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Al Suyoh, Sharjah

Sale : AED 1.37 Million - 5.8 Million
6 Properties For Sale in Al Suyoh

About Al Suyoh, Sharjah

Al Suyoh, also called Al Seyouh, is a suburban area of Sharjah housing several new businesses and residential projects. The neighbourhood's proximity to the Sharjah-Dubai border offers ease to its residents for smooth travel across the emirate. The neighbourhood has 12 sub-communities and a consistent grid layout. The districts have numbers 1 through 12 assigned to them. The core precinct Al Suyoh 1 has become the most well-liked among potential investors. The community is currently in the development stage and features mainly villas and a few apartments for sale. Al Suyoh is one of the more notable constructions in the emirate of Sharjah due to its cutting-edge construction and advantageous location. 

It also has many catered villas, townhouses, and several types of apartments for those seeking to stay put for the holidays. The masterfully designed neighbourhood contains a local mall, parks, and a play area for children. Al Suyoh also has restaurants and running tracks. 

The infrastructural layout ranges from two- to five-bedroom villas for those looking for individual homes. The residential homes offer the perfect balance of luxury and comfort and come equipped with top-notch amenities. While in the emirate's suburbs, there are several entertainment alternatives within driving distance for the locals. The preferred choices are Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club, National Park, and Sharjah Desert Park. 

Residents of the region have easy access to Sharjah's various districts, such as Al Gharayen, Al Noof, and University City, a district for educational institutions. Those working in Dubai looking for luxurious yet reasonably priced residential options can consider Al Suyoh.

Key Highlights of Al Suyoh, Sharjah

What’s Great Here!
  • Close to the Dubai-Sharjah border
  • Close to numerous community parks, schools, and hospitals
  • Offers several off-plan residential properties
  • Ample parking facilities
  • Features luxurious and spacious villas and apartments
What Needs Attention!
  • No direct public transport options
  • Several phases are under construction
  • Secluded at night
  • High noise levels due to several active projects occasionally

Real Estate Overview in Al Suyoh, Sharjah

Most homes in Suyoh are villas, available in several layouts with two to five bedrooms. The villas have a range of carpet areas, with the smallest measuring 1,550 square feet and the largest reaching 10,000 square feet. The elegant villas have first-rate furnishings, a master bedroom, a spacious living area, a sizable kitchen, a private garden, and swimming pool, and space for one to two cars to park. Also, several apartment complexes in the neighbourhood offer studio and one-bedroom units.

The residential homes are the perfect mix of luxury and comfort and showcase premium furnishings and fittings. The villas and the apartment complexes in the community provide residents with a luxurious way of life with their roomy interiors, maid's quarters, and ample parking spots. Additionally, many homes include amenities, including communal Barbeque areas, internet access, laundry rooms, and maintenance services. Moreover, some real estate businesses at Al Suyoh often offer customisations to buyers and potential investors. The neighbourhood is situated next to Al Khawaneej, Sharjah Cooperative Society, Al Gharayen, and Al Noaf, featuring more rental options for interested residents.

Rental Trends in Al Suyoh, Sharjah

Professionals, couples, and families can benefit from purchasing townhouses and villas at reasonable prices in Al Suyoh. Al Suyoh 1 and 7 offer several alternatives for buyers. However, there are limited to no options for properties for rent in Al Suyoh. Townhouses for rent in Al Suyoh with two- to four-bedroom floor plans and villas with two- to five-bedroom floor plans are available for interested tenants after a discussion with the owners. A two-bedroom villa for sale in Al Suyoh is an excellent option for anyone seeking a modest residence with parking and outdoor space. The apartments range from 1,400 to 1,500 square feet, perfect for a small family with children.

The other properties at Al Suyoh feature three-bedroom villas in Al Suyoh with floor plans ranging from 1,700 to 2,600 square feet. The homes are ideal for larger families. The four-bed villa in Al Suyoh with a covered space of more than 3,000 square feet suits people with a higher budget. These villas feature a master bedroom, a living and dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, a maid room, a private garden with a swimming pool, and a parking space. 

Rental prices of villas and apartments at Al Suyoh vary based on the carpet areas, customisation, and yearly ROI.

Sale Trends in Al Suyoh, Sharjah

Al Suyoh villas are slightly more expensive than those in other parts of Sharjah, but they are worth the money. A two-bedroom home in Al Suyoh typically suits couples and singles. The price rises for a villa with three bedrooms. A four-bedroom home is suitable for people with more budget and a family. A five-bedroom home can cost significantly more as the properties feature world-class infrastructure and amenities. These villas include large bedrooms, maid rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, guest rooms, a balcony, and limited parking. A two-bedroom villa for sale in Al Suyoh is an excellent option for anyone wanting a simple residence with private parking and garden space.

The apartments range from 1,400 to 1,500 square feet, with a reasonable starting price. Since the properties for sale in Al Suyoh are still under construction, potential buyers can add customisations according to their convenience.

Public Transport

The inexpensive and most recommended way to travel from Al Suyoh to other areas in the UAE is via bus. Most of the community's infrastructure, including the roads and public transit, is under construction. There is no public transit available in the region right now. Residents depend on their vehicles to get around the town easily. They can also hire cab services, but they usually are not accessible. Therefore, the nearest bus stop is Al Aweer.

The major bus lines traversing to Al Suyoh via Al Aweer in Sharjah are as follows:

Bus Line Number Destination
E16 Sabka Bus Station to Hatta Bus Station
11A Gold Souq Bus Station to Al Aweer Bus Station


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

Al Suyoh is home to numerous schools with various curricula. Australian International School, Sharjah Indian School, and New World American Private School are the top educational institutions in Al Suyoh. New World American Private School, one of Sharjah’s top private American schools, is near the neighbourhood. They adopt a Common Core State Standards framework and place equal emphasis on extracurricular and academic learning. Al Suyoh is about a 20-minute drive from Sharjah Indian School for Boys in the Juwaiza neighbourhood. Other options for the best educational facilities in the nearby areas include:

  • Our Own English High School, Sharjah 
  • Al Wahda Private School 
  • Al Ansar International School
  • Delma Nursery 
  • Muweileh Children Skills Development 
  • Barashi Nursery

Many prestigious universities near the neighbourhood are: 

  • American University of Sharjah
  • College of Medicine
  • University Dental Hospital Sharjah
  • Skyline University College


There is a well-known store called Sharjah Cooperative Society at Al Suyoh where locals may buy several goods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Adnoc Oasis, Safa Al Khaleej, and Taier Al Madina are other supermarkets close to Al Suyoh. The community is only a short drive from all the stores. The other nearest choices for quick shopping sprees are,

  • Carrefour Market
  • Nibras Al Madinah Supermarket
  • Al Ateen Supermarket
  • Lafi Supermarket 
  • Hibat Al Madina Supermarket

Healthcare Facilities

Al Suyoh has a few clinics and hospitals. Al Sabah Medical Center, Access Clinic, and Icare Multi-Specialty Clinics are some of the leading clinics in Al Suyoh. Royal Hospital near Sharjah International Airport is another upscale hospital that residents can use in case of emergencies. With VIP maternity suites, private rooms, and a medical spa, it is one of the top private hospitals in the area. Some of the  health care and hospitals in Al Suyoh are: 

  • University Hospital Sharjah
  • Zulekha Hospital Dubai

Places of Worship

Most mosques are close and can be reached by foot in Al Suyoh. Al Najaashi Mosque and Um Omara Mosque are both within walking distance of one another. Al Zuhd, Al Tebyan, and Ibn Al Jazary mosques are some nearby mosques. The Sharjah Mosque is also a well-known destination for practising faith in the area. Other places of worship near the neighbourhood include:

  • St. Martin’s Anglican Church
  • Michael’s Catholic Church 
  • Church of Virgin Mary & Egyptian Coptic Orthodox

Best Hotels Near Al Suyoh, Sharjah

The emirate of Sharjah, sharing its borders with all other emirates of the United Arab Emirates, is the third most populous emirate in the UAE. Due to its remarkably diverse terrain, the emirate is also home to iconic buildings, numerous museums, and award-winning art galleries attracting several tourists and travellers all year. Al Suyoh also houses several hotels for tourists to discover Sharjah's distinctive welcome, unmissable heritage, beauty, and adventures.

  • Golden Tulip Sharjah
  • Marbella Resort
  • Crystal Plaza Hotel
  • Aldar Hotel
  • Four Points By Sheraton Sharjah
  • Al Maha Regency Hotel Suites


Shopping Centres/ Malls

One of the commercial centres close to Al Suyoh is Matajer Al Juraina, which can be reached in 16 minutes from Al Suyoh. The shopping centre houses a hypermarket, many restaurants, and several fashion brands. Other options for shopping malls include:

  • Alyoush Mall 
  • Noor Al Azhar General Trading
  • Safe Zone Mall
  • Al Mizhar Mall
  • Zero 6 Mall

Restaurants/ Dining

Dubai offer a few restaurants for locals. Al Qadri Restaurant and Senor Gonzales are well-liked eateries in Al Suyoh. Al Suyoh 7’s neighbourhood eateries include:

  • Cheesy Truck
  • Burgerito Foodtruck
  • Falafel Slider
  • Laffat Al Fareej
  • Health Road
  • Zwara Restaurant
  • Dayfresh Restaurant
  • Dinner House Restaurant 
  • Cone n’ Grill Restaurant

Beaches Nearby

One can go down Maliha Road (S116) towards the west for around 35 minutes before arriving at a beach. The nearby beaches offer breathtaking panoramic views of the sea, where enjoyable watersports like stream skiing are available for the locals and visitors. 

Other options include:

  • Al Mamzar Beach
  • Al Khan Beach

Leisure Activities Nearby

The Sharjah Desert Park is an exciting choice if you travel down Al Dhaid Road (E88) from Emirates Road (E611). The educational destination is a favourite family excursion destination offering the perfect fusion of history, culture, and natural life. Some options for leisure activities near Al Suyoh include:

  • Sharjah Equestrian & Racing Club
  • Sharjah National Park
  • The Children’s Farm
  • Arabia’s Wildlife Centre
  • Islamic Botanical Garden
  • Natural History Museum

Al Suyoh - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and Commute Time

  • The Sharjah National Park is 18.6 kilometres and takes 15 minutes to reach there. 
  • Sharjah International Airport is 18 kilometres, taking 14 minutes to reach the airport. 
  • Sharjah Desert Park is 22 kilometres and it takes 18 minutes to reach the centre. 
  • University City is 18.1 kilometres and takes 20 minutes to reach. 
  • Corniche Street is 31.6 kilometres and takes 30 minutes to reach. 
  • The Dubai International Airport is 42.2 kilometres and takes 33 minutes to reach.
Al Suyoh, Sharjah

Ratings and Reviews

Karishma Thakkar
Difficult to commute from the area to the central city.

We were fortunate to buy a house at Al Suyoh. Our villa features luxurious amenities and a separate garage. However, due to the community’s location on the outskirts of the emirate, one can find the travel to the city’s core time-consuming. As a daily commuter, I change multiple buses daily to reach my office in Sharjah City Centre. Yet, we enjoy several amenities close by for the locals.

Mirza Ashraf
Best residential area for the family.

Although a quiet neighbourhood, Al Suyoh’s popularity and the amenities it provides residents are constantly expanding. We have been living here for a year and think it is a great place since all amenities like hospitals, supermarkets, renowned restaurants, and foreign schools are nearby. Additionally, my kids love playing in the large playground within the suburb.

The surroundings often become dusty.

When we relocated to Sharjah, al Suyoh appealed to us due to its affordable villas and other housing options. Undoubtedly, the area lives up to the mark with its contemporary layout and Arabic details reflecting the heritage of Sharjah. However, due to the ongoing construction, the noise levels are too much to bear throughout the day. Also, our house requires frequent cleaning since the area is so dusty.

Zubair Malik
Top-notch infrastructure with amazing parking spaces.

Living in Al Suyoh has been soulful as the area thrives with daily development. We often visit the nearby mosques and newly constructed malls. My family loves spending time in the community playground. But the most striking feature of our house is the spacious parking area. Each villa in the neighbourhood has many designated parking places, so parking is hassle-free. Parking is conveniently available outside the homes for guests.

Iqbal Rashid
Peaceful and modern community life but no transportation.

My house in Al Suyoh is grand, luxurious, and close to several entertainment centres nearby. The Sharjah Equestrian and Racing Club, close to the neighbourhood, is a popular destination for equestrian sports enthusiasts. We often visit it to learn how to ride a horse here from trained instructors. However, the location is 15 minutes from Al Suyoh, and it can be a hassle if you do not own a private vehicle. The area does not cater to any public transport facilities yet.

Sharjah Garden City
4 Properties for Sale
in Hoshi
Buy: 313.75 Per Sq. Ft.
3 Properties for Rent
in Hoshi
Rent: 21.33 Per Sq. Ft.
Al Sajaa Industrial
Sharjah University City
Saif Zone (Sharjah International Airport Free Zone)
Al Yash
Al Talae
Mughaidir Suburb
Wasit Suburb

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Al Suyoh in Sharjah freehold?

Yes. The neighbourhood is one of Sharjah’s most popular residential areas, offering luxurious villas and apartments with breathtaking furnishing to potential tenants and buyers.

What are the top attractions in Al Suyoh in Sharjah?

Al Suyoh has several attractions for locals and tourists, such as The Sharjah Desert Park, The Children’s Farm, Arabia’s Wildlife Centre, Islamic Botanical Garden, and Natural History Museum.

How to get to Al Suyoh in Sharjah by bus and metro? And which is the nearest metro station?

Residents can commute to Al Suyoh via indirect bus line E16. There is no metro station near Al Suyoh in Sharjah.

Which communities are best to live in at Al Suyoh in Sharjah?

It offers affordable houses for rent and purchase at Sharjah Sustainable City Phase 1, Arada The Boulevard, Arada Vida Residences 2, and Tiger Al Rasheed 5 Tower.

Which are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Suyoh in Sharjah?

The top eateries at Al Suyoh include Cheesy Truck, Burgerito Foodtruck, Al Qadri Restaurant, Senor Gonzales, Falafel Slider, and Laffat Al Fareej. The area also houses several hotels, such as Golden Tulip Sharjah, Marbella Resort, Crystal Plaza Hotel, Aldar Hotel, Four Points By Sheraton Sharjah, and Al Maha Regency Hotel Suites.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Suyoh in Sharjah?

The community offers residents several shopping spree options, such as Matajer, Zero 6 Mall, Al Mizhar Mall, and Safe Zone. The neighbourhood also houses several supermarkets nearby, such as Adnoc Oasis, Safa Al Khaleej Supermarket, Carrefour Market, Nibras Al Madinah Supermarket, Al Ateen Supermarket, Lafi Supermarket, and Taier Al Madina Supermarket.

Which are the best schools in Al Suyoh in Sharjah?

The leading educational institutions at Al Suyoh include Australian International School, Sharjah Indian School, Muweileh Children Skills Development, Sharjah Indian School for Boys, Our Own English High School, and New World American Private School.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Suyoh in Sharjah?

Al Suyoh has several leading medical facilities nearby, such as Al Sabah Medical Center, Access Clinic, Icare Multi-Specialty Clinics, Zulekha Hospital Dubai, and University Hospital Sharjah.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Suyoh in Sharjah?

The neighbourhood has several famous places of worship nearby, such as Al Najaashi Mosque, Al Zuhd Mosque, Al Khair Mosque, Um Omara Mosque, Sharjah Mosque, St. Michael’s Church, St. Mary’s Jacobite Syrian Soonoro Patriarchal Cathedral, Church of God and Virgin Mary & St Philopateer Coptic Orthodox Parish, St. Martin’s Anglican Church, and more.

What are the pros and cons of living at Al Suyoh in Sharjah?

Al Suyoh in Sharjah will offer all the amenities required for the perfect lifestyle post its completion. The neighbourhood is a promising residential development in Sharjah, and the residences are built for an opulent lifestyle. However, public transportation is currently unavailable in the area. The residents must rely on personal vehicles to go around the city.

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