improving accessibility and convenience for locals through public transportation could lessen their need for private vehicles.

Real Estate Overview in Oud Al Muteena 1, Dubai

There are villas and flats in Oud Al Muteena 1. Details about property prices are provided below:

One- to two-bedroom apartments range in price from AED 44k to AED 58k.

Villas in Oud Al Muteena 1 are among the large homes there; they are roughly 15,000 square feet in size. The villas have two huge halls, bedrooms that are roomy, kitchens, and parking areas.

Public Transportation

In Oud Al Muteena 1, public transit is conveniently accessible. There are plenty of taxis available as well as online taxi services. It takes only 12 minutes to go to Etisalat Metro Station


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

  • Creative Nest Nursery
  • Crystal Valley Nursery
  • The Emirates Tender Nursery
  • Greenwood International School
  • Islamic School for Education Training
  • GEMS Founders School


  • Aala Al Madina
  • Al Saqa SuperMarket
  • Mazaya Al Madina Supermarket LLC
  • Grand Hypermarket
  • Manar Al Madina Supermarket
  • Raya Al Talal Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

  • Access Clinic Sonapur 2
  • Al Shefa Medical Centre 
  • Zulekha Hospital Dubai
  • NMC Speciality Hospital Al Nahda

Places of Worship

Mosques Nearby

  • New Mosque Oud Al Muteena
  • Banna Mosque
  • Ahli Mosque
  • Al Farooq Mosque
  • Al Kamali Mosque
  • Masjid Naseer Saleh Lootah

Churches Nearby

  • Friends Church
  • International Baptist Church
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church

Gurudwara Nearby

  • Sindhi Gurdarbar

Hindu Temples Nearby

  • Shri Mariyamman Temple
  • Ohm Malayilkada Munammughathu 
  • Shiva Temple
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir 
  • Shri Nathji Temple


Shopping Centres/ Malls

If the UAE is known for one thing, it is its collection of shopping malls. Oud Al Muteena 1 has three shopping malls that house supermarkets like Carrefour. Here are the shopping malls you can enjoy at Oud Al Muteena 1. 

  • Al Mizhar Mall
  • Arabian Center
  • Grand Hyper Muhaisnah

Restaurants/ Dining

Many restaurants in Oud Al Muteena 1 will take you on a gastronomical adventure. From great Indian food to delectable Middle Eastern cuisine, you can find everything in the neighbourhood. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Al Yola Traditional Restaurant
  • Hatam Restaurant
  • Al Fareej Restaurant and Bakery
  • Broccoli Pizza & Pasta
  • Subway
  • Green View Restaurant LLC
  • Al Madina Restaurant
  • Aziz Afghan Restaurant
  • Green Leaf Restaurant Sonapur
  • Al Madina Tasty Restaurant
  • Khair Almadeena Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

Being near the coast with a view of the Persian Gulf makes Oud Al Muteena 1 a big tourist attraction. Below are some beaches you should check out near Oud Al Muteena 1. 

  • Al Mamzar Beach
  • Sharjah Beach
  • Jumeirah Public Beach
  • Open Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Oud Al Muteena 1 has many leisure activities for residents and visitors. Oud Al Muteena 1 has everything you want to spend a relaxing weekend, from the grand beaches to malls. Several destinations of historical significance surround the locality. Dubai-Sharjah Border is known for its stunning beaches, and Oud Al Muteena 1 is no exception. You can spend your time swimming or strolling along the coastline. Many water sports are available around Oud Al Muteena 1, including jet skiing, paddleboarding, and parasailing. You can rent equipment or book guided tours at the nearby resorts. 

The desert landscape surrounding Oud Al Muteena 1 is perfect for desert safaris. In the nearby deserts, you can experience thrilling dune bashing, sandboarding, and camel rides. A short drive from Al Kharrah, there are several golf courses, including Tower Link Golf Club and Al Hamra Golf Club. You can also take a boat tour at Saqr Park, which has other entertainment options.

Distance and commute

  • Located inside Al Muteena Oud.
  • Surrounded by Al Khawaneej 1, Al Mizhar 2, Muhaisnah, and Muhaisnah 1.
  • The distance from Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road is ten minutes.
  • In about twenty-one minutes lies Dubai International Airport.
  • Thirty-one minutes from the Burj Khalifa.
Oud Al Muteena 1, Dubai

Rating and Reviews

Zainab Al Muhairi

“Oud Al Muteena 1 is a beautiful spot for nature lovers. The desert adventures are a unique experience. It’s not as touristy as other places, which adds to its charm.”

Kamari Jones

“Oud Al Muteena 1 is lovely but lacks the vibrant nightlife I hoped for. If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat, it’s perfect. But you might need to travel to nearby cities for more entertainment options.”

Alice Johnson

“I visited Oud Al Muteena 1 last weekend and had a great time. The beaches were clean, and the water was crystal clear. It’s an ideal spot for a family picnic, and there are amazing dining options around Saqr Park.” 

Bilal Al-Nuaimi

“ Oud Al Muteena 1 is is a peaceful, family-friendly area. It’s perfect for people looking for a lower cost of living. I especially enjoyed the scenic hiking trails nearby. The views from the mountains are breathtaking.”

Parker Lee

“There is only so much you can do in Oud Al Muteena 1. There are good schools, healthcare facilities and malls, but the area lacks community engagement.” 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Oud Al Muteena 1 Freehold?

You can find freehold areas in Oud Al Muteena 1.

What are the top attractions in Oud Al Muteena 1?

Oud Muteena Park, Al Muteena Park, and Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood are some of the top attractions in Oud Al Muteena 1.

How to get to Oud Al Muteena 1 by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

One can get down at Oud Al Muteena 2 bus stop to get to Oud Al Muteena 1, and the nearest metro station to Oud Al Muteena 1 is Etisalat metro station.

What are the best communities in Oud Al Muteena 1?

Oud Al Muteena, Oud Al Muteena 2, and Al Mizhar Third Park are some of the best communities in Oud Al Muteena 1.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Oud Al Muteena 1?

Al Yola Traditional Restaurant, Hatam Restaurant, Al Fareej Restaurant and Bakery, Broccoli Pizza & Pasta, Subway, Green View Restaurant LLC, Al Madina Restaurant, Aziz Afghan Restaurant, Green Leaf Restaurant Sonapur, Al Madina Tasty Restaurant, and Khair Almadeena Restaurant are some of the best restaurants in Oud Al Muteena 1.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Oud Al Muteena 1?

Al Mizhar Mall, Arabian Center, and Grand Hyper Muhaisnah are famous in Oud Al Muteena 1.

What are the best schools in Oud Al Muteena 1?

Creative Nest Nursery, Crystal Valley Nursery, The Emirates Tender Nursery, Greenwood International School, and Islamic School for Education Training are the best schools in Oud Al Muteena 1.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Oud Al Muteena 1?

Access Clinic Sonapur 2, Al Shefa Medical Centre, Zulekha Hospital Dubai, and NMC Speciality Hospital Al Nahda are some of Oud Al Muteena 1’s hospitals.

Which are the famous places of worship in Oud Al Muteena 1?

New Mosque Oud Al Muteena, Friends Church and Sindhi Gurdarbar are some places of worship in Oud Al Muteena 1.

What are the pros and cons of living in Oud Al Muteena 1?

Natural beauty, lack of traffic, and affordable cost of living are some of the advantages of living in Oud Al Muteena 1. In contrast, lack of community engagement and public transport are some of the cons.

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