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Al Raffa, Dubai

About Al Raffa, Bur Dubai

Al Raffa, Bur Dubai, has a lot of history, being one of the oldest areas of Dubai. Bur Dubai, of which Al Raffa is a part, literally means "Mainland Dubai ."The houses the Dubai Museum and the official residence of the ruler of Dubai. The Al Fahidi Fort, Dubai's oldest structure, is within walking distance from Al Raffa. Imagine living in a place steeped in history!

Al Raffa Bur Dubai offers a window into the initial years of the evolution of modern Dubai. Though it is also modernising fast, it still retains the charm of the earlier Dubai life.

Al Raffa, Bur Dubai

What’s Great Here!
  • Al Raffa is an established community with all amenities like offices, retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, and schools.
  • Popular tourist attractions like the Dubai Museum, The Ruler's Court, the Al Fahidi Historical District/Neighbourhood, and the Al Shindagha Historical District adjoin Al Raffa.
  • It has excellent connectivity to all areas of Dubai by bus and metro; hence, it's a great place for residents who use public transport frequently.
  • The nearby areas like the Bur Dubai waterside lined with dhows, the textile souks such as Meena Bazaar and the multitude of shopping streets lend a unique charm to the area.
  • With the area also being among the most affordable for rent in the Emirates, Al Raffa is very popular among prospective residents.
What Needs Attention!
  • Al Raffa has a mix of residential and commercial properties and may not be as peaceful as other residential locations.
  • Al Raffa is a relatively congested residential location. Being one of the earliest developed areas of Dubai, it has a somewhat dated look.
  • With Al Raffa having a mix of old and new apartments, parking is an issue, as many older apartments do not have dedicated parking. However, residents can use paid parking spaces. Street parking with monthly or annual payments is also available.

Real Estate Overview in Al Raffa, Bur Dubai

Al Raffa has predominantly low and mid-rise apartments. With all family amenities available nearby and affordable rentals, the community is much sought after by residents. Apartment types available include budget-friendly studios, 1&2-bedroom units, and more spacious 3-bed apartments.

With many old residential buildings in Al Raffa, furnished apartments are rare. However, apartments are well maintained with good amenities and security. Commercial properties like shops and offices are also available for sale.

Public Transportation

Al Raffa is well connected by road, and RTA buses have a regular service connecting to all major points in the city. The nearest bus stops are Department of Ports & Customs 1 & 2. Other bus stops are Al Mina Road stops 1 & 2 and Sheikh Rashid Road intersection bus stops 1 & 2.

The Sharaf DG Metro station on the Green Line Metro is nearby, making commuting hassle-free. Taxi services are also readily available and provide a convenient alternative. This well-developed public transport network makes Al Raffa attractive to prospective residents who want to rely on something other than private vehicles for daily commuting.

Bus Line Number Destination
33 Raffa 2 to Airport Terminal 1, Burjuman Metro station
21 Raffa to Burjuman Mall
C3, 33 Raffa 2 to Sharaf DG Metro station


Nurseries/ Education

Residents of Al Raffa have convenient access to the educational needs of their families across ages. For the early education needs of toddlers, there are nurseries providing comprehensive early education in both English and Arabic.

  • Little Diamond Nursery

There are also schools for children aged 4-18. in the community, catering to different curricula like the Indian and American curricula. There are also schools nearby catering to the British curriculums in Bur Dubai.

  • New Academy School 
  • The Ambassador School at Al Mankhool
  • The Poundsville Model School Dubai 

For higher education, there is Al Wasl University located at Zabeel Road, Karama, an 11-minute drive away. Al Raffa is also well connected to the academic hubs in Dubai, such as Knowledge Park and Dubai International Academic City, near Dubai Silicon Oasis.


There are multiple supermarkets in Al Raffa to take care of the residents’ daily essentials and grocery needs.

  • Viva Supermarket
  • Baqer Mohebi Supermarket
  • Citi Mart Supermarket
  • Ecity Supermarket LLC
  • Supermarket Al Raffa LLC
  • Maxims Supermarket LLC

Healthcare facilities

There is no shortage of healthcare facilities in Al Raffa, and residents generally need not venture out. Some of the clinics in the community are:

  • Vida Clinic 
  • Kaul Clinic 
  • Oxford Medical Centre 

There are also reputed hospitals near the community.

  • Aster Hospital 
  • International Modern Hospital

Places of Worship

Al Raffa Bur Dubai is a community comprising residents from different nationalities and religious beliefs. The community has long-established places of worship catering to diverse spiritual needs. There are many mosques for Muslims who want to offer prayers. There are also many Hindu temples and Christian churches nearby, providing an opportunity for all residents to practice their religion.

Mosques Nearby:

Several mosques in Al Raffa are within walking distance, and residents can offer prayers there. These include:

  • Ibrahim Khaleel Masjid
  • Sultan Hassan Belshalat Masjid

Churches Nearby:

Residents who need to attend the church will find many nearby Al Raffa. Some of them are:

  • Mary’s Catholic Church
  • Thomas Orthodox Cathedral
  • Bible Baptist Church Dubai
  • Coptic Church
  • Martin’s Chapel
  • The Dubai City Church

Gurudwara Nearby:

Gurudwaras are not available in the Bur Dubai area. However, Sikh residents can visit the Guru Nanak Darbar at Jebel Ali Village in Dubai.

Hindu Temples Nearby:

Most temples in Dubai are located in the Bur Dubai area at a short driving distance for residents of Al Raffa. These include:

  • Shiva Temple
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir
  • Shri Krishna Haveli
  • ShrinathJi Temple
  • Sindhi Gurdarbar

There is also a Jain temple, Shri Vimalnath Bhagavan Derasar, at an 11-minute drive.

Best Hotels in Al Raffa, Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai is a district with history and is a major tourist attraction. Nestled on the west side of Dubai Creek, its dhow-lined waterside has been a significant attraction for tourists who take the night cruise to see the night lights of Dubai sail past as they have dinner. Its budget-friendly hotels make Al Raffa, Bur Dubai, popular with tourists.

  • The Canvas Hotel Dubai
  • Aloft Al Mina
  • Omega Hotel
  • Sea View Hotel

The Canvas Hotel- McGallery Hotel is a 5-star hotel located at  Port Rashid. It features 164 luxurious rooms and suites with contemporary styling. It has a famous Indian restaurant by Sanjeev Kapoor, besides other restaurants, and a rooftop bar lounge restaurant with a great view.

Aloft Al Mina is a 4-star boutique hotel located at Sheikh Rashid Road, 37th Street. It has amenities for the entire family like a fitness centre, swimming pool, and children's activities besides free parking and internet,

Omega Hotel is a 4-star hotel located at 17-19D Street Al Raffa and offers splendid suites that offer a great view of the city. It offers all amenities besides a 24-hour service.

Sea View Hotel is a 4-star hotel located at Al Mina Road opposite Dubai Customs. The hotel offers a varied choice of rooms with great leisure amenities like a pool, gym, and sauna. It has restaurants that cater to Indian and Chinese cuisine. There is a shisha restaurant and a coffee shop. The hotel also hosts two nightclubs on the premises.


Shopping Centre/ Malls

Al Raffa and the Bur Dubai region in which it is located have been among the earliest developed shopping areas. There are many shopping centres and malls in Al Raffa bur Dubai.

  • Al Khaleej Centre in Al Raffa
  • The New Gold Souk Building Centre opposite Fort Rashid
  • Al Rais Shopping Centre in Al Raffa
  • Al Musallah Mall on Al Mankhool Road
  • Burjuman Mall on Khalid Bin Waleed Road

Restaurant/ Dining

Residents of Al Raffa, Bur Dubai, can enjoy a variety of cuisine from the numerous restaurants and fast-food outlets in the community and at the Burjuman Mall Food Court. Some of the local restaurants include:

  • Aaramam Restaurant
  • Caspian Kabab Restaurant
  • Desi Deira Restaurant
  • Indian Coffee House
  • Al Madhani Restaurant
  • Searock Restaurant
  • Prabhu’s Pure Veg Restaurant
  • Gazebo Restaurant
  • Nando’s
  • FiLLi Café
  • Tangerine
  • Dome Café
  • Baskin Robbins


The community is ideally located for beach lovers, as there are plenty of beaches a few minutes drive away.

  • Palm Beach Hotel: This hotel is located in nearby Bur Dubai and is a convenient 4-minute drive away.
  • North Beach: The North Beach is located on Pearl Jumeirah, a 13-minute drive away. It is a sandy beach away from the bustle of Dubai and offers sports like surfing and paddle boarding.
  • Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa: This is a luxurious resort with its own private beach and offers a magnificent view of the Dubai skyline. 
  • La Mer Beach: This beach located near Pearl Jumeirah is a 13 mins drive away.
  • Jumeirah Public Beach: This is a beautiful public beach and is 17 minutes away via car.

Leisure Activities

Al Raffa Bur Dubai offers residents many places where families can spend quality time together outdoors. Several parks in the nearby communities serve as an excellent getaway for families. The gardens are expansive with tree-lined pathways and are a popular playground for children as their parents relax on the lawns. There are also many landmarks popular with both tourists and residents. Some of the places include:

  • Dubai Museum: The Dubai Museum is located south of the Dubai Creek and showcases the past and present of the UAE. The museum houses antique pottery, weapons, and tombs and also depicts early UAE life using depictions of traditional homes and markets.
  • Zabeel Palace: This is the official residence of the Royal Family of Dubai. It is a historical landmark surrounded by beautiful parks with occasional peacocks. However, entry beyond a point is restricted due to security reasons.
  • Dubai Creek: The Dubai Creek is a picturesque location, and especially at night, it is a sight to behold as the popular cruises depart with tourists.

Al Raffa - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs
Schools Near by Al Raffa Dubai

Distance and commute

The Meadows offers convenient access to essential facilities, besides commercial and social hotspots, with easy commute times. 

  • Al Raffa to Sharaf DG Metro Station is approximately 6 minutes (1.6 km)
  • Al Raffa to Burjuman Mall is about 8 minutes (3 km)
  • Al Raffa to the Dubai International Airport is about 18 minutes (15.3 km)
  • Al Raffa to the Burj Khalifa is about 14 minutes (9.6 km)
  • Al Raffa to Mall of the Emirates is about 20 minutes (21 km)
Al Raffa, Dubai

Rating and Reviews

Aarav Kapoor

Al Raffa in Dubai is a vibrant and culturally rich neighbourhood. The blend of modernity and tradition is truly captivating. The local markets are a treat for shopaholics, offering many Indian goods. The food scene is diverse, with excellent Indian restaurants. However, the traffic can be a bit overwhelming. Overall, a wonderful experience.

James Thompson

Al Raffa provides a unique glimpse into Dubai’s multicultural tapestry. As an Englishman, I appreciated the variety of international cuisines and the fusion of modern and traditional architecture. The cultural diversity was enriching, and the accessibility to English-speaking services was convenient. The only downside was the occasional crowded streets. A fascinating destination for those seeking a global experience.

Ahmed Malik

Al Raffa is a melting pot of cultures, and I feel a strong sense of familiarity. The Indian/ Pakistani restaurants serve delicious comfort food, and the people are warm and friendly. The only drawback is the occasional traffic congestion, but the overall experience remains enjoyable.

Priya Sharma

Al Raffa, Dubai, with its vibrant colours, aromatic spices, and welcoming atmosphere, makes it feel like a home away from home. The local vendors offer authentic Indian products, and the variety of Indian restaurants is a culinary delight. The community spirit is heartwarming, and I am enjoying my stay.

Maria Santos

Al Raffa is an interesting blend of cultures, but the options for familiar foods are somewhat limited. The local markets have a mix of products, but Filipino goods are scarce. The community is friendly and lively, but I wish for more representation of Filipino culture. A decent experience overall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Raffa freehold?

Most buildings in Al Raffa are not freehold and hence have lease or rental options for residents. However, there may be a few freehold residential or commercial properties that may come up for sale.

What is the public transport available to get to Al Raffa?

The Meadows is accessible by bus and taxi. The Sharaf DG metro station is also nearby, making commuting to Al Raffa by metro convenient.

What are the best hotels near Al Raffa?

Some renowned hotels near Al Raffa include The Canvas Hotel Dubai, Aloft Al Mina, Savoy Central Hotel Apartments, Omega Hotel, and the Sea View Hotel.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets near Al Raffa?

Some famous malls near Al Raffa are Al Khaleej Centre, Al Rais Shopping Centre, Al Musallah Mall, and the Burjuman Mall. The prominent supermarkets include Viva Supermarket, Baqer Mohebi Supermarket, Citi Mart Supermarket, Ecity Supermarket LLC, Supermarket Al Raffa LLC, and Maxims Supermarket LLC.

Which are the prominent schools in Al Raffa?

The prominent schools in Al Raffa are the New Academy School, The Ambassador School, and The Poundsville Model School Dubai.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics near Al Raffa, Dubai?

Al Raffa offers its residents some of the best medical facilities. The prominent hospital chains present near Al Raffa include Aster Hospital and International Modern Hospital. Other clinics include Vida Clinic, Kaul Clinic, and Oxford Medical Centre.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Raffa, Dubai?

While Al Raffa has mosques for the Muslim community, other places of worship like churches, gurudwaras, and Hindu temples can be accessed in nearby areas of Dubai.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Raffa, Dubai?

Pros of living in the Meadows include having easy access to a well-connected transportation network, proximity to commercial and tourist hotspots, and a warm, diverse community. However, traffic congestion may be an issue sometimes.

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