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Al Darari, Sharjah

About Al Darari, Sharjah

Al Darari, located in the bustling Mughaidir Suburb, is a shining example of how urban convenience and peaceful living can coexist in harmony. This growing residential area has quickly developed into a haven for families and people seeking a quiet yet well-connected community, only a 10-minute drive from Sharjah's bustling city centre. 

The accessibility of Al Darari's location is one of its main benefits. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, E311, is about 5 minutes away via University City Road S120, giving locals the benefit of speedy transit. This seamless link makes it easy to travel to adjacent locations or even into the city, making it a great option for both commuters and tourists.

Homes in Al Darari are more than just structures; they are entranceways to opulence and comfort. Large, sumptuous villas that offer more than simply a place to live can be found among the available properties. These residences offer direct access to the captivating Al Darari Park, establishing a seamless link between your living area and the surrounding natural splendour. The entire neighbourhood is decorated with planted gardens, bringing a touch of greenery into your daily life. And it's not only the park.

Key Highlights of Al Darari, Sharjah

What’s Great Here!
  • There are many shopping malls, supermarkets and stores available for easily affordable living styles
  • Easily accessible to connect to the main city in Sharjah regarding transportation.
  • Many restaurants, food and fun centres, and amusement parks are available for family quality times.
  • Many beaches, playing areas and fun activities are here for family amusement and healthy living purposes.
  • Major attractions for shopping include Samnan Mall and Rameez Mall, and eateries like Hatem Restaurant and Manarat Al Sharjah Restaurant.
What Needs Attention!
  • Sometimes there are some high-cost related issues that arise for some people, basically expatriates.
  • Sometimes, there are some issues regarding purchasing properties as freehold consideration purposes.

Real Estate Overview in Al Darari, Sharjah

For buyers and renters, this developed region offers a variety of apartment and villa options. In Al Darari, there are houses with studios, one bedrooms, two bedrooms, three bedrooms, and more, including villas with large six bedrooms. In addition, the building models are uncompromised and relatively distinct from one another, providing buyers with advantages in the competitive market. 

As said, several rental properties serve as retail stores, offices, apartments, and villas.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Darari

One of the emirate's fastest-growing residential and liveable places is this well-liked neighbourhood. Standing strong with a wide variety of ethnicities and housing areas, clear futuristic benefits may establish themselves here. 

Brands of brilliance in the real estate sector are currently investing and may boost infrastructure development. It is a very promising investment hub due to its close proximity to profitable properties like studio and medium houses, opulent villas, and some off-plan-type surroundings.

Rental Trends in Al Darari

Searching for a rental home in Al Darari offers a variety of choices, including 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom models. Additionally, tenants may search for opulent studio flats. Apartments with two and three bedrooms frequently come fully furnished. It's interesting to note that there are also some special issue rooms available for a free trial period of one month.

Sale Trends in Al Darari

Excellent properties are available for sale in Al Darari, with benefits ranging from unfurnished to furnished homes. The variety of bedroom units, including studio, one, two, and three-bedroom homes, even extends to six-bedroom units. Despite this, purchasers can still explore luxurious villas that are for sale.  

Public Transportation

Al Darari's citizens are never let down by the commuting chaos there. With taxi and public transport services, it is remarkably affordable. Along with this, the area has excellent access to metro rail services because of the nearby Max Fashion metro station. 

People occasionally use cabs around the various neighbourhoods and nearby popular places in individual or shared rides when making offline reservations. There are obscenely large private and public parking spaces available for car owners. The Frame of Sharjah, the city's commercial hub and many other well-known attractions is one of Al Darari's icons.


Schools/ Educational Institutes

Al Darari is an incredible zone in Sharjah that opens the door to convenient educational facilities. Consider A-graded schools such as Shahba Basic Education School and IBN Seena English School for a co-ed environment. If you are searching for a girl’s school- Ruqaya School would suit you the best with distance and quality education. In case, you are looking for a higher studies option, select the American University of Sharjah.  


Check out a local yet most-visited supermarket available just within a short walking distance Al Maleib Supermarket. This provides all the possible requisites that are required for day-to-day life. 

Healthcare Facilities

There are a good number of healthcare facilities that cater services within minutes of distance, such as NMC Medical Centre and Al Rifa Health Centre (in Al Rifaa Community).

Places of Worship

The area has temples, mosques and churches for worship purposes just in a distance of around 15 minutes. To name a few mosques, residents can walk into Al Ghazal Mosque and Martyr Ghalib Amer Halabi Mosque. For the church, AG Tamil Church and St. Martin Anglican’s Church are also close by.

Best Hotels in Al Darari

The listing of hotels in Al Darari is vast as it is brewing with such recreational activities namely Sharjah Tulip Inn Hotel Apartments on Street 14. This is impressive with hospitality services and gives your pocket a warm experience.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

The aura of this area is full of life that stays awake till late at night. There are a good number of supermarkets available and restaurants that extend the comfort round the clock. Recreational options such as Samnam Mall and Rameez Mall is crowded, especially on weekends starting from Friday night. There is another mega recreational option ready, which is City Centre Al Zahia, which is hoping to be an upgraded version of the current services.

Restaurants/ Dining

Nestled close to Al Darari, restaurants and dining destinations such as Hatem Restaurant and Manarat Al Sharjah Restaurant will always treat you with pleasant food experiences.

Beaches Nearby

Al Khan Beach is the most popular beach option available at a distance of 20 minutes only. It is an incredible place of joy that is family-friendly and can be enjoyed with multiple beach activities as well, like crafting a sand castle or a boomerang game. 

Leisure Activities Nearby

The Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization is a 15-minute drive away for those who enjoy historical and cultural relics and architecture. In contrast, it takes just 8 minutes to get to Sharjah Science Museum from the neighbourhood.

Al Darari - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and commute

Al Darari, Sharjah

Rating and Reviews

Layla Al-Mazrooe
Impressive with requisites

In Sharjah, this region offers a very upscale and healthy living environment, along with opulent villas and acceptable apartments that are reasonably priced. It is convenient because it is close to designated office hubs.

Zayd Farouk Khoury
Prime location in Sharjah

One of the most upscale areas to locate a village with amenities and facilities is Al Darari. There are reputable educational institutions that support an engaging stay. 

Amira Al-Abdul Rahman
The great navigation and facilities in Al Darari

This location is well-known for its unrivalled villas and apartments for sale in Sharjah’s Al Darari neighbourhood. They are chic and built with modern materials. Living freely is constantly taken into account, which enables us to find fantastic products at affordable prices. 

Omar Al-Farsi
Close to Recreational Options

Al Darari is a vibrant but orderly neighbourhood that is segregated in practically all institutions close by. The residential areas offer inhabitants improved living benefits because they are adjacent to eateries, shopping centres, and theme parks. The real estate market is currently the greatest to invest in. 

Noura Ibrahim Al-Haddad
Family-oriented projects

Al Darari has provided me with answers to all of my pressing issues, including how to enrol my child in a neighbouring school. With neighbouring supermarkets and office hubs, many such services have provided us a hassle-free living. Additionally, the neighbourhood is safe and tranquil to live in.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the popular supermarkets of Al Darari?

Al Darari has a few supermarkets where one can buy food and other essentials. Al Maleib Supermarket, a nearby supermarket, is just a short stroll from the community centre.

Name a few restaurants which are situated near Al Darari?

Al Darari has a few regional restaurants and cafes, such as Hatem Restaurant and Manarat Al Sharjah Restaurant. 

Name some shopping malls in this area?

Samnan Mall and Rameez Mall are two popular malls for shopping sprees close to Al Darari. In the adjoining neighbourhood of Al Shahba, Zawaya Walk can be accessed by those who only need to stop by for a few things.

Is Al Darari freehold?

Yes, Al Darari is a freehold property. 

What are the top attractions in Al Darari, Sharjah?

Samnan Mall, Rameez Mall, and restaurants like Hatem Restaurant and Manarat Al Sharjah Restaurant are some of the top destinations for shopping.

How to get to Al Darari by bus and metro? Which is the nearest metro station?

University City Road S120 is the roadway that connects the neighbourhood to other areas of Sharjah. There is no bus stand or metro available in just a short distance.

Which are the best communities to live in Al Darari?

In Al Darari, the Mughaidir Suburb is one of the best communities to find a settlement in just 10 minutes of distance.

Which are the best hotels and restaurants in Al Darari?

Although most of the area is under development, the neighbourhood has some hotel apartments. The Sharjah Tulip Inn Hotel Apartments on Street 14 is one such undertaking.

What are the famous schools in Al Darari?

Al Darari is a fantastic area in Sharjah that provides access to practical educational facilities. For a coed environment, consider A-rated institutions like Shahba Basic Education School and IBN Seena English School. 

Name best hospitals in Al Darari?

Numerous healthcare facilities, including NMC Medical Centre and Al Rifa Health Centre (in Al Rifaa Community), offer services within a short driving distance.

What are the famous worship destinations in Al Darari?

Al Ghazal Mosque and Martyr Ghalib Amer Halabi Mosque are two mosques that locals can visit on foot. St. Martin Anglican’s Church and AG Tamil Church are both nearby places of worship.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Darari?

Al Darari is a small and growing neighbourhood of Sharjah that gives huge flexibility to invest in futuristic properties. Yet, there are a number of maintenance and transport restrictions that residents have to go through.

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