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Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi

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About Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi

Al Muroor, situated in the heart of Abu Dhabi and intertwined with the renowned Sultan Bin Zayed The First Street, stands as a dynamic mixed-use development. This vibrant neighbourhood shares its boundaries with Al Mushrif, Al Bateen, Al Nahyan, and Al Rawdah, creating a rich tapestry of connectivity. The community boasts an impressive array of mid and high-rise apartment towers, interspersed with commercial buildings that house an eclectic mix of restaurants, shops, and commercial spaces.

Al Muroor's charm extends beyond the bustling urban landscape as one venture down its streets to discover villas nestled within separate compounds. Embracing a family-oriented ethos, this neighbourhood is cocooned by residential communities, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. The enviable position of Al Muroor is evident in its seamless connection to the main road network, facilitating convenient access to the broader cityscape.

A noteworthy feature of Al Muroor is its prominence in the realm of affordable rentals, particularly for apartments. According to Bayut’s H1 2023 Market Report, the area stands tall among the top choices for those seeking budget-friendly rental options in Abu Dhabi. With its ideal blend of residential warmth, commercial vitality, and strategic location, Al Muroor emerges as a dynamic and appealing enclave within the vibrant tapestry of Abu Dhabi's neighbourhoods.

Key Highlights of Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi

What’s Great Here!
  • Mixed-use development offers diverse property options in the area.
  • The area is well-connected to the main road network for easy accessibility.
  • There are varied options, including apartments, villas, and townhouses.
  • It is popular for affordable apartment rentals in Abu Dhabi.
  • There is a mix of offices and retail shops for a dynamic business scene.
What Needs Attention!
  • Balanced growth to maintain residential appeal needs to be ensured.
  • There is a need to monitor and manage traffic flow for sustained efficiency.
  • The infrastructure should support diverse property types.
  • Affordability needs to be maintained while enhancing amenities.
  • A balanced mix of businesses for economic stability needs to be fostered.

Real Estate Overview in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi

Al Muroor is a residential gem offering diverse living options. Streets are lined with mid to high-rise towers, creating a modern urban landscape that seamlessly complements clusters of spacious villas at the other end.

Spanning from studios to 6-bedroom units, these residences feature master bedrooms, built-in wardrobes, bathrooms, well-equipped kitchens, inviting living areas, and charming balconies.

Villas in Al Muroor Area Abu Dhabi range from 3 to 6 bedrooms. These luxurious abodes offer master bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, bathrooms, maid's quarters, spacious kitchens with cabinets, family rooms, study areas, and expansive balconies.

On the commercial front, modern offices in high-rise towers cater to businesses strategically positioned in proximity to key business hubs. Options include shell and core or fitted offices, accommodating diverse business needs. Retail spaces are available for rent, providing entrepreneurs with opportunities to establish their presence in the bustling Al Muroor neighbourhood.

Off-Plan Trends in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi

In recent times, Al Muroor has been showing a rather upward swing in its potential for real estate, graced by a surge in off-plan commercial projects. These visionary pre-construction developments present an alluring investment prospect for those seeking to partake in the flourishing real estate market of the UAE.

Al Hamdan Building in Al Muroor

Al Hamdan Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Taj Palace Hotel in Al Muroor

Taj Palace Hotel

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Silver Building in Al Muroor

Silver Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Al Qasim Building in Al Muroor

Al Qasim Building

Price on Request

Ready to Move

Habib Bank Tower in Al Muroor

Habib Bank Tower

Price on Request
3 BR Apartment

Ready to Move

Rental Trends in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi

Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi, features a diverse array of rental options to cater to various preferences and budgets. For apartments, there are affordable studio choices and 1-bedroom options, while 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments provide larger living spaces. The range extends to 4-bedroom apartments and a limited selection of 5 and 6-bedroom units.

For those inclined towards villa living, Al Muroor offers an extensive selection, ranging from 2 to 8+ bedrooms. The rental prices for villas vary based on the number of bedrooms, providing options for different family sizes and lifestyles. The upscale 8+ bedroom villas in Al Muroor offer luxurious living experiences without specifying rental prices.

The rental trends in Al Muroor reflect a diverse and accessible market, appealing to individuals and families alike.

Sale Trends in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi

Al Muroor showcases a resilient real estate market characterised by a harmonious blend of residential sanctuaries and vibrant commercial spaces. As the neighbourhood evolves, it continues to attract a diverse range of investors and residents seeking a thriving urban lifestyle.

Regarding the real estate along Al Muroor Road in Abu Dhabi, the villa market is notable for its distinctive fusion of modern and Arabian architecture. Prospective buyers can choose from a range of options, including 4 to 8+ bedrooms, offering a mix of spaciousness and architectural elegance. The market dynamics reveal a diverse pricing spectrum, with standard 4-bedroom villas available for sale.

For those interested in 5-bedroom villas for rent, there is flexibility in pricing, providing varied options to suit preferences. The appeal of spacious living extends to 6-bedroom villas, attracting buyers with a range of prices. Additionally, 7-bedroom villas present an enticing prospect for those seeking grandeur and ample living space without specifying sale prices.

As the market responds to diverse preferences, Al Muroor Road remains an attractive destination for those looking to invest in distinctive and luxurious residential properties.

Public Transportation

Al Muroor, once grappling with parking challenges, underwent a transformative shift in August 2018 with the introduction of paid parking. This initiative aimed to address the increasing demand for parking spaces due to the neighbourhood's status as a major business hub, especially along Muroor Road. Residents can obtain an annual parking permit, providing a secure and hassle-free solution to the perennial parking dilemma.

A significant step towards easing congestion involves the forthcoming addition of 2,831 parking spaces, a welcome development for both residents and visitors. Notably, certain residential establishments like Saif Bin Darwish Building, Ramee Royal Hotel Apartments, and Al Falahi Tower already provide free parking facilities for their residents.

In terms of public transportation, Al Muroor is strategically positioned with easy access to various bus stations. The nearest bus stop in the Al Nahyan district serves as a convenient gateway, with buses shuttling regularly. The recent addition of nine public buses further enhances connectivity, efficiently linking residents to key areas and landmarks across Abu Dhabi.

With a bus stop within a 10-minute walking distance, Al Muroor ensures residents have accessible and reliable transportation options for seamless city travel.

Bus Line Number Destination
34 Sultan Bin Zayed St to St. Joseph’s
34/54/56 Al Dhafra St to Al Nakheel Hotel Apartments
055 Shk Rashid Bin Saeed St / Mushrif Mall to Lulu Hypermarket Capital Mall


Nurseries/ Educational Institutes

Discovering a harmonious blend of academic excellence and nurturing environments, Al Muroor boasts a selection of esteemed educational institutions. Families can choose from reputable options such as:

  • Al Nahda National School for Boys
  • Saint Joseph’s
  • Belvedere British School (Mohammed Bin Zayed City)
  • ABC Nursery
  • Happy Jump Nursery


Enhancing convenience for daily needs, Al Muroor features well-stocked supermarkets offering a variety of essentials. Supermarkets that provide residents with ample choices for their shopping needs are:

  • Lulu Express
  • Millennium Hypermarket
  • Step Grocery
  • Mushrif Mall (Lulu Hypermarket)

Healthcare Facilities

Ensuring the well-being of its residents, Al Muroor provides easy access to quality healthcare facilities. Some of the prominent establishments in the area include:

  • NMC Royal Women’s Hospital
  • Beverly Hills Medical Centre
  • Universal Hospital Tower
  • American European Medical Centre
  • Pulse Rate Pharmacy
  • Paragon Pharmacy
  • Al Nawadir for Veterinary Medicine

Places of Worship

Al Muroor embraces religious diversity with a range of places of worship, catering to the spiritual needs of its residents. The neighbourhood is adorned with mosques, temples, churches, and even a gurudwara, fostering a harmonious environment that reflects the inclusive spirit of the community.

Mosquеs Nеarby:

Residents of Al Muroor experience the convenience of having mosques in close proximity, offering a serene space for prayers and fostering a strong sense of community. The mosques in the area include:

  • Hamad Al Mansouri Mosque
  • Mosque Mus’ab Bin Umair
  • Ahmed Omran Mosque
  • Saeed Bin Ali Mosque
  • Mariam Umm Eisa Mosque (Al Mushrif district)

Churchеs Nеarby:

Al Muroor welcomes residents of various faiths with the presence of nearby churches, providing a spiritual anchor for those seeking a Christian community. These churches contribute to the religious diversity of the neighbourhood, fostering a sense of belonging and communal harmony. 

  • Abu Dhabi Apostolic Church
  • St. Andrew Church
  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral

Gurudwara Nеarby:

The neighbourhood does not have prominent places of worship for the Sikhs, but one can visit Gurudwaras in the nearby neighbourhoods.

Hindu Tеmplеs Nеarby:

Al Muroor does not have any big temples in proximity. The residents can turn to nearby neighbourhoods to pay a visit to a temple.

Best Hotels in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi

Discovering the charm of Al Muroor extends beyond residential spaces, as the neighbourhood hosts a selection of notable hotels catering to both business and leisure travellers.

  • Al Nakheel Hotel Apartments
  • Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi
  • AG Hotel

Al Nakheel Hotel Apartments is located in the heart of Abu Dhabi's business district, offering 72 apartments with amenities like a business centre and a well-equipped health club.

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi is a 5-star hotel featuring Thai-inspired design, providing 402 guest rooms and 131 deluxe serviced apartments. Guests can enjoy amenities such as Namm Spa, an outdoor swimming pool, and a Conference Centre.

A 3-star accommodation on Muroor Road with 41 rooms, AG Hotel is conveniently situated near the Exhibition Center, Al Wahda Mall, Gold Souk, and major commercial centres.


Shopping Centres/ Malls

Al Muroor introduces residents to a shopping haven with a variety of malls, each catering to distinct preferences. The shopping malls in the area include:

  • Al Wahda Mall
  • Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre

Restaurants/ Dining

For food enthusiasts, Al Muroor is a culinary delight with an array of restaurants with delectable Indian, Continental, Pakistani, Arabian and Lebanese cuisines. There are various options for the health-conscious as well. Some of the restaurants are:

  • Pizza Hut
  • KFC
  • Muscle and Healthy Way
  • Salam Bombay Vegetarian Restaurant
  • Masala House Restaurant
  • Namak by Kunal Kapur
  • Al Mrzab Restaurant
  • Tandoori Corner
  • Paprika Restaurant
  • Benjarong (Thai)
  • Pachaylen (Thai)
  • BOA Steakhouse
  • Choice Cut Steakhouse
  • Velocity Club
  • Level One Bar & Lounge
  • Porters English Pub

Beaches Nearby

iving in Al Muroor brings the joy of proximity to two prominent beaches. 

  • Abu Dhabi Beach: Just a 7-minute drive away, the beach is a serene getaway.
  • Corniche Beach: Closely connected to the residential districts, this beach offers majestic views and a perfect setting for family picnics, enhancing the coastal lifestyle experience.

Leisure Activities Nearby

Al Muroor ensures a blend of leisure and adventure with exciting activities like Camel Rides and Evening Desert Safaris by Abu Dhabi Holidays. Here are a few more options to spend leisure time:

Camel Rides and Evening Desert Safaris by Abu Dhabi Holidays: It is a must-have experience. One can engage in traditional desert activities, offering a unique blend of cultural experiences and natural wonders under the expansive Arabian sky.

Al Bateen Mall and Al Wahda Mall: These are the go-to destinations for shopping enthusiasts. Explore a diverse range of high-end brands, entertainment options, and dining experiences, creating a vibrant and comprehensive shopping atmosphere.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre: It is one of the world’s largest mosques, and one cannot marvel enough at its architectural grandeur.

Qasr Al Hosn: It is a historical landmark hosting festivals and events that showcase the art and history of Abu Dhabi.

Al Muroor - Location Map and Landmarks

City Connections
Shopping Centers
Business Hubs

Distance and commute

Al Muroor provides convenient connectivity to vital physical and social infrastructures, facilitating straightforward commuting to significant regional areas.

  • Al Muroor to Abu Dhabi International Airport takes 10 minutes (11.4 km)
  • Al Muroor to Yas Island takes 21 minutes (19.1 km)
  • Al Muroor to Abu Dhabi takes 22 minutes (25.9 km)
  • Al Muroor to Abu Dhabi Mall takes 24 minutes (27.8 km)
  • Al Muroor to Marina Mall takes 31 minutes (31.9 km)
  • Al Muroor to Burj Khalifa takes 1 hour 11 minutes (117.8 km)
Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi

Rating and Reviews

Aisha Raza

Al Muroor’s tranquillity and family-friendly atmosphere suit us perfectly. The nearby parks are delightful but more diverse dining options would add to the experience.

Ahmed Farooque

Relocated for work, Al Muroor’s amenities and community are expat-friendly. Proximity to beaches is a plus, but social life for bachelors can be limited.

Nadia Ali

Al Muroor blends modernity and tranquillity. Commuting to the city is convenient, but as a non-Muslim, finding places for prayer is challenging.

Karim Hossein

Al Muroor is a dream for families. Excellent schools, mosques nearby, and green spaces make it ideal. No cons—perfect for family living!

Leila Abbasi

Al Muroor surpassed expectations. Great food diversity, accessible malls, and a welcoming atmosphere. Wish for more cultural events to enhance the vibrant community.

Al Rehhan
Eastern Road
Al Manaseer
Al Salam Street
Al Gurm
4 Properties for Sale
in Al Gurm
Buy: 1281.67 Per Sq. Ft.
Al Tibbiya
Al Zaab
Zayed Sports City
Al Najda Street
Electra Street

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top attractions in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi?

Some of the top attractions in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi, include Al Wahda Mall, Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre, and proximity to cultural landmarks like Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre and Qasr Al Hosn.

Which are the famous malls and supermarkets in Al Muroor?

Al Wahda Mall and Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre are notable shopping destinations.

What are the best schools in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi?

Top schools in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi, include Al Nahda National School for Boys, Belvedere British School, ABC Nursery, and Sheikh Khalifa University. Researching the specific needs of the student can help in choosing the best fit.

Which are the best hospitals and clinics in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi?

Prominent healthcare facilities in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi, comprise NMC Royal Women’s Hospital, Beverly Hills Medical Centre, Universal Hospital Tower, Pulse Rate Pharmacy, and Paragon Pharmacy.

Which are the famous places of worship in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi?

There are various places of worship in Al Muroor, including mosques like Hamad Al Mansouri Mosque and churches like Abu Dhabi Apostolic Church. The diversity caters to different religious communities.

What are the pros and cons of living in Al Muroor, Abu Dhabi?

Pros of living in Al Muroor include its family-friendly environment, proximity to amenities, and a variety of dining options. Cons may involve limited social activities for young individuals and potential challenges for non-Muslims in finding places for prayer.

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