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Trade Centre 2, Dubai

About Trade Centre 2, Dubai

Trade Centre 2 is one of Dubai's peak financial and business districts. It is located in western Dubai, bordering Trade Centre 1 on the north, Business Bay on the south, and Zabeel to the east. In order to reach here, go through Sheikh Zayed Road. The trade centre begins at Interchange No.1 at the trade centre roundabout and route D 63 and continues till Interchange No. 2. The trade centre 2 has no local road system, and the main roads along the Sheikh Zayed Road only connect it.

Trade Centre 2 offers many residential and commercial properties for you to choose from and is home to some of the most famous landmarks of Dubai. Some of these buildings hold the record for being among the first skyscrapers to be developed in Dubai and date their existence and development back to the 1970s, such as Dubai World Trade Centre. Other famous landmarks are Emirates Towers, Rose Tower, 21st-century towers, Dusit Dubai, Falcon Towers, and Angsana Hotels and suites.

Some of the most prominent localities in Dubai near the Trade Centre list Bur Dubai, Downtown Dubai, Al Satwa, Al Wasl, and Business Bay. All of these have their own significance, and living in Trade Centre 2 will bring the pros of living there and the pros that come with proximity to such lavish localities.

Key Highlights of Trade Centre 2, Dubai

What is Great Here!
  • Diversity in Culture
  • Easy Access to Public Transport
  • Luxury Living
  • Hold a Position in a Prominent City Location
  • Medical Facilities Nearby
  • A Plethora of Leisure and Recreational Options
  • Best Hotels and Suits
  • Nearby Educational Institutions
What Needs Attention!
  • No Local Road System
  • Issues with Maintenance
  • Cleanliness and Sanitation Issues
  • Right on the Road
  • Noise Pollution
  • Excessive Traffic
  • Costly Real Estate Options

Real Estate Overview in Trade Centre 2, Dubai

Trade Centre 2 is the home to many residential properties, with some in the World Trade Centre itself. This building offers some affordable 2 BHK apartments, and there are many lavish living options at your disposal. You can find some of the best skyscrapers with a comfortable home in Trade Centre 2 at Jumeirah Living World Trade Centre, Maze Tower, 21st Century Tower, Nassima Tower, and Four Points by Sheraton Apartments.

Off-Plan Trends in Trade Centre 2, Dubai

Trade Centre 2 has hosted many apartments, residences and villas. With the clustered format of this locality, there are more projects upcoming in this locality in different clusters.

Rental Properties in Trade Centre 2, Dubai

The rental scenario of Trade Centre 2 covers apartments, residences, and villas. This is one of the city's prominent locations, so the prices will probably be something to look for. But it is unlike all other lavish neighbourhoods. You will easily find affordable options to suit your needs in this locality.

For the apartments, you can find studios, 1-2-3 BHK, of which studios are the most affordable choices. 1BHK will still be under the affordable radar. You will need to check 2BHK apartments because there is a low possibility they will fall under the affordable category, but they will come for the utility. The 3BHK apartments in Trade Centre 2 are more towards the lavish option, and you will need to look for it if you are looking for family homes.

Residences and villas are available for rent, but this is still a not fully-flourished market. So, if you want to look for these, you might need to look harder, but the option stays open. These, however, will not fall under the category of the economy.

Sale Trends in Trade Centre 2, Dubai

It is no news that investing in real estate property in Dubai will yield you returns. The properties in this locality are open for freeholding for investment purposes as well as for residential usage. Either way, holding such properties will be a long-term investment for your future.

The price point for anything in the category of 2BHK and above will fall under the luxury pricing system. But the locality of this place is bound to get you returns, so investors are drawn to it often.

Public Transportation

The locality of Trade Centre 2 is home to one of the most famous landmarks of Dubai: Dubai World Trade Centre. It is for this reason that public transport is made seamlessly easy for laymen. People can find buses and metros to the world trade centre, and therefore, the entire locality becomes accessible.

Also, it falls between Interchange 1 and Interchange 2 on Sheikh Zayed Road. Because this is a bustling road with all the prominent localities nearby, it is comparatively easier to find public transport to these locations.

Buses 15, 83 and C1 reach this locality, and the metro M1 has a station here.

Here are some of the bus stations that are near the world trade centre.

Bus Stations Distance from World Trade Centre
Mankhool, Street 7 1 - 01 5 mins walk
Rais Center - 01 9 mins walk
Centre Point Shopping Centre 9 min walk
Adcb Metro Bus Stop Landside - 1 9 min walk


Nurseries / Educational Institutes

Trade centre 2 of Dubai has homed many educational institutions for younger children, higher education for teenagers and colleges for various faculties. Some of the famous educational hubs are found in the World Trade Centre and other parts of the locality.


  • Smart Children’s Nursery
  • Roots and Wings Nursery
  • StepUp Nursery

Elementary School

  • Salma Al Ansaria School
  • Al Wasl Girls School
  • Al Maktoum Primary School for Boys
  • GEMS Wellington Primary School

Higher Education

  • Berkeley Middle East- Dubai
  • Dubai School of Government
  • Dubai College of Tourism


Some of the best supermarkets are hosted in this locality of Trade Centre 2. You will be within walking distance from everything near you for all your grocery needs. Some of the well-known supermarkets are:

  • Nesto
  • Al Maya
  • Carrefour
  • Big Bazaar Fresh
  • Fair Trade Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare is a priority no matter where you look to live. It is one of the most imperative amenities you cannot compromise on. Because of this, every locality is planned with easy access to healthcare and medication.

Some of the most proximal and best-in-class health care facilities in the locality of Trade Centre 2 are provided at:

  • Emirates Hospital Clinics
  • Gulf Eye Centre
  • Zain Specialized Clinic
  • GMCClinics. 

You can get easy medication here at Life Pharmacy, which easily offers affordable medicines. You can also find this pharmacy outlet in some grocery stores nearby.

Places of Worship

Dubai, as a city, unanimously follows Islam, but there is no compulsion by any Governmental or authority factors for you to follow your religion. They have mosques and churches located in all their neighbourhoods to ensure that the people get to follow their customs religiously.


The Sheikh Zayed Mosque of Dubai is located right in this locality and is considered very pious by the followers of Islam. If you are living in the neighbourhood, you get easy access to this mosque.


There are majorly 2 churches in the locality, namely:

  • Redeemer Church of Dubai
  • Gregorios Orthodox Church

Best Hotels in Trade Centre 2, Dubai

Dubai has a plethora of tourists coming in at all times of the year. This creates an influx of hotels to match up with the increased demand. Since Trade Center is also one of the localities where tourists come to experience the culture of Dubai, some of the best hotels are found here, namely,

  • Four Points by Sheraton, Dubai
  • World Trade Centre Residence Dubai
  • Emirates Grand Hotel Dubai
  • Taj Jumeirah Lake Towers


Shopping Centres / Malls

The Dubai Mall, considered one of the gems of Dubai, is not just a shopping mall with anything you are looking from a pin to a piano but is also a noteworthy sight of architecture. This mall is in downtown Dubai and close to the Trade Centre 2 locality.


The neighbourhood of Trade Centre is packed with endless options of the eatery, restaurants, and pop-up stores. You can find a food truck for an affordable option and upscale restaurants in this locality. Some of the top choices of restaurants to dine at here are:

  • Burgerfuel 
  • Pizza Express
  • Sushi Counter
  • Circle Café
  • Caffe Nero
  • Wagamama
  • Al Nafoorah
  • Yeldizlar
  • McGettigan’s Irish Pub
  • Miss Lily’s in the Sheraton Grand Hotel
  • 43 Sky Lounge

Beaches Nearby

People living in this locality have beautiful scenery of nature at their disposal. The Dubai coastline is right around the corner and is visible from anywhere in the locality.

Some of the most renowned beaches on this coastline are:

  • Jumeirah Beach
  • La Mer Beach
  • Public Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

If you are willing to go clubbing in this locality, it offers a very upscale club in the area called Cavalli Club Restaurant and Lounge at Fairmont Dubai. This place is right across from the World Trade Centre and is studded with Swarovski crystals.

If you want to explore the culture and history of Dubai, it is also one of the offerings of this locality. You can visit the Etihad Museum to study the rich culture and history of the place. There is also a Museum of Future which is way ahead of its times in depicting the concepts here.

Other than this, if you want to admire the splendour of skyscrapers in Dubai, you can check out the Emirates Towers and Emirates Office Towers.

Distance and Commute Time

  • The distance from Trade Centre 2 to the airport is 9.1 km
  • The Quoz Metro Station is 230 meters from the place
  • Bus stations are around 200 meters from the Trade centre 2
  • The Jumeirah beach is 200 meters from this place
Trade Centre 2, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

A Review of WTCD

Recently, I visited DWTC. I liked the sustainability idea they are following for sugarcane straws, and I loved their restaurant planning. The staff are very friendly and joyful. I like Mahalakshmi’s company; she is very friendly with Eva and me. She helps me figure out the currency.

Marlya Camara
Great Exhibitions Halls

In a great location, close to the metro station, very clean and organised. Made more than 5 exhibitions there with great success.

Dipu KV
Long and Beautiful

Sheikh Zayed Road is the city’s lifeline, connecting one end to the other. Along the way, you see some of the city’s most beautiful landmarks

Iqbal Rahim
Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge Waterfall

Sheikh Zayed road is the main thoroughfare road in Dubai. It is constantly growing; in recent times, the extension of the canal through to the sea at Jumeriah presented great challenges and opportunities.

Default visit, not a destination.

Sheikh Zayad Road is the main road, with its magnificently managed. However, it can’t be termed a tourist destination. Every tourist essentially passes from this road while visiting Abudhabi and various parts of Dubai.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Trade Centre 2 Freehold?

Yes, Trade Centre 2, Dubai, is freehold and offers only apartments and villas for sale.

What are the top attractions in Trade Centre 2, Dubai?

The top attractions available in Trade Centre 2 are Dubai World Trade Centre, Emirates Towers, Rose Tower, 21st Century Tower, Angsana Hotel and Suites, Al Yaqoub Tower, Dusit Dubai, and Falcon Tower. 

How to get to Trade Centre 2 in Dubai by bus and metro? Which is the nearest metro station?

Trade Centre 2 has Buses numbered 15, 83 and C1 reaching this locality, and the metro M1 has a station here.

Which are the best communities to live in Trade Centre 2, Dubai?

Trade Centre 2 is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an economical as well as a lavish and comfortable lifestyle. Some of the top neighbourhoods in Trade Center 2 are Downtown, Arabian Ranches, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, etc.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Trade Centre 2?

The best hotels in Trade Centre 2 are Four Points by Sheraton Dubai, World Trade Centre Residence Dubai, Emirates Grand Hotel Dubai, and Taj Jumeirah Lake Towers.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in the Trade Centre 2?

The top malls and supermarkets in Trade Centre 2 are Nesto, Al Maya, Carrefour, Big Bazaar Fresh, and Fair-Trade Supermarket.

Which are the best schools in Trade Centre 2, Dubai?

The best schools in Trade Centre 2 are:

  • Smart Childrens Nursery
  • Roots and Wings Nursery
  • StepUp Nursery
  • Salma Al Ansaria School
  • Al Wasl Girls School
  • Al Maktoum Primary School for Boys
  • GEMS Wellington Primary School

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Trade Centre 2, Dubai?

Trade Centre 2 has some of the best hospitals and clinics, namely, Emirates Hospital Clinics, Gulf Eye Centre, Zain Specialized Clinic, and GMCClinics.

Which are the famous places of worship in Trade Centre 2, Dubai?

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque of Dubai is located right in this locality and is considered very pious by the followers of Islam. If you are living in the neighbourhood, you get easy access to this mosque. There are majorly 2 churches in the locality: Redeemer Church of Dubai and St. Gregorios Orthodox Church.

What are the pros and cons of living in Trade Centre 2, Dubai?

The advantages of living in Trade Centre 2, Dubai, are that it provides Diversity in culture, Easy access to public transport, Luxury living, Hold position in a prominent city location, Medical facilities nearby, a Plethora of leisure and recreational options, Best hotels and suits, Nearby educational institutions.

Some of the cons of living in Trade Centre 2 include the lack of a local road system, issues with maintenance, costly real estate options, noise pollution, and excessive traffic.

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