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Port De Le Mer, Dubai

About Port De Le Mer, Dubai

In Dubai's famous Jumeirah 1 neighbourhood, Port De La Mer stands out as a gorgeous beachside neighbourhood with a Mediterranean feel. This highly sought-after location, with its waterfront dining options, premium living spaces, and marina promenades, provides residents and tourists with an intimate insight into Dubai's opulent lifestyle.

Port De La Mer, a centre for affluent living, has residential neighbourhoods with striking plans and styles that prioritise contemporary conveniences. Enchanting urban coastal living is ensured by the stunning views of the sea and Dubai cityscape from apartments and townhouses.

It is the best place to go for fun and relaxation. Just a short stroll away is the vibrant La Mer beachfront near Meraas, which is full of stores, hip eateries, and outdoor activities. The quaint marina offers yachts a place to dock as well as a lovely backdrop for strolls in the evening. Exciting water sports are available here, making it a haven for thrill-seekers.

This community offers a variety of sophisticated dining establishments and casual cafes with menus that feature flavours from around the world to suit every palate. Because of this, it's the perfect place for foodies to sample a wide range of cuisines.

This neighbourhood's strength is its connectivity; both Downtown Dubai and Dubai International Airport are only a short drive away, making it a handy location for both domestic and foreign visitors. In order to promote a feeling of community, the community also places a high value on family-friendly features including parks, playgrounds, and neighbouring top-notch schools.

Key Highlights of Port De Le Mer, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • There is a yacht club and architecture with a Mediterranean influence.
  • Features swimming areas, beaches, and a promenade around a marina. Also, it has upscale stores, cafés, and fine eating establishments.
  • Offers a posh lifestyle with shopping, entertainment, and leisure activities.
  • Provides astonishing apartments with views of the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf.
  • Prospective rental return and capital appreciation are the main draws for investors.
What Needs Attention!
  • Port De Le Mer possess crowd dominance and traffic issue, especially during peak hours of the day.
  • It gives a rush lifestyle with less focus on greenery.
  • Improved street facilities such as street lights and restrooms will benefit the area more.

Real Estate Overview in Port De Le Mer, Dubai

This developed region offers a range of flat and villa alternatives for individuals looking to buy or rent. Port De Le Mer offers apartments with studios, one, two, three, and more bedrooms in addition to villas with an expansive six bedrooms. Furthermore, the building models are unchanging and identical, giving purchasers an edge in a cutthroat market. As was previously indicated, a number of rental properties double as offices, flats, and villas.

Off-Plan Trends in Port De Le Mer, Dubai

One of the emirate's most rapidly developing residential and livable places is this well-liked suburb. With its varied mix of cultures and housing areas, there's a chance that this location will pay off handsomely in the long run. Genius brands are currently making real estate investments, which could hasten infrastructure construction. Being close to profitable properties such as luxurious villas, studios and medium-sized homes, plus some off-plan areas, makes it a very desirable investment hub. 

Explore Off-Plan Projects in Port De Le Mer, Dubai

If you're looking for a rental house in Port De Le Mer, you have a few options: models with one, two, three, four, and five bedrooms. Additionally, renters may search for opulent studio flats. Typically, fully furnished apartments with two or three bedrooms are provided. 

Sale Trends in Port De Le Mer, Dubai

Top-notch properties with characteristics ranging from unfurnished to furnished are available for purchase in Port De Le Mer. Not all bedroom apartments are as luxurious as five-bedroom homes. One, two, three, and four-bedroom houses may be found in this community. Buyers can still view pricey villas that are for sale despite this. 

Public Transportation

Nestled in the affluent Jumeirah 1 neighbourhood, Port De La Mer is a gated waterfront development in Dubai. It is well-known for its architecture with a Mediterranean influence and expansive sea views. There are various alternatives available to both locals and visitors regarding public transport. The region is reachable by car, and a system of buses and taxis connects it well to the rest of Dubai. The closest bus stops are accessible by foot and offer regular services connecting to the bigger metro stations, including the Dubai Metro Green Line. 

Water taxis, which have nearby stations, offer a distinctive way to travel for a more picturesque experience and are a convenient way to explore nearby attractions like the Dubai Marina or the Dubai Mall. This interconnectedness ensures that important sites, such as the corporate areas and Dubai International Airport, are only a short ride away. For those seeking private transportation, ride-hailing services are widely accessible and may be swiftly ordered through smartphone apps. Port De La Mer is a terrific area to experience Dubai's vibrant metropolitan lifestyle without being too near to the excitement because of its handy location and transportation alternatives.


Schools/ Educational Institutes

Families like to live at Port De Le Mer in Dubai since it’s close to so many respectable educational institutions. Residents of this affluent neighbourhood can easily access a range of educational institutions that offer diverse curricula and target age groups. There are excellent educational alternatives in the area, ranging from high schools to nurseries. Furthermore, schools in Port De Le Mer have contemporary equipment and staff members with extensive teaching experience thanks to Dubai’s dedication to academic success. The area has multiple healthcare facilities in addition to schools, guaranteeing that the locals’ health is always given priority.


Port De Le Mer in Dubai make sure locals have access to basic necessities, and there are plenty of well-stocked supermarkets close by, such as Spinneys and Carrefour, that provide both local and foreign goods. Families gain from being close to famous educational institutions like Dubai English Speaking College and the International School of Choueifat. Modern healthcare facilities like Medcare Hospital and La Mer Medical Centre, which offer complete healthcare services and peace of mind to the community, are well-equipped to meet healthcare needs.

Healthcare Facilities

Dubai’s Port De Le Mer guarantees inhabitants quick access to top-notch medical treatment due to the proximity of multiple such facilities. Only a short drive away, the Medcare Medical Centre provides a variety of medical services and specialists to the neighbourhood. The renowned Latifa Hospital, which is well-known for its high-quality patient care, is also easily accessible for complete medical attention. These facilities demonstrate Port De Le Mer’s dedication to the community’s well-being by providing easy access to healthcare for all its citizens.

Places of Worship

Dubai’s Port De Le Mer gives locals quick access to a variety of places of worship. The Jumeirah Mosque, which is a short drive away and serves Muslim people for daily prayers, is one of the nearby mosques. In addition, the area is home to churches such as St. Mary’s Catholic Church, and the Shiva and Krishna temples serve the Hindu community. These places of worship serve a wide range of people’s spiritual needs and reflect the polite, inclusive local culture.

Best Hotels in Port De Le Mer

The best hotels in Dubai near Port De Le Mer provide convenient access to first-rate facilities, such as restaurants and retail stores. Families highly value the close proximity to esteemed educational establishments like the Dubai International School. Reputable medical institutions, such as the Medcare Hospital, are conveniently located in the region. Visitors can enjoy the convenience of easy access to basic amenities in this picturesque seaside town.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

With its variety of retail establishments arranged against the marina backdrop, Port De Le Mer in Dubai provides a distinctive shopping experience. Tourists can explore shops ranging from luxury clothing to handcrafted goods from the area. This place offers a day out where shopping meets beautiful scenery by fusing retail and leisure.

Restaurants/ Dining

Dubai’s Port De La Mer has a thriving food scene, with a variety of restaurants bordering the coastline. Diners can experience flavours from around the world while viewing the marina at casual cafés like Babel or more formal seafood restaurants like Alici, which cater to aficionados of Italian seafood. This location is popular with foodies looking for a wide range of culinary delights.

Beaches Nearby

Residents of Dubai may easily reach beautiful beaches with smooth sands and crystal blue waters for leisure and water sports at Port De Le Mer. This beachside community is popular with beach lovers and families looking for a coastal lifestyle because of its Mediterranean vibe and waterfront dining and shopping options.

Leisure Activities Nearby

Both locals and visitors can enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities at Dubai’s Port De Le Mer. The coastal town is well-known for its stunning beaches and marina built in the Mediterranean style. While those looking for a laid-back day out can enjoy La Mer’s quaint boutiques and cafes, water sports enthusiasts can enjoy jet skiing or paddle boarding. With its lazy river and slides, the Laguna Waterpark is a short distance from the opulent townhouses and flats of Port De Le Mer, offering something for every taste.

Distance and commute

At the tip of the Jumeirah peninsula in Dubai is a beach neighbourhood called Port De La Mer. This popular neighbourhood has lovely views of the Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf. Popular locations in the city, like City Walk and the famous Burj Khalifa, are easily reachable from there and only require a short drive. The region is renowned for its opulent amenities and architecture with Mediterranean influences. A variety of upscale dining establishments, retail stores, and recreational opportunities are available to both locals and guests. Because of its waterfront location, it's a great choice for people looking for a combination of urban conveniences and waterfront living.

In Dubai, Port De La Mer is a popular beach neighbourhood renowned for its convenient access to the entire city. Situated in Jumeirah, a neighbourhood well-known for its beaches, it can be reached quickly by car from Dubai International Airport. The Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall are located in downtown Dubai, which is easily accessible to residents, providing easy access to business, leisure, and retail centres. Additionally, the neighbourhood is well-served by public transportation, with buses and water taxis offering practical choices. Its advantageous location close to La Mer Beach provides easy access to important highways, facilitating hassle-free travel throughout the emirate.

Port De Le Mer, Dubai

Rating and Reviews

Elegant Beachfront Charm Sophia Adams

 Port De Le Mer offers a gorgeous beach nearby and lovely views of the Dubai skyline. It is ideal for families seeking a blend of luxury and comfort.

Coastal Luxury Redefined Liam Scott

Exceptional dining options and exclusive boutiques at Port De Le Mer. Perfect for experiencing Dubai’s high-end lifestyle right by the serene Jumeirah coast.

Serene Marina Living Olivia Turner

The marina at Port De Le Mer is appealing. Spacious apartments with breathtaking sea vistas, just minutes away from the vibrant city life.

Sophisticated Harbor Residences Ethan Jones

Great amenities with a peaceful atmosphere in Port De Le Mer. Some areas are crowded, but overall, it is a fine mix of urban and seafront living.

Urban Beachfront Getaway Ava Smith

Live in style at Port De Le Mer, where Jumeirah’s stunning beaches meet urban flair. Great for enjoying Dubai’s sunsets and luxury lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the popular supermarkets of Port De Le Mer?

Popular supermarkets near Port De La Mer include Spinneys and Choithrams.

Name a few restaurants which are situated near Port De Le Mer?

Nearby Port De La Mer, restaurants like Alici, Osteria Romana, and Scalini offer diverse dining options.

Name some shopping malls in this area?

The nearby shopping malls include City Walk and Mercato Shopping Mall.

Is Port De Le Mer freehold?

Yes, Port De Le Mer is a freehold property. 

What are the top attractions in Port De Le Mer, Jumeirah, Dubai?

Top attractions in Port De La Mer, Jumeirah, include La Mer Beachfront, Laguna Waterpark, and Roxy Cinemas.

How to get to Port De Le Mer by bus and metro? Which is the nearest metro station?

To get to Port De La Mer by bus, use line 9 or 88; the closest metro station is ADCB Metro Station.

Which are the best communities to live in on Port De Le Mer?

The best communities in Port De La Mer are La Cote and La Rive.

Which are the best hotels and restaurants in Port De Le Mer?

Top hotels in Port De La Mer include Nikki Beach Resort & Spa and Mandarin Oriental Jumeira, with restaurants like Masti and Amorino for dining.

What are the famous schools in Port De Le Mer?

Reputable schools in Port De La Mer include Jumeira Baccalaureate School and GEMS Wellington Primary School.

Name the best hospitals in Port De Le Mer?

The best hospitals near Port De La Mer are Medcare Hospital Al Safa and Emirates Hospital in Jumeirah.

What are the famous worship destinations in Port De Le Mer?

Famous worship places in Port De La Mer include Jumeirah Mosque and St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

What are the pros and cons of living in Port De Le Mer?

Pros of living in Port De La Mer are beachfront lifestyle and high-end amenities; cons include high cost of living and limited public transportation options.

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