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Warsan 3, Dubai

About Warsan 3, Dubai

Warsan 3 is a small hamlet within Al Warsan, one of Dubai's few southern suburbs. Nakheel Properties created the entire neighbourhood. This community was designed to feel like home, with conveniences like grocery stores and pharmacies all within walking distance.

As guards patrol the whole place, visitors can feel safe and special. Warsan 3 is a popular neighbourhood for middle-class ex-pats, while International City, a popular suburb just to the north, also offers affordable housing. Initially, investors could purchase some of the properties in this development project. Both first-time homeowners and seasoned investors make up a portion of the market for homes in this area.

It's a great place to live if you want to be more socially engaged and physically active in a city atmosphere. Warsan 3 has many luxurious villas with breathtaking views and first-rate amenities. The society's architecture, which took cues from the natural world, became famous as the world's most environmentally friendly building. 

Most residences available to those looking to relocate are villas owned by investors or people renting them out. Despite its continued growth, this neighbourhood has already seen the construction of several residential buildings. Near the area is Dubai Safari Park, home to more than 2,500 animal species.

Key Highlights of Warsan 3

What’s Great Here!
  • An environment-friendly gated community
  • Access to Dubai Metro for effortless public transportation
  • Excellent educational institutes
  • Ideal for large families
What Needs Attention!
  • Sanitisation problems
  • Maintenance issues

Real Estate Overview in Warsan 3, Dubai

Warsan 3 is a freehold community in Dubai with a variety of advantages. A large number of villas will be built. Villas between 800 and 1,000 are spread over the city's many neighbourhoods. Warsan 3 normally has 950 square feet for one-bedroom flats. It is common for 2-bedroom flats to have around 1,340 square feet. The residential towers have their maintenance crew. There is also an intercom system, ATMs, and a conference room for commercial purposes.

Warsan 3 features many housing options, including townhomes, flats, and villas. However, only villas with three or four bedrooms are available to purchasers. Clusters 1 and 2 in Warsan 3 are the most popular choices among renters. There are various places to dine, a grocery store, a foreign exchange and many more efficient apartments.

Rental Trends in Warsan 3

Rental properties in Warsan 3 are plentiful. Rentable villas in the region typically have 3 to 5-bedroom properties, making them ideal for large families. Townhouses in Warsan 3 come in two distinct designs. Condominiums and townhouses of two, three, or even four stories are available for rent. A few studios or flats with five or more bedrooms could be available.

The largest three-bedroom rental home in Warsan 3 is around 2100 square feet. About 4,600 square feet of space is available in the largest home with four bedrooms. Housing options in Warsan 3 range from small studios to spacious mansions with several bedrooms. Warsan 3 offers luxurious, multi-bedroom apartments and single-family villas with private pools.

Sale Trends in Warsan 3, Dubai

Average selling prices fall between 3 and 4-bedroom villas. Around 80 villas can be found in this neighbourhood. The community's villas have high-end kitchens, walk-in closets, gardens, and private pools. These two-story homes are built with airflow and natural light. 

Warsan 3 has consistently provided low-cost housing, as seen by the high demand for apartments and villas with three, four, and five bedrooms. Warsan 3 real estate appears to be an excellent investment compared to other areas. A three-bedroom villa is the best bet for an annual return of 3.5%. For villas with four bedrooms, that number falls to 3.2 per cent.

Public Transportion

There is a plethora of major thoroughfares that crisscross the region. It is bounded east by Ras Al Khor Road (E44) and south by Emirates Road (E611).

Several RTA bus stops near Warsan 3 make public transportation very convenient. A Dubai Metro station is currently not in the area, although that will change once the Al Warsan suburb is linked to the system. Nearby bus lines include -

Bus Number Destination
E16 Warsan 3 entrance 02 / Warsan Civil Defence Center
11A Al Warsan 3 RTA / Al Aweer
24 Al Warsan Training Center / Dragon Mart
20 Al Warsan Dubai Nursery / Flydubai HQ


Educational Institutions

Numerous daycares and prestigious universities are located near Green Community West. To name a few of them, some adjacent nurseries and high schools in the area are:

  • Little Sprouts Early Learning Center Kiddi Care Nursery
  • Childcare Emirates British Nursery 
  • The National School of Al Khaleej
  • The GEMS Ignite School 
  • Al Warqa

These nearby institutions can be reached within 10-20 minutes.


Many convenience stores and grocery stores may be found surrounding Warsan 3. A full-service supermarket, this one is independent and of moderate size, spanning multiple floors. Those who are constantly on the go will appreciate this convenient grocery store. Supermarkets close to Warsan 3 are –

  • New Pasons Hypermarket
  • The Madeena Supermarket

Health Care Facilities

You may find many healthcare facilities in the area if needed. Outpatient treatments in practically any medical field are available at the nearby hospitals and clinics, which are as follows –

  • Ruby Clinic Right Health, LLC
  • Mirdif Uptown Medcare Speciality Centre 
  • Nadd Al Hamar Health Center
  • Clinic Acess International City

Warsan 3 is 11 minutes from the nearest medical facility, Ruby Clinic Right Health.

Place of Worship

There are several mosques in the area which can accommodate several hundred worshippers and are only three minutes away from locals, including the

  • Warsan Mosque
  • Amna Bint Wahab Mosque

It takes roughly 21 minutes to get to the nearest church, the pentecostal Dubai City Church. You can also find

  • Baptist Church
  • Catholic Church 
  • Orthodox Christian places of worship in the area.

Best Hotels in Warsan 3

The community's wonderful topography near Dubai attracts tourists. Therefore its hotels, restaurants, and other facilities must meet their needs. Tourism already boasts Dubai's economy, especially the hotels in Warsan 3 are in high demand year-round. Resorts in the area include -

  • Warsan Star Residence 
  • Short Tourist Place
  • Grace Bedspace
  • Eureka Hotel


Shopping Malls

Residents of Warsan 3 have easy access to the supermarkets because of the prime location in the neighbourhood. People go to shopping malls to take care of their routine shopping requirements. Among the nearby shopping centres are:

  • City Center Warqa Mall
  • Mirdif Festival City
  • Mall Warsan 3

These are approximately 13 minutes away. A new shopping centre will soon open to the public in Warsan 3 other than the above shopping malls.

Restaurants / Dining

Tourists, ex-pats, and locals benefit from showcasing a community’s greatest cuisine. Ocean Basket Diner Restaurant serves a range of meals. Vegetarians and health-conscious people can find their type of meals on the menu of restaurants in Warsan 3. Restaurants abound near Warsan 3, include

  • City Center Mirdif restaurant
  • Ocean Basket Diner 
  • Texas Restaurant 
  • Gazebo

Kentucky’s Louisville is home to Texas Roadhouse’s corporate offices. Come here if you’re craving some good ol’ American steak, burgers, and fries. Gazebo Restaurant is a trendy Indian restaurant serving authentic cuisine.

Nearby Beaches

To go to Open Beach from Warsan 3, you’ll need to travel for about 29 minutes. Nearby popular public beaches are: 

  • Jumeirah Beach, closest to Warsan 3
  • Kite Beach is a popular destination for water sports like jet skiing, wakeboarding, and parasailing

Leisure Activities

People are frequently taken aback when they learn how many entertaining activities exist in Al Warsan, Warsan 3. Because there are so many exciting things to do in the region, it is an ideal location to settle down and make your home.

Some of the surrounding attractions are

  • IMG World of Adventure Dubai 
  • Magic Garden Ras 
  • Al Khor Natural Sanctuary

Warsan 3 Dubai - Location & Nearby Facilities

  • Schools
  • City Connections
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Centers
  • Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time

  • Dubai International Airport is just 19 minutes away for Warsan 3.
  • Downtown Dubai, a popular neighbourhood, is 22 minutes away from Warsan 3.
  • Jebel Ali Freezone is 46 minutes away
Warsan 3, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Sadaf Khan
The best community overall

There are numerous apartments in the area but few green spots to enjoy. Many shopping malls and grocery markets are there in the community. Warsan 3 had a poor rep in the past, but not anymore. Many people and businesses call this place home. There is a variety of dining and shopping options available. Yet, it is not a destination sought by tourists.

Mahira Khan
You may find a warm and friendly home, but safety is a major concern

We have been quite happy with the neighbourhood and cluster since relocating to Cluster 1, Warsan 3, six years ago. Walking distance to the metro station is in itself a plus point. Yet, it has been advised that parents be able to take a load off by sitting close to the playground as these are not so proximate to the area and, hence, unsafe.

Bhavya Sharma
Finding parking space is difficult

Over the past two years, I’ve made my home in this part of Cluster 2. Finding a parking spot after 11 pm has been a major hassle. But, the neighbourhood as a whole is fantastic, featuring numerous exciting activities and convenient amenities.

Fareeda Khan
fantastic neighbourhood for men

In contrast to the prevalence of families, the local population primarily comprises single men and women. The area is cheap and filled with families, but it is too far from the town centre for women and children to feel secure walking alone at night.

Gaurav Garg
Inexpensive accommodations

The apartments in Clusters of Warsan 3 are reasonably priced, and the community features all the essentials. It is an easy walk to the grocery store, the park, the mall, or the restaurant. The only drawback is that direct access to the subway is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Warsan 3 freehold?

Warsan 3 is the most sought-after freehold area.

What are the top attractions in Warsan 3?

Attractions around Warsan 3 include the IMG World of Adventure Dubai, Magic Garden Ras and Al Khor Natural Sanctuary.

How to get to Warsan 3 in Dubai by bus and metro?

To reach Warsan 3, take buses F29 and F30.

Which are the best communities to live in Warsan 3, Dubai?

Warsan 3 is a popular residential area populated by natives and immigrants. Depending on their preferences and financial capabilities, people have several different neighbourhoods to pick from.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Warsan 3?

Texas Roadhouse, Gazebo Restaurant and Ocean Basket are some of the best hotels and restaurants in Warsan 3.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Warsan 3?

Warqa Mall, City Centre Mirdif and Festival City Mall are some of the area’s shopping malls and grocery markets.

What are the best schools in Warsan 3, Dubai?

Some of the most prestigious schools in the world are located in Warsan 3, including Al Khaleej National School Al Warqa, GEMS Our Own English High School and Ignite School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Warsan 3?

The best general hospitals and clinics in Warsan 3 are Access Clinic International City Morocco, Right Health Ruby Clinic LLC and Nadd Al Hamar Health Center.

Which are the famous places of worship in Warsan 3?

The most famous place of worship in Warsan 3 is Amma Bint Wahab Mosque.

What are the pros and cons of living in Warsan 3?

The city-from-scratch project has been successfully created with energy conservation techniques. But because it’s not in the heart of Dubai, inhabitants may have a long way to travel to work or school. Further, there are no convenient public transportation options in the vicinity.

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