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The Springs 15, Dubai

About Springs 15, Dubai

The Springs 15 is a neighbourhood in the middle of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Simply put, it's a posh and well-appointed Emirates Life neighbourhood component. Because of its convenient location, peaceful environment, and beautiful architecture, The Springs 15 has become one of Dubai's most desirable neighbourhoods.

The community's villas and townhomes are set amid lush landscaping and were built with high-end comfort in mind. All the residences in Springs 15 encounter a tranquil lake in the community's centre. Family-friendly attractions like swimming pools, parks, and playgrounds make this neighbourhood a great option for homebuyers with children.

The convenient location is a major selling point for Springs 15. The community's proximity to Sheikh Zayed Road makes it convenient for residents from all over the city to visit. As one of Dubai's most visited areas, the Dubai Marina is conveniently located a short drive away and provides locals with a large selection of dining, shopping, and entertainment venues. Residents can get their necessities at the Springs Souk, a local shopping complex within the neighbourhood.

Springs 15 is known for its luxurious and comfortable villas and townhomes. The residences have roomy, bright interiors because of the huge windows that flood the rooms with sunlight. The villas' expansive lawns are ideal for hosting parties and other outdoor gatherings. If you prefer a moderate lifestyle, the townhouses are your best bet.

Swimming pools, tennis courts, and a fitness centre are just some of the recreational amenities offered by the community. These establishments aim to encourage inhabitants to have more physically active and healthier lives. Children will love the abundance of parks and play areas.

Springs 15 Dubai is a high-end, thoughtfully-designed neighbourhood where you may relax in comfort and peace. Anyone searching for a luxurious lifestyle in Dubai will find this community an excellent option because of its convenient location, beautiful design, and extensive amenities.

Key Highlights of Springs 15, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • The community regularly hosts events and activities
  • The villas and townhouses offer a luxurious living experience
  • The community is built around a central lake
  • Range of amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, and a fitness centre
  • Features a 24-hour security system
What Needs Attention!
  • Noise pollution from nearby construction sites
  • The cost of living can be high
  • Traffic congestion

Real Estate Overview in Springs 15

Villas and townhomes predominate in the residential neighbourhood of Springs 15 in Dubai. Spacious floor plans and immaculate landscaping are just two amenities that make Springs 15 homes desirable. Families with children often choose to live in this neighbourhood because of the tranquil atmosphere and child-friendly policies.

Springs 15 villas range in size from 2 to 5 bedrooms. Garden space is plentiful in these houses, allowing residents to have parties and other gatherings outside. The homes' interiors are airy and bright because of the big windows that line the walls. Each kitchen has state-of-the-art appliances and plenty of counter and cabinet space.

Springs 15 townhomes are ideal for people who value convenience over upkeep. Each home has two or three bedrooms and a small but contemporary feel inside.

Public Transport

The neighbourhood has excellent access to main roads and highways, and locals have access to public transportation choices. The airport and key business districts are connected to other areas of Dubai by the rapid transit rail system known as the Dubai Metro. Springs 15 is only a few minutes' drive from Dubai Internet City metro station, the closest metro station. Here are a few of Springs 15's transportation choices:

Bus Line Number Destination
F35 Dubai Internet City Landside Metro Bus Stop - 01 to The Springs, Entrance Gate 5 - 2



Multiple supermarkets close by in Springs 15 make grocery shopping convenient for locals. The stores are supplied with various goods and have a vast selection, ensuring that locals can access all they require for daily necessities. Here are a few of the grocery stores close to Springs 15:

  • Spinneys
  • New Safestway Cafe & Supermarket
  • Aswaaq Mart JVC 
  • Greens Supermarket

Educational Institutes

Access to high-quality educational institutions is one of the essential features that families with children look for when deciding on a neighbourhood. Thankfully, Springs 15 inhabitants have quick access to several educational institutions that are close by. The educational institutions provide a variety of curricula and are renowned for their superb facilities, high standards of instruction, and creative approaches to learning. The following educational institutions may be found close to Springs 15:

  • Raffles Nursery Town Center
  • Amity Pre-School
  • Jumeirah International Nursery
  • Dubai British School, Jumeirah Park
  • Emirates International School, Meadows

Healthcare Facilities

Springs 15 has several healthcare facilities nearby, giving locals quick access to healthcare. The healthcare facilities provide various medical services and are manned by highly qualified physicians and specialists. These are a few medical facilities close to Springs 15:

  • Mediclinic Meadows
  • IMC Medical Centre|IMC Clinic Al Barsha, Dubai
  • Karama Medical Centre
  • American Hospital Clinic
  • Emirates Hospital Clinic

Places of Worship

In the diversified neighbourhood of Springs 15, there are residents of many racial and religious backgrounds. Hence, for many residents, having access to places of worship is a necessary amenity. The following list includes some of the places of worship close to Springs 15:

  • Samad Mosque
  • Casa de Oración Torre Fuerte
  • Emirates Baptist Church
  • Sikh Gurudwara

Best Hotels in Springs 15

Since Springs 15 is a residential neighbourhood in Dubai, no hotels exist. Yet, there are several hotels close by that offer welcoming lodging for guests and travellers. The exquisite guest rooms and suites, varied dining options, opulent spas, exercise centres, and swimming pools of these hotels are well-known features.

Most hotels surrounding Springs 15 are expensive and abundant, providing visitors with various services and facilities to guarantee a relaxing and delightful stay. These hotels are noted for their outstanding service, first-rate amenities, and abundant lodging and cater to leisure and business guests. Some of the top accommodations close to Springs 15 are listed below:

  • The Address Montgomerie
  • The Westin Dubai
  • The Meydan Hotel
  • Media Rotana Dubai


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Springs 15 is adjacent to several malls and shopping centres that provide locals and tourists with various shopping and entertainment alternatives. For locals and visitors wishing to engage in some retail therapy or entertainment, these malls are the perfect destination because they cater to various requirements and preferences and offer a variety of amenities and facilities. Here are some of the best malls and commercial places close to Springs 15:

  • The Springs Souk 
  • The Meadows Souk
  • City Centre Me’aisem 
  • Al Khail Avenue Mall
  • Mothercare
  • Milk & Honey Gourmet 
  • Claire’s

Restaurants/ Dining

Springs 15 is adjacent to several food establishments catering to all tastes and preferences. These eateries are the perfect choice for locals and guests wishing to savour some delectable cuisine because they offer a variety of cuisines and dishes and a warm and welcoming ambience. Here are a few of the best eateries close to Springs 15:

  • Shakespeare & Co
  • Carluccio’s
  • Alpastor Cafeteria
  • Forni Pizza & Manakeesh
  • Puranmal Restaurant
  • Chili’s
  • Leila Restaurant
  • PAUL Bakery & Restaurant – Meaisem
  • Pide Keyfi Turkish Restaurant
  • Desert Wok Restaurant JVC

Beaches Nearby

Several lovely beaches in Springs 15 provide both locals and tourists with various services and conveniences. These beaches are popular for their breathtaking scenery, crystal-clear waters, and various activities, making them the perfect getaway for anyone wishing to relax in the sun and have fun in the water. Some of the best beaches close to Springs 15 are listed below:

  • Marina Beach 
  • Jumeirah Public Beach
  • Al Sufouh Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

Springs 15 is conveniently close to several attractions and recreational pursuits that welcome locals and guests of all ages. Here are some of the top pastimes close to Springs 15:

  • Dubai Miracle Garden
  • Ski Dubai
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure
  • Dubai Autodrome

Distance and Commute Time

Here are some of the distances and estimated commute times from Springs 15 to other popular places in Dubai:

  • Dubai Marina is approximately 12 kilometres from Spring 15, which takes around 15-20 minutes.
  • Dubai Mall is approximately 20 kilometres, which takes 25-30 minutes.
  • Dubai International Airport is 33 kilometres from Spring 15, which takes 30-35 minutes.
  • The Mall of the Emirates is approximately 15 kilometres from Spring 15, which takes around 20-25 minutes to commute by car.
  • Burj Khalifa is 20 kilometres from Spring 15, which takes around 25-30 minutes.
  • Dubai Miracle Garden is approximately 20 kilometres from Spring 15, which takes around 25-30 minutes to commute by car.
  • Jumeirah Beach 15 is approximately 15 kilometres from Spring 15, which takes around 20-25 minutes to commute by car.
The Springs 15, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Jonathan Claire
Diverse Property Options

What I like best about the Spring 15 neighbourhood is the diversity of properties that cater to a wide range of budgets and interests. Each property is carefully selected to meet the greatest quality and comfort standards.

Jean May
Modern Amenities

Spring 15 is a great community in the heart of Dubai that provides a fantastic living experience. One thing that struck me was how well-planned the community is, with modern facilities that meet the demands of its residents.

Abdul Khan
Great Food Experience

Spring 15 is well worth visiting if you want a great gastronomic experience. I appreciate how tasty and expertly cooked the dish is. Every item, from appetisers to sweets, is carefully created and artistically presented.

Khalid Khan
Traffic Problem

One thing I didn’t like about the Spring 15 community traffic in Dubai around Spring 15 may be rather congested, especially during peak hours. It can be difficult to manoeuvre the crowded streets and find nearby parking.

Mary James
High Cost of Living

While the food and service are outstanding at Spring 15, the high cost of living in Dubai can make it an expensive dining option. Food and drink prices are rather high and may not be affordable to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Springs 15 Freehold?

Indeed, Springs 15 is a freehold neighbourhood in Dubai, meaning its inhabitants and property owners fully own their homes and are free to sell or lease them.

What are the top attractions in Springs 15?

Springs 15 is mostly a residential area, and its primary draws include its verdant surroundings, serene setting, and welcoming attitude for families. However, it is close to several well-known spots in Dubai, including Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, Mall of the Emirates, and Dubai Magic Garden, all providing wide entertainment and leisure opportunities.

How to get to Springs 15 by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

Springs 15 is easily reachable by vehicle or cab, and several bus routes, including the F31, F32, and F36 buses, connect the neighbourhood to other areas of Dubai. Dubai Internet City Metro Station, about 10-15 minutes away by automobile, is the closest metro station to Springs 15.

Which are the best communities in Springs 15?

Springs 15 is a section of Emirates Living, a master-planned community comprising several villages, each with its own qualities and features. Springs 1, Springs 2, Springs 3, Springs 4, and Springs 6 are some of the greatest neighbourhoods in Springs 15, offering a variety of services and facilities to inhabitants.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Springs 15?

Springs 15 is mostly a residential area, and there aren’t many options for lodging or dining there. Nonetheless, several well-known hotels and eateries are nearby, including Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, and the Mall of the Emirates.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Springs 15?

Springs 15 is close to several well-known shopping centres and grocery stores, including the Mall of the Emirates, the Dubai Marina Mall, the Ibn Battuta Mall, and the Carrefour Market. These supermarkets and malls provide various food and shopping opportunities for locals and guests.

What are the best schools in Springs 15?

The highly regarded schools Dubai British School, Emirates International School, Dubai American Academy, and Dubai International Academy are all close by Springs 15. For children of all ages, these schools provide a variety of educational activities and resources.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Springs 15?

Springs 15 is near several prestigious medical facilities, including the Emirates Hospital Clinic, Saudi German Hospital, and Mediclinic Meadows. The healthcare institutions provide various medical services and treatments for locals and guests.

Which are the famous places of worship in Springs 15?

Springs 15 is a cosmopolitan neighbourhood with several houses of worship nearby, including the Jumeirah Mosque, the Springs Mosque, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, and the Gurunanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara.

What are the pros and cons of living in Springs 15?

Living in Springs 15 has benefits and drawbacks. The tranquil atmosphere that people enjoy is one of the key benefits. The properties are built to provide a comfortable lifestyle, and the neighbourhood is well-maintained with plenty of lush foliage. Even though Springs 15 is in the middle of the city, it is still fairly far away. This may be inconvenient for people who frequently travel to the city.

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