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Al Khawaneej 1

About Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai Overview

Al Khawaneej 1 is a mineral-rich locality in Dubai with two divisions. One is used for farming and agricultural purposes, while the other is for residential purposes. It makes Al Khawaneej 1 as one of the most loved places for the people of Dubai to live in. Additionally, it is one of Dubai's most culturally diverse areas like the International City, Al Warqaa. Also, these localities are close to Al Khawaneej 1, making them ideal for both urban and suburban residential area lovers.

Al Khawaneej 1 is mostly a desert area, starting from the western side of the Emirates road E611. It is parallel to the Sharajah-Dubai Border, making it one of the best places to represent the true Emirates side of the City. Dubai's government is also making investments on the development of this locality as its land is rich in minerals.

Key Highlights of Al Khawaneej 1

What is Great Here!
  • Highly affordable
  • Pet-friendly locality
  • Green spaces and parks
  • Enjoy community events throughout the year
What Needs Attention!
  • Limited public transport facilities available
  • No access to Dubai metro
  • No faster access to the big shopping centees

Real Estate Overview in Al Khawaneej 1

The properties available for residence in Al Khawaneej 1 are largely considered future villas. It has posh surroundings and is completely unlike the new-wave properties in Dubai and other areas. 

Even though you will mostly find this locality to be largely occupied by natives of the country, you will also see some traditional Arabic architectural elements. The properties have sprawling courtyards and boundary walls with large ornate gates. 

In Al Khawaneej 1, you will find three-bedroom, four-bedroom, and five-bedroom units, and there is only a small chance that you may come across a six- or seven-bedroom house. Usually, the apartments are divided into two floors, and the areas for one particular apartment may range between 4,000 to 15,000 sq ft.

The ground floors of these apartments will consist of a hallway, two kitchens, a dining area, and a room for laundry. There will be a maid's room for the people who like to keep maids in their houses.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Khawaneej 1

There are a large number of off-plan trends in the Al Khawaneej 1 locality, recorded at the highest in November 2022. There were almost 7,161 units inaugurated in the market for sale, representing almost 63.7% of the volume of the whole new inventory of apartments in the locality.

The properties in the locality of Al Khawaneej 1 are well-equipped with various security features and incredible cleanliness. You will find a comfortable apartment with huge spaces and outdoor parking. Also, the apartment comes with swimming pools, making it one of the best areas to have a good time.

Rental Trends in Al Khawaneej 1

Even though Al Khawaneej 1 is a locality in the outer side of Dubai, the property rentals are considered a little bit expensive compared to the other areas. The bedroom configurations start from the three-bedroom apartment.  You can also avail rental apartments with four-bedroom and five-bedroom configurations. Larger families can go for bigger bedroom configurations which come with amenities like swimming pools, recreational areas, and ample parking facilities.

Sale Trends in Al Khawaneej 1

Though Al Khawaneej 1 is not among Dubai's most developed localities, it's still considered a great place to live thanks to its diversity. The apartment area ranges between 5000 to 15,000 sq ft, so you won't be compromising in the slightest.

Public Transportation

Since Al Khawaneej 1 is not centrally located, you will find less traffic in this locality. However, if you prefer to travel by public transport, you'll find limited options.

Important bus routes in Al Khawaneej 1 are:

Bus Line Number Destination
11A Al Awir
11B Al Awir and Gold Souk


Nurseries / Educational Institute

If you’re considering moving to the area with children, there are plenty of educational institutions nearby. These include:

  • Basateen Kindergarten
  • Crystal Valley Nursery

Some of the best secondary education schools in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai, are:

  • Ajyal International School
  • Otbah Bin Ghazwan Boy’s School
  • Al Athba School For Girls


Al Khawaneej 1 is one of the City’s most crowded localities; therefore, the number of supermarkets is increasing in this locality. These supermarkets help supply all essentials to the residents of Al Khawaneej 1. Here are some of the popular supermarkets in Al Khawaneej 1 you can visit for your weekly grocery run:

  • Lafi Supermarket
  • Emi Bay Mini Mart
  • Weld AlFrgir Grocery

Healthcare Facilities

Al Khawaneej 1 has not one but multiple healthcare service providers available, so you have a few options to choose from when it comes to medical care. The list includes:

  • Thumbay Hospital Dubai
  • Aster Hospital

Places of Worship

As a cosmopolitan city with people of all faiths, you’lll find various places of worship in Dubai, with Al Khawaneej 1 being no exception. Here are a few of the major ones:

  • Abdullah bin Rawahah Masjid
  • Yousef Abdulla Al Jaziri Smart Masjid
  • Masjid Alharamain
  • Winners Chapel International Dubai
  • All Nations Tabernacle
  • Gurudwara Al Aweer

Best Hotels in Al Khawaneej 1

Al Khawaneej 1 is one area of Dubai that doesn't see an influx of tourists. As a result, there are only a few hotels in the locality. However, there are hotels located in neighbouring areas, including:

  • Millennium Palace
  • TIME Onyx Hotel
  • Summer Land Hotel Apartment
  • Ibis Styles Dragon Mart Dubai


Shopping Centres / Shopping Malls

Places like Dubai are considered ideal for shopping, and the prices for things are quite reasonable in this area. The reason is lower taxes, which is why you will find various shopping centres and malls in and around Al Khawaneej 1. A few of the most popular ones among these shopping centres are – 

  • Arabian Centre
  • Mirdif Mall

Restaurants / Dining

You will find plenty of places to enjoy fine dining in and around Al Khawaneej 1, making it one of the best places for food lovers. So, if you are looking to relocate to this location, you may explore the below-given eateries and restaurants:

  • Big Smoke Burger
  • Krush Burger
  • Cupagahwa
  • XO Coffee Boutique
  • Roastery House

Beaches nearby

Being on the city’s outskirts and away from the seas, there are no beaches in Al Khawaneej. But, if you’d like to hang out with your friends by the water, you can visit the nearby beaches like:

  • Al Mamzer Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach

Leisure activities nearby

Since Al Khawaneej 1 is on the city’s western side, it is away from the crowded places. Some of the places you can visit in and nearby Al Khawaneej 1 for fun and leisure activities are:

  • Al Khawaneej Walk 
  • Promise Bridge 
  • Al Khawaneej Pond Park
  • Mushrif Park

Distance from Al Khawaneej 1 to Other Popular Places:

  • The Dubai International Airport is just a 20-minute drive from this area. 
  • Arabian Centre is a short 11 minutes car ride from Al Khawaneej 1.
  • Business Bay and downtown are just 30 minutes away by car.
  • City Centre Mirdif is a 17 minute drive from Al Khawaneej 1.
  • The University City of Sharjah is about 25 minutes away via Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.
Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai

Ratings and Reviews

Nasim Ali
A semi-developed neighbourhood in Dubai

Al Khawaneej 1 is one of the best places for people who look forward to staying in places with low traffic and a calm environment.

Zafar khan
Amused by the Security

Dubai has been highly popular for its security standards, but it is next level when it comes to safety in an area like Al Khawaneej 1.

Sophy Khan
Best for shopping for grocery

The City has a very hectic walk around, but Al Khawaneej 1 is one of the places where you can get the best grocery items.

Bilal Anwar
Best for keeping in touch with nature

If you are willing to relocate to Al Khawaneej 1, it is the best location to stay as you will find a mixture of technology and nature in one place.

Brian Williamson
Massive apartments

If you live in congested apartments, you’ll be thrilled to see the size of the apartments here. It has massive apartments with massive rooms. It really gives you the feeling of being in a royal place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Khawaneej 1 Freehold?

It is the only area in Dubai that allows freehold property. You can make your apartment the way you like it.

What are the top attractions in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai?

Al Khawaneej is a gorgeous locality, and you can find the below attractions here:

  1. Al Khawaneej Pond Park
  2. Al Khawaneej  Walking and Cycling track
  3. Love Lock Bridge Al Khawaneej

How to get to Al Khawaneej 1 in Dubai by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

You can reach Al Khawaneej from the nearest bus station, Khawaneeh 1- 02. Nearest Metro Station is the Mushrif, Eppco – 02.

Which are the best communities to live in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai?

Al Khawaneej is divided into two sub-communities, Al Khawaneej 1 and Al Khawaneej 2. Both have 3-6 bedroom apartments with calm surroundings.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Khawaneej 1?

Some of the most prominent hotels and restaurants in Al Khawaneej 1 are Lezzet Turkish Restaurant, Kullaj Omar Dubai, This is Hot Dog and Khafayef Cafeteria.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Khawaneej 1?

The popular malls and superstores nearby Al Khawaneej 1 are:

  • Arabian Centre
  • Warqa Mall
  • New West Zone Supermarket

What are the best schools in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai?

The best schools here in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai are:

  1. Dar Al Marefa Private School
  2. GEMS Royal School 
  3. Al Mawakeb School

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai?

Some of the popular clinics and hospitals and clinics in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai include:

  1. American Hospital Al Khawaneej Clinic
  2. Prime Medical Centre

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai?

The top 4 famous places of worship in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai, are: 

  1. Abdullah bin Rawahah Masjid
  2. Yousef Abdullah Al Jaziri Smart Masjid
  3. Masjid Alharamain

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Khawaneej 1, Dubai?

While you live in Al Khawaneej 1, you will have an experience that includes adventure and tranquility. The benefits of living here are that the apartments are huge and the surroundings are calm. However, you may find traveling inconvenient due to the lack of public transport services.

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