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Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai

About Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai

Al Quoz Industrial Area is characterised by its functional and robust industrial structures. The landscape is dotted with warehouses, factories, and workshops that contribute to the area's industrial significance. The architecture leans towards practicality, emphasising efficiency and functionality to meet the diverse needs of businesses operating within the vicinity. The industrial landscape of Al Quoz is home to a diverse range of companies, from manufacturing and logistics to wholesale and distribution. 

This diversity creates a dynamic and bustling atmosphere, fostering collaboration and synergy among industries. The availability of different types of industrial spaces caters to the varied needs and scales of businesses, making the Al Quoz Industrial Area a versatile destination for enterprises. Moreover, warehouses, factories, and commercial spaces are available in different sizes and configurations. 

The industrial properties boast modern amenities, high ceilings, and ample floor space, catering to the requirements of diverse industries. From small-scale enterprises to large manufacturing units, Al Quoz provides a dynamic and adaptable environment. This guide invites you to explore the various aspects of this vibrant industrial hub, from its utilitarian architecture to its practical amenities.

Key Highlights of Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • Exceptional industrial diversity provides a wide range of retail and commercial opportunities.
  • Excellent connectivity and infrastructure enhance accessibility and logistical efficiency.
  • The location is strategically positioned, offering prime advantages for business and accessibility.
  • The presence of functional working spaces fosters productivity and efficiency in business operations.
What Needs Attention!
  • The area faces challenges with traffic congestion, potentially impacting transportation efficiency.
  • High levels of noise may pose disruptions to the working environment and overall quality of life.
  • Insufficient green spaces may affect the overall environmental quality and well-being of residents and workers.

Real Estate Overview in Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai

Al Quoz Industrial Area offers a spectrum of properties tailored to the needs of various industries. The diversity in property types caters to businesses of all scales, from small enterprises to large corporations. In addition, businesses occupy most of the Al Quoz Industrial Area neighbourhood. Small and large retail areas, as well as storage spaces of different sizes, are all available for rent. 

Several commercial establishments, including offices, shops, warehouses, industrial property, and residential properties, are available for rent and sale in the Al Quoz Industrial Area. Moreover, warehouses in the Al Quoz Industrial Area are designed to meet the storage and operational needs of businesses.

These structures usually feature high ceilings, large floor spaces, and loading docks, providing an optimal environment for logistics and manufacturing operations. Besides, warehouses in the Al Quoz Industrial Area are between 350 and 2800 square feet in size and offer ample amenities.

Public Transportation

While public transport options within the Al Quoz Industrial Area are limited, the area is well-connected to the broader transportation network of Dubai. Businesses can rely on private transportation, freight services, and logistics companies for their transportation needs. The nearest metro station and bus lines provide convenient access to public transportation options. Public transport connecting Al Quoz to other parts of Dubai include:

Bus Line Number Destination
F29 Al Quoz Bus Station to Mall of the Emirates Metro Station
F26 Al Quoz Bus Station to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

Al Quoz Industrial Area boasts various educational institutions that cater to families with young children. These institutions focus on providing quality education and a nurturing environment. Prominent schools in and around the Al Quoz Industrial Area include: 

  • Smart Vision School
  • GEMS International School
  • Horizon International School


A supermarket must be close by if one is to live comfortably and avoid having to travel far for necessities. Fortunately, the Al Quoz Industrial Area is close to a number of supermarkets.

Famous supermarkets include: 

  • Quick Supermarket
  • Aljazeera Supermarket
  • Al Emarah Supermarket
  • Dar Al Nahda Super Market
  • Carrefour Market

Healthcare Facilities

While the Al Quoz Industrial Area primarily caters to industrial and commercial needs, nearby areas host healthcare facilities to address the medical needs of residents.

Prominent healthcare facilities include:

  • Saudi German Hospital Dubai
  • Al Quoz Medical Centre
  • Mediclinic Parkview Hospital

Places of Worship

Al Quoz Industrial Area is home to various places of worship, offering spiritual spaces for its multicultural community. Mosques in the Al Quoz Industrial Area serve as significant centres for daily prayers and Friday congregational prayers, as well as hosting religious courses and events.

Mosques Nearby: 

Al Quoz Industrial Area has many beautiful mosques, offering the Muslim community convenient locations for religious practices and gatherings. Some of them include –

  • AKK Mosque
  • Al Khail Gate Mosque
  • Al Madeena Mosque

Churchеs Nеarby:

Churches in the Al Quoz Industrial Area are limited and provide places for weekly services, special events, and religious education programs. You can reach the nearest church in 15 minutes via car. 

  • St. Mary’s Catholic Church 

Gurudwara Nеarby: 

The Sikh community in the Al Quoz Industrial Area gathers at a vibrant and inclusive place of worship. Open to everyone, Gurudwara Sahib not only serves as a spiritual centre but also organises cultural events and community service initiatives. You can reach the nearest gurdwara in 25 minutes via car. 

  • Gurunanak Darbar Gurudwara

Hindu Tеmplеs Nеarby:

Hindu Temples are not within the Al Quoz Industrial Area but can be found in various locations across Dubai, ensuring accessibility for the Hindu community.

Best Hotels in the Al Quoz Industrial Area

As an industrial hub, the Al Quoz Industrial Area is not known for hosting hotels within its boundaries. However, neighbouring areas offer a selection of hotels for business travellers and visitors. Some prominent hotels near the Al Quoz Industrial Area include:

  • Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf
  • Rove Dubai Marina
  • Crowne Plaza Dubai Marina

Premier Inn Dubai Al Jaddaf is a comfortable hotel catering to business travellers and visitors and is located near the Al Quoz Industrial Area in Dubai.

Rove Dubai Marina is a contemporary hotel situated in the vibrant Dubai Marina area, offering a convenient stay for both business and leisure travellers near the Al Quoz Industrial Area.

Crowne Plaza Dubai Marina, a stylish and upscale hotel in proximity to the Al Quoz Industrial Area, provides luxurious accommodations and amenities for business and leisure guests.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Al Quoz Industrial Area primarily caters to industrial and commercial activities, and shopping centres within the area are limited. However, residents and business personnel can explore nearby malls for retail, dining, and entertainment options. Some shopping centres near the Al Quoz Industrial Area include:

  • Mall of the Emirates
  • City Centre Me’aisem
  • Ibn Battuta Mall

Restaurants/ Dining

While the Al Quoz Industrial Area may not have a plethora of dining options within its boundaries, neighbouring areas offer diverse culinary experiences. Business personnel and residents can explore restaurants in nearby districts, including:

  • Al Quoz Cafeteria
  • Al Khaima Restaurant
  • The Smash Room Dubai

Beaches Nearby

The Al Quoz Industrial Area’s proximity to the coast is yet another benefit. To unwind or take a stroll close to the oceanside beach, locals don’t need to travel far. The beautiful ambience of the beach helps you forget your troubles and lift your spirits. 

Here are a few nearby beaches:

  • Kite Beach: A vibrant and popular beach known for its lively atmosphere and water sports, offering stunning views of the Dubai skyline.
  • Sunset Beach: A tranquil seaside spot perfect for witnessing breathtaking sunsets against the backdrop of the iconic Burj Al Arab.
  • Al Sufouh Beach: A serene and less crowded beach, providing a peaceful retreat along the coastline of the Al Sufouh area in Dubai.

Leisure Activities Nearby

Al Quoz Industrial Area provides limited leisure options within its boundaries. However, residents and workers can explore nearby attractions and activities in surrounding areas, including:

  • Green Planet: A lush indoor tropical rainforest experience offering a unique blend of nature and education in the heart of Dubai.
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure: The world’s largest indoor theme park, featuring thrilling rides and attractions based on popular Marvel and Cartoon Network characters.
  • Dubai Miracle Garden: A stunning floral oasis showcasing an impressive collection of vibrant flowers and unique garden displays in the heart of the desert city.

Distance and commute

Al Quoz Industrial Area offers convenient access to essential physical and social infrastructures, with relatively short commute times to major regional areas:

  • Al Quoz to Dubai Marina is approximately 20 minutes (15 km)
  • Al Quoz to Dubai International Airport is approximately 30 minutes (25 km)
  • Al Quoz to Jebel Ali Free Zone is approximately 25 minutes (20 km)
  • Al Quoz Industrial Area to Jumeirah Beach is approximately 25 minutes (20 km)
Al Quoz Industrial Area, Dubai

Rating and Reviews

Ahmed Hassan
Industrial Hub

Al Quoz is a bustling industrial hub with a strategic location. The warehouses are well-maintained, and the logistics are seamless. Traffic can be a challenge during peak hours, but overall, it’s a thriving business environment.

Sara Abdullah
Practical Industrial Spaces

Al Quoz provides functional and adaptable industrial spaces. The area is well-connected, making it easy to conduct business operations. However, navigating through traffic requires planning during rush hours.

Fatima Al Mulla
Varied Industrial Options

Al Quoz offers a diverse range of industrial spaces, accommodating businesses of all sizes. The facilities are well-maintained, and the central location is a definite advantage for our logistics.

Khalid Al Qasimi
Efficient Logistics

As a logistics company, Al Quoz has proven to be an efficient location for our operations. The infrastructure supports smooth transportation, and the availability of commercial spaces meets our requirements.

Aisha Malik
Business-Friendly Environment

Al Quoz provides a business-friendly environment with a variety of commercial spaces. The area’s accessibility and amenities contribute to a positive experience for both business owners and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Quoz Industrial Area suitable for startups?

Yes, Al Quoz offers a range of industrial spaces suitable for startups, providing flexibility and adaptability.

Are there any green spaces in Al Quoz?

While the focus is primarily on industrial facilities, some zones may have limited green spaces for recreational purposes.

Can businesses in Al Quoz access banking services easily?

Yes, Al Quoz provides access to banks and financial services to support the business community.

What are the transportation options within Al Quoz?

Taxis, ride-hailing services, and private vehicles are commonly used for intra-district transportation within Al Quoz.

Is the Al Quoz Industrial Area undergoing any major development projects?

While Al Quoz is predominantly established, developers may introduce modernisation projects to enhance infrastructure and facilities.

What are the nearest attractions to the Al Quoz Industrial Area?

Key attractions near Al Quoz include The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and City Walk.

Is Al Quoz suitable for heavy industrial activities?

Yes, certain zones in Al Quoz are designated for heavy industrial activities, providing appropriate facilities for such operations.

Are there coworking spaces in Al Quoz for smaller businesses?

While Al Quoz is primarily an industrial area, some zones may offer coworking spaces or shared facilities for smaller businesses.

Can businesses in Al Quoz access educational institutions for employee training?

Yes, Al Quoz is in proximity to various educational institutions that businesses can leverage for employee training and development.

What are the healthcare facilities available in Al Quoz?

Al Quoz provides access to healthcare facilities, including clinics and pharmacies, to address the medical needs of businesses and their employees.

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