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Wasit Suburb, Sharjah

About Wasit Suburb, Sharjah

Wasit Suburb in Sharjah is a premium residential enclave that encapsulates the essence of six unique sub-communities: Al Goaz, Al Sweihat, Al Yash, Al Ramtha, Al Ramaqiya, and Muwafjah. These villa sub-communities are crafted with precision and elegance, characterised by posh amenities and the tranquil environment that defines this unique district.

Wasit Suburb's prime location ensures residents enjoy nature and urban conveniences. Important landmarks like the Wasit Wetland Centre and the Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club add to its visual appeal. Moreover, the Sharjah Art Museum's historical significance augments the area's cultural diversity.

Wasit Suburb boasts distinctiveness and connectivity, harmoniously blending different cultures and lifestyles. The area presents a comprehensive layout with essential amenities within the surroundings. From grocery stores and supermarkets to educational institutions, hospitals, clinics and service centres, the region offers numerous family fun and relaxation facilities, focusing on the quality of life. 

Each sub-community within Wasit Suburb is designed to induce comfort and convenience, exquisitely crafted with the latest amenities and features, providing a unique living experience. 

Key Highlights of Wasit Suburb, Sharjah

What's Great Here!
  • Well-connected major roads and highways
  • Six housing units
  • Prime location with excellent amenities
  • Top-notch educational and medical services
  • A multi-cultural and diverse environment
What Needs Attention!
  • Lack of public transportation
  • Distance from major cities
  • Traffic Congestion

Real Estate Overview in Wasit Suburb, Sharjah

Properties in the Wasit Suburb provide variant options, including residential villas for rental and buying purposes. These spacious units are equipped with luxurious amenities, such as master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, large living room halls, a modern-trendy kitchen, a maid’s room with toilet, a guest room and reserved parking spaces. These villas range from 3 to 6 bedrooms, with rental prices depending upon the layout and the specifics.

Rental Trends in Wasit Suburb

Rental trends in Wasit Suburb Sharjah showcase a variety of plush villa options, from 3 to 6 bedrooms, catering to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Families and individuals seeking quality living spaces in Sharjah can explore this community, making it a desirable choice compared to the other neighbourhoods. The moderately priced rental villas are facilitated with elegant features and comprehensive amenities, encouraging a lively and cohesive culture.

Sale Trends in Wasit Suburb

Wasit Suburb presents a dynamic market with a range of options for potential buyers and investors, offering a mix of luxury and family-friendly lifestyles. For those interested in purchasing property, Wasit Suburb offers villas with 4 to 8 bedrooms, serving different tastes and preferences. The sales trends showcase the suburb's appeal to mid- and high-end buyers, impacting affluent living and comfort.

Public Transportation

Wasit Suburb offers a well-integrated public network system to Sharjah and other areas. The Wasit Square Bus Stop conveniently connects to Dubai and Ajman, making daily commutes a breeze. In addition, the nearby bus stations are Al Shorafa Center Bus Stop and Main Industrial Area Bus Stop. 


Nurseries/ Schools Near Wasit Suburb

The suburb provides an assortment of nurseries and schools catering to early and secondary education. 

Some notable nurseries in the Wasit Suburb are roughly 2-5 minutes away.  

  • Suweihat Nursery 
  • Derby Nursery
  • Red Roses British Nursery
  • Wasit Nursery
  • Rahiq Al Asal Nursery


Secondary Schools in the area are as follows

  • Sharjah American International School 
  • Victoria International School of Sharjah
  • Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School
  • Waset Model School For Higher Education (Girls)

Sharjah American International School is renowned for its excellent education based on the American curriculum from kindergarten to high school.

Victoria International School is a reputable school in UAE, located in Al Taawun Street, Sharjah. It follows the Australian curriculum and offers its students a unique and broad academic experience.

The University City of Sharjah and the American University of Sharjah offer advanced academic programs incorporating the latest technology and interests for higher education. 

Health Care Facilities

The suburb houses the best healthcare and medical services, ensuring residents’ health and well-being. 

  • Al Qassimi Hospital
  • Wasit Health Center
  • University Hospital Sharjah 
  • Thumbay Hospital Sharjah

Al Qassimi Hospital is one of the largest government hospitals in Sharjah. It offers advanced medical specialities that serve all healthcare needs.

Supermarkets In the Wasit Suburb

There are plenty of supermarkets in the area, catering to all daily essential needs. The area also has ample parking spaces for visitors.

  • Grand Express Supermarket
  • Airport Supermarket
  • Aljeemi Super Market 
  • Calcutta Supermarket 

Places Of Worship

Wasit Suburb serves diverse faiths and celebrates Sharjah’s multicultural fabric. Several places of worship contribute to the area’s inclusivity and richness. 

  • Saeed Ibn Jubair Mosque
  • Uwais Bin Amer Al Qarni Mosque
  • Fatima Bint Alkhattab Mosque
  • Russian Orthodox Church
  • St. Michael’s Catholic Church
  • Shiva Temple 

Best Hotels Nearby

Numerous top-rated hotels are located in the surrounding areas of Sharjah, offering variant accommodation choices, excellent services, comfort, and outstanding views. 

  • The Act Hotel Sharjah
  • Crystal Plaza Hotel 
  • Royal Grand Suite Hotel
  • Al Hayat Hotel Suites
  • Ramada Hotel and Suites 


Shopping Malls

Sharjah offers residents and visitors the ultimate shopping experience enriched with convenience and variety. Whether it’s fashion, electronics, home goods or lifestyle, it has got it all!

  • Matajer Al Quoz
  • Wasit Center
  • Oasis Mall

Matajer Al Quoz is the best shopping destination within the Wasit Suburb. It features 17 stores across various categories and a Carrefour supermarket, providing a one-stop grocery solution.

Restaurants In the Wasit Suburb

Matajer Al Quoz presents delightful choices to the residents and visitors of the Wasit Suburb. Some of the popular food chains are 

  • Baskin Robbins
  • Gazebo 
  • Hail Wa Zafraan
  • Texas Chicken
  • Caribou Coffee 
  • McDonald’s

Nearby Beaches

Those who love exploring beaches can find Sharjah Open Beach, just a 14-minute drive from the community. The beach offers serene landscapes for relaxation and family picnics. It features changing facilities, shaded lounges, food trucks, and cycling tracks where you can unwind and enjoy yourself with your loved ones.

Leisure Activities

Wasit Suburb celebrates the emirate’s rich history with Cultural Square and Sharjah Science Museum, located near the area. 

Nestled at the intersection of Al Abar and Dasman, Cultural Square, also known as the Quran Roundabout, is a hub of landmarks ( Sharjah Library, The Department of eGovernment (DeG), Cultural Palace, and Sharjah Ruler’s Office)

Another renowned destination is the Sharjah Science Museum, an engaging space for science enthusiasts. It features 50+ exhibits, interactive workshops, and a planetarium, making it a must-visit for kids and teenagers. 

Other famous spots near the community are

  • Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club 
  • Al Majaz Waterfront
  • Sharjah Art Museum 
  • Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilisation

There is no shortage of fitness, personal grooming and outdoor activities in the area. Al Goaz Park Sharjah, Al Ramtha Park, Eliash Park, Oxygen Body Fitness Gym, CrossFit Hayat, and Pause Salon and Spa Sharjah, the suburb offers an integrated lifestyle for its residents. 

Wasit Suburb - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs
Schools Near by Wasit Suburb Sharjah

Distance and Commute

Distance and Commute Time from Wasit Suburb

  • Sharjah International Airport will take approximately 10 min from the neighbourhood.
  • Sharjah Cricket Stadium is 6.5 km (9 minutes) away via Sheikh Saud Bin Sultan Al Qasimi Street. 
  • The distance between Sharjah Beach can be covered in a 12-minute drive.
  • The populous emirate of Ajman is 13 minutes away from this neighbourhood. 
Wasit Suburb, Sharjah

Rating and Reviews


I live in the Wasit Suburb neighbourhood, and the connectivity with other parts of the country is excellent. Plenty of daily essentials and leisure amenities, including supermarkets, restaurants, banks, and beaches, are within walking distance. 


We recently moved to Sharjah, and our experience has been fantastic. There are various types of villas, from 3-bedroom to lavish 8-bedroom. We love the proximity to shopping malls, restaurants, healthcare centres, parks, etc. It’s a wonderful and beautiful place for families!


Wasit Suburb is a residential enclave with six sub-communities, offering different units based on preferences. Most public spaces and commercial centres, including Carrefour grocery stores, pharmacies, malls, restaurants, parks, etc, are within walking distance or a short drive away.


“It offers luxurious villas and a peaceful community while providing easy access to amenities. It offers rental commodities and the finest living.”

Nadeem Hussain

The residential units are posh with modern features. Public transport is good, but limited bus timings make it difficult for daily travellers to commute on time.

Al Yash
Al Talae
Mughaidir Suburb
Al Abar
Al Riqqa Suburb
Al Jazzat
Saif Zone (Sharjah International Airport Free Zone)
4 Properties for Rent
in Dasman
Rent: 13.5 Per Sq. Ft.
Al Ramla
Al Hazannah

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Wasit Suburb a Freehold?

No, Wasit Suburb is a leasehold area for local nationals and expatriates living in the UAE.

What are the top attractions in the Wasit Suburb, Sharjah?

Cultural Square, Sharjah Science Museum, Matajer Al Quoz, and Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club are some of the best tourist attractions near the community.

Which is the nearest metro station?

No nearest metro station as public transportation in Wasit Suburb primarily consists of buses and taxis. Private buses are the prime mode of transportation within the emirate or to other emirates.

Which are the best communities in Wasit Suburb, Sharjah?

This residential community features luxurious villas with exceptional facilities. It comprises six sub-communities: Al Goaz, Al Sweihat, Al Yash, Al Ramtha, Al Ramaqiya, and Muwafjah.

What are the best hotels and restaurants in Wasit Suburb?

It hosts numerous hotels, including The Act Hotel Sharjah, Crystal Plaza Hotel, Royal Grand Suite Hotel and Al Hayat Hotel Suites. Other than that, there are plenty of dining choices, such as Hail Wa Zafraan, Texas Chicken, Caribou Coffee and McDonald’s.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Wasit Suburb?

Al Jubail is home to some of Sharjaha’s largest and most unique shopping malls and supermarkets, such as Matajer Al Quoz, Carrefour, Wasit Center, Oasis Mall, Grand Express Supermarket and Airport Supermarket. 

What are the best schools in Wasit Suburb, Sharjah?

Some of the best schools in the neighbourhood are Sharjah American International School, Victoria International School of Sharjah, Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School and Waset Model School For Higher Education. 

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Wasit Suburb, Sharjah?

Many wellness facilities exist, such as Al Qassimi Hospital, Wasit Health Center,  University Hospital Sharjah and Thumbay Hospital Sharjah, which are the best hospitals in the city. 

Which are the famous places of worship in Wasit Suburb, Sharjah?

Some popular Mosques, temples, and churches are Saeed Ibn Jubair Mosque, Uwais Bin Amer Al Qarni Mosque, the Russian Orthodox Church, St. Michael’s Catholic Church, and Shiva Temple.

What are the pros and cons of living in Wasit Suburb, Sharjah?

Some pros of living in this residential enclave include the finest accommodations, better connectivity with other Emirates cities, excellent features and accessibility to home essential needs, and a bounty of leisure and entertainment centres. Though limited, some cons include the distance from the major cities and traffic congestion because of the six communities. 

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